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The Idea Criteria with Q&A

Lesson 18 from: Time Management 101

Mike Vardy

The Idea Criteria with Q&A

Lesson 18 from: Time Management 101

Mike Vardy

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Lesson Info

18. The Idea Criteria with Q&A

Lesson Info

The Idea Criteria with Q&A

One thing that I want to talk about about making ideas happen that I used is called the idea criteria so whenever I have an idea one of the things that I will do right off the bat is as I try to figure out if it's something I should pursue period right because I have a lot of ideas that come my way and I only have a limited amount of time and have other tasks that have a lot of value that I want to make sure I gave the right amount of quality and the right amount of attention to so when I say the idea cried here one of the things that that the the key here is idea so I take the first letter of every like the the first all the letters of idea comprise up this idea criteria I'm big on acronyms todd henry is also big on acronyms actually so it kind of works out well so first off the I stands for when I'm looking at this ideals that I have must be upheld in pursuing it so if I have this idea and it's something that I you know really believe in then like and it matches up with my values and...

my mission statement and no it's not going it's not going to contradict that then it's already made to pass that first stage uh one example all use is again when I'm when I'm pricing out some of my workbooks and stuff online um I like to use the five dollar price point I just like to use that now why? Because I want to reach as many people as possible and that kind of price point to me is really accessible right? Um I wanna help people that's why I'm you know I'm not doing it to make it like I mean if I happened to generate a good deal of revenue and we'll talk about that a little bit great but that's that's an ideal that I have uh I also for example, sponsored posts on the block there's nothing wrong with that for a lot of other people but for me that's something that I don't want to do that's an ideal that I have that's of value that I'm like you know what? I want to use a product so every product I've talked about later on today there's actual going to be a list like an introductory list on my site of like some of the staff we've talked about because I know we've talked about a lot of them so we'll talk about that after the lunch break you'll be able to kind of see okay here's some of that stuff um I've used them uh I'll talk about them and if I like him I'll say I liked them but you won't catch me doing that you want and that's just that's that's just me right? So you're gonna have your own ideals right? Like I wanna hang out with friends friends are valued me oh, I have to do this idea it's going to take me away from my friends for an extended period time I'm not going to do it right or here's one uh video you don't video it all right, do you? Okay, great. All right, so let's say you don't let's just say you don't um I have this great idea for video wait I don't do video it's not ideal so I want to get better of photography video is not really what I want to do right now so it's not I'm not gonna do it right now. Now I'm not saying you're going to dismiss the idea is altogether in some of these cases because your your ideals can change right? You know things can change so but it definitely puts it into more that someday maybe situation we talked about one of that that kind of area which is actually technically it could be a context if you want to use it as a context or it could just be a folder or a notebook that you got never note saying hey here's, an incubator in the action method the what ninety nine you uses and scott be hands he calls a back burner stuff right so you could have a notebook and everyone called back burner and that's where that stuff could go right or even even better a notebook stack called back burner and then the different ideas air their own notebooks and then inside those notebooks of the notes right? And of course you've got tags which are contacts and you can assign the tags to it and then that way when you're reviewing stuff during your weekly review process if all of a sudden you're like better photographer or lor educate myself and you've got that tag educate and all of a sudden you see one of those backburner president oh that you know what that makes sense now ok it does qualify for the eye because now I've moved into a different space or something like that okay, so that's what the I stands for the d stands for does not interfere with anything else is going on in fact it's ideal if it complements it so ah ah great example would be hey mike, we'd like you to come on and do a podcast on saturday at nine thirty in the morning uh we think it's great going to be great exposure it actually is going to kind of your fear with what I'm doing right now so that's an idea I'm going to have to put aside right uh or if I've had something else going on over the course of the past three days because on my calendar I've got that blocked out for creative live that to me that's still interferes it's going to take my mind out of what I'm supposed to be doing here so I'm sorry that idea is gonna have to put aside later or gotten rid of all together we'll either have to do it defer it deleted or maybe say hey you know what I know you want to talk to me about paper list stuff I could help you with that but I'm really busy so here here's brooks duncan's an expert in this field so boom so I can defer it too but if it does not if the idea doesn't interfere with what's going on so video right you doo doo video okay it's an ideal that I have held that that that I'm strongly identified with it doesn't interfere do have another project going on right now this video I do it's a big video project sorry I'm gonna have to not do this other video project right now it's not that I wouldn't do it it's just it's I can't give it the full attention that it deserves or it's going to really I'm going to hyper scheduling myself if I end up doing it is this making sense? Is this is this resonating? Yeah okay oh no go ahead I was going to say this is a really big challenge for me anything it's why I often bill overwhelmed or like stretched too thin right because I wanted teo everything and this is kind of like this becomes a gut check really is this what the more I use this this this uh this kind of acronym this this this method this approach it becomes a ingrained right again it becomes a mind or anything where I'm like hey alright I d oh no he doesn't know because he's excitement excitement about the idea must be lasting right so if you're not excited about it over a long period of time