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Build a Social Media Plan That Actually Makes Money

Lesson 5 of 17

Step One: Identify Your Purpose

Ryan Deiss

Build a Social Media Plan That Actually Makes Money

Ryan Deiss

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Lesson Info

5. Step One: Identify Your Purpose

Lesson Info

Step One: Identify Your Purpose

Alright, I said there are a lot of really bad reasons to do social. These are three exceptionally good reasons. Number one, generate awareness. For generating awareness, the goal is reach. Reach. Now, note, it's reach, it's not just counts. It's not just how many followers and likes and friends and all that you have. That does not necessarily equate to reach, cause they're throttling that. And if you're delivering value, if you've got good engagement, your reach will be higher. But when we say generate awareness we're making a branding play. It's a classic branding play. That's what we mean when we're talking about awareness. So think about it. Do I just want to get my brand out there? Is that what I'm trying to do? Purpose number two is to engage with the existing audience. Engage with the audience that I already have. Essentially using it as a follow up mechanism, as a check in. Say, hey, remember me? We should hang out again. Right? What we're talking about here is listening. Listen...

ing to your customers and what are they saying? You know, one of the greatest things a brand can do is to respond honestly and transparently to someone who's upset publicly. To have somebody reach out and freak out or get mad and say, you suck, and then let everybody else watch, cause it's a dumpster fire when that happens. You've watched, right? I mean, people are like, whoa what's going on over here? And to watch a brand come up and say, you know, I am so sorry, we screwed up, we really, really, really messed that up, and it looks like you were effected by it and I'm so sorry. I wish we were perfect, we're not, but I'd love to do everything I can do make it right. Completely diffused that situation. When people watch that, when they see that, you think, if you've got a local business, reviews on Yelp that are negative are a bad thing. They don't have to be. Not if they're the exception and you get to respond. So, listening to people. Listening when they get upset. Listening when they're really, really happy and you can engage with them there. Listening when they simply have a question. But using it as an opportunity to network. And then engage. Putting out content that causes people to respond. And, converse. What does that mean? That means an actual back and forth conversation that sort of keeps going. Now I'm gonna talk about in a later segment in another class about conversational marketing, and what does it mean to actually talk to your customers. It's something that as marketers, we try to whole sale avoid for the last few years. Like what if we didn't have to ever talk to anybody ever again? What if they could just come through this perfectly automated funnel? No, no, no, that pendulum is swinging back, it's time to start chatting with folks. And then, finally, drive traffic. Using social as a media that you can, as a medium, pull your leads, that you can redirect that awareness. So what do you think right now? And it's not about picking one at the exclusion of the other. The reality is, if you do any one of these well, you're gonna get the other two by default. Okay? If you do any one of these well, you're going to get the other two by default. But I want you to think about where are you as a brand today, what is your primary objective? Because if you try to do all of them simultaneously, you're going to fail. So, what do you need today? Do you need to generate awareness? Should you really focus on engaging with your existing audience? Spoiler alert, if you don't have an existing audience, it probably ain't number two, because you got nobody to engage with. Fair enough? Or, if you just need to get some traffic and leads and get some sales. So think, take a moment, what is that for you? What should your primary objective be? Because as we move through the rest of the steps, that needs to inform your response to those steps.

Class Description

We’re constantly being told how social media marketing is essential to reaching customers and driving sales. And there’s no shortage of advice on how to create a presence on social. What’s sorely missing is a clear guide about how to ensure your social media marketing efforts aren’t just wasting time but advancing your business objectives.

Ryan Deiss is the cofounder and CEO of, which trains small and mid-sized businesses on how to create social media campaigns that work. He will break down the step-by-step process of how to build, execute and scale a social strategy that capitalizes on the vast potential of social media marketing and yields impressive results.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the real goals of social media marketing.
  • Cut through the clutter and engage with your ideal customer.
  • Figure out which channels are worth your time and which ones you can ignore.
  • Audit your profiles and those of your competition.
  • Create content that’s unique and catchy.
  • Craft a perfect post that gets noticed, read and clicked.
  • Establish a posting schedule.
  • Decide whether to pay to amplify your message and reach.
  • Understand which metrics matter.
  • Set up a simple, automated dashboard.

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Cat in the Moon Photo

This class was phenomenal! Ryan was incredibly engaging and kept the subject matter easy to understand, even for someone who is quite new to all of this. I loved that even though the class is about social media, he brought everything back to the importance of human interaction. I highly recommend buying this class if you need a kick in the butt to get going on social media but don't know where to start.

Reichel Neil

Great class! Once again Creative LIVE has delivered excellent material which can be applied immediately.

Micayla Cathleen Short

This class was incredibly helpful. It helped break down the kind of content to post, how to get users to engage with our content, which platforms we should utilize, etc. Much appreciated! :)