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1 Year Olds: Sitting and Standing

Lesson 33 from: Baby Plans: Photographing the Early Years

Julia Kelleher

1 Year Olds: Sitting and Standing

Lesson 33 from: Baby Plans: Photographing the Early Years

Julia Kelleher

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33. 1 Year Olds: Sitting and Standing


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Lesson Info

1 Year Olds: Sitting and Standing

What we're going to do is change teo a little girl, and I wanted teo some stuff of her without the cake first and see if she's okay with that and then we'll move on tio doing her cakes mash with a little bit more of a ruffled cake mom tells me that she loves cake, so hopefully that's the case and, well, we'll be able to get her pretty enthusiastic and just try to get that sweep clean and nice at the bottom there. Okay, so this background is by intuition, backgrounds. Becky gregory, I'm going to go ahead and go back to my eighty five millimeter lens, and the reason I'm doing that is because I'm using the floor here it creative live the wood floor and I just have I don't have like a baseboard were talking yesterday about baseboards on, and I don't have a baseboard to cover that theme at the bottom of the backdrop back there, and so I want to create some decent depth of field and my eighty five millimeter one point four lens produces gorgeous boca at one point four in one point six, so I ...

want to blur that steam out of focus so that it's not so obvious, okay, so that's kind of why I'm switching over to a longer lens that has a little bit more compression associated with it. So I can get that feeling of depth and a blurred background, but becky creates these gorgeous, gorgeous painted backgrounds that she does by hand herself. And then prince, um, on these beautiful, wrinkle free backgrounds on dh, they're great for babies like they are so sweet and elegant and innocent and have that very serial quality to them, and she does a lot of stuff for girls and four boys, so when I think I'd like to do is we're going to put up, we're gonna bring little alexey over here, and this is mama, mama what's your name again. I'm sorry, leslie and alexey hi, sweet girl. You look so pretty in this little dress, which is just divine is from natural whispering wonders and it's a little see through which I'm fine with. So I just put one of those wool diaper covers I told you guys about yesterday under it, so her diaper isn't showing quite as white and, you know, disposable diaper ish that makes sense. Carrie, I'm goingto we're gonna hold off on the cake for just a minute so you can send it down if you want. I'll let you know when I need it on, and then we're going to put probably a cute little headband on her of some kind I actually like the blue one, huh? That's kind of cute hopefully she'll keep it on her head some girls don't like to but mom's who do this regularly and have headbands on ah lot will their kids are used to it some moms don't do it at all and so the kids will just immediately tried to rip it off keep that in mind she's so cute let's let's see how much separation anxiety you have high and she's like I am too interested in those big black cameras they're kind of cool. Yeah, these guys are neat looking looking at mike over here she's like there's a red light on your camera mic was that all about, huh? No. So she's crawling right she's definitely crawling so here I have a blank set here and she's probably gonna crawl away from me but we're going to try it anyway and see what see what she does and if she starts to crawl away a lot then I will go ahead and move to something that will contain her you know these people are they nice? Who? So you think I think you like it when I look at that attention it is an island you home she's a pretty happy baby you can kind of see her reactions to think she's smiling it steph going on but you have to remember this is incredibly overwhelming for her one year old is a lot to take in so he sent you down to happen yeah you're so beautiful look at your pretty dressed that get somehow that was icy can you tie that in a pretty bow so that it looks a little bit more how you how you alexey chewing on your fingers you got teeth coming in is that what it is to see my teeth? Yeah miss lauren has teeth too huh yeah uh let's get down here, huh what do you think? All goodness mommy I don't want you to attract her attention too much because I don't want her to crawl to you like freddy you I look miss julia forgot to get was like your didn't she but you're going to be my rock star to you yeah she's good girl going cover and bring your slightly forward for me if you went ow right here oh big okay, wait yeah thank you. What were you doing going back way no no yeah ugo oh my god you did yukio ah okay, so I'm going to go ahead and get her you look atyou standing and you stand by yourself I don't know if you get an a we might get something for you to stand up on she's stable now ok let's get some for her standard let's, try a feature. A big girl chair. Look at that. What do you think? You can stand right next to it. You can stand up all behind here. You can see that. Get up. Wait. Hand, hand, hand, hand! Get in there! What were you doing in there? Stand up! Wow. Can you open it? You get a laugh, innit? You you, teo, you don't like all those tonto can't get travel. Cam was going to give her a break. So, um, I was a little bit over exposing some spots, but she's giving some gorgeously cute expressions. And I'm gonna go ahead and reduce my exposure just to touch these air. Just priceless in here of her underneath the chair, which, you know, catch flights are not quite in her eyes. Um, but I can easily you look a little warm to identify. White balance is a little off, but we can easily touch that up to increase the catch lights in the brightness in her eyes which will do in the next segment. So let's, go ahead and get rolling and do cakes mashed with her? How does that sound through these babies? Quick.

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Natalia Malinko

I just finished to watch this course. And I confess: I've been struggled all the time during the viewing to say already: I LOVE IT! So, I LOVE this course! Julia is so nice teacher, and photographer, and person. And she is so incredible organizator of whole child's photography business. She is amazing, so meticulous, so persuasive trough all and each one of the important points of this business. And she is just great in the part of studio´s shooting examples with the babies. This is one of the best and most valuable courses I found in Creative Live, thanks!

Dawn Potter

I've been so fortunate to be able to be a part of the Live audience experience with Julia. She is an amazing person, photographer and teacher. She does a fantastic job of explaining in detail, the steps she has taken that have helped her success as well as the steps that have set her back. We are so lucky to be able to learn from her experiences and to have someone who is willing to put herself out there to teach us and help us to grow as photographers. For anyone considering adding a Baby Plan to their portrait offerings, this class is a MUST have. Julia, you are #awesomesauce !! xoxo - Dawn Potter

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