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Using the Radial Filter to Add Light


Using Lightroom® to Fix Bad Lighting


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Using the Radial Filter to Add Light

The one over from the brush tool is the radial tool. It works exactly the same as the brush, it just works in a circle. If I were to crank up my exposure and click and drag, I get this basic big circle of an effect here. You can control the feather. Make it a very hard edge or a very soft edge. You can also control the invert, so it goes on the inside or the outside. Public service announcement number three, it will always be the opposite of what you want. (students giggling) Just remember that. (giggling) It's just one of those unwritten rules that it will be the opposite of whatever you wish that it would be. I actually got lucky on this one. Now, what I'll do is I'll start looking, all right, so I'm thinking we have sun coming from left-hand side, kinda in. You can see it's hitting these peaks a little bit. What I'll do is I will pull this outside, kind of angle it in, and I'll skim across the scene. Kinda like that. Now, it's too bright. I was just showing that as an example before...

. I'll pull that back. You'll also notice, what's it doing to the clouds? See how it's overexposing the clouds? Well, we can go to our highlights and pull it back, 'cause I'll still get the brightening effect, but now I'm saying don't mess with the highlights. If you look at the before and the after, you can start to see it. I could probably even go a little bit brighter. Add some warmth to it. Now, still getting a little bit of that sun and reflection, even though it's not direct sunlight there. Again, I just used to term skim, like we're just kind of skimming it across here. Like so. Before, after. Overall, let's go down here, overall I would say we could probably boost our exposure a little bit just on the overall photo, just to make it brighter. Since you guys insisted, I will go down and add a vignette. (students giggling) If you made me. We go (clicking) back to that. We're building. Start with the brush tool. Brush tool is good for some areas. That radial tool's good for just an overall kind of, whether it's a ray of light, a beam of light, it definitely comes in handy rather than just trying to brush across that whole scene there.

Class Description

It’s an all-too-common occurrence: You head out for a well-planned shoot, but the light just isn’t cooperating. That’s when you need a little help from Lightroom® to transform your less-than-perfect photos into the images you originally envisioned. In this class, Matt Kloskowski will show you some simple techniques to add sun, flare and light to your scenes, so you can take a flat image and make it shine.