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Time Management Struggles

Lesson 9 from: Time Management 101

Mike Vardy

Time Management Struggles

Lesson 9 from: Time Management 101

Mike Vardy

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Lesson Info

9. Time Management Struggles

Lesson Info

Time Management Struggles

Going everybody how we feeling today you're like I'm already tired marty um so again thanks for coming back and for those of you joining us for the for the first of the rest of this course here's here's what we're going to cover today basically we've got we're gonna talk about building a workflow so we're gonna have books duncan from document snap later on in the second segment he's going to talk about how you could go paperless after all the paper talk yesterday of course he's gonna say no so we'll figure out what exactly is going to mean we're going to talk about the power of context which I touched on yesterday were going a little bit deeper into that which which I think is going to be great and we're gonna get maybe figure out for the people that are here what adds meaning to you when it comes to your tasks and your time and then we're going to get to the big one to close out today email management because that's a big one for a lot of people tends to be the place where we where we...

get stuck eso we're going to go over that uh in fairly decent detail and I may offer some rather unconventional approaches to email that that could spar some very interesting discussion both here in the studio probably in the chat room as well maybe even amongst the host no no but like yesterday introduced myself you know what I do and evelyn did a great job again of tryingto condense all the stuff that I that I do with my work but I want to talk a little bit more about how I how I got here I think this morning I wantto open up things to be more of a discussion maybe a decompression after yesterday was a lot of information that was sent out there and, uh I think that there's some questions that are either unanswered or their left like those open loops maybe we didn't close a couple loops as caspar david allen yesterday so I want to try toe close some of those and I think one of the things I want to discuss off the top is kind of how I got here and maybe not necessarily creative life stage but at this point in my in my journey my my career so as I mentioned you know, I I uh studied productivity when I worked for costco um and uh as I as I was working at costco I was also trying to develop a comedy career you know, doing improv and sketch and and so on and that's when I started to discover the elements of productivity and I started to study people like david allen, stephen covey you know things like that dwight eisenhower the eisenhower matrix with who went into yesterday as well uh and I found that I was getting really good at being being productive in terms of learning more about productivity, but it wasn't actually getting any more productive wasn't actually applying those as well as I would like to both my costco work and my comedy work, and I came to a point where I I had to make a choice I had to decide what I was going to pursue because we talked about a little bit about balance and there's a bit of futility behind the idea of balancing and I couldn't balance is very tough at a family at home, the young girl that that this time she would have been about to, um, if that, uh and, you know, I was working ah la ah, la towers in a management position uh and I was trying to develop this comedy thing which I really enjoy doing really like getting in front of people and making them laugh and, you know, trying to engage with people and so I as this was going on, I started to write that that parody productivity parody site take kind of taken stephen colbert's take on politics and applying it to the productivity elements it was working really well for me and that's when I interviewed a gentleman by the name of jonathan colton have anyone out here recognised jennifer, you recognize that name now how do you recognize his name? Because it's it's not super mainstream a lot of people a lot of the nerds know who he is but so first off I'm not saying your nerd unless you want to you know, unless you want to be down with that but how do you know him? He code monkey? Yes. Okay. All right. I don't really know much more about him. Well, from the music that he produced right, I think most people will recognize his name from he did a cover of baby got back by sir mix a lot and then pleaded that version and then he had, you know, there's a lot of things that went on around that that's where he probably is most known in the mainstream, but I actually found out that his journey was was not exactly similar, but he had a similar similar path. He was working for a larger software company on again I'm paraphrasing here, but he was working in a in a field and he wanted to really explore the music stuff. And he's told this story before both on a site in several podcast including one that we talked about on and uh he when his daughter was when it when it was child was born he kind of realized I need to do the music thing like I need toe make that happen and so I'm like, you know what I need to do is I need teo I need to reach out to this guy and find out what I should do I literally needed that mentor kind of like maybe how you guys were saying, hey, how do I be more productive? I'm gonna talk to mike I needed somebody to kind of give me the the wherewithal to make that jump to make that leap, which a lot of us are really terrified to make right? Because it's like, why would we got the security and the job I had? As I said, I figured high five figures five weeks paid vacation full benefits I'd been there for twelve years going on twelve years like I was I was set and so I e mailed them and and the e mail that he sent back, I told him what I wanted to do is that I really want explore comedy I want to be more creative, I want to do that stuff, I feel kind of trapped. What dough I d'oh I have all the tools I have all the resources I have all these things, but I don't know what I'm going to do next and he responded with, uh, sounds like you know what you want to do, so quit your