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Content Creation

Lesson 10 from: Travel Photography: Landscapes, Aerials, and Skylines

Ian Shive

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10. Content Creation

Lesson Info

Content Creation

Have a content creation strategy. Wide angle, right. Medium shots, close up, details. Portraits! This is a big one. So, travel portraits can be posed and still say a lot about travel and a lot about the location. So I would say that this is a big, an interesting thing, because it kinda crosses that line of authenticity. It doesn't always work. But you can get a really strong sense of place with a posed travel. This guy loved this, by the way. He was so happy I did that. He got really into it. He got very serious. He was not a very serious man, but he got very serious (laughing) at this particular moment. But this kinda stuff can work really well. This is the pose, this is the natural. This is the moment. This is that same trip in Texas. You know, got a, literally an airport cowboy hat. And you know, the writer is out there, and it was just great light, great moment. Just poof, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, firing, firing, firing, got a great frame. This thing has been everywhere, for m...

any different conservation organizations and everywhere else. It was authentic! It doesn't get any more real. Like, this is who the person was, taking it in, having that moment. So environmental portraits like this, that's the Rio Grande, Mexico and U.S. on both sides. Environmental portraits like this, posed portraits like that, very, very important to telling your whole story.

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Great class! Lots of useful information on on how to take, market and sell your photographs, including what constitutes editorial vs commercial work.

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