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Polymer Clay: Ice Cream Sandwich Necklace

All right so now what we want to do is cut out our shapes into the chocolate the cookie ship but we're going to use the car that we don't need to use the knife yet so jane why don't you why don't you go ahead and cut out a couple of cookie parts and just pressing evenly and make sure you get all the way down there and it's good not to do it right in the middle or else it will be harder to do the second one yes exactly make sure that you have room for both and you can see here way have one star shape here once their shapes there can't what shape did you end up going with the heart yes, very nice and bob in cowboy do you get is going to go for a little triangle okay jeanne jeanne is moving it right ahead she twenty did was she she appealed the play that was surrounding the cookies which is a good way to do it and you can kind of just lightly hold down with your finger as you peel up the clay and then you're you're left with two cookies like that look can't you you are able to get five ou...

t of that good job I wouldn't want to lose you go that sounds good yeah thumb on the scale that's smart so once you have your cookie uh cut out and you remove the extra clay. The next thing we want to do is make you know how the cookies have little holes in them. You want to put that little texture in there? And so james there's a paper clip at the bottom of that cop, why don't you fish that out and straighten it out? Okay, just a reminder. Keep things nice and clean white, but by pop your cookie cutter again, clean your hands and you won't have to do do it again because of color contamination. So now what you want to do is you want to poke off some little holes into the cookies, and so you don't need to go all the way through. Just make it so that you see enough so that you see a little hole that just gives you that classic realistic cookie look. And you, khun dio rose that are kind of alternating, uh so that their their job a little bit you can see here, jane. Is he's going for it? That looks good, jane. You think it's too many, I think it's fine and here's another great tip. If you want. Tio what makes something with polymer claim you can't really remember, just go to google image search type in ice cream sandwich. And you're going to see ten thousand different ice cream sandwiches and you can take your pick find the coolest pattern that you like or cookie shape okay chain that looks really good that's cool so here's the video yeah, I know you don't need to do to the other side because it will be invisible if you do it to the other cookies for sure I guess it looks good on either side. Go ahead and do that one ok, so here we have one and we're going to do it to the other side. I'm going to set this cookie on the wax paper here, our people following along j k o it's interesting they've got lots of really great comments about the way they made similar things, but if you just changing up the products a little bit, somebody was saying they added floor polished to have a little bit of shine to the great thiss also it's a great ideas up, but now when we get to the actual baking poverty questions about how the offense you several save those for a second but I just wanna make sure the what you said earlier does the baking parchment is that safe? It is safe, yes and in fact I have even used computer printer paper because it's only two hundred seventy five degrees just make sure that the paper is not hanging over and touching the actual heating element that could lead to some problems that otherwise it's not that you know, paper ignites at a much higher temperature into seventy five, so so you're really safe thie other thing that I have read online that should should people should just be made aware of is that some people are concerned that when you put it in a toaster oven, the outgassing is inside a toaster oven that you're eating food the same one I have heard that it's safe to do that I don't I leave the literature, the literature for the the clay companies that manufacture the clay they don't say say anything like used a toast reference dedicated to making this and use a different toast over for food. So I personally don't think it's a problem, but it is something to keep in mind, and I suggest people just go online read what others have said about it, questions way ahead of us so that people were concerned about that. Can you use the oven just regular baking out? But I don't think it's a problem and we use the same toaster oven and not suffered any you know, in fact from that ok, so this next step is probably the trickiest step, but it's not it's, not that hard to do what you're going to d'oh is you're going to cut three narrow strips from your different colors of of ice cream clay and I'm going to go ahead and show you one that we already made so you can get an idea what it looks like so we here we have the strawberry vanilla and the chocolate and so you can see that the strips are are are much narrower than then you see here so what we're going to do is to cut them into strips that are one third the diameter of the cookie themselves and so it doesn't have to be exact, but what I would suggest doing is kind of eyeballing your little cookie cutter and figuring out if I make some little strips how how why do they need to be so let's? Take a look here and it's better again to start with strips that are too wide and you can start making them thinner as you go along so I'm going tio just estimated cut some that are a little probably a little bigger than they need to be using the craft knife so here's one strip like that and the outer