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Uses for Your Snowflake Doily & Q&A

Well, why don't we talk about different things to do with these then because it seems I think I've gone over the pattern enough uncurious about one thing though is it possible to mix colors as you're going? Yeah, you can mix colors so here let's let's do that just for fun I see while I was talking to you and mr little arm ok, so if you wanted to switch colors all you need to dio switched a couple and you could do this anywhere you wanted is literally just switch you're going to slip stitch the new color into the old color so I'm holding on to the chain and I'm just going to pull this through like that and then if you want to be really careful and cautious you can tie and then I'll not here that's not going to come undone and you're going to leave these in at the end anyway so you're not going to see so now instead of crashing with the pink I'm just going to start with the purple and then it will become a new color so let's see where the heck was I in this oh three one two three this wi...

ll be an army of half purple half paint clint yeah, it is actually really easy very cool. Yeah, ok struggling from history all right, so there's actually a theory that crow she evolved from traditional practices and iran south america or china but really there's no evidence of it before the nineteenth century to soak ocean is really not that old apparently you like this j k o the first mention of it was in the memoirs of a highlands lady I think I think I knew her well so one of the things that you could do with these guys is you can stuff in them with fabrics different and then you can make ornaments like we've got hang out there so you can hang them on your tree you can tie a little ribbon to them hang them yes so we have some pretty sparkly holiday ribbon you can also use like sparkling holiday yarn like this you could even crushed a them with this year I would be cautious though if you were beginner and I wouldn't use the cnn if you were a beginner because these little sequins might throw you off like trying to pull them through the loops is just going to make that whole tension thing a little harder so if you're an advanced crow share then by all means try this out but this would all make a nice pretty little loop toe like hang it from have a question about material yeah from venice if vanessa fail says she was in a community that has very limited resource is for crafting materials they're yarn shop just closed recently what are some of your favorite resource is online on my fibers you know almost any place has no from on michael's has stuff online joan's has stuff online there's someplace I think it's called save on craft that has like a huge selection there is an amazing story in the east bay called the thief that I love to actually go visit they have all the really fancy see this kind of lacey stuff that comes in a brazilian colors they have every size hook you could possibly imagine they have a website it's l a c I s dot com with thief but their websites kind of well one point oh but don't let that throw you off like they have everything you could possibly need and they're really nice and you could call them and ask them so those air definitely some resource thank you yeah okay, so this is the fabrics defender um this is just one brand there are lots and lots of different brands so you don't have to use this one any of them work really well, we want a little bowl terrible, you know I've done this one out let's make sure it actually I've been sometimes I have that plan they have this thing, I'm going to kill it so I like to pour it into a bull because it just makes the whole process easier than trying to use it from the bottle itself then you need a brush found brush regular brush doesn't matter teeth brush that you don't have to take care of them wash afterwards you want to lay down a piece of wax paper and this is just regular cooking stuff. The stuff that you get in the grocery store this is so that it doesn't stick, the wax paper just keeps it from sticking to a surface on dh you definitely don't want to do this on regular paper because it will stick and then you'll have paper all over your daily and it will look really so you lay you pick which side is the front or the back of your daily and you may it down any later they just paint this stuff on um and you the more you put in a stiffer the dailies are going to be so I only did one coat to these guys and you can see that they're still kind of flimsy flopsy so if I were to do another coat or if I were to paint both sides, I only did one side of this one it would make it a lot stiffer and then that will make it easier to do things like hanging on the tree oh yes, I say, so this one's have maybe coach on each side? Yes, that one had a little bit more I sort of did them in all different a quick question yeah, before you spill something on your toiling when you put the fabric stiff now on it does that wash off or does it stay on? Well I've never actually run anything through washing machine with the stiff dinner I think this different er is water based so if you use a yarn that can go in the wash that going acrylic karen I would assume that you could just wash it okay and that this defender might end up washing off but you could reapply it that's a valid concern considering that you often you know can use it under pots or yeah, yeah, you could use these as tribute. Yeah, you could use them as coaster. Yeah, yeah, definitely. Okay, so you'll see I've got that and then you just leave that to dry and it's water based on you can wash that stuff off. I think somebody said could we attach these together to make a blanket? Yeah. So coning have one of the other ones that is being used as decoration. Also one thing I definitely wanted to show you which I forgot to tell you at the end of the other is I left a tail on this guy on purpose because this is what happens when you end all you do to end it is literally pull extra thread through and cut and pull and you've got a knot and that's it you don't have to do anything else but you