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Brides House Pre-Wedding Prep and Family Posing

So one of the things I'm always saying, I'm talking ahead of time, I need the bride's beautiful mom, I was going to come in. God, you're on deck, we're going to be with you shortly. Mom, you're going to come in all right over here and I'm going to introduce myself and I'm going to start doing it and look at the connection process when mom comes in, I'm going to start that connection process. I'm not goingto hi, mom. I'm doug, nice to meet you. I hope you're well oh, look atyou girl working the magic. Come right on, mama how you I'm doug, nice to meet you. Congratulations. You're going to come right over here. You both look very beautiful, actually. The resemblance you're going to come right over here next to your beautiful daughter. Now when I'm looking at them, one of the first things I have to start to do this size them up a little bit. All right? One of the things I want is I don't want her bigger than mom, just like I don't want her bigger than the groom and the reason I don't want...

that it's because she's going to look more dominant and especially mom is wearing a beautiful navy ball gown, which is obviously going to slim from the beginning. One of the things I see photographers do that drives me crazy is they see mom wearing glasses and the whole I'm going to get I'm going to get going to get later. I'm going to get clear, this's mom, my job is not to change her. My job is to your welcome listen, I'm into this good. The fact is, I don't want to change, I don't think can you take off your glasses? The on ly time I am ever going to make a comment about glasses is outdoors when they are polarizing, if they are polarizing sunglasses, I'm going to ask them, do you have a lighter shade and they'll usually say yes or no? If they say no, I'll be like, ok, you can keep them on a just wanna let you know you're going to look like a back. You're gonna have black eyes and I'm not going to see you. Okay? So, it's very important when I'm talking to the two of them. I'm not sitting here talking okay, mom? Sure that we don't want to make you look bigger. I'm not doing that. I'm gonna walk him in close. You're going to turn to its mom here. Identify the light, and I bring them up as far as I possibly can. Ladies, you're gonna come right in here. Rachel, come in nice and close. You, mom, and what I'd like you, did you can I just ask you to create a wider base with your legs? You're gonna short yourself down, and I'm going to take your front hand here. Now, the key here is a front hand pulling that so I can pull the shoulder, and so I'm bringing her down here just a little bit lower. Beautiful. Mom, you come in nice and close and look at how I bring their hands together because I'm solving two goals. I'm getting hovering, and I'm also getting mom's frank right in here, heads together, and now what I want you to do, you're going to turn your head beautiful, mom, you're gonna lean forward to me just a little bit lean in close tilting, and I look at rachel she's already doing what she does, she's taking that front shoulder and she's rolling it in, so to fix that, I'm going to give her a bit of attitude and all that's doing, um, I going to see this know what a look ridiculous, but what does it do to the shoulder if forces the shoulder to come out so I'm rolling it out. But rachel is still higher. So, wait, you're going to ask you to come down a little bit lower because I want to get there. And now take a look at the body size, not lean forward. Ladies turning your heads here. Mom, you come forward just a little bit. Excellent. Do I care about the lower half? No. Well, I care about it's, the top of the body. So now I'm using this is a main light. You're going to tilt your head a little bit. Beautiful. Excellent. Now I'm coming here and to thin them out. I want to keep my camera height, which you may not see here. A home up above eye level on don't worry about the couches. I don't start tearing their living room apart. I worked with what I have now. This light is hotter than what I want, so I'm going to come right over here right now. Turn your head to me a little bit beautiful. Open your right shoulder up, rachel, and I want you to lean forward. Mom, can you come forward a little bit with your feet so you talk and tilt your head to the top, you don't good turn ahead, rachel. Tilt your head they're looking right at me here comes my camera height my eyes so in this situation because I'm indoors is a little bit higher I'm up in around sixteen hundred again like I was yesterday I'm set for daylight because that's my balance so my cameras on eyes right here ladies you're doing terrific eyes appear mom you're faking it smiling teeth excellent relax don't move so my first image is going to come of course I want you to know what is controlling the eyes about bringing them right up above the lens of the camera toe open him up! I want mom to see more natural I wanted to see clean and go from there. So for the second image what? I'm going todo we're going to go right in here we're going to bring them forward. There we go beautiful soft image of the bride and the mom looking down at your hand right in here and now I want to make sure that I stretched the chin out so we're gonna have mom lean out and turn your head into your daughter on looking down both of you look down, mom, turn your head to your daughter nice and relaxed and stretch agenda you're doing great, I'm using that caution blur I'm softening it up just like that you're looking at me, ladies mom, look, I'm sorry look down at your hand I'm tilting the camera to mom so I think at the bridal counted your hand beautiful mom stretched that chin out beautiful and you are doing so good