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Adventure Photography

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Timelapse Reveal

Lucas Gilman

Adventure Photography

Lucas Gilman

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20. Timelapse Reveal

Lesson Info

Timelapse Reveal

Because if you look at the internet five years ago and you look at the internet today, the amount of videos that appear, you know, for people who watch are outstanding, I mean there's so much content out there, and us as photographers and videographers every day try and make better and better films, and using time lapse is a great idea to have something that you can put into your film. Now, can you talk a little bit about this morning and very quickly how you set things up and what you expect to get from a time lapse? And then we're going to do that big reveal? Sure. So this morning we had the, uh, kessler second shooter, which is a motion control device, and basically we set a very simple I would call it a still life, you know, we we didn't exactly have any clouds that would be consistent. It was just going to be kind of a blank sky. We didn't have any traffic that was going to be moving that was close by our location, so you sort of work with what you're dealt in this case, there was...

some really cool plants that we sort of did like a small vignette, almost like a still life on dh these these the's, er time lapses air really cool because they've become really simple. You can do them in the camera. This was shot one hundred percent in the camera. I didn't know. Post processing. This is just what the movie file on the card was at the end of this. And it looks like we got something which is good. Good. Yea, right. Um, I should do this is a profession. Awesome. So you know, it's it's? Not necessarily just on outdoor thing. Like I was saying earlier wedding photographers, isn't it? Could be another revenue stream. Could be something that they could promote is a package. You know, there are specifically people who do time lapse photography one hundred percent a cz their profession, they're doing ah, skyscrapers being built, they're doing all kinds of interesting things. There is some amazing time lapse photography slash, I guess videography almost out on the internet and it's fascinating and it's. Just something that if you're out in the great outdoors, it's something that when you're kicking back at the end of the day and all of a sudden there's not much to shoot there's a bunch of stars you, khun do cem cem still images but it's something that you could shoot as well so I would try to incorporate a time lapse because it's something that fits in the kit. You know, as far as being able to dio on adding the motion control with, like, the kessler or another device gives you a little bit of movement and makes it kind of unique. Yeah. So are we ready to have our big show? Are you guys ready? Yeah. Okay, cool. All right, let's. See it cool. Got some shadows moving, and as you can see, if we hadn't have the motion control, the shadows would have been moving, but it wouldn't have been that entertaining on. And, you know, this would have been a nice little vignette for, like, a larger project, you know, for to have, like, a minute long time lapse. Um, you know, I would say that would be a pretty difficult won. T keep people's interest, but they're almost like little vignettes. Little pieces that you can then bring into your your editor of choice post production and add some music to it and make it kind of interesting. That was amazing. That was we shot this. And it was about four and a half hours. Correct? Yeah. That's, that's. Wonderful and very much as a fine art feel to it. Yeah, I mean, like I said, we were given. We were working with what we had didn't have any clouds, which typically clouds make for amazing time lapses because they're always moving. We don't necessarily notice that with our naked eye traffic is another thing that makes for great time lapses on a little time lapse tip like people asked, like, well, how, how, how often do I need to take a photo? Well, that really depends on how quickly your subject is moving. If you're photographing a building that's taking a year and a half to build, ah, you only need to take a photo or two a day. But if you're photographing traffic, you know, once every couple seconds it's going to be totally sufficient. So it depends on how fast the subject is moving to then speed those up in a timeline to make them that time lapse.

Class Description

Learn how to capture the intensity and movement of an epic experience in a single, still photograph with Lucas Gilman in Adventure Photography.

Lucas is one of the most celebrated adventure photographers in the industry. His work is infused with color and energy and in this class, he’ll show you how he creates his amazing images. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to take powerful adventure and outdoor images
  • The key to selling to commercial clients
  • Gear and equipment essentials
  • Post-processing tips and techniques

Lucas will share the history and process behind some of his most challenging and exciting shoots. He’ll also offer tips on how to prepare for long stretches of intense outdoor shooting and how he keeps his gear bag stocked for adventure.

Let one of the industry’s most exciting photographers show you how to inject excitement into your outdoor images in Adventure Photography. 



This class is perfect at all things. The best class for nature photography with or without model. Personally for me this class is best of all because we have most practical learning, that is perfect. I have sense just like I am there. I am gladly wait for starting today class because this class is two days. Buy it that material must to watch and have it on your hard disk! Just perfect. Regards to Lucas and Creative Live.


Lucas is an amazing photographer. I love how he keeps it simple with the way he explains and shows things. This class is perfect for anyone with a camera, as you can take his teachings and apply it to not only adventure photography but to any style.