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Creative Compositing

Aaron Nace

Creative Compositing

Aaron Nace

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Class Description

Use compositing to subtly or not-so-subtly make your photos look amazing! Learn to cut your subject out, prep the background, match foreground and background, fix shadows and highlights, color the image, then add finishing touches and styling to the image.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6

Class Materials

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Ratings and Reviews


This is an amazing class. Aaron is generous in given worthfull advices. I have learned so many things in this short class.


Even though the class is based around a fairly old version of Photoshop, there are still a bunch of useful tips & techniques that work with the latest version of Ps CC. Aaron is very clear at explaining & demonstrating how to's. Kind of a Goldilocks... not too fast, not too slow - just right! And, I got a kick out of how different his hair looked when this was recorded vs how it looks now!).

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