don't move just like that serious relax now I've already said it I'm tilting to mom which in turn is going to raise her up now look at what we do here. All I'm going to do is ask you to look at each other just like that look at each other not like you're dating mom, relax my good excellent and I wait and that's the same comment I make every time on dh sure enough, I get mom laughing and I got a great relaxed image and on top of that what I'm going to do is crop all right in here along the top of the head and I'm going to make it a beautiful black and white and it looks like a wonderful, candid moment between mom and daughter they're laughing not because they looked at each other because why of what I said. So remember I said I'm creating a little bit of a photo journalistic story there on when a crop in the vale becomes more of a mood than it does anything else so let's take a look I'm gonna pull the veil of here and every mother loves her daughter more than anything so when I asked you to come in you're gonna get mom a great big hug and just like we would hear we're going to cover up bring your cheeks together looking over towards me ladies and you come down roll out the shoulder mom, you stand up straight and you see the gap in here I'm ok with that gap because I want to be able to make sure that I get the top of the body together on by tilting the camera to mom I'm cutting arrive here cutting her off here if I go straight, this isn't gonna work so we're going to turn them to the light lean forwards god, you can get ready I'm going to need you in one second papa bear and we're setting it up so god getting already I'm always moving along looking at me now lean forward nice and happy but look it if you look and you could see come we go to mean camera right here guys I want you to look at her face right here and turn her head to the right if you look she's got jowls coming because she's rolling in the shoulder so roll out the right shoulder excellent turn your head because new but he likes nope turn to the right nobody likes giles, right, right good smiling or idea beautiful drop down to shoulder good cooking here mom leading for mom don't look like you're scared of me nice and happy excellent don't move so look at the control I have them completely still I have them not moving look at how beautiful and clean the light is not someone is sitting home being like oh my goodness I got that vertical line going right through here so if we can go to camera right here on the video I am going to crop right in here and I'm going to crop through the shoulder I'm always cutting off hands I'm always cutting off shoulders because as finish she is it still looks like a slab of meat when it's there so I need to thin it out so here is my finished crop which for anybody who's buying of course we'll see that at the end in the way a crop and when I'm editing and I'll explain that you step by step now mom and daughter a great what I make them stand there this long no you could take a break on your legs real quick you get some work out here you're like this you didn't know they could be doing squats billy blanks in tight ball right here can I ask that to come in right over here how are you sir? I'm doug nice to meet you congratulations come in right here do you want to meet your daughter excellent. So at this point here, I already have it set up in this case. Mom and dad are married. They may not know it, but you're married. Okay, so I'm setting it up right here. And this is one of the things photographers do. They drive me crazy? You turn to a german mom, put your arm around here. Good. Not like you're in a bar hanging out. Bring it back down there. People love to be like woods off. Yeah. Looking good. That doesn't work. Okay, so what's gonna happen? Here's. Dad, you're going to come in right behind your daughter on what they deal with. Stand here. So the first thing that happens, it's almost guaranteed god gets in close and pisses her off immediately because she feels the veil being pulled on when he's like putting himself on the other thing is there's no personal connection at this point. Dad is super tall, so we got a small, medium large. Okay, so it doesn't work. The idea is I need to make them look like a unique family unit and I need to make them feel connected. This there's not connect. And the other thing is, I need this veil here, so what I want to do is bring his arm underneath the veil around the back no, mind you mom was already in this position you're going to short yourself down to mom's level I don't mean that in a negative way mom good right in here good come up a little bit okay, okay someone homes like that looks really uncomfortable I'm not about creating comfort I'm about making it look good so she's going to turn her head mom's going to come in here and his heart is she's working dads got it really hard you're going back up behind her I'm gonna ask you to create a nice wide base the opening weeks of kick that right leg down because you need to go all the way back to him now here's the king this is where it could go wrong so if we look from here god has turned in this direction the lights from here so I'm going to split that so the key is to turn his shoulder and turn here heads together lean forward and close the image turn your head to the light not lean forward dad right there and look I don't want this so I may bring beyond right there but I connect the dots this is one of three images mom up tour excellent and leaning forward making sure they're on the same plane to the camera look att this connection bam bam bam bam right here mom, dad, daughter love each other okay, so now the first one believe it or not I'm going to take an image without tilting the camera so god turn your head to your right everybody lean forward