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Crazy Card Magic Trick

I think we're actually ready to do the next one, and this is a really fun one that it was originally conceived of by a fellow named martin gardner who passed away recently in the last few years, he was a wonderful logician, mathematician and magician. He wrote a column for a really long time for scientific american called mathematical wreck creations, and he talked about kind of the fun things about math. He's written a lot of books and essays, haywood he wrote a great series of books about paradoxes, just a really inventive mind, and so this was one of his tricks that he came up with. I'm going to show you this is for playing cards or just for ordinary plain cars. The only thing is that we've punched a hole through the cards and then put a little plastic bolt and nut through them just to hold them together and there's, two blue ones and two so you can see there's there's a configuration. The order of the cards are red, red, blue, blue and so that's. Really, the only way to change the ...

order of these cards would be to unscrew them, change them to rescreen them, but maybe there's another way to do it matic marvin gardeners way martin gardeners way we'll just spin the top two cards around on the order has changed okay, so that's just how did that happen? I mean, that kind of goes against the rules of physics and so that doesn't really sit right with me, so I'm going to just turn them back and put them back in their original order, you could see their ordinary cards on lee for no extra ones so you know, magicians never exposed their secrets except to awesome people other awesome people who are genuinely curious about magic and won to perform magic not too just like, learn with the trick is but who want to learned magic so that they can perform it for other people and delight people and give them a sense of wonder and go without telling I know that everybody watching this this video is someone like that who loves, loves magic and loves to show people how to do magic. So we're going to not only show you how this is done but show you how to make these cards at home so that you can just take the cards, rotate them and well off you have been flipped around. Um jake, take a I'm wondering this anybody online know how this is done yet has anybody there was somebody bought your book and found out that it is a way of doing it for anyone who hasn't been about no, we haven't got any answers yet, okay, you don't have to say what I'm going to do is I'll show you how we do this I'm going to remove this screw I mean that remove the nut then pull out this little nylon screw and show you the secret and so underneath the top card you will see and we'll have it here so we can you'll see that the cards have been cut in a certain way with a little pattern so that when you rotate one of the cards the order is transposed and then when you rotate that card again it goes underneath and so you can do that over and over again and that the cards are cut in a way it in a special way so that we have one with two cabs that extend quite a bit it's like an exaggerated s and then we have a mirror image s where it's not extended this far and that way you have these tabs that protrude like that and when you rotate them it causes one card tio yeah they write this fight on the other and then the other way when you turn that card around it goes under the other so it's really a very easy trick to make don't tell people how it's done and so what? So what I'm going to do is sure you helped to make that so you should have some red cards and blue cards there on the table okay that's perfect so let's start by police should use all aces so that's cool magic you want to do that? Okay let's see if we can find this is ok I do you want tio waken do red aces for the red cards and black cases with the blue card said is that sound? I've already been pulling cards out of these decks so luckily we have ok so we have it doesn't really matter what these cards are it's these colors but if you have a affinity for a certain kind that's fine so I just go ahead and stacked the cards together it doesn't matter what order they are they're in right now you just want to have them all lined up and everything and then we have these hole punches and go ahead and get your hole punch in and there's a little way to unlock it a little slighter and then I haven't set so that there's a slider that let you choose the depth of the hole I went up to the first big mark on there I don't know how how far that is but it looks like it's about an inch and a quarter or so why do they make hole punch is confusing well this one is a nice one this for crafters if you want to have variable locations for the whole so then a cz close as you can to the center using that nice little bicycle rider is your center line go ahead and push the card all the way to the stop and make sure it looks like it's on center as much as possible and then just go ahead and punch the hole yeah do all for once in that way they're all lined up that way when is not in one corner while others in the other and then like you and then let's see, I'm going tio kind of used these these these pieces of paper as a giant template guy for you and when you when you cut the cut thing, don't cut it in all of the cards so that they don't see it okay, so what I'm going to show you here is you want one of the cards to cut you want to have these large tabs that kind of that extend pretty far this is like an s she ate the other card, so this is like one card that's blue and want to make sure you do this to one red card in one blue card. The other one you can see is a mirror image of the s and it's not as exaggerated and so you can kind of draw that on your card with that a pencil or can right now do you have ah do is have a pen in there, a ballpoint pen or a sharpie is great and if you if you don't get it right the first time we've got a lot of cards up here except for aces jane has a claim on those but um there go ahead and draw them like this and make sure that it touches the whole drum line this one's kind of mellow and it doesn't have to be exact and if it if it doesn't work like I said boll, we'll just try it again we'll figure out what happened and try it again it's pretty forgiving now and I will see what I can do about it thank you are you guys doing effect? It just makes