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Going Beyond Simple To-Do List Part 2

Lesson 6 from: Time Management 101

Mike Vardy

Going Beyond Simple To-Do List Part 2

Lesson 6 from: Time Management 101

Mike Vardy

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Lesson Info

6. Going Beyond Simple To-Do List Part 2

Lesson Info

Going Beyond Simple To-Do List Part 2

But now we go to the third step because you've connected with everything you've captured right? So if you're looking at it from day you're connected with all the captured stuff then we go to curate the curate is basically you're looking at your task go I do I need to do this I doubt we need to do this I don't and that could be either I need to them myself or need to delegate them or they aren't worth doing at all so there's some curation tools that we had that I have and this is where I was going to talk about the eisenhower matrix all right, now the eisenhower matrix there is actually a digital version of it can be found right here eisenhower dot me ok? And one of the things that I like about this is that it does use that that priority matrix that stephen covey has also talked about so up in the top left it's, urgent and important which means that you've either you've let it slide from important and not urgent or someone else put that there for you to deal with and I guarantee you tha...

t nine times outta ten that top left corner is a healthy combination of both and if it's coming from somebody else it's because you answered e mail first thing in the morning and then you have to do that right away because they expect it right away in fact, checking email often becomes that top left corner thing urgent and important, and it never even has a chance to land anywhere else. So you can you can use this matrix to to look at project that you're working on elements of projects, elements of your day, so things that you may want to do during that day so I can categorize it, saying today is thursday, what does the years and important things I need to do today? What are the important but not urgent days that I want to make progress on today, bottom left is what is important, what is, uh, not urgent that I do it, but important, that it gets done right? And that would be stuff that you can delegate, right? So that's an area where we all struggle with how do I pass this on somebody to help them do it? And this is where, you know, we talked about, you know, someone in the chat room said, people are always asking for my time for appointments and stuff. There's you could use a virtual assistant if you want her real life assistant if you want, but there's also absolute there that allow you to do that and that's adele that's, a former delegation, if you didn't have to do something for you. Or service that's great, right? Because the trade they do that thing really, really well, all you have to do is tell them what you want them to do really, really in that realm and you're great, you're off to the races on don't do is the not urgent not important? And what do you think you do with the stuff that's not urgent or not important don't do it, don't do it. So this is like and and honestly it's a simple exercise off woo of literally I mean, you could do it really simply cross cross I'm going to do the day of the week, right? And then I put certain things in here were this is the important stuff so right, stuff here, right stuff here, right stuff here and write stuff here and I just cross that off right away like that's, really how quickly it can be done, especially for capturing with paper like if you don't if you want to go to something like this right away that eisenhower down the system, you could do that, take your paper stuff and make that happen right away or you could, you know, use it right on paper, take your existing notebooks that you're already using, grab a full scrap sheet and just do that and again it could be done by project by day bye week you know how do I want my month toe look what's important for me to get done this month but most people think in scope of this is a day for this is a project they don't really go beyond the conventions of what it's set up for have you guys ever use this this before? No, I was just writing that before you get this I just wanted to ask you about this you heard of me because I get the gracie slightly different sure happy very arjun very important it's my first one to do first and then the second one I think it's very urgent but no important okay? And uh that one is not urgent but very important okay, so you just move the convert you just move them around right now and the last one is not important and not in origin going. The great thing about this is that it gives you the sense this is prior. This is a priority matrix that's what this does is it says here's the stuff that absolutely this is the push through the urgent yet too important stuff then there's the important but not urgent stuff so that's the stuff that's going to take a bit more your bandwidth right? So you want to get rid of these three things first so that you can focus on the on the important stuff right and again how you use that tool most people again they're they're so focused on this is what the tool says how I should use the tool again use it the way that you feel it's gonna work for you but keep that basic structure in mind do we have? Ah I'll ask a bit more of these guys but let me know if we have people out there that have used this before and how they've used it have you heard of this before? Jennifer have you used actually have I have heard of the urgent versus important matrix but I hadn't it hadn't been broken down into which one to do to schedule toe right delegate and that's I mean it's something that you could just look at and go all right this is what matters now because that's also only what it is why why? And this will actually in a lot of cases if you write if you fill all these blanks that and there's hardly anything in that important but not urgent then you're going to probably do I even need to do this whole project right? Because there's certain things that are going to be like you know what it's not really worth especially that self directed stuff, right? So you want a social gathering let's say for you your friends bring all your friends together so that you can kill five birds with one stone and have that social setting and you look at it and at the end you're like there's only one important but not urgent task you know what? Why don't I just not have a party like you can make that quick judgment call right or at least make amore informed