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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: The Science of Happiness: How to Live Your Best Life

Laura Delizonna

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Welcome to creative live this is the science of happiness. How to live your best life with laura de la zona my name is chris jennings, and I'm going to be your host for the class now, if you're not familiar with laura, she is the chief learning officer and wisdom labs. She's, an author and she's an instructor at stanford university, and she is here today to share with us some very practical tips to help our mindfulness and laura, I know you have so much to get to, so I'm gonna get right out of your way and lets you take it away. Thank you, chris, and thank you for having me here today. Look forward to this time. I'd like to start today with a report from us surgeon general vivek murthy. He recently said that there is one factor in life that can decrease your chance of stroke, decrease your chance of heart attack, increase the likelihood that you will live longer. It can also increase the chance of promotion and increase your productivity. Can you guess what it is? Happiness? Pretty ama...

zing, right? And the surgeon general's, right? Actually, what the research shows is that happiness create success, that it causes an improvement in health, it causes an improvement, productivity and performance so that's what we're here today to explore I just want to be clear that the type of happiness we're talking about is not that sort of fleeting, high it's, not the momentary joys and and the cheerfulness well, those are nice we're talking about is a deeper sort of happiness, contentment, feeling fulfilled by your experiences. You don't need a workshop to learn how to do those momentary highs and and and so forth you, khun I don't know watch a youtube video of cat videos are something, so this is what we're talking about today, this deeper sense of living, your lives potential like to introduce you to my father, harry della's, ana areas, and he told me when I was a kid, he instill the belief in me that I could do whatever I wanted in life, I would just have to work hard, he said there's always someone who's richer, smarter and better looking, you just have to outwork him, and so when I was twenty, I really took this to heart. What I decided is that, yeah, I wanted to live an extraordinary life, and I and I wanted to have the great job in the career I wanted tio have all those things that we want relationships, all this stuff in life, but I felt I sensed kind of what this surgeon general is saying just recently is that the best thing we can do if we want to be happier if we want to live longer if we want these good things in life, it's to work on our happiness, that deep sense of commitment and contentment towards wellbeing. So I made it a quest. I decided that I would find my way to lasting happiness. And when I did, I would teach what I'd learned to others. So this mission took me and some very interesting places. I went to all corners of the earth, to the edges of the planet, to ask questions and to collect nuggets from anyone who would give me their nugget of wisdom. Asked a masai warrior, what are your keys to happiness? He told me it was having a very large herd of cows and several nice wives when teo the arctic to the innuit and asked them, what are your keys to happiness as taxi drivers? Whoever would give may there there, say whatever they thought, their thoughts on happiness. I sat in silent meditation retreats, and I holed up in the cabin in the woods and organ, sometimes for a very long time, with lots of books, and I just think and read eventually I got a phd in psychology, specializing in the science of happiness, and I did find my way slowly. Wasn't exactly the journey that I had thought went my when I was twenty but I found my way and now I'm teaching what I learned to others for the past ten years have been teaching at stanford university on the science of positive psychology which is the science of happiness and teaching these practices and programs and top companies around the world google and facebook and and others so today I'm going to teach you what I teach in and these companies and what I've learned over really my lifetime so I'm so glad you're here with me today this is a personal experience for me this is first I lived these practices and I read the science and then I try them out and see if they were written if other people relate to them as well so that's what we're doing today today I'm going to give you practical science based tools that the researchers say do help in sustaining and maintaining and increasing happiness I'm going to give you short, simple techniques that you can weave into your daily life and I'm going to make a commitment to you I will give you on ly techniques that take between thirty seconds and three minutes so we're not adding to the to do list here but instead I want you to think about how your life already is and hiken we've these things into your experience and I encourage you to get creative with um try them on make them your own and imagine how you could actually do these practices frequently and in multiple domains across your life. I'm going to give you some coaching tips on how to best apply these practices and my aim today my aim is that by the end of today you feel like you are empowered and that you were well equipped with the tools you need to increase your happiness going toe practice and with you, we're going to do some techniques and and have a little fun with it too. Okay, sound good, great! We're going toa focus on three essential habits of happiness one taken the good to connect three show up okay, there we could say yes, they're multiple habits of happiness, but I do believe that these three are among the most essential she'll receive these some practices with these today thie good news about happiness is that everyone can increase their happiness, so it doesn't matter if you feel like, well, my life is a little bit off track or if you like, well, I'm kind of already thriving in life we can still elevate that, so we want up level wherever we are encouraged you, just like my father taught me dream big and the cool thing about happiness and one reason why I love it so much is it's a lifelong journey we're never done there's, no ceiling on it every single day. I am still practicing these techniques and reminding myself to practice these habits and that's. What makes it interesting, right, that's. What makes it a journey and were never done. We just get to engage with it over and again, so let's, get into it.

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a Creativelive Student

I loved this class! Dr Laura provides compelling side effects of happiness, and then the 3 habits of happiness. They are transforming.... and if you aren't already using them (most people aren't)... they will up your level of happiness... I can't see how they wouldn't! Transformative tips. Thank you Dr. Laura - this was nothing short of brilliant! -Tina Huang, Ph.D., Holistic Healer for a Happy & Healthy Brain at LifeLong EnerJoy

Bianca Davoodian

Dr. Delizonna is truly an expert in the field of Positive Psychology, as I have learned a great deal as her student from her courses at Stanford, her talks, as well as her retreats ( She has an amazing ability to bring all the resources available in this field to her student's/viewer's in a way that is tangible and easily understandable. In turn, the tools that she teaches are easily applicable and I have seen positive changes take place, in minimal time and sometimes with minimal effort (because of her easy-to-follow teaching style), in my day-to-day life. I highly recommend her classes and books. They've definitely had substantial and lasting effects in my life!

Tomas Verver

:) I like the positivity about the course:D It really reasonates with me:) Always try to look on the bright side! There is so much to be happy with around you! Thanks Laura for the great science based approach. Your positive energy is inspiring!

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