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Become a UX Designer

Joy Liu

Become a UX Designer

Joy Liu

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Class Description

Learn the basics of User Experience Design with design practitioner and educator, Joy Liu in Become a UX Designer.

Through hands-on activities and real world examples Joy will teach the vocabulary and concepts you need to know to get started in a career in UX. You’ll learn about:

  • The role empathy plays in designing for users
  • Techniques for storyboarding the user journey
  • Sustainable layouts & compositions
  • The software and tools required for the job

You’ll learn how to evaluate design from a UX perspective and how to map the user’s journey and product flow. You’ll build new skills for examining the structure, hierarchy, consistency, and focus of websites.

If you want to launch a career in UX, Become a UX Designer will get you started.

Class Materials

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Joy Liu - Exclusive InVision Coupon.pdf
Joy Liu - Prototype Softwares and App List.pdf
Joy Liu - Reading List.pdf

Ratings and Reviews


With all due respect... We're 2 hours in and I simply can't watch this any longer. I would NEVER pay money for this course as it is. Joy seems to have a great grasp of the material and I have no doubt that working with small start-ups is a good fit for her. That doesn't mean that she's well-qualified to actually teach this course. Joy will serve both herself and her audience by getting some coaching/guidance in becoming a better speaker. The constant ums, nervous hard swallows, monotonous tone, rambling, frequent pauses while she tries to think of the next thing to say, etc is not only painfully distracting but REALLY detracts from her credibility. And the casual, cutesy way that one interacts with family and friends is not necessarily the appropriate way to speak in front of students. The initial segment was a smart way to provide an experience for the students but it went on WAAAAAY too long to make a fairly simple point. I honestly can't follow her now, she's going on and on describing users doing this and maybe they'll do that and it just doesn't make any sense anymore. I shouldn't have to work so hard to follow an instructor! On the upside, her slides are excellent. I would strongly suggest that Joy joins Toastmasters (at the very least) to improve her speaking skills, but ideally she would get some professional assistance in her entire teaching presentation: organization and delivery of material (pedagogy) and her basic speaking skills. And I don't appreciate the host "spinning" this deficiency by saying "it's a lot to follow and that's why you should buy the course"... That's just shabby! Perhaps Joy could study other extremely polished and effective CreativeLive presenters like Chris Gilbert (as a woman role model) or others like John Lee Dumas or James Wedmore all of whom are also delivering complex technical material but do it with clarity, confidence and style.


Excellent class, especially for someone new to ux design, story boarding, etc. Very good examples showing wireframes too! thank you Joy Liu. PS - remember to floss, very important for your health!!

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