rachel turn your head to dad mom looking at me you guys are doing absolutely terrific dad looking at may I could not ask for better well, maybe a little smile nice and happy teeth mom looking here mom thinking come on dad give me some loving happy excellent don't move there's the first one straight camera angle you're on may watch what we dio I'm going to make one adjustment I'm going to tilt the camera forty five degrees to my left and then I'm going to bring their eyes off camera right here dad tilt your head turn lean forward rachel, turn your head to dad and rachel if you can try not to look like you're in pain smiling tv look up here don't move I've already got two images and I never moved him look at the beautiful light do they look connected as a family now I'm going to bring the ultimate connection with one minor change I'm going to take rachel's hand from the back and bring it to the front everybody else stays where they are she's going to bring her hand on her hip and then she's going to bring your hand right here on top yeah it's actually going to change it up a little bit dad here her he'll look at what she did with a hand should meet a full go to the side she's going to look down at her hand god is going to turn into a a little bit turn just a little bit sir and stretch your chin out and you're going to lean in close looking down onto him to turn your head to them on and stretch a my invading their space maybe do they seem to mind do I care if they might no because I love these cards family now I'm a part of the family right god doesn't love me I'm the son you always wanted good of course um to step job nobody really wants to claim make ok here we go looking down now our bride has to lean forward rachel lean forward turn your head to your right mom chin up rachel come down mom turn your head to your daughter turn more mom turned more tour more mom perfect looking down no smile stretching out rachel dad look at the hand serious and stretch it cannot sir look down at her hand and there's our image this will be relax because you three your legs must be ready to explode stuff for you mama this will take me literally to do this whole sequence I will be done with this and under fifteen seconds to do all three images but now when this is done here's my cropping I know that I'm broadly hitting dad with light so I know I'm making him look fuller so my cropping is going to go square right through the double chin that I caused on dad I caused it by not stretching out but I couldn't stretch him out because of how intense the studio light is I start to get a big shadow and here so I'm going to crop right here through his hand and through mom and there's my finished image so I have three completely beautiful images of them and those were just my close ups. So do we have any questions so far on anything? Because I'm sure light him up the board with the touching okay, so what can I do for you? I have two questions. We only get one here. Okay, so you're talking earlier about doing the family photos for other members of the brother and stuff so you can sell to them. How do you sell to them? Do they come to yourself but it's very simple. I put them right on line. I use an events I called image quicks the reason I chose image quicks is aiken branded as my own I can put my images there it's fast and easy upload I literally do it right from the wedding I could do it from connecting to my phone, whatever it may be, they can fulfill the orders from my lab, a photo they can fulfill the orders if I want to do that myself, they have tons of labs and here's the best thing, the reason I chose this service more than any other service, I felt like all of these places wanted to be my partner in terms of keep taking and taking and taking this company didn't want that they wanted me because I was a client and they wanted to say, ok, we don't need to charge you twenty dollars for an eight by ten with thirty dollars for this, the prices could not be more reasonable. I know ahead of time. I don't want to pay this huge event faith because there's no guarantee I want have a guarantee so their commissions or smallest convey the smallest in the industry there, up charged on a credit card, a smallest khun b I even run through my own credit courts, which I absolutely love because I don't have to pay them a commission. So they called image quix dot com and by far I think they're giving away some stuff this week too, but that's, where I put the photos and here's how I do it when we go to the wedding, remember I do that engagement session at the engagement session we take the photos they choose a favorite on on every single table setting is not a business card there's a little card with a picture of the bride and groom that I get from bay photo that says on behalf of the bride and groom we want to thank you so much for coming here today we hope that you're enjoying yourself we'd love to take a picture of you, your family or anybody near and dear to you please come up and see the photographer and you could see all these photos at www packin photographer dot com your event name is block your password is blah blah on dh bam they're on the way so I'm getting name recognition I'm getting people go and here's what's even better if you really want to know most people put photos online, they keep him online for like two months that's just ridiculous in itself you keep them there for a short period of time. We generally do fourteen days on what I say to the people on the side, it says. If you purchased these photos within three days of the event, all the photos will be half price, so if I want you know fifty dollars for any by ten, I'm charging one hundred to get the fifty and then it goes up to one hundred after three days so you get people excited sales