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Puzzle Cube: Finishing Touches

So you guys at this point I think what we can do is start to paint these pieces and then we'll have being in school with that let's think it does that cool um I think it's fun to paint it's got a nice look so let's say we like jane like you said we have seven different rights in my second favorite college five er so maybe we could make a pink one red orange, yellow, green blue and purple red orange yellow okay, that sounds good so you can just let's take another piece of this uh and paper and you can mix the colors that you want for the the extra color okay what for now that you would do the rounds one right now it's looking around gets a grand you paid one red I'll go ahead and do a yellow one right now paint your using do you need a specific painful would or any pain from your cross? I think most acrylic paints air are good they're they're a little more quicker to dry don't use an oil based paint it will take forever to dry you could also use markers if you want but this gives you a ...

more opaque look cool and it does dry fairly quickly and sometimes you might want to to make several coats of thin coats of paint it's better to apply a thin several thin coast in one thick coat because otherwise it'll be uh it just won't look good and also once you get the paint on, let it uh dry for quite a while the plane like overnight before you stick it before you try to put it together again because the paint will stick together so like what if you do the top then what when you do the bottom looked at like stick yeah yes, you just have to be kind of your mindful and how you painted you might I want to just let one side dry before you flip it over and paint the other side but again, if he is a really thin coat that won't be as much of a problem. Yeah, and again another option would be if you want to have it like the original piot hind soma cube painted all in color is to paint it all one color or just make it with a nice high quality would sand it down and apply a varnish to it or a stain and you'll have the kind of the classic cube that way. Um I think also you could have done this with hot, smaller cubes like half inch cubes before you should make like a tiny tiny one and then like make it a key chain and then like but with velcro so that it can stick together no idea your blackness maybe yeah, I would just be a cool yeah, I want to do that don't we have likes a magnet keeps at home I think we might can we actually do that? I don't know we should give it a try and see let's do it are you doing with the red one? They're good and I think we can just use that if you guys want tio clean your brushes you can just use the white to do that probably better to use water but we have wipes here that ought to do the trick you done with your original and make sure you wipe your hands as well you might have to like go over it a little because I was born some are like really thick layers and others are like super thin okay let's find and if you get the paint on your hands you can use the white another thing a critic cleans while it's wet it cleans really easy with water so that's another advantage of using it s ok I'll do a white one no red orange, yellow, green oh you don't want to use white are killed to agree no no do use because there's seven okay I used to go with little green right now, okay, I'll do the white one then because you don't want to do it okay? So the year like it said the original so much cube just came all red and uh kind of as a homage to that in my book I made the little examples red colored quite different here which I think this really cool thing that's really cool and I like it so far because my favorite color's yellow and ice and like yellow and black together it's almost constructivist there yes I do kind of opposite or side faces and since I wasn't able to make a cube I'm not sure it'll look like will be interesting to see this by the way you've done it if you end up with being up to make either a black cube or either reality since I wasn't able to make that go well you know I love that make all over you see I'm working on that eye thing make like three sides yellowing three blocks what this's fun doing thiss project with other people because you get to see there creativity and how people just put their own spin on things that's one of my favorite things about doing the's kinds of projects is that everybody has their own style and they put their own personality into it again it's a great example of of kids and making like that because I really really like I think so yeah that that looks good though you know because once again you don't have to to be sad and you don't have to just accept that off the shelf solution that's given to you you can make your own that's a lot cheaper and more fun yeah, and even if it's like the actions of a better deal it's cheaper and it's more fun why would you want the more expensive worst version exactly? So what that's that's one of the great things about the I y is having more control over the things that you use would make everything awesome. Yeah and also when you have this at home something like this people are going to say, well, that that's something looks like something that you maybe it's more of an interesting story that's like something you could have a conversation about with people it's like it's got your personality and you've got a story about it, you understand it if it breaks, you know how to fix it and they don't have one was they're all really important things in the other cool thing is if you give them a cz gif ts people really appreciate that more because they know that you took time to do it rather than just ordering something online or you could order something online and then break it, then put it back together and act like you made it you could but this is, uh, it's really fun I enjoyed one thing that I make is a cigar box guitars out of cigar boxes and lunchbox scatology box guitars to give those his gifts and people just love love them as giving you give because they know that I put a lot of time into it and uh you cool yeah they're they're fun they're unique you you can't buy something like that in a store unless you start selling them that's true and I think they're probably some etc stores of people selling stuff like that so you can buy it yeah but it's not like something that you buy I get it right it's a handmade item okay let's see so I'll do a blue one now okay is this sort of good that looks great I really light pink I was supposed to be white one I think that's fine there's not much pink in there it looks good ok so now you get to mix colors my hands are here pain t use a fresh wipe his wife's air coming in handy today recommend keeping a good supply on hand when you do any kind of projects