or that you don't feel you're going to be excited over the longer period of time then it's maybe not an idea that you're gonna want to pursue right so that screenplay right I started writing it really so I want to be a screenwriter absolutely I want to do that d oh yeah I mean I'm not ready another screenplays right now not doing nano raimo or any of this other stuff right now I'm not writing a book this is sure it doesn't interfere in fact it complements what I really want ultimately be doing you know what though that dane cook just had a costco when we come out on and it wasn't really like it all that much and my excitement isn't really and you know what after the reviews and got maybe the audience excitement it's going to be that lasting either you know what now I'm not gonna I'm not gonna move ahead with us or ah hold off because maybe the negative reviews and that movie will eventually go away and then I can bring it back in a whole new light right? So excitement and and you're and jennifer you're saying you know like overwhelming stuff like that this khun re this one for me is one where I go no you know what it's like that that derek cyber thing we're like he doesn't say yes two things if he doesn't say hell yes then he doesn't do it right like that's where he's at and I don't think that he got there by saying yes to a whole bunch of things uh all the time I think he got there by saying yes to a bunch of things for a while and then realised I can't do all these things very well so then he eventually just decided ok, I'll get it I'll do these yeses and then from now on the yes now has a lot more value and the nose also by default have a lot more value because you're saying I'm saying no because this thing over here like like I like I said on day one my friend my friend patrick grown saying no is saying yes to other things, right? Right? You say something and I I related this last thing that you said because I'm more interested in photography than video about videos what? Pays the bills for me so when when the projects come along I say yes for now and it's basically because of my self doubt that maybe I'm not as good on video but I want to take the challenge so that I can it also gives me some opportunities to the photography so it's an indirect way toto photography it's scary too because I mean believe it or not there's there's fun writing that I don't want to write still to pay the bills I've got a family right I've got it in you know a young daughter young son there are things that I am doing that don't always hold up to the eye of this but any do interfere a little bit but I have to decide you know again I have that awareness to go okay well yes but I can mitigate that of it so it's not that strong of a d the you're right it's not exciting but you know what it's got the a covered it's able to generate director passive income so whatever value you're assigning those things at this point if the eye is not that strong right if it's it's like you know it's not ideal but because I'm ghostwriting it it's not really impacting me all that much the d it does interfere a bit but because I've done it so often it's not really taking up a lot of my band with so I'll give the dea passed e I'm not excited about it but a bit brings in this income but that also helps you decide how long you want to keep going with that idea like I know that after this weekend and after you know the next couple of weeks when I'm doing other stuff I'm going to be able to take a look at that idea which is actually a project at this point and go you know what I start to whittle things out of there and eventually go you know what I'm done with this project it also gives you the wherewithal that he's out of it like remember when I said when I quit costco I didn't quit outright I like actually stunned step down into a part time roll kept that ability to earn direct income my excitement still wasn't that great but it wasn't as low as it was because I was actually in more control of my situation the d it didn't interfere because now it was working less hours right so I was able to pursue the other stuff and the eye well the I in that case was I need to feed my family I need to feel good father I need to show that yes I ca n't take risks but I could take calculated risks right? So with your situation with video and photo maybe do one video project or maybe do less take take do one less say no to one and watch how you feel like it was no one I said no it's actually wasn't that bad and then with that no turn it into the yes of okay now I need to really foster this one like the photo stuff a bit more because you're right it's scary this green lantern ring that I wear reminds me of every single time that I say that I go against fear because as comic book nerds know um you know, fear is the enemy of will in the green lantern comics and this is like my reminder like okay, I could be I could beat back fear as long as I have the will to do the thing that will keep that fear at bay, right? You know that's why I use green for tasks that I really want to afford on and yellow for the ones and michael if I don't do this then you know, so again visual representation, right? So whatever is going to work for you and maybe that's the saying you know, maybe maybe they're just putting down idea and putting like the acronym down or something like that do you have it memorized or do you have in your head or that vision statement front of you or the crucial cuba? Whatever we'll get you to go, you know what? No, I don't need to do that video project I don't need to earn that x amount of dollars because I can I'm going to try toe earn a little bit in this other area because that's what happened with me? I've heard a little bit in this one area and it still learned quite a bit in the area I didn't I never sue right? And then as I said no to more of this stuff and turn down some more this this started to go up and all set on this scale started to tip no and I don't like balancing right I'm not a fan of bouncing so I want to get this out of here I want to go into I want to go into fourth gear and get out of third or first or second year, right? You say something I say if there's something that you have to do but it isn't all that exciting, you can try to add elements to make it more exciting absolutely for example with photography or if you're I really don't like video so much maybe you could see how it is like photography or do some still spit me in the video yeah or you had elements of course for you khun remove things to make it exciting right like it's not all about edition sometimes about you know what I'm only going to do? You know I'm not goingto I'm going to create a template that I use and I'm going to make that more automated so that way I'm not spending as much