is motivational that's. Why the shamwow guy says, you know what? You got two minutes and twelve hundred products have toe by now, and people I want to get him well, okay, it worked very simple because you push them to the site, but it's not their site it's, my son, which connected into my sight. I have a whole calendar of events. Okay, what's, your second question. I think you're getting there, but I was just going to ask if he do mostly close ups for the family's shots. I think you're getting there. Why did you do this next? Eso right now you're doing the close ups are do full body shots or do you focus on the clothes? Of course I am. I'm going to do the full length shots during the sequence at the church when I do the family pictures, the reason why is this is someone's living room it's, generally nowhere near a swatch of this room? This room is I don't have that and I don't. It's not great, I'm going to keep the close up. I will talk to the parents about it before I let them know that I generally do close ups inside the home because I don't want the distractions of photos on the wall or mantelpieces, and if she says, well, I redid the front with all those flowers, I'll go out there and do a couple of shots of the lighting works, but I'm going to do full length as well, just not in this sequence, but if you want, I'll show you one or two how it would work, but I'm going to do them again later. So I what do you do in the event that, like, maybe the bride doesn't want the mom to be able to buy pictures. So have you ever had that issue? Are not generally, and what I would say to her is if you want, if you don't want certain people to look at your photos, all you have to dio is I won't put the cards out on the table. I'll give you the event information, and then you can pass it out to who you like. Okay, what type of families you dealing with, dad questions from the internet? A couple of people asking again about the heights and the crouching because I think when you keep saying it over and over, you're not there to make people comfortable you're there to get the shot, but they keep asking. So mary hart, amy, why would you have the bride crouching instead of providing a small step up for the mother? It seems awkward to her toe have the because I don't want to make mom self conscious by having to step up and believe it or not, my life's actually easier because when I know the heights, I bring a stool with me. The only reason I'm not talking about the stool is because it's more expense to you. I'll bring up a pneumatic stool that I could raise up and down to get me where I want to go with hard to make it easier for remember right now you're seeing we do it and you're thinking, oh my god, she's got to stay there for four, five minutes. I'm doing it in thirty seconds and she doesn't have to crouch she's just gonna open a base and not a start too short. If she has heels, she pops one hell off, which generally brings her down, but it's okay, I'm explain why and if she said, why do I have to keep crouching? I'll say door well, if I make you taller than mom, your body is going to be a bigger than the camera so you're going to look a lot heavier than you really want to okay, I'll do whatever you need that changes it she's, right? Yes, I have a question here from arthur toledo in rio de janeiro how long do you usually take to do all of the formal pictures? Total time here's the thing this is one of the reasons my studios become as popular as it is because, you know, people always ask that question and our response is always the same. As long as you give us, I would rather work under pressure and get it done that it's the thing that separates me in any time constraint in any situation, I will get it done the fastest I've ever done it and that well wedding day dvd that we saw that I was talking about you saw me do family bridal party on bridegroom pitchers took over three hundred eighty pitches and under twenty four minutes and there's a clock going to show it because as fast as I talk, I shoot faster no, he is the difference is a male photographer it's going to be who he is or so it's a female photographer you were going to come across in a different vein, but I don't want to tell people that times I let them know the situation. Ideally, I could do everything and under a half hour I could do the whole situation ever because how many times are there with the bride and groom are getting married at the reception facility and they don't see each other before the ceremony? Can I take the whole cocktail arm cut into the reception? That's? Why people think that photographers take too long to pose it's gotta be good school let's. Go let's, go chop chop, chop, chop, moving along at a rapid pace. Everybody's doing great, alright brother and sister on deck. Here we go, here we go. Here we go, keep going, just keep going and being aggressive britain. So for the in the video, you said in however long you took three hundred are those all different poses are ok. That's it's. Good minor sequences like if you watch right here this whole sequence. Mom and daughter can you turn towards each other? Can I guess get a short yourself down a little bit rachel you're gonna bring your hand right here mom, put your armor and your daughter in the back you're gonna be in a nice and close put it around a waste standup told just like that bring your hand in here your hand on your hip I want you bring you fail here we're gonna win you both forward stay there just like that nice and happy looking over here smiling nice and happy teeth excellent you're doing terrific. Now we want you to look down at the ring. You doing absolutely great looking now lean forward while your right shoulder out. Rachel, I'm tilting the mom with down serious mom no smile serious mom