job p s don't tell your wife I told you to quit your job but that's stuck with me now I didn't outright quit my job at costco at that time I I stepped down and I made a major step down I went from like full times management to part time door greeter like I literally made that jump and the reason I did much like you know we talked about how time is not something you can control their certain elements when you do when you make certain decisions that give you that control back and I knew that if I made that jump back to part time then I would only have to work the amount of hours that I really needed to work twenty five hours to make a living right that was the they if they wanted me to stay later they would have to ask so all of a sudden I took control back and that allowed me to start to foster this other stuff start foster my comedy career go down and perform at san francisco sketch fast to seattle start to really break these things out and I wouldn't have done that if I didn't have the courage to um and and the the just the the quick instinct to say hey, I'm going to e mail somebody that I really admire you know you've heard and read online that if you've got somebody that you admire reach out in the worst thing they could do is not respond while he responded and so this past year when my book was published the front nine how to start the year you want any time you want by a publisher I've had self published books, but this one actually went to a publisher and they said, yeah, we'll publish it I'm like freaking out it was great I had a book signing ah book event at my local chapters and victoria bc, which is like like barnes and noble, we still have borrowed there's still some barnes there's still some some brick bookstore still exist, right? So I'm in this in this middle of they putting in the middle of this place, I'm sitting there and I'm doing my I have my book there and my kids come and there's a picture of me and my daughter, my son and, uh my my son is named colton for that reason like I named because I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't be doing these things. I wouldn't be as aware of my surroundings be able to do the stuff I do now if it wasn't for that that just that one simple action, that one that one push no, I pushed through all the earth and stuff and got to the important thing I sent one did one simple action that led to a larger project that I really wanted to pursue and that's how I got here. And, uh, every day I look at my son it's, a reminder of what I did, you know how those moves I made and everyone's gonna have remember big on visual touchstones thinking you have a much bigger visual touchstone than a small child in front of you? Kind of remind you of so that's that to me is that's how I got here? And I struggled with this stuff, right? I mean, I'm a product of the enthusiast, and I'm now a product of the specialist. I was really into it. I didn't really understand how is going to apply it, but because I made those moves because I made those decisions, I'm now able to apply it, but productivity ists, we struggle with the stuff too. There are days were I fall down, especially when you get overloaded with all the information that came your way. Yesterday's like what? What did I miss? What do I do? I do what? Don't ideo, um, and other days where I still, you know, forget the lessons that I have or something happens or the color red comes into my life whether I want it or not. Right which we touched on yesterday, uh, so for me, that's. I wantto talk a little bit about this morning and I want to bring the chat room into this at some point too and I know that that the story may sound a bit, you know, self indulgent and whatnot but it's really important to me because it kind of got me to where I am and I want to kind of hear your stories and kind of, you know, like why you're here like what what, you know what brought you here and where you want to go and how better time management can get you there and I mean, I've kind of been really forthright uh although I didn't cry have cried before would have done this, so I'm sorry about that, but I want to hear like maybe some and I know that I know that you were here yesterday, but I mean, this this is this is kind of the first question that we asked off the top yesterday's what's your common time and your struggle you're getting the whole enchilada right now, so why don't we start jamie with you? I want to hear I want to hear how you got here and I mean, we've talked a little bit about it but maybe go maybe going a little bit deeper and okay and also what we talked about yesterday maybe say, you know, hey, this this did help but how and we can have ah no back and forth to try to figure out maybe where else we can go and how we can get to where you want to go a little bit faster so thank you um first and foremost on to take the horse and you know mike for having me here this is something I mean like the second big step I think for myself as I told everyone yesterday I'm having a struggle of my disability and having that accident nausea told me often being very able person tto disable person is a big change for me a lot of things to get accustomed to you know be out the your usual ability so coming to you like you see it you reaching out to um jonathan carton it's like just like me I know what you're making this big leap for myself and I want to go on grandstand familia like time munition is something I thought is was a big chander you know is very right when I first come to nobody but when you put it into perspective hasta management rather than time management is what I lacking on so I do have a few questions that I have written down not number later on because I'm today is going to be my last dave if you hear I like to go over with you so that I can actually activate no uh proactively work on so that you can help me the better manage my medical appointments, which is a neat that not really a wonder I really want in my I came in but to get better I have to make sure I take care of myself is that you say self care and energy the resident were much closer to me about the same time that is my word to come by uh I want to say those are my really high time my my uh the time that you such a