judgment call based on the fact that you've worked through this process and again this process first time you do it take a bit of time it's that front and work a second time around it'll be faster third time fourth and as you get faster with it and you understand it more it becomes more effective yes you do every day no, I don't you do it every single day it's a curation tool when I know that I've got a lot there and I'm like, you know there's a lot here and I need and I'm not quite connecting with it at the level that I feel I need to I need to really break things down it's normally when I have a lot on my west like what oh I prioritise first how do I move this and that's how that's what come he's talked about it a lot of talk about when it comes to this stuff is it's a useful tool to have in your back pocket but it's not a tool that you necessarily need to use every single day what about you? I heard about it as the urgent and important um, no, not urgent. Yeah, from stephen call me, but not as eisenhower docked me well and this is how dwight eisenhower made his decisions but it's strange as that sounds and a lot of people like what? Like the fate of the free world and he's like hold on, let me draw this quadrant. Let me figure should I should not like that's how he did it because he was able to make decisive actions because you can't fool the system. You can't fool that you can play with the structure like you have, but the essentials of the structure are there for you to look at and use those conventions. So if you're looking at it, you know, you know what? These things that I say that I don't need their not urgent and not important there is no way I can move them into any other category without lying to myself, right and delegation I could move them into another category, but the fact I put them there means that I need to spend some time making sure someone else does this so I can make sure the stuff that's important but not urgent doesn't get to the other spot because what's in it when it's in that top left corner that's when you're focusing on quantity over quality do we have anything? Yeah, it seems like a lot of people were not familiar with eisenhower doubt means that some people are checking it out right now. A few people had heard about it, but not really used it, so they didn't really have an informed opinion on it. Cool it's one of those tools again where you can break it down and and again, for some people who love the idea of time, chungking o r, or heavy lifting, light lifting days or like, I don't need that that's how I prioritize some people are going to say, you know what? Like, what you're saying early, jamie, that doesn't really work for, but this this does, and you already are using it to an extent, it's, just maybe breaking outside of the conventions of what you use it for, break it down to the days of the week, break it down to the projects that you may have on the go, let overlap, and you need to know the distinction quantity was this quality, you know, right? And that, again, is built on. The more you practice this, you're going to get that. The more you do stuff like this, you're gonna go, is this is this something that is just putting it on there, because it makes it look like it's more than it is or is this something that really needs to be on their um this is an exercise that's in the works but productivity's workbook which is included with the purchase on dh it's the I've taken the eisenhower matrix to a little bit of a next level so this is called a crucial cube it's aah I like a liberation when I do stuff just makes it easier to remember so what this is is I've got the same matrix but in the middle in the centre of draw draw nick it's not really a cube it's a square but I couldn't figure out what a synonym for crucial was that started with s so it is the crucial cube on what I do is in the middle there is I put my vision or my mission were the driving force behind why anything is being put in there in the first place so speaking topic of your speech talk perfect example of this is what the message I want to get across one, two, three, four oh, I could chuck thies things out up these things I could delegate maybe I've got a slide that'll tell that for me on day three you're going to see a slide that I just basically play and someone else will explain things far better than I can say with tomorrow with brooks coming on brooks is the pain this guy, he's he's, got the wherewithal for that far more than I do. So that kind of thing, right? You can do that. Like the crucial cube cube will actually help you. Especially people are just trying to wrap their head around this it's like, why am I putting? Why am I doing this? Why am I doing this? Eisenhower matrix? Why am I spending time on it? Oh, this is why it's an immediate connection because it's dead center it's like the bull's eye it's focused. Speaking of earlier on, we're talking about daddy days and stuff. One of things I have done on daddy days is my daughter and I took family archery classes. So we took we actually went and and shot, you know, and I always want to say shot bows and arrows, but that you don't shoot bows, just arrows. Turns out so no one plays bows and arrows it's like unless there's more than one of you then I guess that's it. But but one of the things that the the archery teacher taught me taught all of us was that nobody in archery. The only thing that gets in your way is you there is no opponent standing in the way right it's all technique. It's all structures all frame it's all how you frame it you know but there's nobody that's gonna block you no one's going to go half it's scary and it was going to try to tackle you uh unless it could be a new extreme sport who knows but that the thing is your focus is supposed to be on that target and that's why this works because your focus is on that middle spot that center why am I doing this creative life talking put creative live right in the dead center so what I want and I actually did it for each day so actually help me expand out my my talk right? And I don't have to use that I could use you know the just a simple outlining tool but it's, whatever works right something's will resonate with others more than than than some right? So do we have any? I don't know if anybody else has seen this is new this brand new there's a life back thing so I put this on life hack a while ago so I mean that kind of thing I think it helped on dh I'm hoping that people are here. You guys just kind of resonate with you a bit more like having your outcome in mind before you think about what you want to do and