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Lesson 13/15 - Finishing the Waistband


The Vintage Pocket Skirt


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Finishing the Waistband

We're going to pin the front waistband exactly the way we pinned the back waistband this time however we're not going put elastic in it so we're not making a casing I am going to fold my edge over and I'm gonna put my pins in the back we want to make sure too that this edge is that same one and a quarter inch to one and three eighths of an inch wide we don't want to go any smaller than one and a quarter inch so pins all the way down on the unsold part of the waistband this should be the front, the part that has the interfacing we're covering up or seem allowance where the waistband and the skirt meat and putting our pins in and then I'm gonna hold it up and switch those pins to the front because just like on the back waistband, we're going to stitch in the ditch to secure it, so I'm going to stitch down the elastic on the side seam here and also so the front waistband shut at the same time I want to make sure that I stitch that elastic down really well because I certainly don't want it...

to be snapping when I'm wearing my skirt therefore I'm going to sew over a two times I'm going to start at the bottom of this scene here and back stitch all the way up to the top then I'm going to sew forward back down to the bottom, I'll pivot and I'll go along the edge just like we did on the back waistband stitching in the ditch so lining this up so it's right on the seam line and I'm gonna lower my presser foot and take out that first pin back, stitch carefully up to my second pen and remove that right up to the top of the skirt on and then back down I can use my hand wheel to get my needle just in that skirt fabric off of the waistband, and now I'm gonna lift up my presser, foot and pivot and lower my presser foot! And now this is going to look just like the back waistband, stitching in the ditch as much as you can on the fabric side, the skirt side, not the waistband side. When they get to the other side seem, I'm going to do exactly the same thing. I'm going to sew right up to the side scene pivot so up to the top of the waistband and then back stitch down to where the waistband in the skirt meat and that completes the waistband being so into the skirt.

Class Description

In The Vintage Pocket Skirt, Shaerie Mead gives you step-by-step instructions for making a simple, yet stylish skirt.

Shaerie, of Sew L.A., has been teaching people how to sew since 2005. In this class, she’ll show you how to make one of her most popular garments. You’ll learn about:

  • Reading and preparing the paper pattern
  • Sewing pockets and the skirt body
  • Interfacing, sewing, and attaching the waistband
  • Finishing and hemming the skirt
Even if you have never sewn before, you’ll be able to follow along. Shaerie will explain sewing basics and she’ll help you make sense of the paper patterns that are part and parcel of garment-making.

Impress people with a handmade skirt that looks complicated but is actually pretty easy to construct with tips from The Vintage Pocket Skirt with Shaerie Mead.