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The Strikethrough System

Lesson 20 from: Time Management 101

Mike Vardy

The Strikethrough System

Lesson 20 from: Time Management 101

Mike Vardy

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Lesson Info

20. The Strikethrough System

Lesson Info

The Strikethrough System

All right, so this is the segment I actually really get excited about the segment actually before before jumping, you're asking there's ah there's an app that makes paper sounds I would not be at all surprised if we get to that point, like the paper app for for for the eye fat actually does do some of that, but there's an app that I've been using called coffa tive ity, uh, actually mimics the sounds that will go inside a coffee shop. It's on your iphone happens like why would just go to a coffee shop, but so you actually have, like, maur, it was a morning mo mentum, lunchtime loudness or whatever, and you could actually play like the sounds, so you could have that ambient noise. So there's an app for everything. At this point, we've talked about idea management want when we're actually carry some of that over into this, because we've got some some people who were going to get we're gonna get you guys up here to do some stuff with paper, because now we're going to talk with the power of...

paper. Yesterday we talked about the power of contacts, and as the as we've moved forward with that, you guys are starting to see some of the power that could be behind context in terms of adding valuable paper. Has there is a value to it I mean paper it doesn't crash right like when you hand someone a sheet of paper yes it may be a you know your handwriting may not be the best but you at least know that it's there and it's not gonna disintegrate in your hands right shouldn't disintegrate in your hands paper doesn't require special hardware okay, maybe for me it does ah but but if you beyond the glasses it doesn't require any special hardware for you to actually do something with it paper is also easily accessible which means I mean I've got it right here there's paper it's something not only that you can get too easily but you can also understand it easily in terms of access you get you know that that's another element of paper when I've done talked about the power people before I've actually talk to people and we're not going to do this because I don't want paper airplanes flying around or any of those cootie catcher's but what can you do with paper? You know papers like the ultimate app when you think about it you could do so much with it I had people that were drawing things on people who make paper hat sailboats they'd write a story with it there is so much that you can do with paper and we have paper notebooks out here right now that you guys are working with one of the things that that we need to discuss because we've got all these digital aps out there, but when we're getting our tasks down when we're using paper is our initial point of entry, one of the things that I really like about it is that, you know, that that's what you're doing with it, you know? I mean, if you've got your phone out, I've mentioned this on day one how do I know if I'm talking to think that he's not, you know, tweeting, talking to mike, man, is he boring? What you saying lightly? I don't know what you're doing, right? But if you got paper, I generally think that if I, whatever I'm saying to you, you're capturing your writing it down, that kind of thing. So I really like the idea of paper plus again paper doesn't have notifications, my paper's not gonna buzz in my pocket. Oh, I wonder who that's from, well, it's for me, right? Like, you're not going to get that right? So there's a lot of powerful things that paper can offer you, and I want to talk about paper based tools and resources that you can use if you're a paper person that can also help you, maybe getting into the digital world a bit more, or just stay in paper in terms of past management time management for certain elements so that you can use the digital world for others like ever known or keeping your ideas straight or whatnot the strike through system that's what I want to start talking with this is a system that I use when I'm capturing my ideas into my notebooks and everyone out here from jet pen scott one of these nice little aqua aqua drop notebooks uh it's really just a small little and again japanese notebooks but really small grid stuff you don't need any kind of special paper for any of this kind of stuff lined blanked whatever but small compact well, I mean we have smartphones we have digital things in our pockets because they're compact and they have a lot of power in them so the smaller that you've got for these things the better because they're more compact you'll use them a bit more right? So that's that's one thing I like about this you guys all have that there is, well, some pens from jack pens to kind of help you through this so the strike through system is fairly simple um and I like simple I like simple and I like scaleable so here's how that works so as you can see here I've got a task and that can also be an item it could be whatever you're capturing so idea task whatever so if it is open it means that I have captured it that's all I've done with it it's not got anything through it at all it means that it has yet to be processed or yet to be done if it struck through if it's got a line through it it means it's been done it's finished now that could mean either deleted or done really? So some people cross it off if they've dealt with it that's basically what this so it's done deleted I don't need to transfer this anywhere else it stays in this notebook and that's where it began and that's where it ended simple then there's the other strike through below with the arrow pointing to the right, which means I have forward it were deferred it or pushed it into my trusted system whether that's maybe a larger notebook that you're using for task management something that's a bigger notebook uh david allen's got his g e d system notebook again the action method stuff