ninny, a lot of heavy lifting right? And now I'm trying to do things that it's actually like doing like this slip here this's something like like lifting for me to be able to connect to the able pattern me to be able to relate to others might my objective is very simple I like always to have a global community, you know, to to be kind to understand, you know, make every moment count and saying that means I like to be able to work in the hospice that's my passion eventually so transferring my skills from hospitality, my background is there why did my masters and to transfer toe hospices? Michael so before this you'd share with me I'm trying to do time chungking and I'm trying to do things that is actually they appear for bit off more perspective in place we goes right now I mean, before yesterday I was swimming everywhere I'm get stay afloat, right? But now I seem to have a bit more tools I might not have the you know, like the paper listening brooks will be happy about late there are but I'm still going back to the old school pen and paper because I don't have ah part of anything like that and that's one of the things that we talked about yesterday to start stuff off and I mean, I started simply too you have to because if you try to go to too deep too fast you drowned right? Like you can't do that so and and I like when you mentioned proactively because, um there was so much yesterday I talked about and again that's why I'm kind of like giving us a bit of that that that slow he's into today because it allows you to kind of be a bit more proactive because we find that I mean, we all do this we'll get reactive and when we talk about email later today that's like the ultimate reactivity response right? Like that's like, you know you get you get emails like I got to react, I gotta react as opposed to being a bit more proactive remember we talked about setting the defaults yesterday on your for your calendar like, oh no, I just used the default well that's that's being reactive a supposed to being proactive basically you're putting yourself in a position to have to deal with it as it comes as opposed to anticipate what might come right so so I just want to add one more point sure let you sit about in a state of floor so I'm trying to make that you know, after lester I offer food to effortless and using that matter is that you help me because it's like what you say all this being try not to be reactive to be trying to be proactive it so everything is actually kind oflife in this time in this place with its energy then you won't be like so hyper scheduling our doing thing that it's actually warrants more energy and more time you know, it was a lot of time in between they're absolutely in the same time creating space and you just mentioned like everything I talked about hyper scheduling that's sorry I don't know that's good because there was a lot there right so do we have anybody in that like there's anyone in the chat room have anything at this point? Yes way do have a question but I just kinda wanted to share with both of you a conversation that was happening the chat room kelly girl had mentioned that she liked your metaphor of swimming you know and she thought that that was very relatable and we had I believe cookie lady says, well, if she's using the swimming my metaphor, mike, is kind of like her arm. Floaties. I just thought that that was something we might want to share. But, yes, we did have a question from philip belgium. He kind of wanted some clarification on the crucial cube. Okay, all right. So the crucial cube. So the crucial keep is basically a hybrid of the priority matrix that we talked about. So the eisenhower matrix, or priority major, however, you wanted to find it depending on which school you're going tio, but what the crucial cube is is in the middle, in the center of that and it's in the exercises. That's in the workbook, which is part of the the bonus materials in the center, is where you can have that bull's eye, that area of focus, that thing that will inform all the things that are on the different quadrants of this matrix. So are not important in urgent, you know, important, not urgent. Ah, and the lower and of course, is that I've got to do in office it but, you know, the different four areas the center spot is kind of. You can use that as whatever could inform those four quadrants, so if you want to use it for, like, we talked about so you said like a mission statement or like vision we talked about like having something in there in the center where it's like something that's a larger identify wre for you that overrides everything or I mentioned it could be like thursday like it could be like what is what is crucial for me to do on thursday so essentially you're asking yourself that question what is crucial for me at either in a large scale thing or a small scale thing that you could apply to this priority matrix and that's what that cuban the center is kind of meant to do it's more of a square but like I said yesterday I'm a fan of the liberation so the c c is kind of how it works I hope that kind of I don't clarifies it a little bit yeah I think so thank you so what about what about you? What I mean you've got a lot going on and then yesterday I just three more to consider you like now I have to process you like how I was okay, I've got this this and now there's all this productivity stuff which you already admittedly you're very familiar with like you and I were able to have a few conversations that everyone's probably quite what's the focus of his perspectives on neal's dropping understand what I think my in crescent productively started in like early twenty twelve when all I had at that point was just a full time job that I was busy with and I would go to the gym once in a while and in twenty twenty, I thought, you know, it's, the start of the new year, I should get something for myself, anybody, myself, a gym membership and going to the gym, and I didn't kind of find time to do it kind of frequently or at a schedule. So one of my friends who works in the air force told me about I've been pagan and wake up productive so I can start looking at that, and I think that kind of influenced me in a big way. So I got in the idea of, like, taking