of my mental energy on it and I've got this automation happening so yeah, it becomes a template id thing or a little bit more template id like those emails that I send that ares text expander snippets there still people are still getting e mails I'm not excited about sending those emails all the time especially when I have like some issues going on the sales side but everyone's getting a measured response is that you know is personalized to them you know, I've had a couple of blank spaces that tells me what but it allows me to move forward and do the ideas that I really want a forward go ahead sound like I don't like video too much it's just I'm not sure but it's kind of binds washington I don't know I I did exactly what you said my old job made another offer to go back to the company but instead I chose to be here using that video project so I ended up having something motivating me coming to san francisco how do you feel about that just great yeah you're not even thinking until I started talking about things like that now you're like, I'm thinking about that thing but you're not thinking about it like a regretful way right? Whereas in a lot of cases yeah if you if you and having this in your in your back pocket again it's just a simple triggers right? And by the way the context is again back to context which have talked about adding context to the can add excitement too so we talked about like housekeeping as a context or chores housekeeping you might like doing jennifer you like doing some house cleaning stuff, right? You said sometimes sometimes but if you change the chores chores uh chores no one really likes to do chores kids don't like to do chores I mean we don't get allowance anymore doing I don't get allowance actually I d'oh who am I kidding? I'm married I get it aloud but you know what I mean? Like adding the negative and we talked about this a bit before the show actually before we went on before went on is like sometimes adding a negative to that like saying, you know what? Resistance like you said resistance or something like that as as ah can can make excitement happened on the other side of the equation. So you know what? I'm mork I'm excited about pursuing this idea on this other thing kind of adds a little bit of a different element to it so it pushes me it reminds me that this gives me a touchstone reminds me of this idea is here for now it's something that I have to do but you know what? I'm evaluating it consistently just by running the idea criteria through my head on a regular basis do we have anything in the chat room talking about what the challenge is? Where with idea management things like that? Carla kano says I have a hard time making myself accountable nothing seems toe work my friends or more of the come hang with me than do that later variety which makes it difficult but I really need to find a system that works for me. Okay um so we talked about contexts yesterday and there's a real power to those and I know that again some of that stuff is is there's a bit higher level stuff, but when you start teo value like going to hang with your friends right there's a certain level that you're gonna wanna you know, there's a certain context you're going to sign to that social right? If you're assigning a context or some kind of endow it with with the term social that's still appealing right that's still appealing but when you look at your task task management application, not even if you can't use paper for it you see a lot of s is for social and then you see very few w's for work or or e for education or I for idea if you want to just go is as vegas I for idea or v for video or pete you know if you see a lot more ass is then you're going to be no one I have a lot of passes let's try toe let's let's let's get let's get a p out of the way first let's get you know and I out of the way let's get one of these things out of the way so even something like that again triggers and contexts or tags depending on what you're using, they are essentially the same thing uh provide you with that that value that triggered that thing that can inform you right? Because again, if you just write down an idea task project whatever and you don't have something that's gonna inform you not just now, but later then you could say, you know what? This really I want to really move forward with this or you know what I don't or you know what? I don't hang out with my friends enough what's in my social oh, social counter you know, jennifer and I hadn't hung out a long time I'm going to go hang out with jennifer yeah there's five other things in the social category but jennifer and I are gonna hang out tonight, you know, that also helps you have better connections with people there's a guy that I haven't hung out with in a long time um and I'm like I need to hang out with him so I make sure that I add value to that so that when I go to look say hey what you know I've got some free time let's look into social think oh, I'm gonna go do that and that becomes an idea into itself, right? Okay, I want to foster that relationship you know I have a coffee, a standing coffee with a gentleman buddy of mine that I met through a podcast that you did and we have coffee every thursday from ten to eleven it's a standing appointment and it's one of those things that I need to dio because we're first off we're both writers writers need to get out of their own element now their own heads everyone still while so we said we would but we don't we don't shoot ideas back and forth that are necessarily related to our our work sometimes I talk about we talk about her hobbies football you know those kind of things but it gives me that break and that's important titi I had value to that that's if I don't do that, then I'm not going to be able to move forward with some of the other stuff and you never know in those situations you often can have an idea that may come to you or a nugget you can add to a current idea so again uh contexts and adding that value with that will help you move those things forward because on also using something like this this is a system it's a system it's a quick like it's a gut check takes a while to get your head around but I mean that's why the aye aye is income it's like I want to get to the a I need to get to the a that kind of thinking that kind of this system along with still adding those value elements with contexts where tags go ahead can they include like education which may not directly lead tio money right away but in making you better at what you do is passive but this morning and it can has its able to generate right you khun define again it's objective, right? You know, I remember you've got the other three elements to consider right? If the others are strong and this one's like you know what it will, I