there's paper notebooks for that we're going to talk about a few other different options for that as well, but this is just mainly for quick capturing getting things in and if you want to deal with him in this level you can so this means is being processed it's being moved into the larger place, we're going to deal with things so like untidy a, for example if you've got it, you've captured it once you put it in every note strike through with an air with an air next to it means that you know it's in another place as opposed to dunn is this making sense okay, you see where I say it says capture context right? So for example if I'm gonna write down and I'm left handed so don't mind me from uh you actually made it easier for you guys to see so if I put down uh great idea right? So and my handwriting is okay it's a great idea uh it's a great idea that's my that's my idea that's the thing I've captured if affording it that's great I want to do that but the other thing I want to do it this time because I'm in that moment I'm at my most informed is I want to add a context to it right now now you don't have to do that I want to be clear if you just want to capture and then deal with context later because maybe it's something that's new to you and you're not really you want to make sure that you're getting familiar with context or tags that's great I on the other hand I'm at a point now where I could do really quickly so great idea let's say it's a high energy idea I take the h and I circle it so that way it stands out from the thing I captured really quick h circle okay that way no matter what whether I forwarded it right put the arrow next to it I know that the context also went with it ever note orto asana romney focus following me here okay, perfect now this is why when I think about context I think about letters and that kind of thing so h I know stands for high energy which is also why I say fewer contexts right? The less context you have, the more chances you have to have different letters represent different contacts or something like that, right? So that's why I'm very big on making sure that I've got a clear idea of what each context is okay, so let's do another one let's say um uh here we go there's no one do laundry just groups so to me low energy task when it's done crossed off now I could have just not put a context on there at all because if I don't it doesn't make it into the larger system like I'm going to do it today then I don't necessarily do a sign of the context if I know that it's something I'm going to do and I started at that point timer started a little bit later I like dad context is a form of had it so that I get usedto adding with contexts you can see it's done I know that stand so it doesn't need to be moving to my system if I put email chris here and chris is spelled c h right? Okay, see? Because my brother's case so, um and I haven't done it yet. I'm done anything with it yet it stays like this now I hear chris is a bit of a hymie and female person so I might go h so that way, when I'm looking at it, I'm like, oh, I got email chris, let me take a look at my window I want to do this when I'm gonna be at my best to do this, right? Right. So that's open, then when I finally move it, I just put the arrow through it. This is making sense. Yes, do you keep do you need to keep track off the stuff that you have done and counseled out, like, struck through for our friends in case like you want to remember? Did I ever? So that task that I had, like, well, your weekly review, right? Yeah. All right, that's what the weak reviews for. So because you're going to go through this this notebook, right? So if you've got this notebook, I mean, you've got your weekly review, I mean, if you go through one of these in less than a week great. That means you've got just but what I'll do is this because this becomes part of that in box, right? So I've got to go through this. I got to go through another notebook I'll flip through. Oh, that task that's done, you know, you passing through, but if you want to be absolutely sure you can still transfer to your system and then do it within that system. So if it's something that's going to take and normally these things or take two minutes or less things right, like or something that I know it was gonna be done that day in particular. But this is something that's really simple to remember something that, you know, it's either a line or narrow. And then I've assigned two contacts, right? Okay, to any anything in the chat room people are they're people that are charming going. This makes sense or what? Yeah, a lot of fans of paper someone has mentioned the patrick grown dash plus system. Yes, patrick rooney's got agreed system called the dash plus system it's that patrick, I think it's the sights patch dot com he's used it. It's very it's it's simple he's got the plus and he and he's got some symbolism behind each one of those there's like a legend we're gonna talk about the bullet journal a little while to because that's another one that people are probably going to be talking about and I've got ryder carol's video about that we're gonna talk about that a little while, but that is another system that people use the dash plus system there's one called the work notebook I believe it's called and it's got its own system, so there's there's some that are built right into some notebooks and then there's some that aren't right patrick's got a great system, it works for him. A lot of people use it for those that aren't using any kind of system to make sure that they're getting stuff out of paper into the trusted system, whatever task manager you're using, and I know patrick he's is a task manager, too. Patrick just doesn't keep things in his paper paper notebook he actually I believe he uses one called folding text or he has in the past or task paper he likes plain text stuff big fan of the plane tech stuff so that he is still moving stuff into those systems he just uses paper. Asi calls it sensible default for him to do anything else in there spiffy just said this is gloriously simple minute scales to