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Building a Trustworthly Workflow Part 2

Lesson 12 from: Time Management 101

Mike Vardy

Building a Trustworthly Workflow Part 2

Lesson 12 from: Time Management 101

Mike Vardy

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Lesson Info

12. Building a Trustworthly Workflow Part 2

Lesson Info

Building a Trustworthly Workflow Part 2

Do you have anything from the from the chat room? Yeah yeah yeah I have a question here from organized me and they want to know can you discuss the legal aspect of having digital versions of your receipts or important files as opposed to the paper version? Uh does the original receipt in tangible paper form ever need to be kept? Are there any things that digital just won't work brooks on lunch or something cause you no wake early lunch no and I could speak in canada that uh for tax purposes if you don't have the original receipt, then it doesn't count like you should keep the and it's the seven year rule which I think is how it is down in the states you have to keep for seven years they can call upon it at least in canet within seven years if you don't if they even go through an audit or something like that so they reserve the right to ask for the actual physical receipt. So that would be an example of paper that you you know that you don't get rid of so there are gonna be examples and...

you know I mean contracts if there'd originally digital, then then that's how that's that's their initial intent that's how I keep them but if it's a paper receipt that has that I'm going to be using for income tax or for business expense it's something that I keep and I file away but because I'm only keeping that stuff my file cabinet's actually fairly it's not nearly as full secondly, you can always go toe like you get asked stores hey, you know, like target or wal mart or whatever is the regional receipt required for a return? Or can I scan it and issue a reprint? You know, I can't give you a reprint, and at that point in time they can I know some stores will actually sign off like the martin make a mark on the receipts of sign it so that you'll get a sense of okay, this is, you know, it's a legitimate receipt versus a scan version, not a lot of doing this at this point, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happens more and more so that's that's something that you would have to basically ask you have to say, hey, look, you know, if you're if you're trying to really cut down on that paper hey, I know I just bought this neat connect scanner or whatever I bought this book, I don't want to I'm trying to go, you know you have to go through the whole rigmarole with them, but it is do I need the original receipt for a return? It will a scanned copy suffice and again if you want to get in the habit of asking that question great but I look at what I'm buying and if it's a book for twenty bucks and I'm like all right, well, you know what? I'm just going to scan the receipt and if I can't return it, so be it or just by from for someplace where I know they'll take it back with seed I guess anything else out there uh well I just wanted to give you a heads up that brooks did mention in the chat rooms that he's trying to steal your thunder so let you know but actually she threw me did I ask a question? And there was conversation about if you're new to all these aps it could be a little bit overwhelming do you have any advice? Um for if you're wanting to go paperless from using all paper what's the best first steps to take well the best first steps I think now, especially with the the advent of mobile and the great technology that's in the cameras and mobile devices. Now if you've got a smartphone that's where I would start, I would start with something they're either using it the everyone well out maybe to capture those receipts because they've got the ocr technology built right in which allows you to filter it and then you're also using it for the other thing right? The other stuff so again you're you're not totally you're scaling that ap up right? So jennifer, we're talking about like jennifer is using it for notes and stuff if you just add that one more critical element to it right receipts then you're not trying to figure out how to use the app you're just trying to figure out how you use this this part that you've added to the app to make it work right so you're you're not necessarily taxing yourself nearly as much that would be where I would start the equipment's nice and shiny and looks great but I mean honestly, I don't really need a neat connect scanner anymore if I've got the mobile app, I could just take pictures and for the in fact in some cases when you look at a scanner at home and if you hate scanning stuff like I hate that thing actually my old need scanners actually I love it but it's up like in my closet right now because I want to make sure that I'm take using a labor and if I see it in like a I don't want to scan anything right now scanning has actually become a bit of a thing for me, so I'll take pictures of it instead that's where I would start honestly and use that app that you're familiar like if you're already using ever know I'd start there I mean it's, because they're going to scan his pdf so you can get them out of there. So it's not like it's locked in um further to that, if you start there and you start the habit of capturing paperless stuff and remember ever know can handle more than just receipts, documents, all that stuff, then maybe you look at something you're like. Well, wait a minute, you know, I'd really like a nap location that will calculate total up my receipts or that will take my receipts for the entire trip and make it so I have a report when you're ready to take that step and you've already started to adoptive it more of a paperless lifestyle, then dip the toe into that other app, maybe didn't eat mobile or expensive fei or, um one one place I wouldn't start, uh, is like those business cards scanning aps. I just I don't find them. The only one I find that's been helpful in terms of like a contact management paperless app is like ever know hello. And the reason I find that one helpful is because if I take it, you know, if I take jamey's picture with ever know hello it and get her and for that I turn it back to her because that's what it does ever know hello is very much like let me take your picture and then I hand you my phone and you enter your information. The thing I like about that is it tags that when you met the person trigger, right? Oh, yeah I'ma jamie a creative live right that's where matter it's a trigger plus there's geo fencing. So you like in san francisco like you get that whole sense of of that? That'd be one I would use, but the ones that works like hey