care of yourself before you take care off the world it's kind of, you know, do your renu take it off yourself before you jump into the email because I was at that point where before that, I check my e mail in the middle of the night to just to make sure that in the morning, you know, I'm all good, absolutely and that's one of the things, a lot of people, and we have this in the chat from la. Today where people said I have so much work I'm trying to do for others how can I find time for myself and it's kind of backwards like we need to kind of say ok, if I find time for myself to do these things that foster my own, you know either making myself better I know that you mentioned jennifer you want to educate yourself more? Well, you take that time to do that even those, even if you'd like chunk out an hour a day teo read five pages instead of twenty or whatever at least you're making the small steps forward because what happens is if you're working on just helping others without, you know, helping yourself again being selfish with your time allows you to be more selfless overtime right? Then you're actually be providing a better service to people, whether that's through just the information you can provide, whether it's the energy level that you can give them right because if I was appearing like so guys let's talk a little bit about like, I mean, you guys go okay? But if if I'm engaging if I'm able to give you that, you know that energy that you're you're like, ok, I can I can absorb this a little bit more right? And that will mean things like saying no when you may want to say yes, you know not checking e mail first thing in the morning because you know that there's going to be a client coming and working on that client that sent the email the night before or working on this other project that's for you, right? So oh, when you start to do that self care kind of stuff when you start to say hey, you know what my time it's might like it's my time these air my task I am the one who defines that right now and I just get up a little earlier so if I know that I need to check my e mail say seven thirty I'd just get up a little earlier say six thirty and I do some something for myself for an hour before I jump into my day absolutely like how I journal first thing in the morning before I do anything I mean that's for me that's not for anybody else I don't go here check out my journal although yesterday did got show you one entry but beyond that that's all that ever goes out publicly uh, you know so I mean that's the kind of that's the kind of stuff that all that you should do you should said the day when you start your day and this is something that you know, leo bodies talked about his into down system and a lot of others have a swell but do one thing that's important to you first thing that moves you forward and then you could start to another stuff sorry didn't write and then it's not think you're hurting other things it zapped your making yourself strong so you can make the world strong rate so it's like you're still checking your email and you're still doing everything else but your you build yourself up for a little bit yeah, one of those things that I've said before stealing time for yourself actually wind up stealing yourself right now because you're you're you are actually fortifying yourself a little bit more, you know, every single time every and we talked about yesterday with with my with my friend in victoria who said, you know, spend five minutes and uninterrupted focusing on your kids when you walk in the door you're fostering that right like you're really strengthening that relationship, strengthening that bond and it doesn't matter how much time you're spending it's the focus right? And what you're doing in this case is your doing that for you for yourself and when you do that, you know when she when she spends time with her kid he's also strengthening yourself because she feels really good, you know it's like, hey, my kid and I are having this great moment and maybe it's going to be five minutes, but maybe we'll turn into fifteen you know, you never know, but you have to take that. You have to focus on what's important when you start doing that kind of stuff and you're its mean on lee, you can define that for yourself, right? Do you have anybody else? And before we jump back overto anybody else in the chat room have some stuff that they want to throw it at me, we actually dio yes, yeah, there's. More questions here we have some more people who want toe clarify what we talked about yesterday so shrew me says I would love some clarification on when you actually journal and day one and when your journal on paper day one I guess being the the app, okay? And I know that your journal two times a day, but is it pm on paper and am on day one? Or is there any rhyme or reason to when you're using digital? When using paper? I use digital for my morning and my evening enter, so I used a won both times and it's that whole don't break the chain thing that we that I talked about a little bit it's one of those elements where if I don't do that, but the paper stuff, I'll d'oh. It varies I mean it's more again of a feeling thing where if something really important happens like for example when I go home after this whole event I get back to victoria I'll probably write something in my journal in papers so that when I do that's so I can pass it on to somebody so that's for like when my kids are my grandkids and they go hey I could open up this really nice paper journal and see what you know my ancestor did right either someone they knew or someone they didn't because paper again it's not going to crash right it's not going you're not going I'm not gonna hand you a piece of paper what do I do with this? You know I mean you know what it is right where as if it's a file format you know especially you know we've seen how many different types of media right if you told me like five years ago you could put your entire presentation on the flash drive you like what you know and the cd we obsolete dvd would be on what's no way so in the paper I don't have some of this wallpaper it's mind you there's a lot more digital stuff at their paper is becoming a little bit less yeah but that's why? A