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Think Like a Retoucher

Viktor Fejes

Think Like a Retoucher

Viktor Fejes

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1 Class Introduction Duration:02:55
3 How To Be A Good Retoucher Duration:10:00
5 Best Practices of Retouching Duration:15:57

Class Description

Retouching is more than just taking away blemishes or fixing lens spots. To get the most of an image in post-processing, you really need to think like a retoucher. In this class Viktor Fejes will discuss: 

  • The theory and techniques behind retouching an image 
  • Storytelling through retouching
  • Why to hire a retoucher
  • The aspects of good retouching- what is “too much”
This class isn’t just about fixing the imperfections - you’ll learn why this process is important so that you can create your best images.


a Creativelive Student

Viktor Fejes is a very talented retoucher, and I loved his presentation, although I believe he is very new to presenting and teaching, I would have like to have seen more examples and visuals to have more understanding of what he was trying to explain. I am a little disappointed as a photographer, wanting to learn and use his techniques, for my portrait photography, I would have like to have seen more practical work in using his methods, and to go through from start to finish on a headshot of a women, as I primarily photograph women. I would have loved to have seen more work on the skin with using his methods. It would have been nice, if you purchased the whole set, to get Viktor Fejes actions as a bonus, but as I understand you will have to figure these out yourself.


I think it was a very helpful one for. I'd love to see more classes from him.


Good thoughts on making the final changes to improve your photo presentations. He knows the small details that can make a difference.