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Measuring Your Body

Lesson 3 from: How to Sew Your First Skirt and Understand Patterns

Shaerie Mead

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Lesson Info

3. Measuring Your Body

Lesson Info

Measuring Your Body

So we're going to talk a little bit about body measurements body measurements are parts of your body that you need to measure to get the correct size for your pattern you're ready to wear size might not apply it all to your pattern size so you have to do body measurements to pick the size correctly even within different pattern companies the measurements might not be the same so it's a great idea to carry your tape measure when you go to the shop so you can pick just the right size today we need to measure our waste and we need to measure our hip the waste is pretty easy to find if you've been to the side it's where you bend in and it's usually about an inch above your navel I'm going to pull my tape measure around this part of my body and in pulling the state measure quite tightly I don't want a poet so it dents in but I wanted to be about about finger tight I should be able to just fit a finger in there if you're wearing something around your waist like a belt he'll obviously want to...

take that off to get a good measurement the reason why I have to pull it a little tight is because I'm wearing clothing and I want to make sure that I get is accurate measurement it's possible so that's the waist measurement I'm coming up with thirty one inches for your hip measurement, it's always going to be nine inches down from your waste on a commercial pattern, so I'm going to take my tape measure and measured down nine inches and then rotate the tape measure to pull it around my body. When I'm going to come up with forty two inches right there again, I'm going pretty tight against my body. I can just about fit a finger in there and that's what I'm looking for for my hip measurement and when this project, we have a choice between a longer skirt or a shorter skirt, and so I can use my tape measure to determine which I'm gonna like better if I put my finger right on the eighteen inch mark and I can put that on my waist and I can see how long the skirt will be on me. I'm wearing the twenty two inch long skirt so I can check it twenty two inches here, right on my waist or wherever you like to wear your shirt, and I can see that the bottom of my tape measure falls just where I like it.

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The course was as clean and precise as her sewing. I haven't sewn for some time, but the techniques Shaerie taught will serve me well. Thanks~


Shaerie is an exceptionally clear and focused teacher. She points out essential steps for beginner sewers and doesn't get caught up with extraneous details.

Melissa Fritzsche

Wondering if there's any way to still get this pattern. Thanks!

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