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Well we've come to the end I don't want to say thank you to all you folks for hanging out for us today I think you were gonna hang out for a little bit and say how do you want to you want to say thank you to you guys michael mark chris jerry benjamin richard is not here but he's here in spirit last and I also want to say thank you just creative live because we will definitely be back I think we may even record an album in here because this is this is pretty awesome I also want to say thank you to our friends at vanguard records but yeah this has been a great experience for us we hope you enjoyed it and if you guys don't mind would you play one more song before before we get out here absolutely gonna take it off this one's called heaven this song was written at a time when way needed to be ah we need to feel good and that's what it is wait that's a million streaming your scythe street a lot of breaking bottles only left me her they will buy tell ember said don't take me somewhere else y...

ou take wait my way between everything it's spring so you take that way wait this is what you see they don't want me no only got one life I don't wanna go to heaven if okay so you take wait wait okay

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Classic American author Thomas Wolfe famously stated “you can’t go home again,” but don’t tell that to the members of O.A.R. On their eighth studio album, The Rockville LP, the shape-shifting rock band found that returning home triggered a journey of creative renewal and inspiration.

The Rockville LP which was recorded in Nashville, Bethesda, Md., and Brooklyn, N.Y., features some of O.A.R.’s most diverse, intricate songs.

What went into making the album, writing the songs, and bringing it all back home?

Join world-renowned band O.A.R. in an acoustic set with band manager Bruce Flohr as they reveal songs from the new album, discuss the recording sessions, and take your questions on everything The Rockville LP.

Visit the band’s website at www.ofarevolution.com