ones if you make them tio two thickets mean too wide it's ok because you can just get yes you'll have some overhang that's really that's really smart jane exactly so if it's too wide you can always just cut off the overhang and you'll be good do you want to try it? Ok, not here yeah, I think that's good you know, hold that be careful with your thumb there remember the craft nice they're very sharp and if you make a little little bit it's ok, because we're going to compress the's a little bit okay, let me just show you we've what you want to do is line it up like that we have one more cookie to go on we're going to attach them all and then you'll see what we do to get them to stick together enriching the me actually, I'm going to put this on the cutting board and might I think when you're using this craft knife it's going go ahead and just put it on the cutting board because they won't slip that way and uh it's it wouldn't be good to cut yourself and let's clean this this knife off here but nice and clean okay jane and then holding the knife like more straight like that then you won't get to the end in there. Okay if there's a little bit of ice cream stuck there okay and yet it's good not to have your fingers in the path of the knife keep it behind the knife as you're cutting along just just for safety and this is this is the part really where when you're cutting with a knife this is when it's good to have adult supervision okay great so we will attach the chocolate and you see here we have three pieces attached like that okay, so now what we will do is we're going tio count out the cards again and remember how we used twenty five on each side this and we're going to count twenty three on each side and then we're gonna rule it and since it's just a little bit less thick a little bit thinner you're going to compress this ice cream and it's going to help it stick together the runners should count twenty three honey outside okay, so uh time to recycle and get a brand new white at this point make sure is nice to hear list let's wait let's get the roller to make sure we get everything nice and clean get your hands clean I've learned uh I was not always so picky about using these wife's but when I started working with the polymer clay and it just kept on getting smeared and messy and yucky I'm pretty strict about wiping my hands as much as possible with these things because otherwise you just have to start over and it's fine to make mistakes I have no problem doing that but it's good to try to avoid mistakes as much as possible. Okay, so do you see here help how we're getting this nice uh nice compression and it just gives a really great look um let me let me a tip this up for the camera so you could see now we've got a really great um they've got a really great way that that ice cream is sticking together and that I think that vanilla like now that its side by side with the chocolate and the strawberry looks pretty good actually, what do you think? J k o that's reading? Yeah, for sure. With all this stuff, it is good enough to eat. I know that's the problem? Yeah. That's what? I think actually having a fragrance the scent would be would be dangerous. Okay, so you try to center that this one would be good if it was a little thinner, but I think it's fine, it would be probably better a little bit thinner, but I think that's good. Okay, go ahead. And so what you saw, what jane did was she's she centered it on there, so we have an equal amount of strawberry and chocolate on either side and that he's going to punch it through. Ok, so since this is thicker when I'm going to do is I'm gonna hold down the cookie cutter while jane peels away the excess, ask and then that way there's less uh hopefully deformation and we have to pop that out as gently as possible let's, see here okay, so you can see there. That looks really good. We've got a little bit of a void there, but because he will be covering cookies, going to be covering it, I think that will be no problem. So now what we do is as if you were just making a riel ice cream sandwich. You put it together on both sides and then lightly tap it down. Pat patted down. I should say, not tap kind of fixing. You just really just just sticks together. We are in the baking process that I think that really makes the things stick together. I imagine if I think these ones that I worked on to foreign really like pride than they would pop off, but, um, I've had these for over a year or two, and they've held up pretty well. Jane's warned them around her neck and everything. So here you can see we have this, uh, cookie, I think it looks pretty good. Should we put that? I've been in them. We can put the pin in it. Sure, sure. Let's, let's, let's decide where a good place to put it is what you think. Like right here in the point and the point or the or the middle of the star, I think the middle, the middle of the star, yeah and I am actually thinking right here maybe because it's like in the middle of all the colors that's true, the only thing is there's a little void there in the it doesn't look as good I think if you're wearing it as a pendant, you know what people are going to see that part I would do it like like there and then they could see all the colors so we're putting the ice crew and now you could do it you could do it before you baker after you bake it doesn't really matter, so since we're not really going to have time to bake the's at this at this point we'll just do that and keep them sideways I think that way when the string goes through them it actually looks like this because it's like this that's a good point to be like that yeah, that is a good point the orientation of