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Marc Barros - Recap

Lesson 11 from: The Photographer's Guide to Resiliency

Alex Strohl

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11. Marc Barros - Recap

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Lesson Info

Marc Barros - Recap

So that was Mark Barros, Chief Executive Officer/founder of Moment. I really enjoyed the conversation because it comes from a different perspective. Somebody who is scrappy has started a business from nowhere and has taken it to a very successful place. So just to recap what Mark and I went over I have some notes to share with you. First thing that Mark said is figure out what's going on. So ask your peers what are they hearing. Are they having their jobs canceled? Moved? If you haven't done that, get a pulse what's going on and keep that pulse going for the year, not just do it now. And then it's gone after that. It's good to communicate with other photographers. So if you're friendly with them or even just acquaintances just ask it, doesn't hurt to ask, "How has it been going with you?" "What's going on?" Maybe you'll learn that new fields of work are hiring and some others are not. So always keep a pulse and know what's going on. Number two is to figure out your expense to income ra...

tio, right? Just pretty simple finance stuff but you're spending more money that you're making, it's not gonna work. So just like what Mark was saying just carve into the expenses you can cut until you are in a place where you can sustain yourself a little longer. Number three and maybe the biggest one is to reach out. Mark thinks and I agree it's a golden time to reach out to brands because they've thrown the plan out of the window for most of them or postponed everything. So they have some time in their hands right now to hear you. So if you're tight, you're organized, your emails are tight and short. You go straight to the point, you have something to offer and you are responsive. You will be in a very good place. So just send some DMs the casual way, just like Mark is saying, "Hey, love what you've built. I'd love to help." You know, "Who can I talk to?" Instead of being like, "This is what I want to do. Can you sponsor it? Yes or no." So try a different approach and then be consistent/ build your pipeline. So they kind of go hand in hand, but Mark talks about the importance of having a pipeline. Meaning let's say you've been reaching out to 10 clients this week. 10 potential clients had notes, organize that on a trailer board on your notes, whatever you want. Mark uses Streaks on Google. But just to have notes to follow up, if you reach out to somebody on Monday not follow up on Friday, or the next Monday. Just be.. hold yourself accountable to it and be consistent because work will come your way if you do that. And then lastly, make new things, try new things because the world has changed in a very big way. And where we used to be very much looking into travel in our photography field. That's not gonna happen for the near future. So what are we gonna be talking about instead? This is a time to reinvent ourselves and in that process you can work on that, on this project of reinventing the way you market or reinvent the way that you make photos with other creators you can join forces with a few other photographers or filmmakers and pitch larger projects. Because clients might like the efficiency of more people reaching out. So just start new things and challenge the approaches you used to have and see how you can add more value.

Ratings and Reviews

Anabella Borges

Perfect Timing They say things come at the right time and this workshop definitely did. Being a photographer is the greatest gift I could thank for, showing though my eye how I see existence is a blessing; but being successful from it is very tough! It has been a ride for me, and this workshop clarified so many things. The tools that are being shared are worth it all. Listening to these interviews made me feel not alone, hearing them speak about reinventing ourselves and trusting our creativity was inspirational. Specially the similarity of all about not giving up and staying authentic. Thank you Alex, you created a master piece of knowledge. Anabella.


What a wonderful resource! I really wanted to give Alex a HUGE thank you! This has been such a great resource as an aspiring Photographer. I feel way more confident and knowledgable about reaching out to clients. I still have some of my own homework to do but I feel like I am well equipped to tackle these challenges and to keep moving forward. Such a generous and honest resource. Can't thank you enough! And thanks to all who interviewed and shared their experiences.

Niklaus Morin

Timely Generosity Many thanks to Alex and friends who made this workshop happen! Very helpful, timely insights and reminders that building respectful relationships, trust, and community are values upon which to build personal, professional and cultural fulfillment and success. The conversational details within the interviews are fantastic. And the common threads throughout make me hopeful. Thanks again to all!

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