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Sexy Styling

Lesson 12 from: The Boudoir Workshop

Christa Meola

Sexy Styling

Lesson 12 from: The Boudoir Workshop

Christa Meola

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12. Sexy Styling

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Lesson Info

Sexy Styling

So let's talk about some sexy styling make smart order of choices okay so we were just talking about this provide guidelines and these could be your own whatever works for you I typically don't love prince I don't love you like cotton um I just have my own weird guidelines no lobos and um I make sure that they don't bring five black busty a's that's not my idea variety you know um I also will give them uh places to shop places that I love places that I think that they could go online or in store check and stuff out um and I do say I make it a collaborative process so whatever she's wanting I want to give that to her and I want to give it to her in a in the best way possible um good go for variety so this is huge we'll talk about this a lot when we comes to sales and selling one of the things I find that newer photographers or even ones that have been struggling or not making much money this is their problem they don't create enough variety um in there posing in their sets in their post...

production and in their wardrobe so this is a great way to create a lot of variety easily um and I like to do three drastically different looks I like to do something that's as far as it'll go in terms of nudity and boldness in that way but I also want to do a cocktail outfit I want them to have something that they can show elsewhere use elsewhere and then we'll dio you know um lingerie if they want or something else it doesn't have to be lingerie it doesn't have to be three different bra and panty sets I really like going outside that and even just a fur coat and pearls is hot you know um so I like to make sure they have also all sides of the spectrum there and I'd definitely say don't just bring me black and then I'll have them bring a meaningful item and this is only if it's like damn they love those their favorite cowgirl boots that they rock naked awesome that sounds great or if their husbands you know they're going on their tenth anniversary and your husband bought them about her this broad in paris for their honeymoon like when they're on their honeymoon and she still owns it and then bring it it's only like two seconds to take that shot and it's really meaningful to her or if it's like an heirloom necklace or something nickel do you network with any boutiques or anything he'll get to that today three but yes absolutely have her bring backups ok so that more is better here I just would love teo sometimes like I just thought this it's like really we're gonna do that but so you want her to bring a lot of a lot of choices for you because sometimes things don't work on camera or like I said, I really will be shocked how many were like oh, I bought five different sets that victoria's secret kree but it's like five different black bram panties that one has a pink ruffle another has like a red bow and another one has you know what I mean? It's like that's not variety so make sure you give her a lot of direction here and have her bring back ups and then have a steamer you can't photoshopped wrinkles out all day so make sure you have a steamer on set any questions about this? How do you manage your custom? And it asks how many change can we do? Can we do one more? Can you do one more? Yeah, yeah charge her for it. Okay, so mine isn't three's included and then that's like an upset they really want to do something else um make it like one fifty or something. It depends what you're normal session right is I'm not gonna go into exact numbers right now, but here's the other thing if it's something quick like a prop hat man's tie something quick and easy like her husband the broad that her husband but her honor um honey moon do that really quick because you're gonna add to your cell I wouldn't charge you for that whole entire it's not really a whole wardrobe change know what I mean? So use your discretion so quick question. Oh, yeah one last note it has to be flattering. So whatever it is, if it's my brian or not my brand, if it's the style I like or not what's the trump card is is it flattering? Dir does she look awesome in it? And we're shooting it. Yeah, brandi going down here and make up with hope for the whole show. I dios she wanted being my assistant and I love having a great relationship with my makeup artist because there's a short and she knows if I'm running short on time I don't care about covering blemishes and rather have definition because I need to find cheekbones a blemish I can actually remove so that's important or for running really short on time curled in front of the hair leave the back I'm gonna shoot, you know so there's things like that when you get to know makeup artists that are really handy to have a shorthand with plus they know they know your likes and dislikes like me, I like individual lashes I hate those fake clashes with the strips they look so fake um but also you know, the woman's already comfortable with her makeup artist like you know they're almost like hairdresser was like all of a sudden everyone spills there everything to them she liked getting pampered and you're relaxed and they developed their own report off the bat so it's nice to kind of have her be the one holding the fan or the light or whatever I need um and it's just less people on set and she's there anyway because she's going to be changing and touching the makeup so you know yeah, I keep them the whole time okay, I found it question from