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The Art of Selling What You Make


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Day 3 Pre-Show

Hello, internet and welcome to creative live. This is a very special day here in creative live history. It's easy. Not only is this a day three of our first workshop focus on the world of crafting and makers and designers and writers, this course is the art of selling what you are worth. That is not it. This is the art of selling what you make. I'm focused on a song, I'll tease it now that we were listening to earlier this morning that are other hosts, gian maria's cousin wrote yesterday after being inspired by this course, it's a beautiful song, I think we're going to go out with it later in the day, so I'll just leave it at that, but a song that she finished writing yesterday after starting it a year ago and not being able to write it, and it really sums up what we've been talking about here with terror. So this is day three again of the art of selling what you make. The other very exciting thing that we are doing today is our first ever creative live india craft show. We have partne...

red up with san francisco bizarre, and they have helped us along with terror curate a number of the best artist in the san francisco bay area, and they're here in our other studio, in our other room, actually are what we call the pit here in our san francisco studios it's where all of our production team sits and we've cleared that out and creative a craft show so all of you who live in the san francisco area right now we invite you to come down to our studio meet our team check out creative live and do your holiday shopping we would love for you to support these artists that's really are part of the creative live community on dh again you can look at our website there is and are about as page or contact us paige our address here in san francisco and we will be opening our doors in about eight minutes for all of you out there for the public from nine a m to one p m today now for those of you who are out online in the rest of the world we highly encourage you and invite you to join us here and again our virtual craft show a globally there is a show guide now that guide is available underneath the screen that you're watching right now there is an icon for our india craft show and you can click on that will take you to the event page and there's a free pdf there that takes you through all of the artists that are with us today including our five studio audience artists who have been with us here for the past three days so all of their links, their links to their websites there etsy stores their facebook pages, follow them on twitter, let's, show them some creative live love. We are a huge community and we're very, very supportive of each other, so go check them out and like I said, get some of your holiday shopping down a few months earlier. Once again, I am kinda close to run over your host today, here in the classroom. What we also have going on on another channel is that john marie actually is out there and will be interviewing and talking with all of our artists who are out on the craft show floor so you can take a look a sneak peek at all of the pieces out there and again, then download that show guide and then you confined directly get to their websites, so we were very excited for today again, a historic deng created five history. We are going to take a few minutes to make sure that you can see us and hear us. We invite you to join us in our chat room and let me know where you're joining us from. Let us know, maybe what it is that's on your shopping list who is it that you're thinking about buying something for and let's see what you might want to find on our craft show list tell us where you're joining us from in there and I'll be shouting that out later okay so we have our five studio audience members and we would love to hear from all of you again first of all thank you for the past two days you have all been an incredible studio audience I love that you are in different areas I saw some comments yesterday about how each of you are in different areas of your business different how far you are along or how new you are and a lot of people were relating with each of you and that's what's really cool too see so let's go to the line introduce yourselves again let us know where you're joining us from and what your business is where we can find you online we have about five minutes so we can just talk a little bit about also maybe one of the first things that you're going to implement after today from the past two days sahar um I live in san francisco I own jenna uh which is j n dash and a general dot com and that's the arabic word for heaven and uh find me there there's going to be my email I just on the bottom of it I'm fair I'm pretty new in this business but I'm definitely going full for it full force into this after this class fantastic I am a neighbour from an apple dot com based in sacramento just up the road known for quirky and fun infant body suits and youth t shirts um yesterday was a really meaty day, but it was one that I needed tio go through especially with my hot seat and kind of the things that we talked about with value driven marketing the first thing I'm going to implement is kind of taking a step back and looking at everything and making sure that the values that I hold so like court to me are really being expressing everything and also I just I really need to kind of give a shout out to all the people that sent me messages like emails yesterday and facebook messages that were like, hey, you're so inspiring like thanks for being so honest and everything so thanks that is fantastic what what are some of those core values just for people who weren't here yesterday you that you came up with for yourself? Yeah community generosity, integrity and then things that aren't so heavy just fun humor giving back personality awesome. Well, I know that there are a few things on your of your works that are on my list off the adorable adorable bibs is insurance with ties of my favorite, which us we'll see later today if you're still with us are the little ones with the record player so I got