her cry once you cut in you can just put your year machines screw and not on there and don't make it too tight keep it kind of loose otherwise it will it will bind up we're going to do this to actual card yeah, I just want to see uh giant version you can get this giant version to work so the giants can also have a version of this. Ok, I just want you guys just have a feeling that's that's what we'll look like you'll have that tab sticking out like that closely so yeah jane let's uh let's do it to our deck here I'll take thea the sharpie and draw a nice exaggerated yes like that and then a hey less exaggerated one like that you want to cut them? Ok? How do you think he figured this out? The person I don't know. He was just super smart. And one day they decided to cut cards and that's a really think my idea. The fact that those cards fold under each other in a way that's concealed I mean it's. Just a brilliant trick. I know it's still like confuses me. I mean, I know how it works, but I know every time I do this trick, I surprised myself. It's a great effect and it's something that is funded just carry around in your in your pocket and be like, I don't want to put this one through and just test and see how it looks it's a magic trick that's like you, khun dio like anybody dio sometimes. What did I do if it's I find that if it binds up there's a little pointy thing, there's a little pointy part here that you can just trim with your knife if you're having trouble. If you feel it's like it's catching, just clip off. That little triangle part is a little bit of it on each side on each one, and that sometimes helps working I think it is ok so way, sand, which those two pieces that you cut between the two cards I don't think it matters what color car do you put on the top or the bottom just whatever when you prefer to have in front because that those the front and the back cards never change and I like red better let me see how it worked still binding a little pit that because this cruise to take sometimes if it binds up just kind of jam it through and it'll it'll work okay that one's good to go and if you try it out itself had blue red blue and I use my magical powers to make it red red blue blue cool did you get used to work can't I'm not sure the manipulation part of it just sort of oh yeah ok that's right so you start off like this you could show it and then you take the top the front two cards I just want to car turn the front two cards on lee and then soon it becomes that you're turning front card in the third card and then it become and then transposes like that and then to get it back you just just take that same let's just take the front two cards spin them around and they change order again what direction it doesn't matter you're going thanks yeah clockwise looking looking at it yourself then you were wanted to go around clockwise that's the way the tabs are are set up to work how are you guys doing bob and kill well good but we don't cut just two cards or we cut for just two oh, sorry you guys need some more cards, phyllis well that's where we cut we did cut afforded me it's really good having people in the class it is it's all so you could just show them aces with the way that we did weigh these other sides okay, well it's black, red, black, red and we turned the top too much red, red, black cool you're right, jane that's a great way to do it. You do it once that way and then foot but over and show it the other way you hide on both sides. Yeah, so it's a sandwich in between the on the because if you did the cut on all four cards and they could see that cut just like that you see that make sense to me? Yeah, doing yeah, yeah once you get the hang of it it's easy to make more and you can also use a la king knut the kind with a nylon insert that once you screwed down to a certain uh one just go down a certain amount it won't go the other direction and so then you don't have to worry about constantly readjusting, but we didn't have those for this I don't know what that means but okay, yeah well it's fine it's still a great trick people who knows what it means what it means. So how is it working for you guys? You got it? Yeah, I was not going to right direction. Ok, it makes a lot of okay, so you why don't you perform the trick for us can't oh, no! Give us a little magician of the syria for you see here you got your four cards you got your blues, you get your reds and the winds lineup right now I've got a red, blue, red and a blue I want to get into it and now it's it backwards for me. Now we're going to do is I'm going to rotate these cards dino's did I say they're pinned together and you can't change him it all I say that, but yet they too and changing back I'm going toe pixie dust, pixie dust sixty sixty bucks and hopefully it was very nice, very there's a pixie dust so not have so one thing that will make the effect even more powerful is as you rotate them, go ahead and show two cards so they see that you're rotating a red and a blue one or two red ones is the case may be and then square them up and then show it and then say ok, I want to turn these two red cards the red cards air stuck together stuck together square them up they're no longer stuck together and after you turn them you could maybe do a little thing like oh, you know, some little flourish or whatever and that, uh this's a great effect something you can carry around in your pocket you're whether people and uh yeah it's a lot of fun card tricks are great and there's a there's a a scant as we were talking about earlier a lot of people who are makers are also magicians there's a lot of really clever mechanisms and clever thinking behind magic tricks such as this one it's elegant it's very simple, elegant self contained self working and makers like to come up with cool, clever things some magic really lends itself well to that and so I waited a special issue of make magazine all about magically has been really fun magic tricks and I think I think that was the issue that this this one actually appeared in the first time but uh I love making magic there's lots of fun card decks that you can make different kinds of trick card decks that you can make and manipulate with scissors, tape, glue markers and things like that and if if if you're interested in magic and making I encourage you to learn more about that

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