that's the kind of thing I got from the tony robbins stuff right is this all like we're here like the big my life thing in the areas of responsibility and all that stuff I mean obviously certain elements are taken from others and obviously I mean, I'm clearly saying, hey, this is based on the eisenhower matrix but just that little hack of convention which we're going to talk about in the counter segment as well can mean a whole lot more connection and a whole lot more curation question is going to be a daily thing I shot them go a long term vision we're looking at it again I mean, I've used it for here's my vision for how I wanna live my life here's my mission statement or I could put thursday in the middle of it really again the crucial is what you're going to define what's crucial to me right now thursday what's crucial in here right now to have an amazing time with my kids when I'm on vacation here the tat here the things that are associated with that to make an amazing product to sell to my my clients to serve my clients better that's my vision how do I do that? Bump up oh turns out respond to e mails every fifteen fifteen miles an hour turns out that it's not urgent or important or it's delegate herbal so I can have somebody answer those emails for me and pass them or I've got a service that will help me make sure that the person understand that they're gonna have to make me jump through another group to get to you. We're gonna talk about that as well. You're gonna you're innocent. Ask what the middle cute would look like, like examples. But you just answered so you could be doing creating a great product, making more money or having a party, right? You know, best tea recipes making a book like there's. So many things again, it's all systems are very subjective and this khun scale, right? I'm very big on simple scaleable solutions because people can wrap their heads around those a lot more, because right now, a lot of people wrap their heads around about how busy they are and how they don't have time and all that. But if you got something simple that you put in front of you and go oh oh, and you have those ah ha! Moments like the tent or whatever. That's helpful. Um, do we have anybody in the chat that wants to ask any questions right now are not really it's just awesome conversation. So whatever related questions. So you were just showing you could just go back a second so for that crucial cube is that something that people can do digitally because we have a question here from shrew me who's asking if this is something that could be done with post it notes is this something where you're just doing this on paper putting it together or could this be done digitally you can you can do it on post it notes I don't have an app for it but go ahead somebody making at um no I mean people have done with post it notes I'm going teo exercise with paper on day three is kind of similar and kind of speaks to this but generally it's done I've always used paper forward at this point but I've talked to you know, the eisenhower me guys I've talked to and said hey, you know how would you what you think about this like it's got a cool so I'm very big on the physical capture of it but I'd love it if there's a digital version of this high would praises to the high hills so gauntlet thrown there was another question actually also from showing me that kind of piggybacks on that one which was what do you think of the use of post it notes because apparently show me is absolutely addicted to them and is there any advice for somebody who just can't get out of that mindset who the problem with post it notes is that they're great for capture their great gateway, but the problem is that people don't view them as such they view them as a place where they're they seemed permanent, so they're like I'm going to stick that to my monitor we're going to stick that to this and ellison, you have like a monitor that's framed with post it notes and remember I mean apple actually had stickies right sticky notes that you could actually, but there was no permanence to them either. If you like, you could lose your stickies it's very, very similar. I'm a fan of post it notes when they can be transferred or when they are used as a gateway and that's what they have to be used as so again, if someone's addicted to post notes and they liked the color because that's a lot of what it is, I love blue, I love pink I love green, then find a way to make that color means something that you can put into a digital space. So if it's a blue post a note that you love and the blue project is like blue sky thinking let's say I'm going to use that term, then make that make that something that you put into every note under blue sky thinking like try to find a way to connect the dots between post it note and the digital world without holding on to those post it notes because first off the glue I mean as greatest three a m is the glue wears off we're time and secondly there's not that they're they're meant there scratch pads they're not meant for anything permanent they're meant for quick capture get it out of your head get it down I love him for that and ever know what actually partnered up with three m recently for post it notes so they've got I think there's a way that you can actually depending on what color they are uh they'll go into a specific component have ever known so if you go to the market you could find him they're never know it's paired up with a bunch of companies that they're really they're really making waves so um fourth step complete so this is where you've got the you've captured your tasks you've connected with the ones you then you've got your curation so you figured out which ones you're gonna work on this is all in that progress planner, but you could do this without it complete now in talks to complete the complete absent tools that's all on you there's no app that's going to do that for you so sorry um you're not going to be able to tell on me focus to check off all those tasks for you you're going to have to take care of this completion and this is where I would like to call somebody up to talk about their to do list and see how we can move it to where it needs to go so which one of you guys wants jennifer do you want to come up just grab a seat right there all right? So I'm gonna just uh I'll just do this right here so when it comes to completing your tasks you said that you use basically paper at this point right? So papers your big one so give me give me an example of like, forthing three things that you put in here to do us just something simple doesn't have to be specific