lot of people are using fancy or notebooks and fancy your pens because it adds a bit of a cachet to it, right? Right but no so there's no really I mean I can't say that yes. Every month I do a paper enter every week I do but I know but every week I will do every day I do a morning and an evening entry and day one toe both start my day to open the day and to close the day and then when I do my weekly review at the end of the week the david allen we clearly that I was talking about that's when I can you that's how that informs that so those entries actually help inform that weekly review so I could really get things set backto one for the for the next week thanks, jennifer way we talked yesterday. I mean, you took a lot of ever now, which is great like how we can how you can do that you make that work a little bit better for you so when you have what brought you here like I mean you've got a lot going on way chatted during one of the breaks you're describing to me it was going on like will not slow down second wait what? Okay, this this was connecting the dots so you are the dots a little bit more connected well now yeah, little bit and just to talk about how why was inspired to, you know, a ton this course winner in a previous job that I had you know I was working remote and I was responsible for you know, all these different clients and then I was over saying managing a team of like, you know, twenty different people and so in a normal day I could get you know, I could get fifty e mails in an hour you know all of them would be urging where's the strategy where's my people doing this why isn't this happening you know and then the people I'm managing asking you know I need your help I need you to approve these things so I can actually do my job so it was really frustrating sometimes and you know it some sometimes all I could do was just closed lid on my computer and take a walk you know, which is helpful but I'm not entirely convinced is the best way to you know, be productive with the e mails that I have all the time unless you're gonna walk a lot unless that's your goal like I want to be a championship walker that would that would that would work, you know? But I mean when I was when I was working and it's tough because it sounds like you're like middle management rights, you've got that you're this conduit this tryingto and it's hard because it's hard enough to deal with with one other person right like it's hard enough to deal with one of the person the other end and I mean, I'll give you an example because I don't think she's watching right now, my wife is not very much into this stuff at all. I've gotten into every note of it, I've gotten into every note of it like we've managed to use that for, like some urban gardening stuff because what would happen is I didn't know what plants looked like so I would pull them and you go, you just pulled I think there are weeds because you just pulled, like, all the strawberries, so you've undone all my work. I'm like, well, that wasn't very effective that wasn't very efficient wasn't all the way I mean actually is a lot faster to rip up plants than it is to plant them. I don't know if you know this, but it is so I said, look, what if we married the technology up with a bit of like, what you're doing? How about you? We walk outside and I just take pictures of everything and then I'll tag it, so I know what it is, so that way before I go out and we'd or before I get before I go to try to figure out what I'm gonna maybe make for dinner and go okay, this is this is so long intro and this is parsley, and so I'm I'm able t mean do that kind of stuff, but to try to get her into something like omni focus or a sonnet event for dead it. I'm lucky I've got her into google calendar, right? But when you're dealing with a whole bunch of people with different ideas of, you know, priorities and what tools they're using, right, like I've talked to businesses were outlook becomes the task manager where they're putting, like all their emails into folders like actions and projects and like that, that that's just so ineffective over the long term, but because we're so set set in our ways, right? Like I mean, that's that's how we did it, these new tools kind of allow us to do a little bit more ever know it's one of them. But you said you were at that job, right right there anymore, right? So but, mom, you know, I can only imagine at some point in the future, something like that will happen again. I was just wondering you actually male jonathan cold to see if you should quit your job because you're the only other one knew him here, so I didn't know he was that easy to reach out, so so when so you you're want to prepare for s I want to be a little more proactive, we have some kind of system in place so that, you know, if when that happens, I don't feel like, you know, the swimming metaphor. I don't feel like I'm drowning in emails that air flooding in so that's probably my biggest inspiration for being here, just getting a system together and having the personal feedback to know, you know, because I read different books, I've attended different webinars, putting all the pieces together into something that really works for me. Is something that's important? How willing are you to set limits like and make sure that you respect that's something that I'm still working on? I don't necessarily know what my limits are. I don't necessarily know what I I am and, you know, I'm not okay with, like, I can check email around the clock over the long does that work for me? Not so much. So I know what you know, how do I say? Ok? Only at this point and then I can't do that anymore, you know? Yeah, I mean, you're in a good place to because, I mean, if you're if you're in an organization where limitations already somewhat imposed. Then it makes it a bit more challenging so maybe you're gonna be able to go into the next one with okay? This is what I'm willing to do and this is what I'm not willing to dio or this is where I'm willing to be flexible and I know we talked a bit about this uh I talked with somebody about this little affair where it's you know, it's like we need to decide how do you do with the guilt of if everybody else can meet at a certain time but you