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Putting It All Together Part 2

So is you recall the talking liver shall start there just to set the set the table is your answer to if somebody says so what do you do for a living right and so did you do have a statement to that that that you're working with now that you've been using whether whether you knew it was called the talking logo or enough yeah yeah I mean, I would say that you know, maybe the just the basic story would be teo make student athletes stronger and safer another one would be another version would be to revolutionize the landscape of athletic training in youth sports okay, so I don't know either of those make you ask oh well, tell me more well, I love the I mean, the first one I would say sounded a bit descriptive, whereas the second one what I love is it had a more aspirational feel to it so you know, do I want to join our revolution? I mean that in some ways is what you're asking me, but I think with that so so say that one again. So what do you put it? Put it in an answer that's, what do you...

do for a living? So I've created a athletic training program that's going to revolutionize the way that kids train so so throughout the athletic training program just say I'm revolutionizing the way used sports are trained to use that. Yeah, national immune athletes. Maximum performance yoga is revolutionizing the way that kids train in sports. So I mean, that all of a sudden sounds both aspirational, but I think it also it's certainly, at least to me. Well, I ask you guys did that? Did that feel like an improvement? Did that make you want to say, okay, tell me more about that. I mean, you may not have the exact words down, but I think that revolutionizing an entire industry is something that probably has some appeal. And of course, you're what you're banking on is not only that you believe it's broken, but that somebody else believes it broken two eyes that these parents example of kids that air seeing it, you know, break in front of them, right? Right. So I mean that because if, if nobody else really, you know, realizes the revolution is needed, you know, then that kind of falls on deaf ears, right? Right. So so it's banking on that. So you, when I asked you to do this segment, you mentioned that you had a spy, a story that you want to share about why you're doing what you're doing is there, and so is that. And I'm assuming that or at least my hope was we could tie that bridge back to your feeling that something needs to be revolutionary well, I think right at the beginning of when you started speaking, you talked about how important our stories were first starting our businesses and dedicating our life and this you know, all the suffering that goes into building a business. So so for me, my story wass that you know, I was a kid who really wanted teo play sports when I was younger, but my father was a pediatrician very mizzi and super already also saw some broken bones and today probably yeah, super nerdy not an athlete didn't know uh anything about sport didn't really care, so I was kind of left on my own and so I was a very small uncoordinated kid and I was that that kid on the playing field and fourth and fifth grade that nobody wanted on their team no, you take him no, you take him and you're going back and forth that's a tough place to be, especially as a boy when you're grown up. So I always said if I had sons that I would make sure that they were great at sports and not in a way that was like that, you know, rara ra father that forced them but like cultivated a love of sports and ah so they feel good so they'd have confidence, you know? And I did that the right way and you know, that's I'm going to write an e book about that and use that is kind of a way to kind of bring people toe maximum forms but anyway, so I had the boys two of them and became very athletic and had a great time I dedicated my life basically too coaching them, spending a lot of time with him teaching him how to play, how to just the basics throw and catch it really takes somebody to do that, you know, all the kids that can't throw or can't catch most of time it's because they didn't have a dad or a mom who was out there playing with um so that's kind of how maximum performance yoga came about is my pursuit and dedication to kids feeling good about themselves and it went to a different level when I started coaching youth football in impoverished neighborhoods and I saw kids coming to the football field from areas of incredible poverty and violence and anger and my sons and I you know, we just loved the joy that they would feel playing sports forget about everything where they came from and when they were on the football field having a great time and I became a friend of father figure to a lot of these boys they would come over spend time with my sons and I and that's when they were nine, ten years old. Now we're continuing these friendships and the other a few weeks ago, one of them came over and he had a untangle bracelet on because he got into a fight and, uh, you know, without asking questions or anything, you know, police are pretty tough in those areas. So he's got an ankle bracelet on, he spent four nights in jail on it was tragic because he is the sweetest kid, and he only got in a fight because he was bullied, but nobody gives kids like that a second chance, especially if they're from if their kids of color and they're from tough areas. That african american twelve, thirteen, fourteen year old male is now seen as a threat, and I know that this kid is now threat next week, another friend comes over same age from the same football team, and I'll be damned. I don't know if I can say that on creative live he had an ankle bracelet and it just for me, it it and we talk to him about his story. He spent five nights in jail five nights, no questions asked, and to me, it it reminded me why I'm doing what I'm doing because I want to help a lot of these kids. I know that yoga training is on incredible way to manage anger, you know, in a way that managing your focus, anxiety and, uh, and live a good life, but you can't bring it to kids and put it on the nose because, you know, it's, yoga, and they don't want to do it on, they're not going to go to a studio, but if we bring it to the fields, if we bring it to the basketball courts that jim's the swimming pools were kids, are we're going to be very successful. So that's the point like that's, what's driving me, it's, like, I can't help these kids by having them over to our house, you know, preaching to them a little bit, giving them messages about staying out of trouble. I I want to do it on a much bigger scale on a national scale, and I know I need to make a lot of money to do a lot of good and so that's kind of where I'm at. Well, so as I heard you explain that it sounds to me like there's, almost too, really important messages, because the message is going to track the kid is going to be different from the message that's going to be the benefit for the school or the community or the neighborhood, or the district right because