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Using Lightroom to Fix Bad Lighting

Matt Kloskowski

Using Lightroom to Fix Bad Lighting

Matt Kloskowski

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Class Description

It’s an all-too-common occurrence: You head out for a well-planned shoot, but the light just isn’t cooperating. That’s when you need a little help from Adobe® Lightroom® to transform your less-than-perfect photos into the images you originally envisioned. In this class, Matt Kloskowski will show you some simple techniques to add sun, flare and light to your scenes, so you can take a flat image and make it shine.


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Ratings and Reviews


Matt is a fantastic instructor who males it feel like a joy to learn. It was very interesting to see his take on how to fix uninteresting lighting. This course delivers on its promises and it's well worth the price.

Maureen Daly

This is a great class. Matt is a fabulous teacher who explains things very well and in a very likeable manner. With only using a few sliders and basic tools in Lightroom, Matt is able to totally transform an image. I have lots of old photos I didn't think it was worth doing any editing I'm sure I can save quite a few!


Matt Kloskowski is funny, humble, and totally knows his stuff! He doesn't just show you how to use Lightroom to fix undesirable lighting conditions, he walks you through various ways to recognize and work around them in camera/on-location, to make your post-processing even better. I am so flipping glad that I took this class when I did! My shoot last night started a half hour later than I needed it to, and the planning and processing techniques I learned here totally saved it! In fact, this class, combined with Caroline Tran's film class and Blake Rudis' landscape class made the shoot into more than I was expecting, even though everything went wrong on-location! I can't wait to show off my finished image. Thank you Matt for an awesome class!

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