gett grocery second get groceries and of course I could have just put groceries ok do you laundry verbs are important I think the mistake let's go something work or yeah answer emails okay all right so you're three things or is it three things each one of these essentially is a project when you break it down that's what it is and what you want to do is you want to break things down to its smallest possible component, right? So answer emails well, first off right that's plural so you've got separate emails to deal with right laundry luckily is also plural depending how you look at it and groceries no groceries is an errand right like it's going to get groceries but it's an errand but you may have to be you may want to be more specific so this is where it gets subjective right when it comes to completing your tasks so you're looking at this if you look at this is this a full day how full is this to you when you look that's how big of a day does this look like to you at this point I should take maybe two hours two hours for all of this okay all right so two hours to do two three two two three ok without taking into account that laundry I usually try to multitask with other yeah that's that's yeah you don't have a washboard or anything like that you're actually okay so so laundry is one that's again it's it's and I'm gonna a sign of context too right now low energy right because you said it was low energy right errands for groceries uh and answer emails now the question is is I can't can you assign any kind of meaning to that rated its root right now when you're looking at this to do list can you say hey this is what this email means to me this is what answering even you can't write and that's because there's so many out there there's so many you have to deal with so when it comes to completion in this room you're gonna want to break this down now why would you want to break this down because back to that priority matrix, some of those e mails are going to be very important but not urgent. Some of them are going to be urgent and important, so it's going to depend on who you're dealing with and what those emails are that are going to dictate how you work your way through them. So one of the first things you could do to go beyond that to do list when it comes to completion is really being aware of what you're going to need to get them done like this is a lot to me. This is actually a very long to do list, even though there's only three items on it because groceries to goto one grocery store, just one it's private sometimes too, so that all of sudden you've got two places to go with us laundry to three loads. Yeah, okay, so there you go, that's a couple of back and forths, and you have laundering your home? Or do you go to, like, isn't okay? Answer, emails? How many emails do you think you have on an average day that come in, like, first thing in the morning? Because that's, when you're checking it right, thanks, we'll fix that not that many right now. I mean, it could be anywhere from ten in the past it's been as much as fifty okay, so you've got so you've got quite a bit here actually yeah, it could take you two hours to dio but I want out now ask you and I mean, this is gonna be a little bit different but let's move those things over here I'll erase this real quick um now how many of those things on what I want a list of things that are important to you that are on your list that you have right now and I want to see and I want to see how they equate to this so basically I'm telling you, don't don't do these what are the three things? What are three big things that are important to you right now when it comes to work in life not those not what e mean, they could be very important to you but are you are they like how you're driving force of these? No, they're they're items on your to do list, right? But they're part of a larger thing, right? So what's the larger I want to know what the larger things are getting clients so acquiring clients what else? Staying informed you're learning so so education yeah education educate herself yeah what's the third is there any other were those the to pick its exercise and social so personal growth for personal time yeah. Exercise? Yeah. That's personal time. So those three things are very important to you kept now these things are obviously related personal time, right? But are they the things you really want to relate to? Personal time? Meaningless. You love doing laundry? Thank you. But see, these are the things that are going to really inform how you want to really make move forward with your cause. You're going right now. What's happening is when you do these kind of things and this is comin right. Like everyone says, I gotta do laundry, get groceries, pick up the kids, do this. This becomes the going. You're just going. You're doing productive. This stuff that's the stuff that's like, hey, how do I move things forward? How do I you know, I want to get more clients, right? And this is maybe where this is related. Teoh right? Answering emails is probably directly related client work. So that becomes important, but not every one of them's gonna be important. So that's, where you made me say, I have a project called a quiet, and this is where you're going beyond that to do, like, be honest idealist quien clients is a goal or project, so this is where you'll say, hey, this email when you get that email from someone and you look at it and it's somebody that you really want to work with, you're going to say this belongs in my acquiring clients project that's what this is and then you're going to get the email fifteen of them from somebody and you're going to go this is a client at first glance you're gonna go, I don't want to work with then you're going to be able to say, okay, either I'm not going to put them in the project just going to delete it or if you have reservations, which you might because you're looking at it objectively. Hey, I need the money already declined our my god job is to acquire clients and, heck, this is a client. Maybe I should look at bringing this person on board that's when you can use it to some of those tools like that priority matrix, how much of a problem is this person gonna be? How great do you see where I'm getting serum going with this? So what you're doing is, again, with that productivity path I talked about earlier on, these things are being put to where they need to go, right? So this you're saying, hey, I'm goingto allocate this to this, and whatever emails come in that directly rate is related to this I'm going to assign of this project if in fact they get go they