you're a cz I've heard you talk about this you're talking about it as sports injury right? Right, right but I also then as you told that story it's like, hey, this is how you build self esteem and stronger kids and families keep families together I mean, that seems like a much broader message than injury prevention, right? But I feel like the vehicle is lets talk about sports I mean because you know, boys want to get you right you know quarterbacks want to throw touchdowns basketball players want to make free throws let's go there because that's going to be the easiest way and coaches want that too, right? So let's talk about athletic performance, but when you talk about yoga, you get a lot more and that's why I'm dedicated to it but we can do it with athletic performance so again, I'm a little confused because I see the message there, but now you're saying you know you're talking performance what happened? Injury? Well, injury prevention is a giant aspect of it because absolutely when you're flexible when you have balance right there's a lot of statistics and we're gathering scientific data and we're having sports physicians endorse us so there is a a a very strong and compelling injury prevention element to everything we're doing so the revolution contains then performance and injury prevention absolutely absolutely okay so so let's bring it full circle then back to what do you do for a living? I revolutionized the way that student athletes are training. Okay, so what do you after hearing that whole story now? Because a lot of times we don't have the benefit of the whole story right when we were just hearing that phrase after hearing that whole story do you feel like that? Does it? Does that cover it? You do you like the revolutionizing the way without the training when they hear maximum performance a soon as they hear the name off the company it kind of blanks me that it's basically sales call but when I hear I've revolutionised the child's athletics united speech then I'm really curious right away how you do it how do you do it? What exactly do you do? Like I want to hear the whole story? Yeah, I I saw three people talk points like one is the founders funders people with sponsor it one of the parents who supported and send their kids and the kids and so on the name is for the kids you max yoga to keep going and you describe the actual story already and the second the parents like with preventing injury and then the social aspect it might be over even like grant writing or government or something interesting will be like a social aspect yeah because I do think that's a huge part of what you're right it's it's a little that's such a bigger cell in some cases but I think it's a huge part of it but I do like I do think the revolutionized the way youth athletes are trained actually could be a message that you could spin off to all three of those groups because it really does cover that yeah. All right. Awesome. Thanks, man. Thank you. All right, so I asked her to come up and talk about this and she said really get the marketing hourglass and so I said perfect this'll give us a chance to maybe reinforce the idea but for you all to really help her with this okay, so just to refresh you guys what I'd like to do with you see the slide up here is let's try to give lily's business and I'll have you explain the business again just for the audience a cz well, that may not remember let's just try to give her one good idea for things that she could do for no for the like stage for the trust for the try how to make by, you know, a better experience repeat and refers that makes sense, okay, so lily tell us what your business does so that we can help you so the business is called we video your surprise and it is a hidden camera video production company that specializes in surprises and the most the one that everyone can think of is a proposal with a flash mob on youtube and filming that and helping planet in a way that makes it look amazing and be really memorable. Yeah, okay, so what could she do to get people what could their business do to get people to know about them a short video that breaks down some of how you plan it? Uh have a short clip of a video you've done and with you talking in between and I mean, I mean, I actually do see what she's saying is that would be a tool, but again, how do you get that out? Right? Because that's the key, so I mean, so on right now we're going you that first idea is a great idea, but we have tio how do we get them to know about what they do? So how do we get that out? Because I'm because you've, you know, since you filmed video all the time, you've got all the assets yeah, we actually just came out with our video about what we do, and we have our video about one of our examples, which was a proposal that we filmed last week, which adorable? Well and I'm sure you could do tons of fifteen seconds like the surprise moments right that you could then you know so how do we get those out? We put those on youtube way use them in advertising facebook ads, right? So so for you know might actually be you know, advertising saying facebook because you you can you can target pretty thoroughly groups that might especially if you're talking about you know, a wedding proposal I mean you can target groups pretty so what would you say that advertising should be there first place that I go but people know about us or should I be trying teo build up some followers on youtube who really liked the videos and then go oh I'm going to share this with my friend in there friend oh go I wantto hire them because that's great yes you should I think advertising if you're really trying to kick start this thing is it's a combination right? Advertising is one way to kick start it but there's no question you have such great cheryl content that you need to be getting that out and allowing people to share it you definitely need to be focused on your existing, you know, happy customers right and making it really easy for them to share that which I'm sure some of them do but you might not be getting credit for as a business, right? Okay, what a couple other hands, yes pr. I think I just was reading san francisco magazine last week and my sister's getting remarried. And instead of a photo booth, they have these flip book booths. And I thought it was just so cool. And I I went online and sent her the stuff you need to catch people before the proposal and so getting ahead of that curve and p r, I think you guys are pretty novel. Well, and I could see here's where I thought you were going to that. Have you ever thought about inviting a journalist to participate in one of these? Well, I will now, so, you know, I'm saying so you like you have this one coming up? You know what? This is gonna be so cool, right? So if I were a journalist and I covered lifestyle stuff and I got to, like, be a lawyer in that, you know, process, I think I would write a really cool so print media or blocker, you know, like wedding wire and have them try. I mean, yeah, I mean, the night or where wasn't one city or you were in emeryville, berkeley. Spay and sort