a lot of friends who have just been having babies, so I think I think my name is sasha keagan, and my website is sasha kagan dot com I am a writer, I write books, and I also have classes and one on one coaching where you can explore what's, quirky aboutyou and celebrate that and also learn how to enjoy being single and really be yourself in a relationship. So, yeah, this costs has been amazing. I mean, I one of the big things I get is just remembering to tell this story about how people benefit from and connect and expand in their lives and everything I do because I will just put, I'll just describe something and it's just like the product or the class, and it just seems so different have a face and see what it meant in someone's life, so I started to go through my website and do that, and I'll do it more, and this week I'm really focused on the one on one coaching program that we talked about yesterday, and that was really, really helpful tio have that chance to talk about it with terra that's awesome, I think what was really cool to see yesterday was you feel from my observation really empowered we were talking about money and hard dollars, and here is what I will charge for this these these one on one sessions and these over a period of time and I could really tell that you're like yes yeah yes I am giving that value yeah really cool it's been a real arrival because I've been doing this for fifteen years in some way or another but it's in the last year that I'm also new like action making at a business so it's like yeah it is valuable so it's a big step and it's been really helpful to be here tto take that step awesome thank you megan I'm meghan eckman thie illustrator and writer behind studio me and e and yesterday really helps me figure out I need a new direction for a line that I was coming up with two better align with the path my customers around and I know exactly the price that's coming out too and it's much higher than I originally thought I could put it at yes that's what we love to hear fantastic thank you, oliver I am the owner of a bird a virtue it's a small city san francisco based jewelry design company for men and women yesterday was really good. I was probably well, actually the first day was really good teo um but, uh it was interesting talking about the braille necklaces on dh getting her feedback on that because, um those I haven't sold us much, but really I'm most excited about those just that I feel like they are more like a change maker than adorning your body I don't know just with the it's both but yeah that's what I took away from it yeah, and telling that story about the virtues and the story of why the braille and how we talked about how sunset magazine would be a perfect spot for that I could totally see it. Yeah, and that's the beautiful thing and just just sparking those ideas and then taking action on it. So awesome. Quick little behind this behind the scene story on the necklace that I was wearing yesterday of yours you again for letting me wear that. But your pieces are really unique and beautiful. And our line producer vanessa and I were actually messaging all day fighting over who was going to be able to buy that one and take it home so check out a part of virtues make more way have a good time here at critic five and we just are truly enjoying seeing the art that you all are creating so thank you let's get this course started welcome to the art of selling what you make with terror gentilly, please help me welcome back to the stage terra hey, how are you feeling today, a little tired but totally ready to kick some more but today finish out this workshop on a high note I know how are you feeling about being the inspiration for our first indie crap show? Very good of I bring is absolutely incredible I can't wait to get out there and really see what everyone's brought and talk to them about their inspiration and why they're doing what they're doing and you know all the amazing things that go into making what making their work and what's really cool is that we're going to be seeing these five lovely women put what they've learned, what they're gonna learn today, especially into action leader today yeah so that's going to be really cool but I will let you get started to do this you get hostile thank you welcome again the internet I am so thrilled to be on this last today talking about selling what you make both online and off but first I have a a favor to ask everyone especially the people on line and that is I would love to see all of the faces ofthe people who have made it today three so here's what you could do for me get out your instagram, get out your smartphone, take a selfie and tag it c l craft and weaken tag me at terra gentilly that would be completely awesome, teo but I just want to see all the faces of the people who have made it along today. Three see these five faces they're here with us, but who are you out there? I want to see you, so get on instagram, give, give me a c l craft selfie on dh. Then I could check that over the break and see all your smiling faces back out at me. Cool! All right, thanks.

Class Description

If you have serious crafting skills and are ready to transform your work from a pastime to a thriving business, this three-day immersion into sales and marketing in the age of Etsy® is for you.

Taught by business strategist Tara Gentile, this course will help you think like a service-based business to maximize positive customer relationships and sales. Using and applying basic pricing strategies and psychology, you’ll learn how to set prices that reflect the value of what you do while still remaining realistic for your customers. You’ll learn how to write marketing materials and create an online presence that piques the interest of clients.

You’ll also learn how to effortlessly guide customers through each step of the purchasing process, from the first spark of initial interest to the final transaction. Tara will show you how to apply your skills in online venues like Etsy®, real-world settings like craft fairs, and beyond.

This course will give you the concrete, pragmatic tools to connect with customers, make sales, and share the unique things you make with the world.