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Creating a Smart Gallery

Lesson 10 from: Tethering to Lightroom: Simultaneous Shooting and Editing

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

10. Creating a Smart Gallery

Lesson Info

Creating a Smart Gallery

notice now that I need to set up some kind of a conduit to get the image from my hard drive up to the cloud different cloud out of the adobe cloud. Now we're going to kind of a read only cloud. My clients are not going to be able to adjust the images. They could comment if, if I set it up that way, I can I can allow them. If they log in, they can create their own log in. If they log in, they can actually comment. And the comments will come back to me the same way it will from the Adobe Cloud. But it's a J peg going up to the cloud. It's a full J peg available for them to print from if they so choose. So, John, you're OK. If the people on the web out there, like by a 16 by 20 of you, of course, of course. Okay, awesome. Are you marking it up? And then we can split that. Yeah, market out. I should market till I got $ than that's how you avoid getting jobs is you just mark your services up too much on then. No, you don't have to work anymore, all right, It's like that set commercial where...

that kids sitting as a tape, a food taster and then the guy comes up and he's like a convention and they says, uh, what do you sell in? Here he goes. I taste food, Tell people how it tastes. The guy says, Well, how much you charge And he goes a $1,000, for a taste. And he goes, Have you gotten any clients? Because just need one. So, you know, we just need one person to buy her printed. $ will be great. Okay, So inside of our collections area is where we set up all of our stuff, too, to send it up to the Web and that we were able to sink through light room mobile with those. But that's not where we're going. Now we're going into the published services. Now published services are just like collections. It's no different their virtual areas where you store images, but it's not a real image. The image is not in there. The image is in your folder. And then there's a reference to it in the collection. Same thing with the published service published services, air just collections, but they publish out to a particular place. In this case, we have a published service called SmugMug. So if you want the SmugMug published service, all you have to do is go to put SmugMug and download their plug in that you plug into light room. So if you need help on figuring out how toe import a plug in into light room, just go to SmugMug. Look for the light room plug in, and they will tell you how to do that. So it's a very simple process. You plug that service in, then you just have to click on it and sign in. So I've already signed in so you can see that my SmugMug published service here says Jared Platt photography. I'm already signed in, and you can see that I've got a whole bunch of folders in there. One of those is a folder set called clients, and if I open up that client full, you can see I've got logs and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of clients time. So we are actually putting our folder in the top level, so if you go to my website, Jared plant dot com and you go down right below the main image. You'll see two lines. The first line was what we just did, which was the adobe connection through light room Mobile. The second line is where we're going to this SmugMug service. So if you want to log in, click on that SmugMug line and it will take you to the place that you will find these photos and it's gonna look like this right now. This is what you will see. When you get there. You'll see two photos, a little girl and then a backdrop because we set this up prior to the shoot. So you want to set up? You don't wanna be setting it up at the shoot. You want to set it up prior the shoot. So once once we set it up, we just had some placeholder images to make sure that the connection was working. Let me show you how that connection is made. Then so inside a smugmug, if you right click the SmugMug published service, you can create a gallery. Now, if I were to right click the client folder, I would be creating a full. I would be creating a gallery inside of that, which means that if I go to the website instead of the u. R l being platt photography dot biz ford slash creative life, which is a very easy you are. L it would say plata ta graffiti dot biz ford slash clients forwards last creative life. So I would be putting it a folder down deep endured. I just wanted to remind folks at home that these links will just be live while we are live. I'm teaching this class versus if you're watching this again in the future. Correct. And so we would like you to interact and look the images while we're live. So, um, that's why we put it on this top level level. So in order to do that, I right click the actual bar that says smugmug on it. So when I do that, I'm gonna create a gallery. And when I create a gallery inside of the SMUGMUG published service, I can create, we'll just call this one testing and we're not going to put it inside of clients. We're gonna put it inside of none. That's gonna put it a top level So really, the Earl would actually say Plata, target you dot com for our dot biz forward slash testing would be the name of that gallery and you can see the URL right here. So that is the girl. That's the Ford Slash. Whatever. That's what the name is gonna be. Okay, so now notice, I can click. This is a target collection, which means that any image I want to put in this collection I could just simply hit be and it would add it to the collection just like we were doing before inside of the Light Room published service. We were adding stuff we wanted to add. So this is the point at which you make a decision. Am I going toe, Have someone at the wedding watching the images and saying that was a good one? That was a good one. And those are the ones that are gonna add, or do you want it to be everything? Anything that someone shoots, it's going to go up to the Web. That's your choice. We're going to do it. Everything we shoot is going to go to the web just so that you can see that in operation because last time we were selectively adding to the Web. Right. Okay, so we're not going to check that cause we don't need Teoh, and we're going to allow it to be public, so anyone can see it. Access anyone. So that means that no one has to have a password to get there. I could put a password on it so that only people with password could see it. It's up to you. Um, in our case, we want anyone out there to be able to see it. So we're gonna make sure it is public, and I'm gonna hit create. Once