can't think that's where you can use a tool like doodle or where you make that one exception depending on how that you know you know what is it the uh the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few? I think that sze that's, that spot right very famous, very famous focus said that but I mean in some cases you may have to make concessions, but when you have that flexibility in you're scheduled to do that, then you can make those and kind of say this is the exception rather than the rule and that's what we want to be able to do with our limitations to say, you know here's my rules I am willing to be flexible with him to this point and I know that came up a lot in the chat yesterday is like I have so many things that you're crazy like do we have anybody in those saying you know I can't I can't I have no idea about limits right now is there anything with regrets what jennifer said that's going on in there? Um well right now it's more just conversations on you know everything that we touched on yesterday and just opinions so they're doing their own decomp yes, absolutely all right, now we come to you thinkyou're right? So you you we're kind of watching the background a little bit yesterday right keeping your eyes and you had some takeaway and you have other than the fact that your takeaway was that you should have been here standing here uh like what brought you you say you're a disaster with time yeah, I have in my head right now and I don't know how to put it a couple sentences to explain you you do have a couple sentences yeah, well, maybe I don't know try yeah two senses so let's say I feel like I live life maybe twenty minutes behind it you know everything is in the deadline you know, on if I cannot pass that line and I always say if I had twenty more minutes or if I had a little bit more time I would give a better job and I had that time all the time but I just didn't use it until the last minute so and I don't like that I had a job like jennifer's before and it was really frustrating I wasn't really I was trying to do all these productivity techniques but didn't really help me because I feel like my problem is that I I can put all these data down to a calendar and everything but I don't fit it myself I don't follow my own great you're in agreement yes exactly agreements now you're using your calendar as a task manager then and not really I'm not switching to ever not more and more and I have lists off that's the thing I spent more time making lists than doing the list they keep in mind I want to be clear that ever know I don't find is an effective task manager I find it's effective information manager s so it's great for ideas and projects in fact today uh when as we're doing this opposed his live on my say how I built my creative live course and ever know because that's what I used I put everything through there every any communication if you read it you'll see how I did it, you know? But but there's other more effective ways to manage your task so that your list making just kind of he becomes a bit more focused a bit more remember we talked yesterday about jennifer about like you had get groceries, answer emails and I'm like these are all projects you know what they're yeah they're all over there related to another project we answer e mails could be under the project of acquire more clients or um you could be educate yourself like creative lives since your email saying, hey there's gonna be this awesome course you're like man, you know you're in a different mindset so you're not really you know focused on that you're more focused I'm getting through all those emails are going getting all those groceries were doing all that laundry right? But you're not really focused on the project bigger, bigger picture seven that's where a task manager can help more than say ever note I know daniel gold tio he uses it as a task manager so if anyone's interested in looking into that he's a ddg consulting is is his twitter handle and he does a lot of stuff about how to make every note task manager but I don't find it all that effective for me again different strokes for different folks I think that came up at least once yesterday in the chat room but your photographer is that we do okay so yesterday we talked vanessa fall was in the chat room and she's she's ah someone that I know that she's actually in the yukon some white horse so it's not always snowy there just for the record for anybody that's out there it's not always like that but she heard I've chatted and what she's done she's actually taken some of the stuff and done some of the heavy lifting and light lifting days. We talked about social book her like appointments on one day like her shoots will happen one day and that's it so that way, she's in that mindset for that day, like I need to be either creative or I need to be in a rigid schedule or whatnot, so maybe that's something that you could because you feel you're twenty minutes behind, then you're focused on time over task, right? You're not really focused on, you know, if you if you said I feel like I'm eight steps behind that's, maybe a little bit different, but you know it that better if that's probably better. So you are so we're having really following time? I don't know what time it is anytime on today, it's just that's. Not until the last necessarily a bad thing, as long as you've got all your ducks in a row, right like long is you're making forward progress with the stuff that you need to make progress that's the problem? Because now that I'm working for myself, and I have a part time job with another group, but most of the time I'm working for myself so there's nobody following me with the whip behind me so like there is and he's probably a bit of a jerk if you don't do your work right you know I mean, I know when my boss says hey mike, how come you're not doing your work? I'm like well, you know, there's a football game on there's tv or want you know, you have to answer to that boss too, and that boss is going to be he never goes home, she never goes home she's always in here, right? So I mean, I think that in an instance like that the only way you're going to do it is by you know, and this is where energy levels come in or when we talked