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Build a Social Media Plan That Actually Makes Money

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The Five Step Social Profits Plan Overview

Ryan Deiss

Build a Social Media Plan That Actually Makes Money

Ryan Deiss

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4. The Five Step Social Profits Plan Overview

Lesson Info

The Five Step Social Profits Plan Overview

Alright. Now let's get into the actual planning. I wanna go through the five steps. We're gonna work through this together and I want you, kind of, while you're here in the audience, those of you who are, who are watching online, it's workshop time. I want you to actually begin thinking about some of these steps. How can we put some this, you know, really into action. The five step plan itself starts with step one which is to identify, step two develop, step three engage, step four is to measure, step five amplify. Identify, develop, engage, measure, amplify. What the heck does that mean? When we talk about identify, I mean identify your purpose. Step one is to identify your purpose. Why are you doing this? There are three very... There are lots of extraordinary, terrible reasons to do social marketing. There are three really good ones. So we're gonna talk about the three and we're gonna talk about which one you should focus on. That's step one. Step two is to develop your content. I s...

aid before, these are not pure play ad platforms. You need to have great, amazing, awesome content that your audience cares about, okay? You have to do that. It has to be good. Showing up is not enough anymore. You need to be great. Sorry, you kinda, today you just have to be good at everything, right? So what does it mean to have great content and how do you get it? We're gonna talk about that as well. Step three, engage with your audience. Building up large follower accounts is not what the game is about anymore. It's not about the big follower accounts, it's not about having a lot of likes and friends, it's not even about getting a lot of shares. It's about the quality of the engagement with your audience, the quality of the engagement. We want to over index and optimize for engagement not counts, engagement not counts. Step four, measure your results. Sometimes you're going to do stuff and it isn't going to work. That would be a great time to stop doing that and start doing something different. But how do you know that if your not measuring? So I'm going to give you some scorecards and things like that that we use as well. And then step five is to amplify through advertising. Yes, the dirty word in social. Amplify through advertising. But I want to show you a really cool way to do it where you're not running ads, you're paying to amplify the content that your audience loves. You're not creating content that is designed to sell them, at least not in step one, you're creating awesome content that people love and you're paying so that more people will see this awesome content that, at least in step one, isn't going to make you a penny. And that sounds counterintuitive to what I said before, maybe I'm not as shamelessly capitalistic as I might have lead on, maybe it really is about giving value in advance, maybe we do need to strike that balance. We're gonna talk about exactly how we go about doing that. So those are the five steps.

Class Description

We’re constantly being told how social media marketing is essential to reaching customers and driving sales. And there’s no shortage of advice on how to create a presence on social. What’s sorely missing is a clear guide about how to ensure your social media marketing efforts aren’t just wasting time but advancing your business objectives.

Ryan Deiss is the cofounder and CEO of, which trains small and mid-sized businesses on how to create social media campaigns that work. He will break down the step-by-step process of how to build, execute and scale a social strategy that capitalizes on the vast potential of social media marketing and yields impressive results.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the real goals of social media marketing.
  • Cut through the clutter and engage with your ideal customer.
  • Figure out which channels are worth your time and which ones you can ignore.
  • Audit your profiles and those of your competition.
  • Create content that’s unique and catchy.
  • Craft a perfect post that gets noticed, read and clicked.
  • Establish a posting schedule.
  • Decide whether to pay to amplify your message and reach.
  • Understand which metrics matter.
  • Set up a simple, automated dashboard.

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Cat in the Moon Photo

This class was phenomenal! Ryan was incredibly engaging and kept the subject matter easy to understand, even for someone who is quite new to all of this. I loved that even though the class is about social media, he brought everything back to the importance of human interaction. I highly recommend buying this class if you need a kick in the butt to get going on social media but don't know where to start.

Reichel Neil

Great class! Once again Creative LIVE has delivered excellent material which can be applied immediately.

Micayla Cathleen Short

This class was incredibly helpful. It helped break down the kind of content to post, how to get users to engage with our content, which platforms we should utilize, etc. Much appreciated! :)