sam cox are there garment colors for example brown that you advise against? Oh that's a good question um I don't ever advise against any certain colors I don't, but I tend to really, um gravitate towards certain colors just because it's my aesthetic and my style so you won't see a lot of brown, for instance in my I think if you go through my whole block, one woman around one and I was like look great honor, so we shot it but anyway um not out of hand I don't have a guideline regarding colors stephanie pack is wondering do you pay your makeup artists or do yourself or does the content pay them directly? Um I have the client pay them it's just keeping it simpler for me kind face them directly okay, so I'm not taken in money giving out my just like short cut it cut out the middleman as anyone ever opt out of doing me hair and makeup is required required yeah, I know that people you know want to save money so if you're at a certain spend level they might want to go well, you know I'm I like how I do my hair makeup or my friend can do it knit knit now part of setting yourself up for success is you know, it was a success at every stage and are you going to be better with her without makeup? Better off, right um so I always insist on it and here's also why that time is so needed that one and a half hours needed in the makeup chair that's her chill out time that's her like let's have champagne and mimosa or whatever and have fun that's where I get her warmed up I start taken behind the scenes shots of her getting our makeup done that's where I get grab her for her lighting tests all that stuff that's like vital um and it's part of the experience but more importantly, I learned my lesson the hard way I think I did two shoots where a friend it was the makeup artist and did it was horrid and she didn't like it more importantly, she was like, I hate my makeup I don't feel like you know and I like not much I can do about it now so that that sucked you don't make that mistake twice um and then honestly, uh I shoot for emotion and I'm not shooting like up close with a beauty beauty dish, so I feel like I really need to enhance her expression like I'm doing a lot of this and that I need those lashes I need that definition to enhance her like expression because it's not going to read on camera if you don't have pro makeup, does that make sense? And I even have to coach my maya makeup artists like I I told them yesterday I told him against a darker, more to find it's not going to read especially natural light shooting with the twenty four seventy need you really teo I am fed up more and just everyday makeup's not gonna cut it okay moving on wardrobe must haves okay, so here's stuff you probably need to have in your kit because sometimes women just forget it or left it out or I thought it was in the bag and it wasn't or whatever and they will come in clutch for you high heels I can't believe someone forget to wear high heels um super sexy immediately and flatters your legs and you know I'm sorry it's just freaking sexy get get some meals where get size seven or eight most women can fit either or just squeezer fit into it for a moment to shoot it and black standard heels letters everybody men's white button down shirt awesome everyone looks good in that um it's classic it's super easy it's fun to play with you roll up the sleeves you can butt in it um but nate will be a lot or a little silk robe robes you're awesome to work or work with also because the silk I like is the drape of it but ropes are great because you can reveal as much or as little as you want their great to play with you could drop down your back you can flirt with it, ty twelve it you just had one item would be would be fun to play with also when you're laying down like in paintings I love drapery of fabric so robe is awesome because it can cast stay down like the lounge chair and stuff. Lastly, black lace undies given as gifts and the reason why I say that because you be surprised how much how many women forget their what face undies it like happens to me all the time like, oh man, I thought it was in the bag and then you're screwed because you know they only have pink underwear whenever or no underwear so have get the hanky panky one size fits all they're like black lace thongs and they have a little bow on him so you don't don't open the package and just have them standard I have a few pairs and obviously if they wear them that's their gift or if you're giving out a booty kid like in advance of your sheets, that could be part of it, but I still say have them on hand because they'll forget it any questions about that? Because a lot of people are weird about having wardrobe for some reason I love having wardrobe that's standard like this stuff set for anyone you said about the buddha keat, do you send them to me more of that? Do you, sir? Uh the keep of them before the short yeah, yeah, you can have it on hand and surprising there. Either way it works. It depends how much time in advance you have do you just go off like what they're feeling? Disorders like which one of these to pull out for them? Where do they say like I really want to do that. Yeah, sure, I bring all this and I kind of like when we're looking through the thing, if I feel like there's something missing or not loving the options, you just right, but this is also like when we talk in the beginning about their wardrobe this is the stuff I say works really well a lot of women love shooting in their men shirt I do too love love limit um and I tell yeah high heel silk robe this works on everybody um and then key accessories it's so great to work with accessories especially if you're shooting nude if you just have like a statement necklace or