good. Perfect. Now look at each other smiling nice and happy. Not like you're dating mom. Happy teeth got it. Excellent. You're doing terrific. I couldn't ask for better mom going come in nice and close. Give you daughter hug, squeeze your cheeks together. All your right, shoulder out. Leaning forward to make nice and happy. Got it? How quick was that sequence? Wow, I have another question about time you said you can get it done under thirty minutes if you haven't much time as you need how much time if you were just too much time is going to be forty five minutes an hour how much time will still probably be thirty I don't change what I'm doing here is the thing they have all these shoot outs and things that these conventions and I get asked to do them and people like well how long is it if it's an hour they'll want to do it because they know in an hour my a d d will kick in and I will totally be ripping off the walls because in an hour I could shoot twelve weddings one person doing a portrait if you ask me am I the best at what I do if you put me in a real wedding day with every variable every condition yes I'm the best at what I can do I can get it done fast but if you want me to create the perfect portrait in an hour one I will rip my hair out of my head and be ready to just freak out ok in terms of that scenario so it's just my personality but can it be trained every one of my photographers can do it that fast would you change this pose if step mom wass to the side no what did this same tio change making oppose is there would take mom's hand from here to hear that's it I take mom's hand off dad if they are divorced that's it but I'm still going to do this because this isn't about their issues this is about hard which they created ok? Yes its assets yesterday so you say could you tell us your female photographer what she did to adjust to not be the photo nazi but to still produce images rapidly is usually luxe? She relaxed and learn just like anybody should in the beginning you're going if you want to do what I do, you need to copy it to a t you need to copy it do it word for word do it on ben you see that doesn't work that does work and you make it your own the idea is for you to make it your own although all of my photographers and tort are taught and trained by me I tell the clients all the time they have different likes they have different district's my best friend in the entire world we've been friends for thirty since we are I think seven so thirty two years he's my brother I told him I trained him but we could not be more different in terms of what we want to dio I grew up I want to push the envelop sexy be glamorous and I want to be his hands on he grew up in alta boy so there's a little bit of a difference there will he do those things of course he will but is that what he really wants to dio so everybody has their personalities I tell my clients when he said how do you help us find a photographer I tell male simple well I'm going to do you engage recession cause that's going tell me a lot about you you could be the type of client this is oh my god I love sexy I love glamorous and then I take you inside the studio and I tried to get you on top of each other like oh my god what do some type of pervert or something or you could be and she laughs or it could be the complete opposite she says you know what I'm really traditional and then before you know it she's inside laying with her legs up on the wall or hoochie is because she doesn't know what's going on everybody is different and every client is different based on reaction based on storytelling I tell them all the time I am a toucher during her engage in session I'm letting him know I'm going to touch you I'm going to move you on practically caressing you at this point if that doesn't work for you you need to let me know and you know how many times I've heard that doesn't work for me never never because if I'm sitting here and b how could I ever get that without touching how could I ever get it? I can't do it I'm not working with a fashion model I'm working with normal people that are going to look like fashion models when I'm done okay? So I think we should get back to posing because we want to get along in a question mom, get up good god, you're gonna go on the other side right over here now if you haven't picked up on it yet which you guys if you haven't followed you know I'm doing full opposing most of sequences that I'm doing a from bride and groom for opposing that have just altered for different situations my posing on a wedding is exactly the same if I was doing if she's a communion girl and this is her dad because daddy loves his little girl that's what? The sequence is not from here I'm going to bring god and nice and close I'm going to ask you to keep your hand in the front beautiful dad, can you bring your hand around her right shoulder notice I'm holding a veil up he's going to come right here but notice how he went behind her I want to elongate him so you going to come forward, sir? No, give me your hand beautiful you're going to bring your hand right on top of dads and here comes a joke that you can use what I'm gonna ask you to rachel put your hand on the right on your hip well, that didn't seem to be prompt you get some attitude, doesn't she look, she works it she works it he feels it straight and now from here I'm gonna bring the veil around I'm gonna ask you to turn and now I'm gonna asked out to look at his daughter stretch your chin out sir I'm gonna polish jacket down because it a bunch make sure I don't break the buttons stretch and outs are a little bit stretched start stretch and the difference is if this was the groom I'd have them touching if this is dad he's looking at his store now someone sitting at home saying that's way