will be able to make more I'm not making as much money on video right now are our photo I'm making more money on video I really want to focus on video are on photo rather um it will generate me some direct income maybe not as much of the video but it's able to do that so what's to say it's not going to be able to do more uh how I generate revenue and a lot of cases is while I said I don't do sponsored post if you go to my website you'll see stuff in the sidebar I make no I make no bones about that I put affiliate links and stuff in there but again the values stuff have tried stuff I know that I like that all use or have used you know and sure enough I generate passive income in that regard right? So if I want to write a piece about like I mean ever know it would be an example where there's a gentleman a buddy of mine the guy who mentioned a few occasions the future don't you think brett kelly's written a great book called evernote essentials and it's like basically to me the unofficial guide to ever note right it's in my side bar every time someone buys a book from my sight I get a little bit of money I make no bones about saying that I make no bones about I don't hide that all uh but I wouldn't endorse it if I didn't believe that it did it I doesn't interfere with anything I'm doing it's actually related it's complimentary right? We have talked about ever know a whole bunch of times e I'm excited about it because he keeps updating it I don't know about you guys but for an actively developed web application that can constantly be changing that's pretty exciting and also I like using ever note so I'm excited about learning has he's taught me a lot about every now and then a isn't able to gent generate director passive income yep so what what's not to like what's not to like about that idea now I'm going to turn into a project what do I need to do all we need to get a link oh, I need to put I need to create a badge, okay? Dun dun dun dun dun it's up and all of a sudden the idea has become a project in all of a sudden it's moving forward and because it's directly related to the other stuff I'm doing all of a sudden I'm not wearing a little bit more money, which means that there's some stuff that maybe I don't have to do any more like that ghost writing that maybe I don't want to dio so all these ideas when you turn they can actually have a domino effect right and having something like this in your back pocket or in like I said, I think a day one the productivity's geometry set right like this time management geometry set words like how do I owe the idea correct here I'll just think about you know I'd e okay yes yes no no all right, yeah good way to decide whether to decide that this this is like a priority check before you're the boar you even decide if it's really going to be a priority you're gonna wanna move forward with right so working out right I mean working out I'm probably not going to direct generate director passive income unless I start writing about being productive with your work as maybe that's how maybe somebody writes a productivity work up I don't know but that to me is low element for me but if I flick back right ideals must be upheld in pursuing it yeah I want to live a long time and be around for my kids and my grandkids you know d well I could try to to rationalize that it does interfere well I have a lot going on but you know what it gives me the energy that I'm going to need to have it it doesn't interfere I kind of wish it did sometimes but it doesn't excitement I'm not really excited about it over the right away but you know when you start working out the endorphins start that you mean you get excited about it you start to see results you know so you start to think a little bit further down the road right yeah I mean I'm sure when you first started doing work you're like nah now like when you put it through this would you would you have probably given it like two of the four actually he's trying the gym but then I realized that they had classes and I found it so fine I went to a body pump and body come back last year it was it was an adrenaline rush was high yeah yeah so I mean and you'll find a way to if if if if the excitement isn't lasting and yet the other idea together parts of the idea criteria are then maybe you'll find a way to make that excitement last through something like oh classes or you're going to educate yourself you know maybe you'll say hey, you know I won't expand my my my field of vision a little bit more I'm gonna learn a bit more about how uh you know photography can play a rule and you know whatever speaking I'm going to learn more about video elements because you know what video is the new photography or what I don't know and I'm spitballing here because I'm certainly not an expert in that field but you know what I mean like you'll be able to kind of look at this and be more where because these air again triggers right right? You have tips on continue maintaining like the excitement I find that I take on projects that I'm initially really excited about and then over time at some point I kind of get bored or it's called the weekly review no I mean journaling is want like seriously when you start to they capture those thoughts right regulates when a journal I mean yeah, if e mean today's a journal entry first thing the morning was today is the grand finale of micro and I use those words specifically because it's like uh and I am excited about it, but it just added that much more right? Like, you know, conducting a symphony or something like that, right? So I mean, I'm able to end out with that kind of stuff, but if I wasn't, I'd be like, you know, what? This's been a tough haul? I don't know if I you know, I don't know if I could do this again then all the sudden, I'm informing myself later on, right when I'm reviewing it when doing we could be like, oh, you know it, that stuff sticks because that's the brain doing that kind of thinking, not the what do I have to remember? What are the things I have to remember? It becomes the what are the how did I feel about that? You know, because there's mean computers could do the remote like that's, the the digital world does really well, the technical stuff it once you have the human component to it that's when the magic really starts to happen so I would do like a like a look back at your notebooks like today is saturday so tomorrow sunday is when you know either pick a sunday or front end of week you could even do it sarah like do that weekly re we talked about you know, the first day the thing that david allen's professed time and time again right? Do that process your evernote inbox let's just start there to zero like get it everything where it needs to go then look at all your notebooks and go you know what? That idea