here's, my business card, I would use something again that encompasses both receipts, documents and business cards, not just one that's for singularly for business cards. Because then you there's such a thing as one an app that does one thing well, but if you have thirty apse that do one thing well, that's when overwhelmed sets in and the goal here is to try to make it simple and scalable, not not complex and abandon noble because that's what'll happen. Okay, I hope I got that all right, so, um we got we got some time left. I want to talk a little bit more about some of the other, like whatever struggles you guys were having in terms of I'll bring the paperless stuff like the stuff that people oriented in terms of tasks and stuff. Did you guys have any any thoughts on where you wantto where you want to take this in terms of like, hey, I've got this paper, a notebook and a jennifer seaver this paper notebook I want to bring this into into a task world I want to start to get things into this one application. You guys have any questions or anything that you wanna run by me before we jump a little bit further ahead after you, you first one thing that I took away is I used to take pictures of business cards and send to my every note, so what I'm going to start doing is just used everyone more by love to do it. So I think that's a big takeaway for me, it's all in there and if you like taking pictures of food than you he use ever know food too, but I think that's a trend on the internet we need to stop ah ah that's just me so I'm thinking, I'm jamie, what about you? Well, actually I have a question before that you know, I'm very concerned about security when I'm using like, digitally so there's some things I'd like to be on digital I don't mind answering cop purposes I get scared and give a paperless but you know I'm constant off like, who actually can retrieve it you know, like since I already put into the you know, like like for example, you are uh, someone asked you for a certain document from you you put in this fashion in the email, then the money for this person with that document be captured when someone tried, you know, google my name and something and would that be? I don't know it, I don't think so I mean, I don't know what I mean if if you're e mailing it to them, what you've emails then you're giving your saying, I trust you, I trust you with this document if they posted and like, if it's a girl dr, you're putting into ah yeah, because I don't know you see some applications that like to deal, I tell you, I'm still try and I try and wish is a best conduit for me to be able to use my other, you know, like write best we fall, but I'm saying, yeah, it's it's about deciding what you're willing to put into their version or you're not one way that I found that I can share documents paperless lee again like through an app like asan or through ever know is because they're linked, okay, if I move the document later, so say you're working with a client, right? And you've got your rate card right for work let's just say that's, what you're doing and then you stop working with that client and maybe you're going to change your rates or maybe you're not going to work in that realm anymore that's not the type of client that you want your good there, you're doing it, dealing in a different area from or, you know, maybe you had a disagreement if you if you use something like dropbox or something like, I mean, even google drive any of these again, they're they're encrypted, but I mean, when you don't pay for the service there's, you've got to keep that in mind, but what I'll do is I'll move the link, so I'll actually say, ok, this rate card is now going to go into back into so what I'll do is I'll create a folder in dropbox called rate card, the great cards or whatever and again naming convention so it's I updated like on november it's, this bios are great for me, I've got bio, uh, bio folder and drop box same with photos and headshots right like anything like that that I know I'm gonna commonly have to share with people because a it speeds up the process of me saying signing three head shots for this and this this mike here here's a dropbox link to all of my photos feel free to look at it, right that when I probably won't move but it's a picture of me so whatever but something like a rate card if I'm like okay, here my rates or here's the here's the different projects will work on because I have done some private consults when I'm done with that, you know, when I'm done with that client, I'll move it back into the original master folder of red cards so I'll take it out share the link and then when I'm done, I'll put it back because it breaks the link right? And so then I mean, the worst thing you hear back from clients hey hey, what happened? Your rate card and then if you're not working with them anymore, well, you know I've updated my rage or whatever you can say what you know I mean however you want to deal with that is how you want to deal with that, but that's one way around that is to is to not necessarily share the document directly but to share it indirectly and that and again, when you use pdf ce that's a fantastic way, because first off pds are not generally, unless they have the software to do it. And I mean, there is a lot more software there to do it. Modifiable um and you could water market if you want to spend all that time if you want to do that and there are tools that will help you do it quickly, or but if you's a pdf, they use, move it from so have a master like folder with all your business stuff and then just have, like another game or public one and drop box has a public folder, so you just put things in the public folder rate card, photo shoots, you know that kind of thing, anything you want to use that for, um, and then you can move it back to your originating folder when you're done working with the client, you know, or or you could just delete it, but I mean, I like to keep a copy of it, so I know what? Because I'll maybe use that as an original frame of reference. Go ahead in the, um example you gave about your drop books system when you send a link to people to look at stuff I suppose you're also I'm not letting them down you can you can you can make those yes you make it so it's not downloadable as well I think you could say share like, visible or there's some instances where I believe it is downloadable automatically for a lot of people or but I try to make it so that I try to put some restrictions on it um there are some instances where it's not gonna work right but I mean by giving them a little bit mohr toe you know by having that a little bit up datable information that I could deal with later I can move it back and forth so if they try to access it later and I'm also honestly