I do that, you can see that I've got a testing folder right there. If I add stuff to that folder, it will become live once I hit. Publish, But let me show you something different. So instead of using a traditional collection in this published service, we did something different. We created a smart collection. Smart collection has that little gearbox on it. That little gear on it. That means that it's an automatic thing instead of me having to grab something and put it in there. Now, I just simply put it somewhere and based on a certain criteria, it gets added there automatically. The criteria could be a lot of things. Um, you could do it based on keywords. So you could say any time, something as a key word of photo Booth put it in there. So then if you keyword something on import as photo booth, it'll just put it in there. So I'm gonna double click this so that you can see our settings on this photo on this Ah, gallery. So this gallery, it's settings are all of the conditions must be met. The only condition is that if the folder contains the words Joans Wedding 2016 it will be put in here. So anything that gets shot from here and goes into the Joans Wedding folder will automatically placed into this smart collection. And if it's in the smart collection than when I hit publish, it will go to the web. Fair enough. All right. So I'm gonna hit save, because that's the only conditions we need on there Now, By the way, you could actually say, All right, we're gonna add another. And the rating has to be one star above so then if I did that, it would give my assistant a chance toe on Lee put the things that were start. So you be like, OK, that was good. That was good. And then it will only kick things that air starred up to the web. So, unfortunately, if you try and do this with a light room mobile, lighter mobile cannot synchronise a smart collection. Don't know why. If adobes watching, please change it. I mean, that's it. It's weird, but anyway, so the Onley collection that can go to Light Mobile is a standard collection, but a smart collection can be synchronized to SmugMug through a public service. Okay, so that's why we've created a smart collection here, so automatically pulls in stuff. There's only one negative side to a public service. In order for it to publish, you have to hit publish. So unlike unlike light room mobile, lighter mobile immediately is synchronizing. Something gets at it, it goes up. No intervention necessary. It just comes in, goes up, comes in, goes up. If you're in a published service, you have to hit the publish button for it to publish justice. I wish that adobe again if adobes watching. Please make an auto publish on all of your published services. That would be perfect. Okay, so those are my two, please, to Adobe. Remember this questions coming in? So I just want to clarify You don't necessarily have to have smugmug to be the service that your publishing to our thinking to know you could do Facebook because there is a Facebook publishers that actually that that ships with light room so you could be doing it directly to Facebook. That's an interesting idea. So if you're gonna do a wedding photo booth, just have everything. Go to Facebook. Why not just keep publishing to the same? Um What? It's an album. They call it an album. And Facebook so just published to the same album. And that album would just keep growing and people can share it from there. Yeah, there's absolutely no reason why you wouldn't use Facebook or flicker or what? You know, whatever service you want to use, they probably have a public service. And if they don't have a published service, it's time. Stop using the service. All right, if they're not up with the times, So Okay, so we have created our, um, smart album here. And in order to do that, you right when you right click, you just create smart gallery instead of regular gallery. So we created that smart gallery. So any time something goes into the Joans wedding, look what happens. So if I click on it, Look who's in there. See that John's in there. But he's a new photo to be published. Did you see that? Heading above him Says a new photo to publish this one down here is modified photos to republish. So I did something to change the look of this photo. So now it's gonna republish it. So it knows Lighter knows. Oh, this was a black and white, but now it's color. So I need to change it. So the next time I hit the publish button, it will take the old photo down, but the new photo up then, right below it. Here's a published photo that's already published. But if I want to get rid of that one, I don't want it anymore. Um, then, Aiken, delete it. I can't delete it from here. Have to delete it from the actual Joans wedding. So if I click on that and delete it. And I'm actually going Teoh, remove it from the service and I'm gonna delete it from the disk so I don't need it anymore. So now if we go to the actual published service, click on it. You'll see that there's one new photo to publish one modified full photo to republish and the other one is gone. And if those of you were on the website, go and refresh your browser, you're going to notice that that one is gone as well. So now we're going to start the party. Actually, before we start the party, I want to notice one problem with my photo. Okay, so they're very clear on how we synchronize that. Then, OK, we have to hit publish in order for anything to go up in order for us to publish anything. So when we're in the published service Joans Wedding 2016 there's a button on the top right hand corner says publish. It also gives you the location of that set of photos so you can click on that and it will take you there. Or you can right click on it and copy the link and send it to your client or, more importantly, what I would do it. A wedding is just have a card right next to the photo booth that says, Here's where you confined your photos. Go share them. If you're doing it to Facebook, just put the Facebook album go here. You'll be able to see your photos and share them and do whatever. Okay, okay. So in order for this to happen, I'm gonna hit the publish button and immediately it's going to start a connection. It's sending stuff up. It's removing this the other photo of my daughter here and it's gonna republish a new one. So all of that's gonna happen here in a few seconds. And then once that once this now bar gets finished than if you refresh your browser, you will see all the changes and you'll actually see John. So we don't have to wait for that because we can actually go back up to our photo shoot here, and we can start working on getting things really set for the party

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