do want to leave in the tail so that you don't have he's hanging around because they don't look so nice right so in order to leave in the tail all you need to dio is literally just run it through different chains so you're going to run your hook through the chain and pull it through and just go back and forth from both sides and leave this in some people get really fancy and like double like they go back and they go back around I don't do that I'm a lazy river um and then when you get pretty far in you want it to get pretty far into the work so that it's not going to come apart when you get I usually like to do at least a half inch or so away when you get that for you can sniff it off then you don't have an ugly tail anymore and it's all done been really pretty great stuff you could probably even I could have done that but it is cutting off the ok it's time to pass through so then the other thing I thought that would be really fun to do with these one thing that I thought of was you could start attaching them together I thought these would make a really cute scar like if you had a bunch of them and just kept going you could do them in all like this pack. This lion brand bomb bond pack is really fun. They come in different colors to there's the fluorescent, but there's pastels and a whole bunch of other colors and it's kind of nice because you could just make them until you, you know, use the pack up and then you have a bunch of them. So in order to attach to doing these together, there's a couple ways to do it, thie easiest way, I think, is to just use the yarn itself, so I'm just going to pretend like, that doesn't exist, so it's basically a slip stitch, so you're just goingto attached at the top of each of these guys. I'm going to go through one of the chains and go through one of the chain, so I've got both oil lease on my hook, and then I'm going to use this to pull through both of them, she says, so easy, okay, so now I've got that I've got a little loop and then I'm just later they going to slip stitch like that and then over here you can do the honors I would do look at your fingers oh yeah, that would be bad anywhere, and you can tie the two little tales and not if you want to be cautious well are there attached and you couldn't leave in those ends so you can just keep going you can attach more singularly you can to make a blanket or a throw or a decorative something you would start to attach them this way. Okay, so this corner would go to this corner doing one more that was actually tied, but I might have really love this we go to this corner like this is starting to come to teach you something of a different size sure wants absolutely wilborn something yes, you could put smaller ones in between or you could simply start toe figure out if you wanted to attach them together. I mean it would have to be it would be a math when you're laying out a pattern for a blanket want to have it on a flat surface it makes it a lot easier makes you and once you attach it gets really floppy so then you can just throw it over a table or if you're sitting with it, it can just go down your lap and you don't have to worry about it. But what you're working on right in front of you, you're definitely right because you want to be able to match these up so I want this one to go to this one and this one to go to this one because these guys are all going towards the middle so then a few other things that I thought of that you could do with these guys so I thought they would make really pretty president talkers to especially I like to use really boring around half paper for wrapping paper e think I like the way it looks and then I like to put things on that are kind of bright and colorful and fun and unusual I think that's a great idea I used to use brown paper to wrap presents for the holidays and I would use a brightly colored satin ribbon yeah and then you could add that on but it like as a gift tag exactly I that's really neat yeah I'm feeling very sound of music of this suspecting julie andrews to come over my shoulder any moment so I just dropped this president used to really buoying twine because I'm going to let the snowflake be the beautiful present topper very simple exciting right or easy after you start pushing and you get addicted to it and you make seventy five of these don't know what to do with them what's in the boxes that one of those things so that they can hang it on e your president is your president e look with all sorts of different packaging yeah and then I thought it would be really fun tio also you've got this is a gift as well as what's in the box yes and it's a handmade e I thought it would make a really cute chart topper tio like, if you're a canner are you know and like, sometimes the jobs like they're nice and you put the cute little label on them. But you feel like it needs a little bit something extra, especially for the holidays. Um, I thought that well, you could just stick it on top and you can use coordinating yard or not. And then they just tie it down, see if I can see if I can tie it down. You can get pretty crazy. Yeah. Also simple. Then you get the double handmade gift, right? Are you by john? You could buy jamming. Store patch, artisan. Well, just tell when you lie to yourself, all right? I need it. That's. Great. And you could also use these for holiday trias. Well, I would imagine something here actually hang on like a christmas tree. Yeah. Yeah. In fact, when I was making these all in my studio, I just literally took them and stuck them on a tree. So I had all the different doing these on different branches and just used them on the tree as is, I kind of liked the way they flocked around, and I happen to have some other fluorescent say about me fluorescent stuff adds another flores and ornaments and so they've matched really nicely with it the other thing I thought that you could do with it is make a garland out of these so that chain stitch that you guys are practicing over and over if you do it forever and ever and ever you end up with something like this she christine almost house yeah go garlands going you gotta change I