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Adventure Photography

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Wardrobe & Prop Selection

Lucas Gilman

Adventure Photography

Lucas Gilman

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14. Wardrobe & Prop Selection

Lesson Info

Wardrobe & Prop Selection

This is my standard uh prop backpack uh trusty f stop is also a camera backpack and so the things I carry this sort of lives in my my car when I go anywhere because you just never know uh carry ten are sorry a sleeping bag I will carry a tent as well uh I will carry some drinking vessels and you'll notice they're all very neutral in their color on the reason I picked these very neutral uh drinking vessels is because it really gives me flexibility on the wardrobe that we're going to choose to tohave there are models where as well so this is this will be complimented pretty much any color of the spectrum additionally uh I also bring a little camping chair because I hang out a lot and there's a lot of times you're just waiting for a sunset things like that for comfort but it's also a great prop you could have somebody sitting and hang out uh you saw for a hammock these air like sixty dollars they're also amazingly comfortable if you want to take a nap midday after an early sunrise shoot v...

ery cool because they come with a basically the straps that make them fit pretty much any distance super easy um and then additionally we'll have ah wardrobe like you saw an erik will be here tomorrow and we'll talk a little bit more about the wardrobe uh you know it's almost like you think of this is if you go into a fashion magazine we're going in and we're trying to style this is though it were something kind of interesting we're looking for complementary colors and for me it's more about things that are timeless, you know? I'm not looking for something that's in style today I'm looking for something that's going to be good tomorrow next year, the year after that. And the first question is, uh what or who is your audience? A cz weaken as we can see, you know, are we selling to the high end couture brandt are we looking to sell magazines? Images teo like a sunset magazine, a travel magazine like who's our audience? You know, people would say, I want to get into photography, I want start selling pictures. The first thing you need to do is figure out who do you want to sell pictures too? Do you want to work for national geographic? Do you want to work for the north face? Do you want to work for you know who is your ideal client until you make that decision? You know, I can't tell you how to get there, but once you make that decision, you can then start styling your chutes based on that, um what's your theme is this a active sporting theme? Is this ah, luxury theme? Are we just having a picnic basket? And this is like, you know, town and country you know what, what's your theme. Um and again, is it timeless? I keep hitting this point, but hit being timeless eyes really relevant in the damage because, um, you know, more than likely there I mean, there's millions and millions of images out there. And I hate to say it that your marriage may not sell tomorrow, but it may sell next week or next year, so the more the more you have images that are approachable and not necessary just this season, the better off you're gonna be, um and the last thing you know, what's your goal from this photo shoot is it to get a better portfolio? Is it tio making that connection with an athlete? Is it to practice your camera skills? Ah, and that's something I can't stress enough practicing. Uh, your camera camera skills, it is imperative you need to be able to crawl before you walk and walk before you run. People want to work for sports illustrated, national geographic, and that will and can't happen. But if you get a call tomorrow and they say, hey, we want you to go cover the super bowl are you ready? So, you know, being ready when that big job comes up and having the skill set to do that because you can't make, uh, first in practice, a first impression on a second attempt.

Class Description

Learn how to capture the intensity and movement of an epic experience in a single, still photograph with Lucas Gilman in Adventure Photography.

Lucas is one of the most celebrated adventure photographers in the industry. His work is infused with color and energy and in this class, he’ll show you how he creates his amazing images. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to take powerful adventure and outdoor images
  • The key to selling to commercial clients
  • Gear and equipment essentials
  • Post-processing tips and techniques

Lucas will share the history and process behind some of his most challenging and exciting shoots. He’ll also offer tips on how to prepare for long stretches of intense outdoor shooting and how he keeps his gear bag stocked for adventure.

Let one of the industry’s most exciting photographers show you how to inject excitement into your outdoor images in Adventure Photography. 

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This class is perfect at all things. The best class for nature photography with or without model. Personally for me this class is best of all because we have most practical learning, that is perfect. I have sense just like I am there. I am gladly wait for starting today class because this class is two days. Buy it that material must to watch and have it on your hard disk! Just perfect. Regards to Lucas and Creative Live.


Lucas is an amazing photographer. I love how he keeps it simple with the way he explains and shows things. This class is perfect for anyone with a camera, as you can take his teachings and apply it to not only adventure photography but to any style.