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Craft classes FAQs

Can I make money selling my crafts?

Absolutely, yes! Like with any other creative profession, there are plenty of opportunities and marketplaces (including online platforms), where you can monetize your talents if you are into arts & crafts and love creating with your hands. If you’re still not sure how to do it, you can join classes that will help you decide - how to best present yourself by creating a great portfolio, whether and how to sell on Etsy, writing a business plan, bookkeeping and other useful accounting and business skills. It’s important to also get knowledgeable on how to promote your business and create a steady stream of followers and customers so you can ensure a steady growth in revenue.

What are the best types of crafts for beginners?

With all the different types of courses, online tutorials and information, as well as great community support, becoming good at a craft is not that challenging. Where the real challenge lies is in excelling in your chosen area. Therefore, don’t just choose something because it seems easy, otherwise you might get a surprise further down the road - it still requires time and dedication to perfect your skills. However, crafts such as crocheting and knitting, macrame, decoupage, making certain types of jewelry, soap and candle making are amongst some of those that are very suitable for beginners.

What is craft art?

Generally speaking a craft artist will be making something using their hands. The equipment and materials used vary greatly - from raw materials, to everyday objects (such as paper, rope, stones, glass, metal, etc.), paints, brushes and other tools with which to modify and assemble the final product. It’s one of the oldest types of art and usually the goods produced are not just aesthetically pleasing but can also have a practical application (e.g. clothing, accessories & jewelry, toys, crockery, furniture, home and other textiles and many others). A craft artist typically works freelance or as a sole proprietor, however some work in partnership or as part of companies and organizations.

What will I learn in craft classes?

You might want to start your own business and make money out of your talents. Or you might just be inspired to dabble in a new hobby and make your own cards or presents for your loved ones or enjoy homemade soaps, candles and why not even turn your back to fast fashion by creating great clothes. Whatever your reason, an online course in crafts is a big advantage, starting from the fact that it’ll give you great structure and expert guidance. Even though you can find a ‘how-to’ video on almost any subject these days, extra help is often needed. Also, when you have a tutor and a community to support you, you can ask questions, so you will learn a lot more and faster.

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