mean that could actually kind of cute around a tree especially if you've got other appreciate darlings but I thought if you did this then you could slip stitch these guys onto here uh very and then you could wrap that around a tree or make a decorative things like that that maybe we can ask our online audience summary what ideas they would have a great usually I think yes I just I'm sure they have more ideas than I do so how are you doing because you start pushing a hat like with a little circle yeah that is exactly how you start pushing you just go bigger and increase you know how in meeting you like add a stitch so it's basically I could show you how to do that really quick if you want to start one off um we'll move these things out of your way yeah okay so if I was going to actually start a hat I would probably start with even a smaller lead so that it doesn't have a big hole because this is a little bit of a big hole to begin with so maybe I do for, um and close it off and so the easiest way to think about increasing and we'll just do this with a double crush a seance technically you're suppose starting ahead it even um the easiest way to do it is just to start adding two per chain that you have before so I'm just going to change three to get up to give me some space to do that and then I'm gonna insert my hook into the same space and do a double cochet so I've got like that and then I'm going to move into the next chain and due to double crashes in there the next change way and I'm just flips touching it closed ceo a little bigger um the one thing to keep in mind is that when you start increasing, you don't want to just continually double because it starts to kind of parker and get a little funny so a lot of times what you do is you double in one and then just do a single in the next one and then double against that you increase slowly because of their ways it it doesn't quite look right like it distorts toe look funny but this I mean you can already kind of it's like a hat from e already going to see how it's starting to grow into a hat and hats are also a really fun way to start learning how to appreciate or scarves like another thing you could do is just make a chain however why do you want your scarf to be and then just start going back and for and do you even just single crow shays back and forth back and forth until you get a length that's long enough to do a scarf though it seems to me that the whole premise of crow she's there almost like creating chains and then you sort of tie the chains if you like in knots to create the shape so how would you make something like on the scarf which is also a wider thicker etcetera mean do you just keep going keep going back and forth like it again? I can just kind of dumb away if you want to go I mean you want to just start out making a chain I'm really curious to hear what the brilliant ideas so they're coming in are you want to hear him now? Yes okay, so um we have some ideas coming in related to tacking it onto a sweater but not making a sweater out of it unless you're wearing something under underneath it on then way also have calling back to the last course jeanette's course which was the fashion headdresses and the the crown's wearing it as ornamentation on a fascinator like putting a snowflake. Yeah, especially when the small guys could be really cute, like on a little black hole that hot like yeah, and then another one a cz good luck gb says what about doing one and blue for a wedding for this something blue? Oh, yeah. That's a great gift. Ideas so again, you could like tacking to the garter that would be really sweet with the level and we could just stick one on you. We could actually way go that's what it would look like way sticky sweater. He was just so down tack down these little guys that got totally where, yeah, and then tokyo. The good news is that if you're snowflakes don't turn out very pretty, you can make an ugly holiday sweater. Contact it that way. Thiss could be a very ugly holding. Well, who knows if we come back in fifty years? I don't show you exactly what this is. I don't know if you have that long, I think no, I probably don't actually quite right, but she lost me. Really. I got, like, four stitches going here and then about three north, so I almost lost my fingers were you just saying that cochet is just a series of nine but it is well yes I mean when we watch you do it I mean it's fascinating to see how quick you move through and how you know easy this looks on I'm sure it is you know, if you actually take the time to just say and it's practice it is just practice I'm very jealous of christine he's going to be reaching the bay bridge is broken at this point but you know what happened or rather the beginners have how are you doing with this? I am taking my now strain in but you started getting it again yeah feeding this isn't quite your thing I definitely wanna learn I just I can't do it and when I don't know anything right she says something you've discovered lisa left handers right handers do necessarily have an issue with yeah, I have a hard time sometimes with left handers because I'm right handed so I literally have to stand behind them so that they can hold it and then I have to guide them because it it's really weird to try and figure out when you're watching someone who's right handed and you're left handed right? I've had that happen over and over but if I stand there with him for like even just ten minutes and we don't have the luxury of that today but if I stood there with you for ten minutes it would become simpler do it and I wish I learned and right now she was behind you like she said a little bit so at least a little bit of hand holding yes yes a little hand holding and I knew I could do it now you don't any knitting or anything or is this you know you have ok I have a little bit and you're good seam stress as well now okay because we got that coming up after the break actually that I could be quite interesting jamari says she can't even showing about him but I can do that I think that embroidery is a lot easier for pure beginners because it's it's really like