go to this project and that's where a digital task manager can help you okay and that's how you don't wind up wasting time because you're hitting me with the port of entry, right? You know, as somebody who's just crossed the border to come into the u s they don't try to chase me is I'm trying to leave terminal hey comeback no, they're like I'm right there as you come in at the port of entry they're deciding what to do, right? Same thing you're deciding what to dio so getting groceries could mean, hey, I'm going to go to this grocery store and get this stuff and if you start to create that is like a context or project may be able to really other things to it like, oh, I'm going to this store, I'm driving past this place, I'm going to drop off my dry cleaning as well and then all of a sudden his dry cleaning comes on this place, right? So ultimately what you want to do is have these two things inform one another when it comes to task management, are you following me? I think so what if there's anything unclear before I ask you to sit back down again, it's like identifying what are the high level things and how do these little this is where how did these fall in and this is where you start right? So if you want to educate yourself you're obviously gonna want to foster that so things on here should be stuff that fosters that right and I didn't mention anything they're absolutely because what you were focusing on is the things that you felt you had to get them versus the things that you did to get done and I'm not saying that your to do list shouldn't have both but they should these essentially should be part of ah larger a larger thing there should be a reason mean do laundry you could delegate that if you really wanted teo right if you really wanted teo mean, we've got some host here that you could allocate that you could but you could delegate you could do all this stuff like getting groceries delivery service right seaters but we don't think that way we think I've got to get groceries how do I do that? I need to do that now oh, but I really want to educate I want to read that book already twenty pages getting groceries is way easier than reading those twenty pages right? So when you're looking at something like that or like this or like this when you have that in mind when you have that awareness going for you, you're gonna be able to judge it based on not the hey, this is what I have to do, but this is a hit what we really wanted, teo right to move things forward and also thinking about, like, when I have more energy is when I spend the time on those things rather than like these things, right? But what happens is a lot of people what they'll do is they'll say that they'll ignore this unless they have that energy, right? They won't they won't foster it, they won't add to it. They'll just say, oh, it's time to work on this project, but they won't work on the individual components of the project because in acquiring clients, there'll be some emails in there that may not take you very much energy to deal with, but then there's gonna be stuff like building a marketing plan that will, right? So you have to think about in that regard, because what a lot of people will do is to say, I don't have the energy today to do this or this or this. So I'm gonna go get groceries and do my laundry in this, and then you have a lot of food and a lot of clean clothes, because that's, what happens, right? Does that make sense? So we the when I ultimately say, when you're going beyond the to do list what I'm saying is think bigger than tasks think projects think bigger picture stuff think that crucial cube center thing where acquiring clients would be in the middle and say, this is important, this is not important, all that kind of stuff, ok, does that make sense? Yeah, I think that makes sense. Does everyone call you guys? Kind of you getting this? Okay? Awesome. And then, uh, love to hear from the chat room at some point one to be once we have a chance to that. Thanks for coming up, jennifer. Thank you. I'm glad that you had commonality stuff up. There would be weird if it was like, you know, feed the tiger. What? You have a tiger that's cool. All right, so do we have it? Do we have any questions that they're right now before I move on to the fifth step? I think we're good, good, good. All right, uh, this calibrate step is the last one when it comes to getting this stuff into where it needs to go, calibration is key. So if you're using paper, you're not calibrated yet. Not when you don't know when you're capturing, not when you've connected, not when you've curated about when you've completed calibrating means. You look your last and you go what did I do on this list that now could you transfer that that I can now look at my digital system and go dun dun dun dun dun so if you're using a paper system and like you see here uh get groceries when that's done and cross it off it's done right? But if do laundry is left open right because you decided you were going to choir clients instead work on some tasks in there with do laundry I then move that to my digital task manager I'll say okay, I need to calibrate that I didn't get it done or if get groceries is in my digital task manager it was one of the three things I wrote down boom it gets checked off on my digital task manager now why do some people will do it right in their digital task manager at that given time that's fine that's still calibrating and they completed in the digital task manager to sew on the focus to be a great example, you're probably looking at it on your iphone going done, done, done that's fine, but if you're using paper and you decided you wanted to disconnect from the digital realm all day and focus on connecting with your other stuff writing a book whatever work clients speaking on the phone for five hours when you do that then you'll have to go back to that digital system and calibrate it because when you do that, especially in a system like ami focus or what not what you're saying is you're moving things forward in the digital world you were moving the bigger stuff for that long term stuff simply crossing it off on your paper to do list all that gives use that satisfaction of today, right? Like I did that I did that I did that calibrating it back to a digital system is great what I will do honestly on this is some higher level stuff, but in every now for example, if I've moved forward on an idea, what I will do is I will, uh, be hiking but check boxes and ever now I will actually put worked on today from this time to this time, especially ideas, and I have a check mark, right? And