the ice screws pretty important like that because if you're wearing it is a pendant the change is going to go through that way having it at this orientation is better because then it will hang this way if you had it like that it would want to go that way that's a good point okay, so really this is now ready for baking what we would dio next would be make several more of these cookies if we wanted to have a multi dependent one and here they're the ones that we baked before, and I will show you ah, how we how we did it. I put these little ice screws on a chain like so and, uh, screw them in thes ie I screwed, I screwed thea, I screws in after I baked it. I feel like if you do before you bake it, then it will be more stuck in. Um, that would be good question to see if someone jake to ask that people chatting if they pre jury findings in before and after they've had better luck. Actually, we'll find that out, but you don't put the chain on before you, but you're just doing this for the devil, right? Yeah, right, you know? Yes, you don't do not put the chain and before you bake, this is just I just wanted to show you how are our version of how we we made this thing has done this, lisa lisa says the best way to insert the pen for her you know the pin, rather is to make the whole prior to baking, then take it out for the baking on reinserted with a tiny drop of this app eggs that gap or other cryo acrylic. Blue I haven't had a cryo acrylic before like a super super glue basically to make the whole very cool and then fix it at the end okay, thank you. I love getting this information. This is great to know so here you can see we have this this great pendant that we made and uh let's just ride on jane I think it looks pretty cool. Yeah, very, very realistic. Yeah, it does. It looks great. And so I wanted to just, uh, step I go back a little bit and talk about the jump rings and the ice screws. So he's, your little tiny components I'm going to hold up here we have the ice screws that look like this in my left hand on your right and then in my right hand to your left you can see a jump ring and so the jump rings attach onto the ice screws. And so there are two ways to open a jump ring a wrong way in a right way. I'll show you both because I've done them the wrong way before and it's it's maybe not. It might be, uh, intuitive to do it the wrong way so you take a couple of needle nose pliers and the wrong way is to just bend open the gap like that and then you can see the little gap there and the problem with that is it's just it's unnecessarily strains the medal and when you close it up you might not get a very good circle and it's it's harder to close up to it's just not good to him having kind of difficulty closing it up it's hard to get get it so that it's touching again and that's what makes things fall off is having gaps in your jewelry findings so a the better and preferred way of doing and let me see if I can find a little bigger jail brings so you can see this the preferred way to do it is to grab the the sides of the jump ring and then you you twist like that you just twist so that you get your break that way you still have a nice break you can put your I screw through and then to close it back up you just twist it back and then you have you have no gap on good jump ring is not going to come off of the ice crew so when you attach it to your chain that works well now um if you're just if you just have a single cookie you can just use a piece of string for your pendant like this and uh let's take this one out here with the new one in I like that idea of using some superglue in there and you know it's not going to come out. You have to be quite gentle with the claim. And you have to worry about leaving your fum prints of thing. You do. You do. Especially when it's soft. I can I can see little very think fingerprints in here right now, but yeah, that that is something to keep in mind. So here you could have a nice single pendant from the one that we we still need to bake this one. Um, and I would probably use a smaller eye scrooges, because the cookies so small, it proportionally looks a little strange, but you can get all different size. You could get very tiny ones, and that would probably be preferable. And if you wanted to, if you have several, like jane has, you can tie knots in your cord so that the jump ring this is nodded. And then that way, you can have them strong on and they, although it just hang together at the bottom federation's on this. Did you make hearings or made a bracelet? Maybe, um, I haven't. But you probably cut. I think you probably need a small catheter. That, wouldn't you think would be a bit heavy for hearing? Yeah, it's, because I might, uh I have that. I have a little ring, a fixture also where you can mount a ring on teo. You come out something onto a ring. I don't don't have it here with me, but there are a lot of different kind of jewelry options, and if you go to a craft or hobby store, you can see lots of different settings that you can put these things in there. Also, you can make all sorts of beets with ease, multicolored beads by just not mixing the colors completely. You can come up with really cool, like swirl er's, yes, worlds, and check out a video about about cain's, and you can see the different kinds of cain beat that you can make that kind of life got, uh, certain kinds of candy that you've seen that are sliced pieces of disc shaped candy, and they look like little watermelons or lemons, oranges or something. We don't have time to go into making kane's, but that's a really fun thing that you can do with polymer clay.

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