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Focus Stacking in Photoshop

Somebody asked about focus stacking, so let's talk about that briefly. I'm going to take these two images and I'm going to do the same thing we did to the others, and that was what, Edit in, Open as Layers. That's going to stack them one on top of the other. Remember, usually I'd optimize them first, make sure I get the most out of Lightroom, and let's take a look at what we have. We have a sign in the distance and that's what I focused on, but the broken glass is out of focus. Turn that off and on the layer underneath, I just moved the focus ring on my lens to capture the sharp glass. Then I'm going to take those two images now and first I might need to use auto align, but I'll try it without. I'm assuming I didn't move very much. We'll find out. I'm just going to choose Auto-Blend Layers. When I choose Auto-Blend Layers, there are two settings, panorama and stack. It'll automatically pick the right one. And I'm going to click OK. What it's doing is looking for where it's sharpest and...

only using that part. It's comparing the two layers, saying in this layer, for this little bitty part of the image, is this layer sharper than the one below? If so, use it, and hide the one that was less sharp. It's called focus stacking. You do it when you just can't get everything sharp. Be careful, though, because if there are other objects that were in between these and all I did was get the glass sharp in one shot, the sign sharp in the other, in the thing that was in between, like a car part there, was not sharp in either one, it's going to look weird because you'll have sharp close to you, blurry, and then sharp far away. Sometimes you need three, four, five shots, to get the various things, and sometimes there are a few issues. I can see one issue right here, but it wouldn't be terrible to retouch. Just right there it looks a little odd. And so that could be a little retouch. But that's focus stacking.

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