write because as you can see, I put down great idea, so I've captured an idea here then I can put it wherever I know that my ideas go if I put you know pick up grace my daughter I know that that's something that maybe doesn't even need to go in my notebook or into my larger into my larger system um it's scales the other reason is scales is because of the use of color so as I've talked about I'm a big fan of the multi pen and it was actually before we started today and I was saying jennifer and you were sent the table and I'm like ah my blues out so I switched that's another advantage of having a multi pen if you run out of ink on one you'd have to go find another pan it's just like click click click so a cz you can see it could be a little bit more challenging to see but I've got four colors on here including red I have read on here because my my my black pen is is I ran out of ink with my black one so each of these colors represents something to me each color has value each color has a touchstone there's a touchstone of some sort so when I'm writing things down in this little notebook or or whatever no book and that's the beauty part about the systems you can I mean I've got a yellow sheet of paper here and I've done the same thing on the yellow sheet of paper right, I can do it on a big you know you could do this for a big team meeting on a big flip chart like this you could do it on a whiteboard doesn't really matter you don't know you know the hotel hotel no pad that yet when you're traveling right you know you sit down, you capture that stuff and boom, you're done but the thing about color is that that adds another element of value so normally on here they don't have a lot of colored and I don't want to use the pen because it won't show up but if the idea is associated with something that's related to productivity ist I would write that down in green if it's a personal one all right it down in orange now that's my choice of colors you can choose whatever you want I know jamie was saying the other day she likes red red could be urgent, right that's what you could assign it or jennifer you're wearing a red jacket maybe red your favorite color so that's one of your favorite things you want to do so red becomes you know what I mean? So color khun informa's well, so when you use this system and use contexts along with color you've got a ton of information to work with here right on paper, right right before he does everyone kind of get this so now you've got this big notebook there, and I see you've got a big notebook, so you could go home and go through and get get that stuff done in a few simple steps, right? Okay, this is the step that I was missing. I kept taking notes in different places, using my eye for not section, but I didn't take this extra step off, putting them into a different place, with their context included. Absolutely. And what would happen is you would find a notebook like, do you have multiple notebooks going because you've got the notebooks that people books assigned to certain things? This is this is basically for me, this would be a capture, notebooks, like anything goes in here, and then I know where and then when I afford it to the right place say, you've gotten idea notebook that you're still working with, like a paper one you can write great idea down in here and afforded to that idea. Notebook, you know you've you've given yourself that ability to say, ok, this is where I go first, right? And then I go, oh, now I'm going to look at my ideas notebook, really, this becomes that other inbox, but it's a very informative one, right, yes. And this is what you essentially are doing with a digital task manager in a lot of cases, when you're starting to do this kind of stuff, this kind of system, what you're saying is I'm going to put it in the army focus, put it into a song I put it in to do it dot I am things flow, whatever, uh, I'm going to add a context or attack to it right away to add value to it, and then I'm going to assign it in my case color really represents projects right for me, and I'm gonna put into the project and done it's processed this really lets you do that quickly, so I want to get, um I want to know what you guys up here, tio, try this out for a second. So, uh, way we get one of you, we get you to come up here, so I'm gonna give you the sharpie you're not left handed, right? You're right and I'm right. Ok, good. So you could be on that side also worked out great frame it perfectly alright. So I want you right down like you've got stuff you want you've captured today like any or stuff that you want to capture it right down, three things real quick just captured him and as he's doing this, I want you guys to think about that as well when you think about stuff you want to capture because we're gonna butt and I want you to actually start writing them down, okay? Like but I want you to write down things that that doesn't matter what first things come to mind, but I want you to use those little notebooks and I won't use one page for each of them, so one whole page and write it and take up the whole page. So I want you to write down stuff like that for me, things that, you know, you have to do. So check, check, email, do laundry file, report like things like that. Just take up one sheet because we got lots of these. No pads. So few one one sheet for item, you'll see warrants, anything or just today, anything, anything. But I want you. I want them to be the little things, like the things that, like, cleaned, ask things like that. Okay, things that they keep you from getting to the bigger stuff. Does that make sense? Okay, so what we're doing this? Okay. So we've got all right. So we got three things here, make guest list, see, you can use a system, you can read your writing so you're good may cast list start using colors on counter do weekly review sunday three to four okay. Have you made the guest list yet? Okay. Are you getting so you're gonna put your trusted system right? Um yeah. I'm gonna put it in every note. Okay, so what did you do? You know what? Context? They're gonna send a context to this