like one hot like a bracelet and you're doing like sexy nudes fricking accessories make that rach and I have to say this is the great way tio create some variety super easily throw on a necklace and then also you can sell it as a set so I could just do a set of kenna like with her necklace and there's like a set of marilyn monroe with this one necklace she has and there's like a serious of sixteen images it just makes a really cool you know thing to collaged together but you could just you rocked out that necklace yesterday I did it on dh then wildcard items I don't even know what that means what will I think about that and that just, um I have them here I have like this I go through phases with my brother yeah, I have like this feathered like cape zara is excellent for like one ofthe weird items like that and they usually like fifty bucks um or like I don't know just some wild ass accessory that I just think it's rocket at the moment that people get into any questions yes so in your wandering war road wardrobe yeah do you have like, a six, seven eight nine ten pair black heels that you carry with you know, as I said before heels I was getting seven or eight because they get most people and the men's white button down like a large and that's easy to adjust same thing with the silk road easy the black place or one size fits all jewelry everyone fits in the wild card I'm same thing it's like a cake for whatever a couple of questions yeah let's do it really quick glory case wondering any particular color on the road on the road oh, no, not really. I would stay away from black I think like you know a nice dark brick red be good be sexy flattering to most people I have a question about uh from two wolves do you advice about your booty kit that male photographers could send? Oh that's such a great idea. How about you guys do you like chocolate and champagne even if it's nonalcoholic um you guys khun dio like a mask um you could do gloves um you khun dio I should get my business cards you do cute little signs and props stuff like that but yeah that's a good point you might not want to be sending checks underwear made a good point uh good question questions they will have an age limit no. So if had eighteen year old comes to you oh gosh, I don't target I've never had anyone young group I barely have people in their twenties contacting just not something I'm interested in but that's such a good point yeah, you'd have to be over eighty nine ok, so shall we move on big what do you got? Do you pay attention to, um whether items have sheen or if it's matter I mean it's our sheens and things gonna mess with the way stuff loaded question the silk road has a little bit of a sheen sometimes you know you gotta work around that, but in general so where so many women's clothes I don't know I think I'm really spending too much time on that. Okay, so um as I said, pro stylist are a must and I kind of covered this in the cuban here already um it adds to the clients looks indulgent girlie experience so you must must must must must have it I get this question all the time I just really want to say it's a month gives you time to relax, have a cocktail chatter and laugh with you gets her warmed up to being half naked with a camera in the room and it elevates the look in quality of your work and enhances the model's expressions so I don't even need those bullet points I covered them all um uh sometimes their makeups the only sentence so if you're doing nude, you really want to rock out pro baron mika, right um working with stylists you want to collaborate, share your vision and invite ideas so I'm not a makeup artist I really am not I know kind of what I need that over you'd better on camera definitely have my opinion on kinda like what I'd love to do but you know, I don't know what's best, especially in terms of color and so I definitely invite their ideas and I definitely make sure that I'm sharing the vision that we, uh cline and I had discussed during your sheet, but she wants to evoke a certain era, then that's definitely something that a pro is gonna help me dio um and make sure you get the ones with experienced an on camera makeup just because she doesn't make up for wedding date weddings doesn't mean that she's a pro when it comes to on camera communicate your priorities I just discussed this my makeup artist in elano's that when the time is tight here's what you don't need to do here is what I need you to focus on treat them well acknowledge the contribution reward them and higher again I can't tell you how much you know part of being a successful business having relationships and I love I love my I love my people and I get really attacks him pretty freaking loyal but I think it just elevates my work every now and then I try and step out and hire someone new but I have to say that they're valuable part of the team especially one's going to stick around and their energy creates that energy on set so you really want to hire well hire someone you really like and that's very positive and isn't a nice presence to be around okay we're about to talk about sets and props but here's what are my own my business cards I just basically take little signs that says shut up and take off your clothes um I have about like twenty different sayings like I'm not wearing any underwear stuff like that that the women will use on set or dangerous curves ahead or whatever um and they're like my little prop cards and they're super fun and on the back is just a photo with my web address so you really don't know what I d'oh it's actually quite a racy photo I sent to a friend of mine like I might even be a bikini wax early. You just can't tell what I do from this business card, which I kind of love.

