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Casey Lorenzen - Recap

Lesson 13 from: The Photographer's Guide to Resiliency

Alex Strohl

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Lesson Info

13. Casey Lorenzen - Recap

Lesson Info

Casey Lorenzen - Recap

So that was Casey Lorenzen from Fjällräven. Awesome guy. I really enjoy working with Casey because he is very candid and he is a creative himself. So he is always open to telling you what's wrong, what's, you know what could be improved, and how we can do things better. On the bright side, Casey's saying that budgets are still here and they have just been postponed. So that means for us that, as you know, industry wide a lot of brands have silver money and are just stashing it for the future. So that makes total sense. Um that doesn't mean everybody's in the same boat but some of the companies have the size of Fjällräven Raven are there. In terms of needs it sounds like flexibility, ah people who have a schedule that can be, you know, easily adapted, will win. And that's because a lot of the brands are gonna be needing all their stuff at the same time when things can sort of resume. So, kinda makes a lot of sense for us. Like schedules are pretty open anyways right now but just being r...

eady for an influx of demand and having already a system dial to produce and handle these, will make a big difference. In terms of reaching out Casey is telling us that the best way to get a hold of somebody like him, you know in crave direction position and this is obviously different from person to person, but for Casey um creating personal connections are big. So whether through, whether it's through Instagram, LinkedIn, reaching out to somebody and saying just hi, is always gonna be relevant and useful especially if it's genuine. So, there's no issue with hitting up people on LinkedIn and showing them your portfolio. If it's well intentioned, if it's smart like Casey tells us to reach out. Sure, but reach out smartly. He doesn't, they don't need, you know, the art directors don't need to see your 500 photos show them the top 10 top 15, show them your portfolio and make your emails sharp and to the point. This is who I am. This is what I do. Here is my portfolio. Here's how it relates to your brand, to the category you're in. And let's talk, I'm happy to help. I know things are in the air, but let's talk. And then after that, you just have to follow up smartly right? Be on top of it. Like we were just talking about power plans with Mark, same thing, just have your calendar and your reminders on when to follow up and, and keep adding things that you're working on, in every follow up, right? It's not just like, hey, circling back on this, hey touching base on this, blah, blah, blah. It add value with each follow up. Right? If you send a follow up the next week just show them something new. Yeah. Just wrote this blog post. I just edited this series of images that you might enjoy. Anything, just add value, be interesting. And then on the pitching, being concise with how you pitch again. And then lastly, the fact that content is gonna be king even more as we move forward, because everything happens online and all brands is gonna need content for online videos and photos. So in the long term, this is good news for us. I know that it's hard to see it right now but, it's going to come and we better be ready. So having our portfolios ready for that. So just as Casey's telling us and all the other people who've been interviewing is that the ones who follow up and have a smart system to show their portfolio and how they can help, make it easy will be in a place to succeed. So, that was our conversation with Casey. Um hope you enjoyed it because I started talking to Casey. He's a good guy. Thanks Casey for doing this. Mm.

Ratings and Reviews

Anabella Borges

Perfect Timing They say things come at the right time and this workshop definitely did. Being a photographer is the greatest gift I could thank for, showing though my eye how I see existence is a blessing; but being successful from it is very tough! It has been a ride for me, and this workshop clarified so many things. The tools that are being shared are worth it all. Listening to these interviews made me feel not alone, hearing them speak about reinventing ourselves and trusting our creativity was inspirational. Specially the similarity of all about not giving up and staying authentic. Thank you Alex, you created a master piece of knowledge. Anabella.


What a wonderful resource! I really wanted to give Alex a HUGE thank you! This has been such a great resource as an aspiring Photographer. I feel way more confident and knowledgable about reaching out to clients. I still have some of my own homework to do but I feel like I am well equipped to tackle these challenges and to keep moving forward. Such a generous and honest resource. Can't thank you enough! And thanks to all who interviewed and shared their experiences.

Niklaus Morin

Timely Generosity Many thanks to Alex and friends who made this workshop happen! Very helpful, timely insights and reminders that building respectful relationships, trust, and community are values upon which to build personal, professional and cultural fulfillment and success. The conversational details within the interviews are fantastic. And the common threads throughout make me hopeful. Thanks again to all!

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