right now we talked about it off the top that you have some more contacts in normal energy. So go go go ahead in a circle so you can tell the circle is key, right? Like all people like, why would it? Because it separates it from the rest of the letters. Otherwise everything kind of runs together, so you put it never. Now what do you put up there? Right? Okay, now start using colors on calendar context um normal normal it's not gonna take a lot of time, it's not going to be it's, not hard, okay, good. And it's the same thing. And actually, what I would try to do is line these up. So I've moved that and put that right here so that all the context are kind of in a row, right? So that way you get a quick reference, so yeah, like maybe put it there like a bigger yeah, there you go that way you can kind of get a quick of bird's eye view really quickly of it okay uh you've done that let's say you've done that what you do it's done didn't even have to move it you're like a color so just quickly did it change the google calendar colors done finished all right now we know now what how how much what's this context k h plus h plus oh so he's got high energy plus you could do that to the plus almost acts like arrow see and these air this is the kind of thing you could do and we're gonna talk about the system later like sticking with system look what he did he put in agent an arrow I have never thought of doing that but as soon as I see that I'm like that's a priority increase her to me that tells me I need that something that supersedes any other age that's going to show up on this list so he is scaling your scaling the system already now is it sunday? Not yet have you put in your trusted system? No so it stays open so that when he goes back to look at the end of the day what he's captured he'd go do we clear view sunday and he says from three to four so he's been fairly specific like I said you should do with your weekly review so he's going to go and put it in his task manager right to remind him that something he has to do for the day so square calendar it or just in your counter either or sometimes people do in both places but awesome thank you very much I have a quick question yes so do you just make sure that when you clock comes your high energy are do you make sure your high energy you're kind of like make set up your day in a way that when three o'clock rolls by you know you haven't done like things that don't take too much time too much energy well that's just it when your schedule your weekly review again because you're scheduling it you want to set up the tasks in your day to make sure that when you hit that point that you're not to drink so that's why I'm honestly you could go back and sit down all absent president uh that's why I'm not a fan of doing the weekly review on a friday after work right because at five p m six p m what do you want to dio thank you go home that's what you want so sunday to me is or saturday even like it's a day where you've had a bit of time to decompress maybe get a bit better perspective, right? You know I'm on the week that just went past plus the weeks that is to come right and again, everybody's weeks going be different. Some people work like wednesday to monday, right? So maybe the weekly review takes place on a different date. The point is, is the day you do your weekly review, make sure you schedule that time like we talked about, block it out that's your time making agreement with yourself that only you can break and when you try to break it, make sure that the person you're trying to break it with is an agreement, right? Say, wait a minute, do I agree with myself on this? No, yes. Now. Okay, uh, it's and then secondly, make sure you have a fairly a day that's going to permit you to do that, which is why, yeah, you want to make sure you have fairly light lifting or were like you've got here, you've got to normal energy tasks in the high energy test, you're probably still going to be in a better shape. You're gonna be in good shape to do this right? If you've got a ton of high energy tasks that day and see the problem happens is when you don't set up this kind of structure or any kind of system is you end up with a ton of like these tasks that are going to take a lot of your energy and time and then you've got this weekly review you've got scheduled you're like I can't do it because I've I've now let this become urgent and important or it's just plain urgent which means the weekly review gets gets slid off or not done and again by doing a journal entry every single day or two per day or whatever like doing that regular gut check that regular journaling makes this you said it's high energy plus right now but maybe you know you say you sometimes do we clear view right sometimes, but the more often you do it maybe that arrow goes away or maybe that arrow stays there but it's an end with an arrow because now it's normal energy or maybe you're not using energy maybe it's you know, like um resistance are with an arrow I'm really resistant to doing this but I know it's a high priority like but I love I love what you did here in that you totally you maybe you proved my point its scales like you can you can make the system your own right and paper gives you because within an app and I love aps we all love aps to a certain degree but there's a framework there there's a structure they only gives you a bit away toe hack some of the conventions right, but with paper you kind of get to decide right you, khun, use a big patter, a small pad or a fancy pad or a great pen, or a multi pen or a fountain pen? I'm getting my first fountain pen sent to be actually should have arrived while I was away and it's a little tiny fountain pen like this size and it's orange because, you know, for me, it's a personal trip, so I'm very yeah and smoke a why you make those, like little pity pity choices to me that they're not so pithy, but I have a fountain pan and guess what? That's on ly for capturing it doesn't have multiple colors on it, but I'm just glad I could have a small pen, right? So those are the fact you can scale the