about that we're gonna talk about this more in contacts today is that whole idea of hey, it'll feel very well or I'm burnt out after working a day at my part time job I'm going to use him low energy stuff, right? I'm going to do some so at least I'm moving that ball forward a little bit because I think what happens is we compartmentalize and I've seen this many times we compartmentalized areas of our life and go well, I'm too tired to do any of this or I'm not prepared to do any of this I'm too tired teo you know, work on a talk I'm burnt out of a day of but maybe you could you know, we talked about this maybe you could send an e mail out to someone asking if you be you know they're interested in talk I'm to tired teo you know, go see a friend today but you know what? I could pick up a phone call them, write like things like that you know, I'm too busy to a shoot today but you know, what I could do is I could take a look at my website, do a few tweaks here and there to add some more pictures and stuff like that there's some things you can do that move those things a little bit forward so that the end of the day that boss of yours goes yeah, all right, you did what you did. Okay, maybe tomorrow you do a little bit better, right? Does that make sense? I kind of do that but it's out of my control it's happening on its own when I'm supposed to have this you no more important work most things come out of that maybe I should do a little bit off my website and you that's what it was like a steam press field calls that the resistance that's the like that's really hard work that that's over there right now this this you know I'm not going to do that's where time chungking comes in right that's where you could say hey, I'm going to set aside x amount of time or the heavy lifting light lifting days you saw that? I mean I don't know if you saw that yesterday that yesterday I explained the whole like hey monday is administration day tuesday wednesday is that's my daddy days thursday spit you know, that's another day that I work on stuff so when you start to have that mindset and I'm gonna talk with that with email as well then you can make a bit your mind is ready to do that stuff even if you maybe don't think that you're feeling at your because you keep repeating that have it you're connecting with it on that day repeatedly you're gonna be in a better position to go you know what? Yeah after the website stuff but that's a wednesday thing that's a thursday thing or that's a sunday thing when no one's around right? So we'll hopefully be able to catch you up a little bit on your stuff for sure my anything I see some there's, some conversation about setting limits and cookie lady who was with us all day yesterday she's with us again today so thank you for being with us she brought up how it's difficult to say no to people on you don't wantto say no but you have to set those limits and there was some conversation about setting limits we did have someone cast and maybe we'll get into this when we're doing the email management what if you have been responding to emails within five minutes? You know maybe you've been one of those people who's responding around the clock but now you want to implement these limits what's an easy way to do it so you don't just cut people off and make them think that you're ignoring them well I mean I'm gonna talk a little bit about this definitely female component but just as a bit of a primer there's a service I used and they just had a conference here actually in san francisco called inbox love which is kind of a weird name because no one loves their inboxes all that much I don't think but maybe you're supposed to uh in a company called away find and they do some really cool stuff where you can actually have settings that allow you to inform people um that hey I only check e mail a couple times a day or only checking out you could be a specific as you want you got like this intelligent auto responder and it doesn't have to go to everybody could go to specific people or just a group of people and what happens is that there's also a contact form and they're so it's like I only check e mail a couple times a day if this is really important click on this link it'll send you a form and I'll get that right away so it's almost like if you really really, really need to get in touch the jump through the soup and then I'll respond because you've taken that extra step right but when you were talking about an initially of people who if you were someone responded every five minutes a couple of things you could do number one is you can say hey, I'm no longer using email as a method of quick response let's try texting you know let's try let's try that kind of stuff if you really afraid that you're gonna cut off people at the knees right with this stuff uh or you khun send and I've I've done this I've had ah text expander snippet and this is a tool that you can use on the mackel text expander on the pc it's called bree v um I believe it's called yet bri v b r e v e y and what I've done is have some snippets in there and genial is canned responses and so is outlook uh where it says, hey, I'm going teo I'm finding that email is keeping me in my inbox longer than I'd like I'm going to start on lee checking email once every how comfortable you are checking you now, right? So you can decide that, and then you send that off to the person when they were to whoever you feel is giving you that expectation that, hey, I need to jump on this handy to jump on this and in your in your that's snippet ii say the reason I'm doing this is because I really want to make sure that I get deliver the best quality work as uninterrupted as possible, and the least amount of eruptions I have will allow me to do that because ultimately, emails with the notifications left on that's, a dispenser that's, a distraction, it's, not a disruption, it's a distraction because you can mitigate that again, it's about setting the limits. But you have to say, hey, look, this has to stop or this has to slow down there's, no hard and fast rule. But you need to you can't. You can't have constant interruption like that, because otherwise you're just not going to get the right work. Don't get stuck an e mail all day.