I'll sometimes do that in the morning if I know hey, I want to work on this today, I've made that choice, I'll put that never don't put a check mark so it's not really a task management thing it's more of a hey, I've fostered this a little bit right so that's one area that you can do that in, but the goal here, of course, is to calibrate now want to go into the tools solo task management tools and there's a lot and I don't generally when I talk about the tools explain them in great detail because there are far the websites themselves the apse can explain them and not everybody is going to be using a mac or windows or whatever. So for solo task management we've talked about omni focus already for mac and ios you're using windows machine or an android device and you've got a mac at home you can use the mail feature to get stuff in tau omni focus it is one of most robust task management systems out there and it's one that I use um for individual solo task management okay do it dot I am windows windows has one took a long time it's a very nice looking one because no one likes toe work use a task manager that looks terrible right no one wants no one wants that to do list needs to be looked like it's worth doing right so this this is a great one on they use you can see it's got a very pretty elegant design almost looks I'd say it mac like um but do it dot I am is a great one uh and also has the review option team task management so if you're working with people here's that here's a couple of good ones trail oh you guys heard of trail oh it all anybody okay? Trillo is they use like a can ban style. So very visual cards. You can see there's a picture of like a I want to do cem kitchen improvement so you can take a picture of like a kitchen counter and put it there. That kind of thing. Idea's very, very fluid color oriented, very visual system and it's ah, trail oh, it's free as well. There's free components and there's paid components to trail oh, do it dot I am is free and paid a cz well, which I earlier talk to mommy focus is one of the more expensive ones out there for the mac and you have to buy each individual version of it. Uh, mac, uh, ios iphone, rather an ipad base camp base camp is commonly used. They've made a few changes to it that, uh, I've had a hard time wrapping my head around. Honestly, I like what they're doing, but I haven't spent as much time as I would like is a very, very, uh, popular with the guys at thirty seven signals put it together. So if you're working with people that are on a team base camp is one that you could definitely use, it is a paid one, so it's paid let's talk about hybrid task management really quickly and when I say really quickly, it means because we're going to come back to it a few times over the course of the three days here hybrid task management tools are ones that khun worth both her teams and individuals, which means that if you're new to this thing, this is probably one you should look at because you're you want to make sure that you can use it for both teams and individuals and you don't want to have to separate systems you want to be able to wrap your head around something that that will work the good news is there's one that I use for team based stuff that's very good for individual stuff and it's free and it's right here in san francisco, I just at their offices actually earlier this week, it's called asana uh, its web based there's an ios app and there's, an android app and it's free for up to fifteen teammates. So if you're sharing with up to fifteen different teams clients whateveryou can there are workspaces in there so I can use workspaces for client work. You can create a work space saying this is client a and then have all the projects underneath there and then have the tasks within there the same thing with uh and you can also color code them as well, which I find great and create master temp melissa's well, uh, it's one of those ones again, though, but scales so it looks very daunting. At first, I just wrote a post about team task management at my site, and one of the comments was, uh, it's too complicated for being so early in development, and I didn't respond yet, but my response wants to be it doesn't have to be, like, literally that's what I want responsible because it doesn't, it can scale it looks very daunting, but really, if you break it down to its barest essentials, it's a very, very effective task management tool, in fact, they're they're actually focusing more on teamwork and communication now that you can use another one's called flo, built in my hometown in victoria. Bc ah, web based mac and ios this one has a cost associated with it. There's tiered pricing um, there are mobile app, sir are amazing. And again, communication between between team members and the nice thing about both asana and flow is that you don't have to open the mail first thing in the morning, even if you think that you d'oh, because if you're working on tasks, each of them have their own in boxes so you can keep track of things within your task manager, which is critical. If you want to stay out of e mail but not feel like you're out of you now so those are the two hybrid ones that I wanted to discuss um do we have any any questions in the chat room yet? We have some comments on asada basically and it was just a lot of positivity team did say I use asana for clients but I haven't tried it out for personal use yeah jesse l says that they also use a sauna and it's the bomb elegant in her face and it has strong founders yes, the co founders of facebook actually, um and yeah, they actually have a by default project's actually called personal projects so when you sign up for asano, you'll get like your professional and your personal projects that already be there that you khun populate with whatever you want. But the other nice thing is if you use multiple email accounts, so say you run a couple of businesses right? Eso your unit is a personal professional e mail, so you do speak ng stuff right low so let's say that you've got a personal email that's for professional purposes you can have tasks that come from that email going to a specific workspace asana so from whatever email have you're sending it from if you've got a professional, you could do the same thing so you can actually allocate where they go, which is fantastic, because then you're in boxes are already set for you, and you could basically just go to the different ones that you want, and they've got due dates. Periodical due dates, priority headings, talk about priorities. Asana is really quite robust. And, yes, solid founders absolutely.