fact you have choices really is helpful. Do we have any other comments in the chat room with regards to other systems that people maybe we're using? I'm going to get two more in a minute or just what they think of the strike through system. This this inspired a discussion about office supplies and paper and pens and people sharing their favorite notebooks and favorite pen. So exciting, a lot of good ideas going on in the chat room. Awesome awesome and the great thing about having that stuff is that again paper is accessible unlike email rules or permissions or limitations that we've talked about like if you hand somebody a sheet of paper that I I don't deal with paper I mean it's it's a little bit more of a ah warming thing as opposed to an alarming thing when you say I want to change how we do e mail what you know that zoe had been a bit more of an alarmist reaction, you know, I've got this new thing I want to try, you know, we're going to do this where we can kind of I can keep track of this or I can translate it to the team or I'm going to use this for myself and that way I can move and use the thing that the team is using, like base camp, which I don't use base camp, but a lot of people dio I would use this kind of thing to approach base camp and then deal with the bare minimum and base camp it's possible right? I would use for I mean, obviously I use on the focus and a sauna for a lot of my task management, but the less in there the better for me, so if I can use paper or something along those it's this simple quick system, all the better right all the better so that that is a simple system that I that I've you know kind of created and it's a hybrid probably of other systems again you know I mean we all have our own approaches go ahead in the system we also have another way to perhaps especially for the teamwork toe categorize them in terms of priority like high priority or well this is where what I would do in this case is I would say okay here's a sheet of paper right? So I take this sheet of paper let's get that and I would go kind of like what we did with priority matrix I'd go let's say day the week right? I'm over here day of the week slash project slash idea so you could just at the top of your page do that right? So even in a larger notebook you could do that and say all right so today is let's say we do it by day so today is monday monday is, uh, meat marketing team marketing uh that's that to me I mean if you're using say an appointment or maybe it's an errand because you can cost e for a great uh then it's email client backs right w x they're actually a lot more low maintenance and chris iss that's fine I could do that slow energy on and then like uh you know, what's he bill client again low energy or maybe you're using a building program like an app, so let's say you're using something like you talk about huddle right before or even harvest so h you could even go a j if you're using high energy so you can then say, okay, well, now we know we need to be in that app to do that or that service to do that that's what I'm gonna do so that's by day, right? But I mean, also, that could be by project so you could put that top saying, oh, this is related to this project, right? Or, you know, if it's an idea, maybe you've got a bunch of other things there and often what I'll do if I'm doing something like that, it's all just do draw a big line at the end of it to separate that out and then create a whole new heading down here so you could do that. Um, the problem with the problem with doing it on such on a team scale when you're not dealing with the same team across the miles or when you're dealing with a team across the miles, is that the digital world works so much better with that, right? So you could go into an app like asana that you're all using were say they're going to use huddle let's just say that that's one that they're gonna use and huddles one that you can kind of track how much time people are spending on things and there's projects and all that in there you could look in huddle go okay here's all the things that are assigned in huddle I'm gonna move them to my my paper system because I rarely working huddle, right? I only use huddle for this one thing and I'm gonna mark it for thursday or this project I'm gonna put it in my in this in this notebook and that's where I'm going to use to strike through system because this is one way that you can avoid getting into absolute don't necessarily want to deal with all the time so like base camp for me, I don't use base camp so I would take the stuff out of base camp put it in here, complete the work here, go back to base camp calibrate right like we talked about and that's how I would do it right? So that way my learning curve sticks with evernote army focus asana right that's where it stays that's where my majority of my major task management takes place that's for me, right? So if you're going to use um so that that that to me would be a way that this allows you to not only allows the system to scale but allows you to stay focused on the different aps or different tools that you really want to years so you get if someone says huh uh I want to work with you jennifer I wanna work with you we use blah blah blah team task manager and that's what we use and I'm sorry that's what we use and you go ok and you just say I don't use that, but I'm going to use my task management system either my digital one and that's where we keep all my stuff so I keep on top of my things or when you use this paper system to keep on top of it right? And then when I'm done, when I when I'm ready to calibrate it, bring it back to your system you're none the wiser and people think you're a genius because you can wrap your head around so many systems like wow mike no size use base camp asana kona you know, good work all these ones how does he know to use this? Well, the concepts are very similar across all of them they all use tags or contacts there's projects, but the fact all I'm doing is going in informing myself stepping back, dealing with with it insular early as much as possible I think going back