of san francisco chronicle. Or the chronicle chronicle would be great, but amos tohave it nationwide so building our teams in lots of different places that we can connect well so you could do the nationwide thing I mean one of the things that I have found special if you have no experience getting no pr, get some and then you build that toe onto something else and so I mean the chronicle actually is red almost nationwide in some circles that would get you exposure all over and journalists are can we turn the cameras off from journalists are, you know, notorious about oh, I'm going to do that story now because somebody else did that story and you start spreading it or you send it to wedding wire now and they go oh, we're going to do that bigger and better now that we saw the san francisco chronic, I think that would be and also what I was going to jump on. Fortunately, I have a little bit of experience in winning well first we're talking about youtube and one of things about youtube and advertising with youtube is being able to link two related videos and I will tell you as a wedding professional nothing it's shared more than a great wedding video and so if you can you know you get that admiral of the very end of a video as well, not just the one that pops up during but at the very end it's as related videos and there's usually six or nine of them that baba if you can advertise to that, you'll pop up in that people click and follow through but beyond that from the pr aspect wedding wires okay, no offense to my wedding where friends um go for the wedding blog's things like wedding be too bright lights all of these are the ones they're going to pick up this unique thing and if you target them one at a time with basically not quite an advertorial but an editorial aspect to give them the answers they'll take that they'll turn it into something because they've never seen it before. You get a list of these blocks and you know it all share it and do a guest log and we're just gonna put it all together that works for me and you could you could almost offer them exclusives too, right? Because if you do, you know one here one there you know and you just reveal you know that to them they think they can feel like they got a big deal you writing this stuff down? I'm actually have my secretary taking now way I'm gonna just we watch all of this so we would take a couple more ideas I'm just trying to think if if she's trying to get people who are getting engaged like where is that network how would you find that out? The one thing that comes to mind and I have no idea howto leverage this but of course is jewelry stores right? Jewelry stores sell those engagement rings what can you do to try and get a list around people who have just bought engagement ring or can you partner with jewelry stores so when they go in to buy an engagement ring there getting your fly or they're getting your card be instrumental time strategic partner I mean can you imagine that could actually be that could actually I mean I could see that being a package almost great that those people start pitching that would be really cool and then I could refer business is that of someone contacted us but hadn't got there ring at absolutely wonderful she's a video business maybe she can go to those jewelry stores and say hey, we'll do a free commercial for you will do a great sixty second promo free all you have to do is carry our brochure and give it to anybody who buys an again because if you think about it these these incredible like really cool surprise things I mean that sells rings yeah in a way right I mean you get that beautiful glint ma'am you know there's anyone who's washing who's part of the jewelry business it's called wii video you're surprised dot com so take one more idea I also thinking that it would be nice if you make like a short video like a story that there's a guy who wants to propose and he's looking for some unusual ways to do his proposal and this is how he's done not just like the proposal with self and I would also partner with the wedding photographers because most of the brides they start searching the wedding blog's before the proposal but when they expanded the proposal to know that before the way I think it s o because if that video gets to the couple before thee bride to be proposed if she sees that video she will be given the hints that she wants to have a proposal that way takes the prize you know, it's not just it's about the surprising it's about but it's also about giving this moment and having something that they can share so at least if we have that amazing moment captured and something to share, I think everyone would be pretty happy. Well, we didn't get through your whole list, but I think we've kind of exhausted the time that we have been allotted for this, but I think you've got you got some stuff to work on a lot of great ideas from everybody thank you alright so thanks all right, so do we have any final comments, questions or heckling from the from the internet crowd at all for some final thoughts from you as we kind of head out here any parting words for the crowd out there parting words for the crowd, this is what I really wanted to leave you with. I started with this message and, you know, hopefully maybe when I said it when we began that creating loyal customers is mostly about choosing the right customers. Maybe when I said it, that sounds like a nice idea at the time or maybe it was a little bit freeing hopefully what my real hope is that now, after spending time with this and seeing you really in depth, what I've been talking about this, that this seems like more than just a good idea, and it really seems like a way of doing business on dh certainly I hope that that out tio the audience as well that this this where we call it marketing or whether we call it selling that guide in this kind of end and journey that you're in complete control of it, but you have to take control of it and you have to I don't know that I ever said, hopefully I didn't that it's easy and it doesn't take work, but you are in control of it, and I think that that's probably the biggest message that I hope we come away with today, you guys have been awesome and you know, putting yourselves out there as you did, I know it's tough and and so hopefully you all go back now and say, hey, this was two days well spent of the time because I'm I'm going to go. I've got some things to work on now, but I will tell you this that I'm going to contact you all in about thirty days on. I want to hear what you've got, because if you if you go back to your businesses and stick whatever notes or ipads or files or whatever it is in that drawer that has all the other notes and I've had seven files and sticky notes in it, I'm going to be disappointed if you don't want me disappoint, do you? All right. I want to hear that you've taken action because that really, even if it's on one thing, then that that really is ultimately success. But if if you don't take action on it, then you're not gonna get these two days back

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