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Mike's class was chock full of useful information on streamlining a to do list, digitally and by hand. His process seems pretty robust, and extremely well thought out, to provide maximum efficiency and success with the least amount of effort. Granted there is a learning curve, and one must practice to become proficient and use it effectively, but if you are willing to put in the effort there is a major positive impact on productivity. He goes through his favorite apps (he apparently consults with app developers) and why, which was exactly what I needed at the time. Some of his 2nd choice apps may now surpass the others, but he explains clears how to pick the best app for you. I'm a small business owner and I found the class to be quite helpful. Thanks Mike.

Pavel Voronenko

Very interesting class! I would recommend recording it as it based on apps' solutions and since 2013/2014 there are a lot of changes. Al least maybe some wrap-up session. Well done, Mike Vardy and Creative Live team! Jan. 04, 2021


Just finished Mike's course and it was exactly what I wanted and hoped it would be. Nuts and bolts, real life ideas and hands on ways to implement what he shared. If I dedicated the time spent on researching an organizational system on just USING the system, I would be a shining beacon of efficiency. Mike's class and materials helped me let go of the need aka obsession with looking for the Holy Grail of systems and just pick a combo and do it. Thanks, Mike, I'll let you know when I AM that shining beacon of effortless organization...or at least when I quit writing notes on my hand! Great course!

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