or I'm still doing that idea, but you know what? I'm goingto I'm going to start to feel to that ramp that one down and wrap this one up, you know? And then you'll find when you start to do that regularly you'll find a way to ramp that down it won't happen, so I'm not going to say you're going to cut it off at the knees sometimes you can like when I quit costco, I didn't just go on out cia I quit, you know, otherwise my wife wouldn't be with me here in san francisco, let alone anywhere but, you know, I made I slowly ramped down, right and the same thing with this ghost writing thing it's not like I've like gonna go done I've slowly managed that down while I've ran the other ideas up because when you do that, then that excitement for the other ideas actually kind of overwhelmed the one that you're not excited about does that make sense so let the ideas overwhelm each other as opposed to let that letting them overwhelm you and those projects overwhelmed you know like that them take precedence that's the prioritization stuff right because what you're doing is you're really prioritising at that point does that make sense? I think it makes sense it involved once you do that once you process that once you start doing that weekly review and I mean you've done a week of review and I see I was gonna ask you can you talk a little bit more about all the things that you go to in a week in review so the weekly review when I go through it what I'll do eyes I will go into all of the in boxes that I have so that means paper and we're gonna talk about how I use paper in that regard a little bit later on the focus and asana all the in boxes that air there so I'm the focus has won in box right and asana depending on how many workspaces had because there's an inbox per work space in the sauna right because I have multiple clients or multiple teams so each of those teams will have their own inbox well and I will assign them I'll give them if I haven't assigned them a context or a tag I will and if I haven't put them in a project if they apply to a project it's not everything's a project right like doing laundry? I don't really necessarily consider a project, but if I haven't done it I'm like okay, well that's miscellaneous like you could do that if you want that's how I do it but I process all those in boxes bucks or not yes email inbox as well, so I'll go through all my all my individual e mail boxes that'll process right and like already today I could tell you my personal inbox has forty five emails in it I haven't checked it in three days I haven't needed to because anyone who wants to reach me that's personal if they really needed to reach me and actually someone reached out to my wife uh that was a personal personal thing, but she reached that she phoned like the phone worked. It was weird right? The personal email person had or they've gm to me I've got a few doms, so I've dealt with those like direct messages on twitter or or even text messages I had some text messages that happened as well I deal with those and I've only had about ten of those right so I'll process all of my inbox is right and put them where they need to go the lead to be a task still will go to my task manager if they need to be dealt with later or if I could do them now I will do them at that time so the weekly re process can actually take initially like a couple hours I'm not going I'm not gonna lie is going to take it and that's david alice very frank about that too is like your first weekly review will take some time so set aside some time that's why I say schedule your weekly like that's one where you say, hey, I'm going to do it from one to three on friday or from five to seven on friday or whatever time you want to sign it that goes in the calendar right? That's in my calendar is the on ly task that regularly appear has appeared in my counter over the past several years, right? So then I'll process those and then I will review all of my projects or context but generally projects I'll go through my projects and I'll say, hey, what have I missed in here? What no longer applies in here? What did what do I mean, what could I move forward right now? If I decide to I generally don't move things forward that aaron, my task manager at that time or ever know I just try to get through it and figure out okay, what did I miss? What did I miss because there I miss stuff we all will write so look through it and also make note you know like that so I do have paper out of that point like, oh, that that that idea that I want to really foster it's now its time has come you know that kind of thing so that's where I have that's where I let my brain like kind of look at the data right in all the in boxes and then I process that and then I let my brain to the other work which is thie decision making stuff and because I have contexts and tags and notebook's I've got a lot of information to work with, right? So it's no longer garbage in garbage out it's literally like information process it and then and then you know, allocated to where it needs to be allocated and then decide ok, just make a decision with it does that sound like cause you do you do a weekly review as well, right? A little bit, not as structured so basically I'm hearing in boxes protect and journals yeah, the journals the journals will inform like I'll have actually have day one open when I'm doing my weekly review as well, so I actually have the day one application that I've talked about I have that open because I will look back at those days and go oh yeah why did I do that? Or I did that that's, right? I just and sometimes you won't check things off, right? So I mean, I have that open to kind of inform me as I go through the process. So if you're using a paper journal, you wanna have that at the ready as well? You have to have day one open. I just like to have it open. So it seems like once you have this system working fine, it makes all sense to me. Yes. At the beginning, when you know you need this learning curve on dh investing more time in everything, learning how they're functioning and taking less and less time. What suggestions do you have for us? Tow? We'll hold off to segment three on that one because that's the setting of the system stuff, right? So that that because there's absolutely tons of tactics that you can use there, I want it. I want to move forward with the idea stuff, though, because there are some tools there that can help you move forward. But those things right that's it there's a bit of an approach there. Do we have anything in the chat room that we want to jump into real quick? Well, this question maybe leading into what you just said you may get into some of the more specific aps and management but karl p wanted to know I know earlier you mentioned be hands karl wants to