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Build Your Holiday Marketing Plan

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Plan Your Holiday Promotions: How?

Megan Auman

Build Your Holiday Marketing Plan

Megan Auman

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15. Plan Your Holiday Promotions: How?

Lesson Info

Plan Your Holiday Promotions: How?

So now I want to talk about the how and by how I mean the marketing stuff, so preparing your holiday marketing materials in advance ensures that your marketing won't fizzle when the holidays get crazy so if we have all of the actual things that we need to run our campaigns, the photos, the content we have all of those pre done or at least very close to pre done there's a higher chance you're actually going to do them so it's one thing to put, I'm going to send this email on this day in your calendar which we're going to dio but it's another if you wrote that email now and scheduled it and it's already ready and you don't have to think about it the other thing that I want to point out here is that we're talking we might talk about content a little bit so you're marketing content visual marketing is content marketing this is my new soap box that I am on because makers, designers product people here content, marketing and what they think is I can't do that because I can't write or I don't...

want to write you don't have to write your visual marketing is your content the product photography, the lifestyle photography that you're creating for your email and for instagram and for pinterest that is your content so don't overthink this one really we're talking about his great images and good graphics so the marketing content that you're creating should feel native to the platform it's being used on my talked about this a little bit in an earlier segment but it's really really important whatever platforms you're promoting on and this includes email spend some time seeing what works in those platforms I subscribe to a lot of brands email lists because I want to see how they sell and I actually subscribe to a lot the brands I try to subscribe to brands who don't send a lot of coupon codes because I want to know how they're selling lululemon is one of my favorites they send beautiful emails and there's never a coupon code and then you know what happened one time I got an email from them that said shopper online warehouse sale and you know I did because they don't run them very often so that's a that's a plug for the occasional sale but follow email pay attention on instagram on facebook on pinterest see what images are getting the like the comments all of those pieces so that you can go ahead and understand what marketing what visual content really works so I just want to show you an example of how you can change things up for the different platforms to see what works well so I mentioned that on instagram people don't want to see a lot of branded content they want to see really beautiful images so I don't put text on my instagram pictures or very rarely and if I do it's a quote it's an inspirational quote that is the one time when people want to see text on instagram right this they want that inspirational quote but otherwise I keep it off because it feels just feel spammy on that platform but on facebook people are more receptive to it but what's interesting is that on facebook they're more receptive to actually a lot of text ever sanitizing something so I did this so this image by itself on instagram was probably the most was the most successful image of the anticipation campaign for the sample sale it did really well so I facebook I added a little bit of text to it and that did ok but actually this on facebook did much better multiple smaller images with a huge kind of chunk of text so paying attention to what is native and what works in on the platform the same thing if you're doing for pinterest crop it vertically, you know, make sure that you're focusing on what works in that particular platform and then remember that we want to use social media content to build anticipation and we want to throw a little bit of anticipation into our email and then email content to incite action so when we're creating our content for the holidays, we want to make sure that we're thinking about all of those spaces so this is a nearing launch that I did earlier in the year. I sort of did that same kind of anticipation thread. So this was an image that I posted on instagram, andi, I actually cropped it put it on pinterest with the link back to a blogger post about it so that's another way that you can use content that you're using on social media, social media, this was a different social media post by cropped it with a little more vertical putting on pinterest this one's cropped a little more vertical, too, so you can use that content you threw out. But then an email I use something different, so you notice on email I did shop new earrings with a couple of arrows because I wanted to encourage people to click directly on that image and go to shop. So this is what I mean about paying attention to the different types of content, different platforms and tailoring your content. So I wasn't going to put this on social media because on instagram, they can't click on the image is not gonna take them anywhere, but in the email, I wanted them to click, and I learned so one of the great things that I love about male chimp, because I'm one hundred percent now male chimp user, is that when you look at the report even going and you can see what's been clicked but you can also view the click map today we talk about this in her glass so there's a really great tool called the click map where it will show you exactly which links got the highest percentage of click so I know you know a shop now or click here thing worked but this image where I actually put an arrow and worked significantly better then when I don't do that in an email because people want to click they want to click the pretty picture but you think they need to know that it's clickable so what I want you to do is you're building at your marketing plan is now I want you to create a to do list of marketing content so figure out what it is that you need by again by content I mean pictures figure out what it is you need for each of your first year and your second tier promotions so what you'll do is you'll say ok, my first here promotion and this one's going to be a little bit more complicated because it's a longer launch so you'll say my first year promotion is an online sale and I know that I need to images every day for a week to post on social media plus I need teaser images for my email list and then that called action graphic from the email list so that's what you'll do is you'll figure out exactly what you need and then for your second to your promotions is probably gonna be simpler you know I need I'm promoting my holiday gift card so I want a cute image of a gift card even though it's not even though you're not sending a physical gift card you want cute graphic that sort of shows a gift card or maybe it's I'm promoting you know that I'm doing