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Adventure Photography

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Packing & Preparation

Lucas Gilman

Adventure Photography

Lucas Gilman

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19. Packing & Preparation

Lesson Info

Packing & Preparation

We're gonna move on to packing a preparation and really right packing preparation can make or break a good shoot one hundred percent tell us about that, you know, one chord that you forget, the one charger can ruin your trip um and this goes for ah, not on ly chords, but also, you know, packing enough compact flashcards for the entire trip, you know, you don't want to be in the middle of iceland looking for a photo store that sells, you know, good cf cards, so packing in preparation this is this is the biggest thing, and we're not going to go super deep in this there we're just going to talk about these bullet points, the overarching things that are important for me making a list uh, is this is the biggest thing, and I have multiple list for this I used the iphone little reminder things that, you know, you could put a whole listen, you can do the check mark because without fail, there is something it's the same thing that when you travel a lot you're like, oh, I forgot a razor ever got...

a toothbrush, you know? So by making that list, you won't forget your your camera here um, being paired, being prepared for the unexpected, I always have travel insurance, I also have american express card a swell that has insurance so that when my bags get lost I get stuck in an airport that something is somebody's going to take care of me because it becomes very expensive to be stuck uh chicago here for like fifteen days in a row and believe me, I have been there so um but being prepared for the unexpected that also means doing your research checking for things that seemed pretty simple vaccinations I'm going to thailand do I need any vaccinations? I need dengue fever don't need yellow fever don't need rabies you probably do so by being prepared for the unexpected you will you know, hopefully not encounter the expected and that would be the rabid dog that bites you that has have rabies multiple lists uh I create list for many different categories clothing camera gear photo gear are sorry uh computer gear on then props so those four things sort of that that is sort of the umbrella and then if we're shooting a video shoot that's a whole another list of video products as well with all the group care in that kind of thing on by breaking these things up into their own specific list, you're much less likely to forget something uh which can make your life kind of miserable you're not gaffer taping your camera to the tripod because you forgot the plates or something like that on your your most excellent photo adventure and uh you know where you're going I know what the climate is like is it in monsoon season do I need a camera cover? Uh do I need a gore tex jacket? Uh is it getting me one hundred and fifteen degrees do I need to bring my own water purifier all these things which you know by knowing where you're going and doing the research you will know you know and knowing the season in the winner you know, I used to live in jackson hole but I also traveled to south america and in one one soup I could be fifteen below zero in jackson hole and I could be in brazil and it could be one hundred and ten degrees and one hundred percent humidity so know where you're going? No, they know the temperature know the weather uh and check that list twice. It seems pretty trivial to say check that list twice but you will be amazed if you do that you will be much happier you'll have clean teeth and cf cards for your camera and all that kind of fun stuff. Uh but you know, check that list twice. You know, the second half of it charge everything don't expect that there's going to be enough charters in your hotel ah that there will be enough outlets for you too plug everything in um and make some test images uh and if you if you purchased a new camera for this this trip of a lifetime or this next expedition make sure it works make sure it worked with your lens that it's everything's sharp and that you know actually go out and shoot some pictures of something and bring them into your photo editing software and make sure that the images are sharp and that there's no issues um uh you know again the research knowing what kind of power plugs you're gonna need internationally uh weather uh, cia factbook are there any al qaeda cells or bandits in the area they need to worry about our kidnappings a common in the area going I mean, these things are they seem very uh you know, you know, common sense but you will be amazed at people walking into bad situations without doing this sort of research uh and again make sure that you're comfortable uh you know, because the more you can focus on the task at hand the making of the images in front of you and not worrying about the ticks and the mosquitoes and all the things that were bothering you we're the heat. Um the worst thing you want to do is get sun burned on the first day and, you know, you know unhappy the rest of time so you know is these few things which seem like common sense will make your image is actually better in the long run because you are comfortable and you're you're not getting frostbite on the top of the matterhorn you're actually making images in front of you a ce faras uh, the gear this is what my table looks like sometimes a lot of stuff, lots of lenses, lots of bodies, lots of great parts, compact flash cards little you know, flashes, so you need to stay organized to stay on top of these things, you know, it's one of these things where some of the best photographers in the world as well as videographers are some of the most anal people you'll ever meet, but you need to be able to a point where you can go out and then be creative, but if your cameras always clean, it always works and you're able to make those photos, then that's where the art comes after the fact. Okay, we have a great question from the internet and then we're gonna go we're gonna move on to time laughs because we have that big reveal that didn't work apparently a work how do you ship your gear? You do you bring it on the plane? Do you keep it with you? Or do you use the providers? So the rule of thumb is first of all, I have business insurance that covers all of my gear for if it goes in the hole whether it's on an airplane or fedex or so business is yours is very important that being said I try to never put anything in the airplane hold that you don't want to get back you know I mean like it's one of those things where you put it in there it may not come back for your shoot so I always carry enough gear on with me I went to india about five years ago a packed one extra pair of pants, an extra t shirt and a pair of boxers and my leg luggage never arrived for the month that I was there people wouldn't stand within ten feet of me but I had enough camera gear I had three lenses in a body enough batteries and cards to be able to do the chute and the moral of the story is you always want to be able to at least even if it's not ideal have enough gear to at least accomplish your shoot because you know again new delhi there's not really a nikon store I can walk in and buy a whole bunch of gear so you know I'd in the us I will ship gear ahead of time to my hotel if if I have enough time but typically if I'm you know on an airline I'm putting stuff in pelican cases with my favorite dividers or truck packed dividers they allow all the things that not bang against each other on that's, for usually the big lighting year and things like that. You saw there. There was a couple pelican cases. That's. What the pro photo gear goes in, if I don't have time to ship it, because a lot of lot of these things take up last minute, and then you know, the big ear is protected.

Class Description

Learn how to capture the intensity and movement of an epic experience in a single, still photograph with Lucas Gilman in Adventure Photography.

Lucas is one of the most celebrated adventure photographers in the industry. His work is infused with color and energy and in this class, he’ll show you how he creates his amazing images. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to take powerful adventure and outdoor images
  • The key to selling to commercial clients
  • Gear and equipment essentials
  • Post-processing tips and techniques

Lucas will share the history and process behind some of his most challenging and exciting shoots. He’ll also offer tips on how to prepare for long stretches of intense outdoor shooting and how he keeps his gear bag stocked for adventure.

Let one of the industry’s most exciting photographers show you how to inject excitement into your outdoor images in Adventure Photography. 

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Lucas is an amazing photographer. I love how he keeps it simple with the way he explains and shows things. This class is perfect for anyone with a camera, as you can take his teachings and apply it to not only adventure photography but to any style.