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Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

This is meant to be a HELPFUL review for those that are wondering if they should purchase this workshop. About 75% of what I took away from this workshop was posing, composition for boudoir and the importance of eye lines and capturing movement. I had two boudoir sessions a week after this workshop and my images significantly improved. I was able to coach my clients through poses better, direct them on where to look for better eye lines, I was more aware of their posture and how to fix it, I think I sounded more professional and felt more confidant with getting awesome poses, stand out expressions and adding movement to my images. I put a fan on my client the way Christa does.. and she is right! The instant I put the fan on my client, her expression changed and you could tell she was really "feeling it". She told me she felt like a real supermodel right after I turned on the fan. If you are looking for inspiration on how to coach women and pose for boudoir then Christa is the girl for you. I think the most worthwhile thing I learned watching this is something that will help me in the years to come... with my brand, my website, my workflow and my business goals. I learned how to "keep it simple" which is Christa's tag line. For example Christa brings a roll of gray background paper and uses gaffer tape to hang it from the wall of the hotel (instead of bringing a 12ft background stand). I know this seems simple but this will change my life! I hate dragging equipment back and forth. There are some negative reviews on here about Christa's technical skills, but I think these people may have missed the whole point. If you provide an awesome product and an awesome experience for your client, they will buy it. And guess what.. your client will never know if you used your camera in auto or manual and they won't care if you used one light instead of two. As someone who has been in business for 3 years doing boudoir exclusively I learned a lot. I see a lot of value in learning from someone who doesn't spend a lot of money on fancy equipment, yet charges her clients over $3,000 for sessions. I'm a huge fan of her keep it simple philosophy and I'm glad Christa is willing to be honest about her workflow and how she best utilizes her time. Your not going to agree with or use everything Christa talks about, you take the parts that you like and are most helpful to you and work them into building a stronger business.

a Creativelive Student

AWESOME DEAL on Christa's course. I just sent an email to my husband to tell him thanks for "gifting" me this course. I told him just the ONE CLASS about pricing was worth the full $129 price of the course. And there are over 50 classes?! That is a crazy stupid good deal. You can learn something good from every class you take, every book you read, and just apply the stuff that works for you. There are a lot of people out there who seem to just enjoy giving crappy reviews, and to me it's almost like bullying. How someone could not find $129 worth of value in this course is beyond me. In my opinion this course is worth over a thousand bucks, because it can help you make SO much more money. I hate when I see people whining about things that are not 100 percent perfect, and they get annoyed if the person isn't catering to their exact needs. It's like the Yelper generation, with a disturbing sense of entitlement. I would love to see those people try teaching a class about boudoir and see if they could do any better. It also seems like, the more popular a person gets, the more other people feel the need to tear them down. I'm grateful that Christa even offered this course at ALL. Thanks Christa for all you do to help those of us who really need to know this stuff. You rock.

a Creativelive Student

I never thought I would shoot boudoir. I am a shy and private person. I started entertaining the idea when I first saw Christa's work and saw how beautiful and tasteful it can be. I love her lighting and all that she uses from historic painters and sculptors. I watched all three days live and learned a ton. I have a lot of lighting education, but it was nice to freshen up my skills. I loved the posing tips and the three typical situations she uses for one shoot. I loved learning about how she shoots in hotels and also using things like an outdoor situation. I have now shot my first boudoir session and it was a total hit. I am thrilled to show my client her images. This was fantastic! Thank you, Christa!

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