too close if you have a daughter you understand that's not close enough because we love our children it's about connection turn your head a little bit tilting dad looking at your daughter eyes out here beautiful and look att three images built in sequence I'm back to camera I'm tilting to god to minimize dad lean in a little bit closest sir roll out your right shoulder rachel eyes appear rachel lean forward guys rachel till the top of your head to dad turn your head a little bit this way until two dad rachel smiling dad serious nice and happy don't move yeah turn your head to me, sir now dad a little bit more to the left and god lean forward to me sir all the way up all the way up all the way up tilt your head to dad turn your head to away from dad to the right not leaning forward leaning forward chin down dad looking right at me over here smiling happy teeth that chin up a little bit look at the eyes get senate there's our image don't move now I want you to turn towards each other you're going to give god a hug you're going to squeeze your cheeks together looking at may god take your hand off her shoulder hand here and here and here lean forward to may good adjustments turning her head to her right to the light turn your head lean forward dad showed up god till two top e ahead tow her leaning forward you're smiling I couldnt acts for better happy squeezing dad lover squeezer excellent don't move now I have three beautiful images off the bride and dad and I just built a page in an album did tonight nice connection now relax the next thing that I do is posed photojournalism yes an oxymoron post photojournalism can you do that? We all dream of the greatest image of the bride and her dad the bride and imam walking down the aisle how many times do we get it hardly ever because we got that on camera flash going boom you got home walking down looking like this and he got dad shaking the neighbor's hand there's nothing good about it but why not fake it one side here other site bam bam that's black and white that see pierre perfect light perfect situation beautiful who wouldn't love a photo with her dad like that and guess what? All three of them by it all three so now I'm going to do with the next question I ask is who's walking you down the aisle and she's going to go? My dad is that your mom and dad are just too dad no just you died so I'm gonna ask the next question which I'm hoping and praying that again is are you gonna wear the veil over your face? Yes terrific. So now I have everything I need right here. What side is dad walking down? Well, I have to know depending on whether it's a christian wedding whether it's an indian wedding whether it's jewish wedding I need to know. So obviously if this is a christian but I'm gonna bring dad to the other side. The next question is really simple are you holding hands or you locking arms and in most cases they're gonna lock on so I asked him a lot guards watch how she screws it up, okay they get all confused because this is generally where it should be she needs the lock in here if dad goes like this and goes underneath this doesn't work he's not holding on to heart she needs to hold on to him now in this case let's just say it's a rarity where she doesn't have a bouquet ok most times she never broke a it would be right here so I want you to think about this as it is look straight ahead smiling if I take a full length image of them are you going to know they're not at the church yes so I need to fake it I need to tell a story there is so much emotion right here at if I shoot it close up if I zoom out on it with a seventy two two hundred great if I shoot with a four to eighty five millimeter at one point four I got it so he is a okay detail detail detail so watch this watch the story start to unfold of the bride and her dad walking down the aisle so looking here good now just like that stay there I spot meter on the hand I go in and get my detail and now here's the thing if I get it right you have absolutely no idea where I took this photo you have no idea whether it's inside outside or anywhere in between and here's the best part I'm going to correct a little scratch on a finger on amona used this tremendous action we made this is the best action I made it could fix any color problem it could fix any problem with knowing where it is if you ever have a problem with color correction you pressed the button one time you'll never have it again I call it black and white ok and then you have no idea where they are there's the first image now god turned towards your daughter here's the story just grab prevail right there closed a back shoulder because if I don't close the shoulder you could see behind him if you see behind them then you know they're not in a church so I go right there he's taking the veil off so now I have another sequence in it and now dad turns his back to the main light remember we talked about emotional engagement and how to change it I want you to look up a dad beautiful and I want you to tilt your head to you left but turn your head to your right and look you know turn your head to your other right just like that dad in the back a little bit and lean out here I'm looking for the light so the story would be could I ever get what I'm about to get a going life looking up a dad beautiful lean in close dead just like that smile not like you're going to make out with her dad back a little bit smile and looking up just like that looking at dad look at his forehead smiling beautiful happy good don't move now watch the mood change chin down beautiful chin down looked out dad leaning closer closer there she is happy excited dad is giving me away and oh my god he gave me away the emotion changes black and white beautiful crop I just engaged you in a story that's not their