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Kids Crafts with Maker Dad

Mark Frauenfelder

Kids Crafts with Maker Dad

Mark Frauenfelder

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Class Description

Make your weekends more awesome with activities you and your kids can get their hands on. Join Make Magazine editor-in-chief Mark Frauenfelder — and his daughter Jane — for a class on cool, simple projects you can do with your kids.

In Kids Crafts with Maker Dad, you’ll get the blueprints you need to complete projects with the whole family. You’ll learn how to whip up a mixture that makes enormous bubbles, and how to get started with polymer clay — a medium you can use to create custom toys, shapes, and figurines. You’ll engage in a little trial and error learning by creating your own simple board and dice games. You’ll also learn the more advanced magic of constructing a Drawbot – a simple robot that can make abstract art all by itself.

This course will have even your most reluctant kid excited to get their hands dirty and experimenting, making, and creating, together.



Great time today learning with Mark and Jane was easy and fun. I will be sharing my new found maker talents with my grandaughters very soon. We will watch the videos and follow along. What a great idea in learning you have with CreativeLive! Congrats to the entire CreativeLive team, I cannot wait to see tomorrows show.