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Mike's class was chock full of useful information on streamlining a to do list, digitally and by hand. His process seems pretty robust, and extremely well thought out, to provide maximum efficiency and success with the least amount of effort. Granted there is a learning curve, and one must practice to become proficient and use it effectively, but if you are willing to put in the effort there is a major positive impact on productivity. He goes through his favorite apps (he apparently consults with app developers) and why, which was exactly what I needed at the time. Some of his 2nd choice apps may now surpass the others, but he explains clears how to pick the best app for you. I'm a small business owner and I found the class to be quite helpful. Thanks Mike.

Pavel Voronenko

Very interesting class! I would recommend recording it as it based on apps' solutions and since 2013/2014 there are a lot of changes. Al least maybe some wrap-up session. Well done, Mike Vardy and Creative Live team! Jan. 04, 2021


Just finished Mike's course and it was exactly what I wanted and hoped it would be. Nuts and bolts, real life ideas and hands on ways to implement what he shared. If I dedicated the time spent on researching an organizational system on just USING the system, I would be a shining beacon of efficiency. Mike's class and materials helped me let go of the need aka obsession with looking for the Holy Grail of systems and just pick a combo and do it. Thanks, Mike, I'll let you know when I AM that shining beacon of effortless organization...or at least when I quit writing notes on my hand! Great course!

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