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Adventure Photography

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Host Intro with Instructor

Lucas Gilman

Adventure Photography

Lucas Gilman

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1. Host Intro with Instructor

Lesson Info

Host Intro with Instructor

Hello internet welcome to creative live we're here today with adventure photography with lucas gilman lucas is war of the worlds leading adventure photographers he worked with such company's top names in the business I'm talking national geographic sports illustrated espn magazine dot com he is sponsored by some of the top photographic brands in the world I'm talking nikon, sandisk and man photo without further due let's bring him out lucas gilman hard whatever you good welcome to create a blank you know this is your second time here uh last time we had you for a very short hour this time we get you for a two day workshop in adventure photography's gets to be really exciting important? Yeah, now you guys did a pre shoot down a big serve eso we've we've got a lot on location stuff with you that we're going to roll for the two days yes, but also we're going to do a bunch of fun hands on correct correct so big serve one of my favorite places on the planet one of most dramatic coast we wen...

t we went down and just really did you know which which this whole courses about going out and just enjoying the outdoors and making great photos fantastic so at the end of the two days tell me what's going to be the big takeaways for me big takeaways are going to be you're going toe you know you're gonna go from making photos to taking photos, going team or comfortable in your environment, we're gonna learn a lot of skills. Lens selection, we're goingto do some hands on stuff. We're going, we're going to show a lot of stuff in big serve where we shot on location on we're really going to learn how to tell that story. Photographically I know there's a lot of people get overwhelmed with, you know, photography, there's a lot of things there's landed there's lights, there's, you know, but in the end the day, you know, we could go out and we can tell this this visual story because we live in this this age were now we're all connected, you know, there's instagram, we're all taking pictures every day, and we're sharing these things. So, you know, we're going to re break down those barriers and allow us to speak that language in a much more fluid way and, you know, bill confidence and just have fun. Great, I love it, let's, do it for you, thank you.

Class Description

Learn how to capture the intensity and movement of an epic experience in a single, still photograph with Lucas Gilman in Adventure Photography.

Lucas is one of the most celebrated adventure photographers in the industry. His work is infused with color and energy and in this class, he’ll show you how he creates his amazing images. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to take powerful adventure and outdoor images
  • The key to selling to commercial clients
  • Gear and equipment essentials
  • Post-processing tips and techniques

Lucas will share the history and process behind some of his most challenging and exciting shoots. He’ll also offer tips on how to prepare for long stretches of intense outdoor shooting and how he keeps his gear bag stocked for adventure.

Let one of the industry’s most exciting photographers show you how to inject excitement into your outdoor images in Adventure Photography. 



This class is perfect at all things. The best class for nature photography with or without model. Personally for me this class is best of all because we have most practical learning, that is perfect. I have sense just like I am there. I am gladly wait for starting today class because this class is two days. Buy it that material must to watch and have it on your hard disk! Just perfect. Regards to Lucas and Creative Live.


Lucas is an amazing photographer. I love how he keeps it simple with the way he explains and shows things. This class is perfect for anyone with a camera, as you can take his teachings and apply it to not only adventure photography but to any style.