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Tethering to Lightroom: Simultaneous Shooting and Editing

Lesson 6 of 13

Creating Client Collections in Lightroom

Jared Platt

Tethering to Lightroom: Simultaneous Shooting and Editing

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

6. Creating Client Collections in Lightroom

Lesson Info

Creating Client Collections in Lightroom

So now I like what we're getting here. So this is what I'm gonna start sending stuff to the client now. My assistant could be sitting here just kind of looking at the files. And any time there's a good file, they could just add it now, the short cut key for adding an image to the collection. So I'm gonna go down to the collection that I want to add stuff to. This is the collection that we've created that's going to go directly to light room and let me show you how that's made. So we've just been shooting to this point. So as everybody clear on how to get your images from here to here, Right? Okay. Now, how do we get those images from here to there? All right, we got to go up into the cloud, and we're gonna use Adobe Creative Cloud and Light Room Web and light room mobile. All of that's happening together. So the first thing that happens is we have to have light room mobile active. When we activate lighter mobile, it's gonna go to the cloud so that light room mobile can receive it from ...

the cloud. It could be delivered out to the people who are watching and commenting. So is being delivered to the Web first. Then it's being delivered down to our creative director who's looking at it on the IPad. Okay, all that's gonna happen simultaneously. The way to do that is to go into your collections and you're just gonna right click a collection set. Or you can go over here and put press the plus button right next to the collections. And when you do that and you create a collection, you're going to say, I want this collection to be named whatever, and you're gonna tell it you want it to be in some in the photo shop week 2016. So you choose a folder to put it in, or don't and Viet the top level and then down here. We don't want to put any photos in it now, but we want to choose to sink that with light room mobile, and we also want to set it as the target collection. If we do those two things and we hit create, it puts a little collection inside of inside of the Photoshopped Week 2016. Notice that it has a little arrow to the left hand side of the collection set little and it looks like a fish hook or something. Right. That means that it is now connected to the web. So if I put something in that folder, it will automatically without hesitation, send it up to the Web, the Web will be able to show it to anybody that has the link, and my client will be able to get it on light or mobile is well, so it's gonna work all seamless ing. So I don't want to do that because I've already set one up. So let me show you how to do one that you've already set up. So I'm going to right click this client review collection. That's the collection I created that I want to put stuff in. But remember, I didn't automatically add it from the tethered shooting dialog, so I'm gonna right click it and I'm gonna set that as the target collection. So see that little plus button are that little plus indicator. That means that it is the target collection. There can only be one target collection at a time. If I then go to a photograph and I like the photograph. All I have to do is either see that little circle right there at the top. As I float over a circle appears if I click that or if I hit the B for boy, that's awesome. So if I hit the b key or if I click this circle, it will add it to the target collection. So let me show you that happening. I'm gonna scan down here, notice that there are three images in the client review collection Right now. I'm going to click that circle and you will see that number go to four. So here we go. Ready? And four. Oh, Whoops. Hold on. Let me at the Beaky. I think I did. You know that the in light room you can tell it not to allow any of these little buttons here to do anything in the film strips so that you don't accidentally push him. So I'm gonna just hit the Beaky instead of pushing that circle. But if you're in the grid, you could hit it here, right? I could click it here, but I'm actually going to do it from here. I'm just gonna hit B C. How it turned to four. So it immediately turns to four and notice up here. It says we're sinking one photo toe light room mobile right now. So, all you out there in the Internet, refresh your browser and you will see another. You see another? They got him. OK, so if you have someone out in the web that needs to be watching your photo shoot, all they have to do is no the link. And then they could just refresh the browser. Every time that they, you know, give him five minutes, refresh the browser. They'll see the new ones coming in. They could go away, get some coffee, come back, refreshed their browser. Or they could just sit there and refresh like this and watch things come in. Okay, so how do you get them the link? Easy. You just go to the actual. So remember, this is our collection. It's connected here. If I right, click it, then I go to the light room. Mobile links. Okay, so