I'm also pretty uh not many people are organized as some of us out here so I figured that's going to go in their email address and the lose it or whatnot so there is that propensity for that to happen as well so yeah I mean there is that risk is well but again you have to decide once you've got stuff out there in public I mean I don't mean your dear doing my wife does acupuncture there's no way I would ever suggest to her teo put her clients folders and ever now ever see what it's actually like for us it's not so so much of our privacy for that person it might be a disclosure what? Something and that's just it so you have to again it's about what brooks was talking about what you what you want, what is important versus what you know what is worth sharing versus what isn't and these air elements of time management task management productivity's you're gonna have to look at anyway okay, you know this this is a this is a digital file that I don't ever want to share so it's going to stay locally on my mac right or on my windows machine? Oh, this is something that I'm more than willing tohave sink across I'm going to do that because remember when you have it avail widely available like an ever note, I can access it on my phone wherever when you keep it local you know until you hook up another sinking service with it whether that's ever know what icloud whatever good it's you're not going to be well access it right so you have to decide convenience over over over inconvenience I'd ask but instead but again, this is all about that set up right like hey, what am I willing to keep the way it is and maybe a little bit less efficient but still very effective. So now I have to find out what I could make more efficient and not lose any of the effectiveness along the way ever not has any, um security system tau have one folder and it's encrypted so even if thank you. Get your phone stolen, for example, and, uh, someone has access to your ever not, but they cannot see what is inside a specific folder, you know, honestly, I don't know. I don't know if if you khun if there's a certain folders that you could encrypt, um, I know that you could have folders that you don't share, you have local folders on lee, but I'm not sure I know there is some they have some encryption tools, but I don't know how far they reach. I've never really had to go that I haven't to scale that. Fr I guess individual notes I don't know about notebooks, but even encrypt individual no, okay, so if you do that, then again, that becomes a conscious decision every single time you're regretting it now, which, again, you have to decide maybe a little less efficient at first, but more effective down the road. So again, it's all about thes choices that you're making. Yeah, right? And again, we're going to make these choices a lot better is through the awareness of, you know, just having a system in place that your brain can actually have the wherewithal to go well, I should encrypt this, or maybe I shouldn't, or how to really care about encrypting this right? Do you have anything in the chat room? A dollars it's, just a lot of conversation, a lot of conversation, everybody's very excited about all the apse that they need to try. Yeah, some people are mentioning I know we don't want to touch on all of the devices. Everybody has their own products, you've touched on a couple of them, but some that have come up live scribe and lemon people are wondering if you have any input on the lemming. No, I don't know much about loving but live scribe. Uh, I've I've used a live scribe. Ken, have you guys heard, you know, the live scribe is one or another system that I use you? Never I liked the idea say liked I think that in, um I know and I know they've got there's ah ever know has a pen now lives guy think he's the last guy pen for ever now, which which is I find interesting because that is truly marrying the analog and digital tools and that's what last crab was doing? And I think that my biggest, my biggest, a problem with it and I using problem because I can't find a better synonym at this point to use is that the penan was bulky and also when you ran out of paper you're you needed to make sure that you mean if you have a task management system in place that reminds you hey, I'm down to like my last ten sheets of my live scribe binder let's go get it you know now um I just think that that the tool came along a little too late, especially with the advent of, like, ocr technology and mobile devices and the ability to capture really quickly with things like siri and you know things of that nature that I think what happened with live scrap at least in my estimation I'm a pen guy to so you think they would be like, wow blasphemy, but I think that that it was just almost maybe and this might paint my opinion like too little too late I don't know jennifer, you've used it was doesn't feel that way for you, it's like I don't know where this this doesn't solve a problem for me yeah is I don't know like e I was using it for the voice recorder part of court and write down what I was fighting I've never going to go back and listen to a two hour thing again and then the notes get transcribed to somewhere but that's not connected to anything that I'm actually using, so I forget to law again I forget that I even have the pen I drew piano with it you can drop that you could drop a piano with it too if you did that right it's like all right, I'm gonna play chopsticks uh but it's one of those pieces of technology I thought was like, oh, this will be so great but the info is just I think just too little too late and yet not enough not enough connectivity to the other stuff, right? I mean, if you've got one then when we talk about paper maurine deaf like howto maybe move some of that stuff a system you could maybe it'll work and you won't feel that you have to go in and listen to all the notes or, you know, necessarily buy the books because the pen still works it works as a pen it's like that death watch I talked about it still works as a watch it's just not the watch I would wanna wear right s o I think that that that's something to consider let your battery life if I was sitting in a four five hour meeting or just conference and burn out after only a few hours and then what do I do? I try to charge it so I used a new notebook but now the notes you're not sink to that one it becomes it's, another portal and it's a great portal when used just a pen a paper because then it's like okay, I know what to do with this, but once you start adding other elements to it, it was simple it scaled, but it's scaled in a direction that doesn't necessarily work with the other stuff. One thing that you guys don't see me wearing, but I were, uh and I don't normally I don't wear a watch normally, for