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Circuit Bending: Making Music By Rewiring Toys and Devices

J. Anthony Allen

Circuit Bending: Making Music By Rewiring Toys and Devices

J. Anthony Allen

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1 Introduction Duration:04:44
2 What is Circuit Bending? Duration:07:32
3 What is Bendable? Duration:04:47
4 Tools You Will Need Duration:03:25
6 Safety: Batteries Only! Duration:04:14
8 Opening Up Your Device Duration:05:05
9 Make a Jumper Duration:02:16
10 Making First Connections Duration:10:47
11 Circuit Mapping and Notation Duration:07:58
12 Types of Knobs and Switches Duration:06:11
13 Soldering Tips Duration:04:26
14 Connecting Wires to the Board Duration:06:23
15 Mounting Switches Duration:08:03
16 Connecting Switches Duration:10:29
17 Switch Details Duration:01:29
18 Closing it Up Duration:02:25
20 Thanks and Bye! Duration:03:07

Class Description

 In this class, we'll talk about what Circuit Bending is, and how it works. We will get physical and actually bend an old keyboard, going through the process step-by-step. In the end, we will have a cool new keyboard capable of brand new sounds. We'll even make a track with it.

In this class we will hit the road, going to some thrift shops to look for bendable instruments. We'll do some time-lapse videos of taking things apart (complete with Benny Hill), and we will melt down some Spongebob Squarepants. Join this supremely weird class to see how it all unfolds.  


Karolina Kaminska

I am a complete beginner to this topic and I enjoyed watching the free live stream of this course. It taught me enough to get started with some ideas, although I anticipate I'll have to follow up with other YouTube videos to ensure I understand enough for different kinds of toys and techniques. Thanks!