know does mike use b hance is action method for idea management I have used it I don't use it as regularly as I used to if anything I use their their notebooks which I'm going to get I use their paper tools um I know julian smith uses thie action method quite quite religiously um and he mean he loves the back burner thing is good for that like I mean just because it no longer becomes this ethereal someday maybe thing it back burner says it's on the stove I'm going to do it like at some point it's going to come up um I'm going to take it off the stove all together someday maybe is very like you can leave things in there for you have a someday maybe less right? Tio how many things have been in there? Probably forever, right? Yeah I've been going through and trying to divide it, you know? Yeah, so you're going through it now and that's what you'll also review during your weekly review, by the way, so you review that because that's that's an element that you review as well as the someday maybe so you can you can review and that's the thing is I reviewed by projects and notebooks because that's how my contacts are so small that I know if I reviewed by context it would be a huge long list to review it seems more daunting right? Because I've got through let's say I've got three hundred high energy tasks that air that aaron my task manager right but if I look but I only have you know if I have projects that go by projects I'm seeing smaller smaller smaller stuff you know? So there's only like five or six tasks for project but if I look by context I'm seeing hundreds of tasks right and they're not necessarily related all related to the same project so that's why I go by project or notebook I don't do a weekly review by context or by tag because if I do that that I'm seeing a lot more and it's harder to process does that make you guys understand what I'm getting at there? I'm seeing a bit of blank stares now good good got it got it got it okay quick question like is there a wanted to using day one for journaling as opposed to just doing it in ever not I like using day one for journaling because everyone already has a lot of stuff in it ever notice my ideas where capture my information day one to me that's all it's that one thing well app kind of stuff plus you could throw pictures in there and I've actually got brett terps rough who's a really amazing mack nerd on dh he'd be fine with me saying nerd he's done it he's done he's created a apps scripts that allow you to actually take all of your tweets and put them into day one and any of the stuff that you've maybe said that you're gonna mark to read later and they want like he's got these real it's called slager s l o g e r it takes a bit of financial ing to get it tio go into day one but I like it because it tells me you know okay here's what you said you would read later and so it actually informed my forms my you know, journal entries to a certain extent that day as well, but I like I like certain naps for one thing well, I'm going to talk a bit more about that in the setting of your system we're sticking with your system rather, but but I like that for that forever note to me is more for information that is either coming from other sources or stuff that's related to things that that I'm going to be putting out there the journalist for me like that that's for me right? Or maybe my my you know generations to come after me that are related in some form or another makes that like not just have a new application I just started doing it and never know maybe one day I'll move to it's separate yeah yeah it's just again it's a mindset thing to write like knowing that it goes into day one puts me in a different mindset like oh it's time to journal when it whereas if I open up every note there's a ton of their stuff in there right it's like, oh oh, that thing because remember when you open up every now and it shows you that shows in my inbox right, so if it shows me am box, then what am I gonna want to dio process it, right? I'm gonna wanna look at it go that things should go here that things should go here that things would go here yes you ever not also for bookmarking or is there some gonna ask you's like delicious? Or I don't really know when it comes to bookmarking I will web clip with every note so for research and stuff, but that's for particular articles in terms of bookmarking I actually don't do a lot of it anymore. Um I'll just use the generic bookmarking system that's built into the browser I have use pin board but it's again and when I talk about the absolute later there's, a lot of them on dh pin board is one that I've used and I just stopped using it and it's and I paid for it it's not because I I don't like it is because I have to decide where where it stops where do I stop that flood right and maybe for you after the flood you like no I'll just use every note for general marks are awesome so far these but yeah I mean again it has a lot of stuff built into that right and I know it's there so that's what I use I mean delicious delicious I did use for a while as well for sharing delicious is good for sharing but I mean I don't really need teo for me that's not of value importance to me so I'd rather focus on the things that are right so for if I'm clipping on article that I'm reading an article oh, you know this is directly related to something I want to do all clip it using the evident web clipper or if it's something I want to act upon khuzami focus has a web clipper as well as a few others that allowed me to put it right into my task manager that could do that as well. So that's where if anything if I'm bookmarking anything it's more like I'm pulling it and putting it into the application that I needed to be in but no not really so sorry or maybe you're welcome I don't know maybe you won't use a bookmarking service anymore I don't use one right? I've always been told use it well and, yeah, you're going to hear that. I mean, you're going to hear that you heard it from me or I use this use that mean, eventually gonna have to set aside work, you know, pull the plug and say, you know what? No, I've got enough things to remember. Thank you very much, you know, like that that's. Why, I say less contexts, more folders, right folders or disposable notebooks or disposable, right. When you're done with them, you're done. But the contacts there's something, you're gonna hold on to it. There is something that you value, you value them higher than the project's. Yes, you want to foster those notebooks, you want to keep going, those kind of things, you know, that kind of stuff it's important at that time and maybe later to refer to. But those contacts are universally gonna be across the board. Those tags, they're the things that you're going to want to have more memory for.