free gift wrap so I need to make sure that I take a couple of great images of my package or maybe you know, an image plus an unboxing video that's a great way to show gift wrap you know this is what this is, what your loved one will experience when they opened this on christmas morning so you want to make those lists and and you could do that if your first and second tier promotions in your workbook but I also want to have you guys share I want to make sure that we all are getting this and understanding how this works. So I wanna have you all go ahead and share one contact yes a one specific image or graphic that you can create as a promotion and if you're stuck we can talk it out well, my first my first thought is what we're talking about before where you see the mommy and the may but maybe maybe the mommy has her grownup cuppa tea and the little girl has her little teacup cup of tea and they're kind of collar hollering together here. So you need some great lifestyle shots that continues perfect. Um, I was thinking about sketches of, uh, of people who have, like, a really good quote during holiday. I mean, a little cheeky, fine. Perfect. Um, like a three tier picture of ah, somebody pulling out their wallet, then putting her in their headphones and then closing their water and put it in their pocket. Great, I think that's perfect too. You really see exactly how it works? Fantastic. I'm thinking of doing lifestyle shot, showing people how the pillows can be used for pillows can be used as additional seating during the holidays is fantastic. Um, I like doing visual breakdowns. Oh, great. You know, recipe. Perfect, then that's where you putting those somewhere? Where then they could be pinned to pinterest. Yeah. Springboard from well, actually, instagram doesn't springboard to pinterest, right? So so, yeah, you have tio for the manual even use like tell any other way. Yeah, the other thing is, so so because it's probably past all this go ahead and say, you know, one of the things I think is really great is if you're if you're doing kind of like that on instagram and the reason I'm asking you specifically a pen dresses because obviously food and recipes is just a huge category on that platform, and I don't want you to be missing out on it, so what I would do is take those same images and post them back to your website and then link from that page, and the reason is that when they click over from pinterest, then now they're on a pay hey it's got your email sign up on it. I was thinking of doing a short video of how to use a product made that's made to hold your bicycle lock my perfect and, you know, just show that you khun because when I did craft shows with it, I would not have people would kind of have a disconnect, they wouldn't understand it. And then when I brought a little lock with me and just de mode it, I started selling a heck of a lot perfect anytime that you have a demonstrably product video is perfect for that, so mine, I need a lot more lifestyle shots, interior design, so aiken perfect utilize a pinterest for that yet great, so yeah, more like cellphones and doing live shots with a christmas tree with sparkly lights excellent, so it really makes them pop fantastic so yeah I'm hearing we need a lot of life a lot of lifestyle shot we get anything from our online audience yeah we are we've got molly who is saying my city has a big holiday square party for the holiday season it could be cool to go there do some art ticket ten of photos the art in the festival and then post the finished paintings up my block or on oh great that's not how you say yeah and the other thing I would say to it that's a really good example because there's an event but you also may have to fake bake a holiday gathering sooner than it really happened so put the tree up earlier fake decorate it just maybe christmas for a really long time and some of your houses and that's okay and then a lot of people are just really liking the sneak peeks perfect yeah I think this this need because they're really good and the thing with a sneak peek that you have to remember is if you're doing it in real time and you can't plan in advance because you're just developing the product I like to schedule or kind of make notes in my phone so I know okay on this day I still have to do one two to sneak peek images and I then you have to be mindful of that when you're working so you don't forget to do them all right, so one other thing that I want to add is that all of the content that I showed you guys where I've done, we'll go back to it where he added, the text and the images I use canada to build that. So are you guys familiar with canada? So can va dot com is a free service, that kind of pears, a little bit of photo editing with a lot of design and layout templates and it's a really great tool. It's free to use online it's really great tool if you are uncomfortable or you don't have those more expensive design and layout software, so I use that even though I have I have photo shop, I have illustrator I have all of those things I sort of love how quick and intuitive canada is, so I just want to let you guys know that one of the bonuses that I put together when you purchase this class is actually a short video on creating your marketing content with canada. So if you're curious on how I put together all of those graphics since we don't have time to do it here, you khun by the course and watch that video and I know for me campbell was a little bit of a mystery until I watched someone else use it, so I'm hoping that that will help you guys as well.

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Take advantage of seasonal excitement and market your products when people are buying! In Build Your Holiday Marketing Plan, Megan Auman will help you develop a reliable system for aligning yourself with the shopping seasons. 

Megan is an admired designer, maker, educator, and entrepreneur. In this class, she’ll show you how to build a marketing plan that feels authentic and energizing. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Create a step-by-step plan for holiday promotions and events 
  • Incorporate timely images and graphics into your marketing 
  • Set monthly, weekly, and daily action steps for a successful season 

You’ll find out how far out in advance you should communicate about your holiday promotions and develop a rhythm for keeping your customers informed without venturing into overkill. Megan will help you set solid goals and teach you how to develop a marketing plan tailored to meet them. 

If you continue to find yourself scrambling around the holidays and stressing about sales, Build Your Holiday Marketing Plan with Megan Auman is your opportunity to change that. You’ll learn how to build a sane and sustainable seasonal marketing plan that brings in those holiday sales – the smart way. 

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It was SO helpful to actually see Megan's (tentative) schedule for her marketing plan. It's great to see people who are makers and how they run their business rather than teaching what they 'would' do or 'could' do. Thanks Megan!