it's just a right click. Zoom out a little bit. So I go toe light remote mold links. And this is where I would make the collection private or public. So I made this button right here. Changes. If it's a private collection, that button will say, make collection public. If it's a public collection, it'll make it private. So right now it's public because everybody out there on the web can see it. Right? So if I don't want him, If I click this now, it will go and everybody will lose their right. They'll lose their privileges. So don't make me. You make you lose your privileges. Everybody be nice. We're all turned this private and you'll be done. I have the power. You too, Jim. If you're not nice, I'll cut you off. All right? I'm already working on your already working on a nice Okay, so yeah, a quick comment. Just a quick comment, because we're talking about clients. But this whole tethering and looking at things in the studio or even sharing them out to people isn't necessarily just for commercial photographers or people with clients, right? No, not at all. In fact, our second shoot will be for weddings. And so there's certainly things you can do with a wedding for that. Also, just think of this in terms of, um, this connective ity is amazing. And it's not just for a tethered shoot. Take the tethering away. This is critically cool. I mean, it is amazing the fact that you can share stuff just by clicking the Beaky And then all of a sudden, the world sees your images. You could be playing around in real time and have the whole world watching you edit images, take away the whole tether thing. So just all of the pieces that we're going to show you today are so cool that you can use them in almost any circumstance. I use it every day. I don't do a lot of tethered shooting, necessarily. Although I did one, uh, I did a huge workshop in Arizona just recently last week, which is probably why I'm so horse, because it was four days of really intense education and one of those days we were in Sedona and we were It was bright sunlight, and there was water sun reflecting off the water and off of big rocks. And so it was bright. There was no way I was knowing whether, and it was on a full shoot with the magazine was their students were actually getting published in the magazine. It was cool, but we were doing a tethered shoot so that we could see whether or not we got the shot, because it was kind of like the main double truck spread. And so we wanted the client to approve it. So we were shooting and the client was sitting with, like, a big hood over it, and they were watching until they went. That's the shot done. Choose the shot. We're done. It didn't take any more time than that. I don't have to go back to the studio and choose stuff, so tethering is very useful. But this is useful, useful far beyond tethering and far beyond clients and commercial work. Okay, so just kind of extrapolating what we're doing. Put it into your own circumstances cause it's very useful. Okay, So back to these choices, we have to first make the collection. Then we tell it to sink it toe light room mobile, which is just this little check box right there. So we sink that toe lighter, mobile once it sink toe Lycra Mobile. We tell it to make it public. Once we make it public. Then we can either click here and it will open a Web browser or we can copy the link. So if I click this link right here, it literally puts the link to it in my, um what is that called the clipboard? There you go. So it puts it into the clipboard, and now I can just paste it into an email, send it off to the to whoever or I can just go to a website. So let's just zoom out and I can go to a website and just highlight this. Paste it in and there's the actual link. Right? So this is the link. This is what people are seeing online. If I refresh it, there she is, right? And then if I click on her right over here, there's a common area on the right hand side to click on that, and I everybody else can see these comments to right technology technology. Wow, I love it, Bryant. And now I'm in the mix so I can be commenting back and forth as well. Notice also that people can put a heart on it so we can have lots of love for Carmen as well

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Participate in a full tethered photoshoot, and discover the powerful efficiency of simultaneous shooting and editing. Follow Jared Platt from start to finish in this step-by-step lesson for both beginners and advanced users. You'll gain new insights in lighting, camera settings, tethering tips and Lightroom instruction, and learn Jared's advanced techniques for streamlining a tethering workflow.  

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.2 - 2015.3


Donna Michele Designs

Mind blow! This was a great course and Jared explained in detail and with great clarity a comprehensive approach to using a Lightroom workflow that collaborates with multiple software platforms. Lots of "A Ha" moments. I think I can actually do this now where I didn't have a clue how to make this all work before.

Renata Caughlin

Awesome class... So glad I got it.... Who knew I could do so much with a cord and my Lightroom... Totally hooked!


Absolutely great class. Lots of useful information. Thank you!