in and calibrating it right that makes sense we clarify something of the meat marketing team why is it an errand and not a meeting? Wait for me because I have less contexts I would make it an errant right because I want to have a few air a few few errands I do wanna have experience is possible but I wanted this few context as possible so to me going to meeting its parent something you know, it's I have to do it a certain maybe not necessarily to certain time but to me that that comes across is an errand you could make it a meeting you could say m and meeting meeting is a context, right? And then you've got that is as a tag that you're using so you could just change that you know, for me it's a me for somebody else that's an m right so it's all again subjectivity, right it's all about you know I mean I would never use the h arrow before I will now them totally stealing that. But you know what I mean? Like like it's going to be very subjective and that's why again task management time management's objective to a point because a lot of people are still there entrenched in systems that they're already using outlook is their task manager email is their task manager things like that right or or maybe they're using omni focus and omni focus only allows for one context but you're a type of person who needs more you need to have high energy and you know photography as your contacts are better photography's you're like I need to be know that I am working towards being a better photographer I need high energy for this task and it's also assigned to making me a better photographer so only focus won't work for me but you could make that decision like that now because you're aware of what you need right as opposed to having you the system having to try to shoehorn yourself into a system that doesn't work for you you now can go okay I'm aware of this is what my parameters are thes air my boundaries he's my limitations what am I willing tio go into what am I not willing to go into paper works for me this system's great simple scaleable you know that kind of thing I'm going to use that or you know what, mike? I'm gonna use the dash plus system or I'm going to use you know perhaps this one the emergent task planner which may already be mentioned in the chat room because it's very popular by david say uh or shade it's probably gonna be say though I'm going to say say, um I'm going to say say thiss ones actually fairly robust it's also full of information so this is a time tracking one so for people who want to track their time spent it's got like the elements of that poem adora technique I talked about it's got elements of deliberate practice it also has elements of incremental so if you really want to track time if that's what you really interested in especially for client work you could create this is a date I should say this is the date that I'm doing this you're start time sixty minute increments right then you get your it actually says organizer day as it happens so as things come your way you could start to organize your day in that regard right and that's what the sheet does it's a downloadable pdf or you go to amazon and by the actual no pads that had like the book there's like a scratch pattern whatever that has this on it but you can see like he's like the three big rocks and I talked about that day one of the three major task for the day remember I write it down on my own my sheet of paper before I journal flip it over walk away that's what this is only here they're doing it either first thing in the morning or I could do this on this sheet of paper before I go to bed and flip the sheet of paper over right but then what I love about this is that he's got he's got realistic expectations equals consistent daly products that's what he says about the top three then when you get two, four, five and six years tackling more than three major tasks clear your mind and go for it and then once you passed six against more than six major tasks reserve some energy for tomorrow like it's almost like that gut check that this paper is giving her it's really, really solid know that dave caillaux hey uses it he's a works for the un official apple weblog and he's he's done does a podcast called homework he uses this and he works from home so he's like this kind of helps him keep track of where he's not just the tasks he's doing but the time that he's spending on him. So this is a nice, nice merger of task and time management and I know I had somebody yesterday on google plus say, a task in time management they're exactly the same thing. No, they work together I mean there's there's, there's there's a lot to be said for both, but this kind of allows you to marry those two together so for people who are absolutely focused on okay I can't get past this task focus on task over time you actually end up focusing on task over time with this sheet whether you actually believe you are initially or not the more you use it okay have we had people talk about this this thing in the att of time it's a very common one yeah carl says david c has a lot of free paper real resource is at his website and so does productive flourishing has another one that's uh uh gosh charlie charlie gilkey heat he has like the free planners like there's loss of free paper based resources out there and again you can use them and you could say date like I mean I could use this by day but I mean there's no there's no uh code there that requires me to enter a calendar date I could hack this and say forget date this is a project right? So I could say, you know, creative live talk or creative and change that just put that in a date field no one's gonna go mike you're doing it wrong, right? Because I'm not doing it wrong for me. And then I could say these are the nine things I want to work on a these are the three things that are related to this project I may go through more sheets which if I'm buying it from amazon, may make david say very happy but but you know I can hack that convention there's no, this is this is this allows me to do just that, right? Right. So to me, that that's a big, big thing.