I'm not a time guy, but but I've been testing one of those galaxy gear watches, and I know when we talked about voice recorders and david allen and getting things done obviously said you have a voice recorder, so one other way that I've been using it a sort of a paperless work flow excuse me is I've been, you know, using the digital recorder, I used it on the way down when I had a tip that I was going to leave and, you know, like left such and such tip and I talked about this a little bit before, but voice recorder, siri, things like that, those air ways that you can kind of skipped that analog nature of the tool in terms of paper and move into the digital round ever note has voice recognition, not voice recognition, but it has audio notes, so does omni focus actually on you can actually marry those up quite so let's not forget the use of audio when I'm rehearsing my ted talk that I'm doing a couple of weeks it's a three minute ted talk three minutes so I have to like it's it's basically like a sketch I wish I was familiar with I did some of those hopefully this one will end more than some of the ones they did in the past but we'll see so actually actually have my bullet points of my talk like the notes I want to get across well in on my iphone as an audio note so I have that audible recognition so I can hear how I want to deliver it um I was saying say to chris that during the break and I was I was talking to some other people that this too is I use every note for my beer cellar and I have tasting notes I used the audio component of ever know for tasting notes and the great thing about ever know too in that regard this is why you want to get some stuff into digital is that with a beer cellar there's different types of beers down there just like a wine cellar just like whatever so I can if I want to go down say you know I feel like having a step right now and I go into every known type and stout as my as my filter is my tag and it shows me all the staffs and like oh, this one and I look and of course I've inventoried oh, I don't have any left but below it has related notes like oh, these the other three stouts I have downstairs so I'll have this one instead so it makes that process a lot a lot less friction oriented right? And then the tasting notes are great because when you're selling something I don't know how many you guys have you guys ever tried to sell her like cellar wine or anything like it tastes beer same thing taste taste different uh well for me the beer definitely tasted like, uh there's one that when you cellar it and try six months later sometimes a taste better sometimes taste worse so I have tasting notes to compare so there's those things that rather unconventionally uses that you can make work and that I mean yeah, I could have written those notes down but teo here it was kind of like a podcast, you know, it's like now it's time for bharti's view on this stout and sixty seconds of what I think of it, right? So I mean there's lots of ways that you the analog round doesn't always mean paper it could mean vocal it's because you know all that stuff it's so you can marry these things up a cz well, do we have anything else before we get ready to go for break you know what? There was one um a couple comments that came up on one topic, which is photo management you know, we have a lot of photographers that follow along with our courses and they're saying that that just kind of eats them alive the managing the photos and some way to put them into an organized system would be great. Okay, now I don't know I mean ever no, it is not going to be something I would use that for it all um aperture for the mac has some itt's got some interesting tools that you can use to kind of those filters there and on talking camera filters and talking search filters I photo is for anyone who's a professional photographer no one's going to use that for that purpose light room is the other option for adobe, but the thing is again we're talking context in the next segment and tagging because you can tag and those and that's what you like you need and I think it correct me if I'm wrong because I'm going to lean on you for this one is that it will those both those aps aperture and and labor can indicate what camera they came from and that kind of resolution you know, whether it's raw or not so you can filter that way you can see kind of like ok, which which shoots did I take on this through this period of time and blah blah blah blah and you can create folders to can't get within it so it's like a task management system or an ideation organization for those folders alone so you could take the principles that I've talked about with ever know and with the task manager's that we're going to touch on his walls context and apply them into that because they're transferrable and I think that would that make that something that you probably were looking to do is well right but what they might be asking could bea you know how to organize the forest in the output for example I should draw when I delivered it to my client sits in j pick former right and I don't bring it back into my life from so there is another full organization system where the orginal photos are outputs are if I'm doing any slight shows they're in there so this is where he's looking coming to play right yes if you're using a mac he's looking you can say hey, I'm exports when you actually have a rule anything that's in my pictures folder that is a jpeg that's x amount of size and that I've named with the need is it's got this client name in front of it where is this naming convention put it in this folder so that speeds up that process so that be something you'd want to use as well it's like oh because then you've got everything in those little folders and yeah, with with any kind of operating system windows, mac, you're not gonna want to have those inside anything like ever note or anything like that when your export and you want to have them, you know, in a folder that's easily accessible that when you click on it, it opens up in the rat application, so but you can take those principles that I talked about bring them into this into this element, yes. And are you going to talk about hazel later on and naming conventions? Because I have a couple questions on the way we'll be coming back to well and during and at the end of it, the each session. All right, the end of the set, the day I'll be able to take more questions related some of the stuff we talked about, and I'm betting there's still some stuff from yester like, you know, I'm still that crucial. Could you go over that like, there's? Gonna be some stuff that comes back? Is it's still a lot of information coming your way? And the next two segments are going have you know we're not done yet.