pulling a thread and needle is this takes like just some coordination that doesn't necessarily come naturally immediately but when you get it like I love christian because I can't I have a really hard time just sitting still and like not doing anything so I do this while I'm watching tv I do this you know when I'm talking on the phone like speaker phone or whatever it just has it gives me something to do with my hands and then it's useful it like when I used to take public transportation this was the best oh actually yes I mean whenever I write bart here in the bay area you do see people with their crow shale then it's whatever it is and it's obviously something that they just like to pick up. Concentrate on way we're having a conversation here created life actually the one of our content producers, they're saying they can't watch television now unless they've got their eye device in their hand, and they're playing acts or whatever. This is actually pretty far more constructive way the angry birds get out crash a hook it's true, the when the one winter when I rode boats, so work every day and temperatures go, everybody got a hat. I made so many hats that christmas because I was constantly doing it while I was on a boat and any beginning books you're you know, I don't know, I think what you really want to do if you're a beginner is on and you can find all of this online is you just want to chart. So like the stitches that I demoed for you like you just want to try that tells you what the terms are so like, why? Oh, for yarn over and then you just want a little diagram of the stitches, because once you've done then, then they kind of entering your brain and then the diagram will help refresh your memory and you can find all of those online like so easily so you just want to do that and then when you have the diagram, you'll be looking at it and you think oh, right. Three loops pulled through the three loops that single kershaw, I got that and that'll totally help on what page is your daughter? She's? Four and a half. Okay, so the price may be too young. I had already started she's too young, but she's watched me and she actually watched me make the ones for these because I was making mm well, she was getting to her and she was like, oh, I like the colors. Yes, I see what you did. You sort of you just want him on monday, then your you know your way around and you go enough and you keep doing it and this is just a single christie chris aced it. So it's, just one statue over and over I actually remember from my grandmother's house she was actually a prodigious roshaiah knitter, so she was very, very came with a ll sorts of five seamstress work, but she used to make those those little ladies that went over toyota yeah became a byword for crowe shea that's what ever be a sense of maybe that's something that actually I really moving in with some other stories I want to do they completely contemporary version medical you know kind of not not dolls did you see the one they were attached a doll yes yes, we had one of those and I can't get you sort of bobby pumping up in the middle yes, that was very strange very on my came from a very strange home there any other questions? Um you know, I think you know if people are working on it as they're watching you like all the counting yes it's hard to know yeah so they don't have a very exciting tv now that I think about well it's not really to it's going to be great for people to go back and watch it because I think that again like he said this is a practice you have to practice that you get comfortable with it. You figure out what your style is whether yours is a really tight or if it's really lose or, you know, just being ok with messing up right and trying out different yarns like I know some people who swear they only where with like, well, they won't work with acrylic based yards they don't like the way it feels um different you're and have very different fields when you're tugging and pulling and making things one thing that I want to do that I haven't done yet, but I swear that someday I will they have these gigantic crow. She hooks now that are literally like this big. And I want to make a rug like out of t shirt fabric or, you know something and e use well, you just use your own well yard there's wool yarn. This's a critic has a critic, and if this is some kind of blend, I'm not even sure what it is, but it definitely has a chronic innit? Ok, doesn't sell the label. Yeah, how about this? You make you make the big drug out of the big crow shade needle, and then j k and I will get a big pencil and we'll write a note to remember it is for e like it? Well, I think you know, we're ready to go out of this segment, so so what someone we're going to be learning about when we come back after the break, okay, when we come back, we'll do embroidery, so I think we're going to take the same template and we're going to embroider it this time instead of crashing a and again, it's just a couple of really simple stitches, so it won't be too challenging, healthy, less frustrating and fun. It's going to be really fun so far, I'm amazed at your art to really amany its heart, it, you know, to stand and just watch was your fingers get so far from the car quickly, you've done that as well. I think the snowflakes are really, really pretty as well, so we're looking forward to the embroidery. Shammari, do we have any comments toe to end with mark internet audience? Yes, we do have a couple of comments here. There's, a comment from jenin, says you, they love that you can fix almost anything as long as you can count way we can all count. So, yeah, there's, just there's. Been a lot of involvement, and people are just saying this is really cool, giving them a lot of great ideas, exciting, their imagination.

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Artist Lisa Solomon will teach you how to crochet and embroider decorative snowflakes to use in a variety of ways. You will learn how to make your holidays more festive with garlands, ornaments, window decorations, and gift toppers.


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