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Mike's class was chock full of useful information on streamlining a to do list, digitally and by hand. His process seems pretty robust, and extremely well thought out, to provide maximum efficiency and success with the least amount of effort. Granted there is a learning curve, and one must practice to become proficient and use it effectively, but if you are willing to put in the effort there is a major positive impact on productivity. He goes through his favorite apps (he apparently consults with app developers) and why, which was exactly what I needed at the time. Some of his 2nd choice apps may now surpass the others, but he explains clears how to pick the best app for you. I'm a small business owner and I found the class to be quite helpful. Thanks Mike.

Pavel Voronenko

Very interesting class! I would recommend recording it as it based on apps' solutions and since 2013/2014 there are a lot of changes. Al least maybe some wrap-up session. Well done, Mike Vardy and Creative Live team! Jan. 04, 2021


Just finished Mike's course and it was exactly what I wanted and hoped it would be. Nuts and bolts, real life ideas and hands on ways to implement what he shared. If I dedicated the time spent on researching an organizational system on just USING the system, I would be a shining beacon of efficiency. Mike's class and materials helped me let go of the need aka obsession with looking for the Holy Grail of systems and just pick a combo and do it. Thanks, Mike, I'll let you know when I AM that shining beacon of effortless organization...or at least when I quit writing notes on my hand! Great course!

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