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Packaging & Delivering Products

When you are ordering stuff from Miller's, we went over this more extensively in the sports volume class, but it's really similar to anyone who's used a rows program before. You can go through and order the specialty items, just like you can with anything else through any major lab. But you do have to order, you have to download a separate rows program for the sports stuff, for the volume stuff. It is separate. Now with the software that we use, if you're partnered with a good lab you can just upload files. Okay, now when you upload those files it's imperative that you know how they want to receive the pictures back. Really doesn't matter how you wanna do it, you gotta know before you start this process where are the pictures going. Are they going to Homeroom? Do they not have Homeroom? Is it going to the English class? How are we distributing them? That has to be one of the line items in your CSV file. It has to be one of the things to note. We go through all of the orders, we open th...

e packages from Miller's and we repackage. We don't repackage from this envelope. But we repackage from the shrink wrap board that we get, we open that up, we flip through our pictures, make sure they look good, then we sort'em out, each classroom, which is how it came from Miller's, but we verify each classroom, gets sealed in a rigid envelope with the teacher's name on it. It's literally just an envelope, I but it from U-line, big fat stiff envelope, put them in there, seal it, print can't fall out. All of those get put together in a bag for each grade, all of those get put together in a box for each school. It's gotta be done that way. It's just gotta be that easy. And when you go through, and you deliver it to them, as stupid as it sounds, walk them through it still. "Okay, so this is how we got you set up, "and if anyone has any questions, "or is missing an order, have them contact us." We wanna push all of the concerns back to us, we don't want the school to deal with any of those questions. The other things with the products that we offer, going through and sorting it out. I'm gonna go back to the order form here. I always try to make one package that's just such a good deal, it's just hard to say no. You know what I mean? We always try to encourage that. And we want to make our packages much more enticing than the a la carte items. So we're doing with this stuff is we're bundling these in thinking we've named them before, we were trying to say, this is the grandparent's package, so you get four 8x10s, two for grandparents, two for parents. Stuff like that. So you kinda walk people through and encourage them to go that way. I think your packages, you can't be selling... If you want to have a $30 average don't have a $20 package. Don't. And make your packages fair, make'em nice, try to put in elements, put in things that people want, but don't put in everything. Also leave room for them to spend more by ordering the additional products. And these collages, the stuff from Miller's... So like these one from schools it's totally passive income for us. It really takes no work for us to do it. I don't have to do any Photoshop work, I don't have to do any design work. I click a button, and they make this and send it. I click a button and they retouch my photos. I click a button and they produce the bad tag design. The stuff is the secret to be successful in this is that we aren't treating all of these as one-off custom pieces, we're partnering with people that allow us to have that look. You guys ever heard of Roger Bannister? Guess no, maybe so? Before April, it was believed that no human could run a four-minute mile, a sub-four-minute mile. Never been done. Thousands and thousands of people had tried, no one could do it, it was impossible. Roger Bannister did it. First guy. Since then over 20 thousand people have ran a sub-four-minute mile. Even high school kids. So what's changed? Like what's changed? Nothing. Except for the belief that it can be done. People know that you can run a sub-four-minute mile now. It was always impossible before. I wanna be the Roger Banister for inspiring you guys to go shoot schools. It's gonna such, you're gonna take some lumps. It's gonna take a long time, it's gonna be a marathon. But when it gets good, it's really good. And it can be done. When you start picking up schools, and momentum's crazy, 'cause once it starts working, man, these guys are going. So if I can help you guys understand, that this is really a project, really something that you can do, just follow the steps, get a plan, get the software inline, hire the right people, partner with the right companies, it's completely possible for you to do a better job than what they're getting right now. It's completely possible for you to do it differently than what they've even had before.

Class Description

We’ve all had our annual school portrait taken over the years. Of course you didn’t think about the hard work and organization that it took for the photographer to get hundreds of images taken during that day, but volume school portrait photography is a great way for photographers to add additional income to their business. Matthew “The Body” Kemmetmueller has broken into that competitive market and wants to share his knowledge of that industry with you. He’ll explain:

  • How to get into the schools that are right for your business
  • The best way to choose the software and gear you’ll need
  • How to put together bids and win over the schools
  • The most efficient way to order and deliver products
  • How to automate the retouching process

School photography is not an easy market to conquer, but Matthew will walk you through everything you’ll need to know in order to become a successful school portrait photographer.


Diane Yvon

I was looking to add preschool photography to my business and this course really was thorough and helped me prepare. Matthew is so friendly and always makes learning easy! His courses are very organized. Highly recommend, Diane Zarlingo

Dorine Rosier

Matthew is very good in his teaching style and makes me want to watch the whole thing! The information he gives is priceless!