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How to Find Any Image in Lightroom

Now let's look at how can I find just about any image. Just so you know, as with most things, you come up with new ideas and everything you shoot from that day forward incorporates those ideas, but all the stuff that's before that doesn't. In these systems you slowly migrate over time. So when I search for things right now, I might see a lot of results that I don't like and that's because they are in folders that I have yet to go through to kind of transfer over to this. It used to be that I would make just about every image that I shot searchable and that would take a lot of time. But now what I do is I only make the images searchable that are in the base folder. What are the images in the base folder? The ones ready for public view. So that now, anytime I do a search, I only see great photos showing up. But there's still the old folders that I have yet to review and some of those results still show up and it's gonna take me some time to kind of clear those out and get 'em so that eve...

rything conforms to that. So just so you're aware. So let's take a look. I'm gonna go up here to the top of my screen to the filter bar. And in the filter bar one of the choices up there, you have four of 'em total is called Text. I'm gonna choose Text and you can do Any Searchable Field, which would mean it would search for things like the name of a photo, the actual filename. It would search for if you have a title typed in in the metadata section or anything like that, but I'm gonna go for this thing called Keywords. And then over here on the right, I'm gonna type in what it is I'd like to search for. Now I don't know if this folder called Singapore is gonna have what I searched for, 'cause I have no idea. I don't remember what I shot in Singapore, but I'm gonna type monk. Nope, I didn't find any monks from Singapore. But if I go up here to the very top of my folder list there's an area called Catalog. And under Catalog is a choice called all photos. If I click that, I'm gonna search a total of 228,000 photos for the word monk. Now the only problem is, when you click between different folders in here, if this little lock symbol up here is turned off, the moment you click on another folder, it clears out what is currently in the filter bar and shows you all the pictures that are in that folder. If I click the little lock to lock it, then when I switch between various folders, it keeps the filter bar active so that it is limiting what it is you're viewing. Does that make any sense? So now I'm gonna click on all photos on the left side and it will search 228,000 photos for things tagged with monk. And do you see how fast it was? Did it take anytime? Did you see a progress bar? No, it was really fast. Now I wanted to find, what was it originally? A monk on a bicycle. Now this list isn't all that long, but let's just say it was 10,000 images of monks, 'cause that's what I'm into. Well I type monk here, I hit the space bar and I type bike. And look what it just found. It just found... Oops, I didn't wanna hit F. It just found, gotta select the photo, this picture and this picture. Monk on a bicycle. I don't wanna find a monk on a bicycle. I wanna find a monk in a group of monks. Monk group. Oops, I gotta put a space bar between those. Oh look. Here is, that's a group of two. Oh, that's not a group so I must of mistagged it. Group, group, group, group. Those are kind of fun ones. Or I wanna find a monk, ah what? Let's see. I wanna find a monk, can I get one, I don't know if I can get one sleeping. I doubt I have a monk sleeping, but let's find out. If I can spell sleeping right. No, darn it. But if I did and I tagged it, I would have found it just now. So you get the idea though. In here, I'm gonna find a monk, I want young monks. So I'm gonna type young. No. What's a nother word for young? Child or kid. There we go. I just have to remember what word did I use. Now there are ways though to make it so it's smart enough to know that child, kid and young mean the same thing. And I just haven't incorporated that yet and we'll see how to do that in a little bit here. But let's see, what do we end up with now? Well look, there's a kid. It's a monk, there's kids. There. That one on the bicycle, he's young. So you get the idea. So how can we do this to make this work nicely and how can we do it in an intelligent way where we get a lot of work done for us? That's what I'd like to share with you. Before I show you how to migrate to it and how to really do that, let's just talk about key wording as a basic concept and I'll just show you how you get started with it. But first we have a question. I guess you're going where I'm headed. I was gonna ask what are your top five tags? There's no top five. It's a matter of, you'll see how I do it. Would you say color is important? If color is important to you, then yes. But color's not that important to me. It's not that color isn't. I don't care if it's green or red or blue, but I care if it's vibrant. So vibrant for me would be a good tag. If you're into color, if when you go to your Pinterest boards, you have boards called blue and red and orange, you're gonna have tags with those words. So it's completely aligned to you and there's no right answer for everyone.

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