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Mike's class was chock full of useful information on streamlining a to do list, digitally and by hand. His process seems pretty robust, and extremely well thought out, to provide maximum efficiency and success with the least amount of effort. Granted there is a learning curve, and one must practice to become proficient and use it effectively, but if you are willing to put in the effort there is a major positive impact on productivity. He goes through his favorite apps (he apparently consults with app developers) and why, which was exactly what I needed at the time. Some of his 2nd choice apps may now surpass the others, but he explains clears how to pick the best app for you. I'm a small business owner and I found the class to be quite helpful. Thanks Mike.

Pavel Voronenko

Very interesting class! I would recommend recording it as it based on apps' solutions and since 2013/2014 there are a lot of changes. Al least maybe some wrap-up session. Well done, Mike Vardy and Creative Live team! Jan. 04, 2021


Just finished Mike's course and it was exactly what I wanted and hoped it would be. Nuts and bolts, real life ideas and hands on ways to implement what he shared. If I dedicated the time spent on researching an organizational system on just USING the system, I would be a shining beacon of efficiency. Mike's class and materials helped me let go of the need aka obsession with looking for the Holy Grail of systems and just pick a combo and do it. Thanks, Mike, I'll let you know when I AM that shining beacon of effortless organization...or at least when I quit writing notes on my hand! Great course!

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