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Lesson 4/15 - Cutting out the Pattern


The Vintage Pocket Skirt


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Cutting out the Pattern

So now that I have my body measurements I can check on my chart to see what size I'm going to be and if I look up here for waste my waist was thirty one inches and that puts me right in the medium and my hips were forty two inches so that also puts me right in the medium that's the size I'm going to make and like I said, I prefer a longer skirt so I'm going to make view be in this class that tells me how much fabric I'm going to need I would go straight down my medium column and then across my fabric is a little bit wider that I'm going to use today it's fifty four inches wide so I'm going to go to the second row here for view be and it tells me that I need one and seven eighths yards of fabric to create this skirt so now I know what size to cut I can start to open up my pattern and take a look at what I've got here inside your pattern envelope you should have the actual pattern printed pieces and you should have some instructions so these are my instructions I'm going to set them asid...

e for the moment I'm going untold like I said, this pattern was designed specifically for beginners who are learning how to so so that means that the sizes air really clear on this pattern I made them different colors so you could see for the medium I'm going to be this gold line throughout the whole of the pattern when we have a situation where there is a black line that's for all the sizes and then you can choose for these other colored lines which size you're going to be cutting out thiss pattern has several pieces the body of the skirt here to waste and pieces in the pocket piece it also includes our instructions we start out with a list of the pattern pieces that we need and a little key here to the layout the layout shows us how to lay the pattern pieces out on our fabric for maximum usability and to save fabric also it's going to differ depending on how wide your fabric is and what size you picked so we'll go through how to pick which one to look at cutting the interfacing and then we dive right into the instructions step by step taking you through this project I'm gonna set this instructions off to the side so I'm going to start cutting out my pattern pieces now and I'll start with the pocket piece number seven again here's my black line this is common to all the sizes so I'm gonna cut really carefully along that line trying to cut off all of the white paper but leave the black line is intact as I can if you're new to sewing cutting is something that's going to feel really awkward to you? This is just what I've heard over and over again from students, just because we're not used to doing this kind of work in our daily life. So now I'm cutting on the goal line across the top for my size. Medium on across the bottom. It's really easy to see these different color lines, and then right up the side, that gold line. So there's my first pattern piece, and then I can start cutting out. The rest of the piece is exactly in the same manner. Gold line whenever there's a choice and a black line for all the common sizes.

Class Description

In The Vintage Pocket Skirt, Shaerie Mead gives you step-by-step instructions for making a simple, yet stylish skirt.

Shaerie, of Sew L.A., has been teaching people how to sew since 2005. In this class, she’ll show you how to make one of her most popular garments. You’ll learn about:

  • Reading and preparing the paper pattern
  • Sewing pockets and the skirt body
  • Interfacing, sewing, and attaching the waistband
  • Finishing and hemming the skirt
Even if you have never sewn before, you’ll be able to follow along. Shaerie will explain sewing basics and she’ll help you make sense of the paper patterns that are part and parcel of garment-making.

Impress people with a handmade skirt that looks complicated but is actually pretty easy to construct with tips from The Vintage Pocket Skirt with Shaerie Mead.