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Working with Smart Objects & Smart Filters

Dave Cross

Working with Smart Objects & Smart Filters

Dave Cross

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Class Description

Learn how to work more efficiently and to be more creative by taking advantage of Smart Objects and Smart Filters. You’ll see how you can create fully editable effects that let you have unlimited freedom to experiment – and save time.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017



Clear explanation of smart objects and smart filters in depth including a wide variety of options. Demonstrations show how to use and why these functions are so valuable. Dave is a great teacher, with excellent pacing and explains every salient detail. Very highly recommended.


Very informative class that provides great insight into a concept I was completely unaware existed. Pace was good and Dave presentation style was great.

Iden Stromeyer-Metral

I have been using photoshop for many years without learning more about the software updates as is smart objects. Dave Cross made it easy to understand how it works to our own advantage, how one can apply filters without affecting the raw. A true eye opener to masking and applying filters to the work.