dead and I I just made you feel it oh my god it's all good but do you understand it weren't it worked I made you feel it from two people who don't even know each other if that works I can't beat it because it's about emotional again you just pumped me up girl because it means it worked when the best thing that happens to may is when a client looks at my work in a big way my dog I don't even remember this happening how did it happen? And I tell them the truth I tell him the truth at that point I'll be like, I'm you know I'm kind of like a ninja I'm nowhere but I'm everywhere and they're like really you're amazing because they think it's real what our way were storytellers she hugs him getting close hugging head down looked down and look at the crop everything changes according to the crop and notice I'm going against the grain with the light here I'm going to shoot it wrong because if I perfect her hand it becomes it becomes fake on watch what we do looking down turn your head a little bit to the right beautiful looking uh turn it back to the left eye like a better I'm sorry good looking right there and now serious squeezer dad I don't care the ring is out of focus the faces in focus and there's my story I'm never going to get it do I care that the hand on the ring and everything is out of focus and makes it real it makes it really and now we have our image I have a picture of the groom and dad leader on all I got to do is just get me right here where she locks on and I do this here's the image god's hand here here bambam pam I have another image when we get to the church later on because there's always going to be listen even if they're looking at each other you two look at each other and this is you're taking it live taking develop you got the uncle in the background, you know it doesn't work there's the story can you have any questions so let's see jose t from the dominican republic you talked about this thoroughly yesterday, but I just want to touch at it again because we'll see it throughout the day. Can you explain again why you have your subjects tilting forward? And then again, what angle is their camera going out with that? Look at the difference I sit back on the heel we put the forehead what happens a tight, not everything's about tightening it up, tighten up leaning forward polls and creates a joy like even if it's not there if you have a plus size subject and you bring it up and you shoot down gonna work better she's a lady wants to know if you're ever concerned about running clothes or the wedding dress with makeup like when you put the veil over the bride and her mother's heads uh I don't worry about it that's what they say is my dress going to get dirty? Don't worry, I could photo shop it out you've never had anybody complain, okay, no worst I had it was probably one of the best images I ever talk and had nothing to deal with me. She opened the car door the limo door and got oil all over the side on dh she was freaking, so she took off her dress and I cleaned it with a toothbrush and ivory soap for almost an hour and got it all out so again we could told you was a photographer I couldn't let someone else to do it is all these women were panicking I couldn't let them control it I said I got this just let me take the dress just relax I will fix the problem and I was a hero at the end of the day because I sat there and scrubbed it out and got it out you know because you could let the situation explode or you could find a way to embrace it and make yourself look better remember I told you about taking chances and always going to look to embrace you always want to be a hero to freshen your kids believe it or not I have all that you believe it I have a pack of everything I has isn't what a wedding planner I have the threats I have the needles I have deodorant I have all of those different things that you could ever possibly dream of doing getting itself and I carry a spare shirt with me in case of room spilled something really you know it may not always match what he's wearing but I have a shirt you know which is better than dealing with the photo shopping it out of three hundred images that's great idea all right another question from con cave lenses who is in singapore and I shoot a wedding weddings for people of different ethnicities how do I soften the image if they do not wear a veil so all over the world there's folks without a veil what would your process it starts with eyes and if you look even without the veil the lightest soft because I'm shooting at a five or wider generally I'm opening up and I'm using soft like if I use a direct flash what's going to happen it's going to become stronger it's going to become more vibrant and I'm not going to like it and then of course if they purchased the video at the end and you'll see me do a little bit I have that post production video I added and retouch every single image I take how many of you do that you do personally well mine I do some of them I'll be honest with you because the studio so large we send a good portion out to a company called pilot imaging they are probably the most important thing I have because they do all of our albums they do all of our access post production but the thing is they wanted to know this company was so good they said we want to know what you do so we make it look exactly like so they came to new york and let me train them because of the size of the count and they added exactly like us they used the actions we use and added it so we have a style that needs to be doing that's. One of the problems for post production companies. I went through like, fifteen, before I found one. Post production is not an area you skip. I'm just lucky that pilot has very reasonable pricing.

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