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Adventure Photography

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Why Adventure Photography?

Lucas Gilman

Adventure Photography

Lucas Gilman

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4. Why Adventure Photography?

Lesson Info

Why Adventure Photography?

So a big takeaways today are choosing a background learning how to shoot at sunrise and sunset when sometimes the light is the trickiest ahs well as len selection on basically just how to go out and make better pictures on any given day in any sort of situation we really dive deep into the nuances of ah shutter speed using automatic mode using manual mode as well creative white balance I mean we're touching on all kinds of things were going deep but we're also we're going to make sure that people are just they're just getting into this can go ahead and take their photography to the next level because you know, we all started somewhere and you know this is a community and we want to you know this is a fostering and learning environment so we want to make sure everybody feels that this is approachable as well so we're not going to go too deep too fast but if you're also an experienced professional there will be cem cem nuggets for you as well great now you are you're sponsored by some of...

the big names in the photography industry nikon man photo sandisk you work for like magazines that I've been reading forever national geographic sports illustrated tell me a little bit more about about what that means and why you're the best person to be teaching so I've been in the business professional for almost seventeen years I started out going to school to be a writer figured out really quickly I was way too much work and, you know, fell in love with photography. I was I was like everybody else. I was a kid on vacation that wanted to be a photographer. I took all the family photos but really didn't think it was a career path until eventually I stumbled on tio intro photography class like, you know, some people who might be doing their first photography class today, and I just really fell in love with it, and I went out and I thought, you know, start off of my mom's first fm to with nick or fifty millimeter lens and then from there got a little bit better camera and worked my way up. Uh, you know, learning things and photography workshops and eventually, you know, here I am today, you know, been doing some amazing things. I travel two hundred fifty days a year, approximately around the world, shooting everything from surfing, backcountry skiing, kayaking, travel, luxury destination stuff. I shoot some things for some prestigious car companies, so a little bit of everything, but, you know, really, like I said, we all started somewhere and this this common language and I talk a lot about that next two sessions it's, this language where we're all visual storytellers and we all have something to say and sometimes it just takes a little bit of encouragement and one person saying, oh, hey that's great, but if you move this over there, that picture to be phenomenal and it just clicking and then all of a sudden you know, we've learned something and we were all of a sudden it that next step there's that old adage if you can make it in new york, you can make it anywhere I think if you're gonna make it in adventure photography, you can pretty much do anything I've seen some of the things that you do, like claiming and on top of the cliffs we have a video coming up the big the next, the next segment in the big sur where again were a fly on the wall were following you were learning let's let the audience know give him a little bit more of a teaser of some of the things that we're gonna hit on it video for sure for sure. So we're going to go out and we're going to big sur, which is like I said, one of my favorite places in the world and we're going to take you through an afternoon shoot you guys get to be a fly on the wall were going to show you everything from the lens selections, you know everything from the simplest thing such as how to change the limbs in a dusty environment some some tips and tricks how to keep your your stuff clean something some things to think about when the light is not necessarily ideal and the process toe work through and some things to sort of um again this photography or at least the way I approach photography is this is a process the the more things you could do consistently the better photographer you're going to be and we're gonna work through this process is simply and fluently and we're going to show you exactly what we did in big sur making images throughout nolly an afternoon but then later on we're going to mark work into a second session on later on we're going to have tomorrow and the second session we'll have eric soderquist previously a pro surfer he's traveled around the world with me amazing guy uh he is going to be our in studio model so we're gonna have him on sight and we're gonna do some live shooting which is going to be really exciting and we're going to talk about you know, also fostering relationships with athletes howto find athletes how to you know, put yourself out there and really my sort of take on adventure photography is nothing ventured nothing gained, so by putting yourself in that best situation to succeed, you're gonna make good photos

Class Description

Learn how to capture the intensity and movement of an epic experience in a single, still photograph with Lucas Gilman in Adventure Photography.

Lucas is one of the most celebrated adventure photographers in the industry. His work is infused with color and energy and in this class, he’ll show you how he creates his amazing images. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to take powerful adventure and outdoor images
  • The key to selling to commercial clients
  • Gear and equipment essentials
  • Post-processing tips and techniques

Lucas will share the history and process behind some of his most challenging and exciting shoots. He’ll also offer tips on how to prepare for long stretches of intense outdoor shooting and how he keeps his gear bag stocked for adventure.

Let one of the industry’s most exciting photographers show you how to inject excitement into your outdoor images in Adventure Photography. 



This class is perfect at all things. The best class for nature photography with or without model. Personally for me this class is best of all because we have most practical learning, that is perfect. I have sense just like I am there. I am gladly wait for starting today class because this class is two days. Buy it that material must to watch and have it on your hard disk! Just perfect. Regards to Lucas and Creative Live.


Lucas is an amazing photographer. I love how he keeps it simple with the way he explains and shows things. This class is perfect for anyone with a camera, as you can take his teachings and apply it to not only adventure photography but to any style.