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Mike's class was chock full of useful information on streamlining a to do list, digitally and by hand. His process seems pretty robust, and extremely well thought out, to provide maximum efficiency and success with the least amount of effort. Granted there is a learning curve, and one must practice to become proficient and use it effectively, but if you are willing to put in the effort there is a major positive impact on productivity. He goes through his favorite apps (he apparently consults with app developers) and why, which was exactly what I needed at the time. Some of his 2nd choice apps may now surpass the others, but he explains clears how to pick the best app for you. I'm a small business owner and I found the class to be quite helpful. Thanks Mike.

Pavel Voronenko

Very interesting class! I would recommend recording it as it based on apps' solutions and since 2013/2014 there are a lot of changes. Al least maybe some wrap-up session. Well done, Mike Vardy and Creative Live team! Jan. 04, 2021


Just finished Mike's course and it was exactly what I wanted and hoped it would be. Nuts and bolts, real life ideas and hands on ways to implement what he shared. If I dedicated the time spent on researching an organizational system on just USING the system, I would be a shining beacon of efficiency. Mike's class and materials helped me let go of the need aka obsession with looking for the Holy Grail of systems and just pick a combo and do it. Thanks, Mike, I'll let you know when I AM that shining beacon of effortless organization...or at least when I quit writing notes on my hand! Great course!

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