that required glue or paint or something colorful yeah polymer want color or glycerine soap or any of the projects that have liquids in them that we've been working with today so basically all of them pretty much so so far on the rubber stamps too the wife came in handy a major part of all crafting I think so absolutely need all the time yeah it's not something you really think about until you actually are doing it how's yours coming along can't um it's done well I think I'm trying to keep him in order so that the ones they're dryer khun re handle old out switching them oh that's good and you're smart you're wearing that the gloves that were well I'm provided it's not smart so you were a prop master or stage I was a stagehand and prop builder and a prop man for stage and for over thirty years for the for the opera house the new opera and ballet I was there for almost thirty years opera and ballet opera definitely that long and then um video and television and movies in the bear okay and did you do a lot of painting I'll tell you truth I few pings were all big things like you know in this side room tokyo is it ok that I'm mixing it on here? Yeah tiny things okay any tricks of the trade when it came to painting you don't get it on you where white cover alls that's the best thing because then you're really careful not to get it on uh you ever notice that with painters it's yeah they were white cover alls I'm not sure why I just thought it was because they wanted to kind of have a blank canvas and becomes more interesting by the end of the day that could be too all right we're finishing up here I think we've got one more I know that or you excrete you purple. Okay, that orange looks really good this fine. I'm just going to if anybody can make a turtle, I congratulate them. Have you ever seen a turtle? You wouldn't do a turtle that's another thing you can there's still quite a kn active soma cube, a group of enthusiasts online, and they're still coming up with new inventions. And so if this is something that you want to learn more about, go online type in soma cube and you'll see shapes that other people have created. It's a purple is the last color we want to do. Yeah, okay, can't you? Probably that kept that sofa and ottoman that you design is probably an original and it's gone now no one will ever be able to recreate it. They'll be talking about it will be a legend in the selma cube forums. It's already a legend in my mind I want to make some purple here you need more orange but I'm scared that I won't get the exact or engine and it's gonna be weird oh yeah, well allows do your best it'll be a colorful thing with many oranges yeah, sometimes it looks cool the cube of many oranges the cube of the lost ofan ottoman so chain of you made it, you're off no, that bad looking I'm looking at your off here now actually chris has actually found a site that she has thousands and thousands of soma figures they just pop that into the chat rooms over in the chair and have a look at that and then maybe you can make one of your own and share that on our galleries but the giraffe is very, very cool. Yeah, I can imagine like is this piece used for the neck and head? Yes, I don't know now I want to see those later so this is, uh, not the best purple in the world, jane well, this this is not the best orange and they were all that's fine mind with serena your sister is the color she would like. I added a little white to it kind of light colors there boy, you have the pastel added to it nice gives it a nice tone. Yeah, it went missing moral pick too. If you had white white paint tends to have a moral pick look to it I'm painting on orange on the cube of many oranges but I seriously want to make a really tiny one oh it's so much fun I could just carry in my pocket and I wanted to be magnetic that way like they don't get lost really easily and I think that it would be awesome like you know, I have those tiny tiny dice at home that you need twenty seven to make a phone call dice that I want big I want them to be that sounds really, really kind of is that all of them would just be the size of a dice? That would be adorable. I like small things. You could also get probably larger cuban have a giant soma cuban you could make a real clubhouse, you could make a clubhouse or you could make a riel sofa and ottoman so it actually and you can make your own bed. You could make a full size pet dog, but it would hurt learning the bed would hurt it would unless you made them out of spongy thie kids could be kind of spongy material. They could be made out of pillows. Somebody online was selling andy warhol's brillo boxes painted mailboxes. Except it was like spongy material that was kind of it's coated with something shiny on the outside was like furniture that you could sit on. Great. That looks good. So we've got our seven I did three and you did for you got more. It looks good. It looks good and so well that seeing you guys giving it some stripes, excellent racing stripes, everything is racing stripes. I love seeing the way that you guys have creativity going there that's a need that one also like a rust color or something that yeah yeah yeah yeah way like metal fatigue dnd yeah that's great what should I do with this big blob on let me just kind of wipe it up here so we continue on for black yellow or natural so you know I was going to ask jane what she thought but right now yeah I'm kind of going that way also try it I can sledging thinking that maybe maybe it maybe that's it onto three colors for foresighted playing six cited that could be interesting yeah you have to know when to stop that's that's difficult each one like tide I looking that make it very confusing since I wasn't able to make a cube chain it was already very confusing we'll make it the impossible town where you think should I leave it unpainted on the other side I don't know what do you think you're having like three tones natural for six sides that's that's a cool idea I like that plus it allowed to dry yeah that's smart I think I may I stop on behind that's going later you can maybe apply like a little bit of a mad varnish to the natural side or something another color yeah sure that's great now you have something tio share with your grandkids it's not going to be wasted all this wonderful experience though much is not going to be waste cool well and on one other thing I mentioned in the other the earlier segment that we are use the miter box to cut the rubber stamp blocks miter box could also be used for the soma cube if you had just the pieces of stock would that has a square cross section you could cut that into cubes you have to you have taken an allowance with of the salt when you do something like that to make sure that they're they're perfectly square they have to be pretty darn square these cubes toe to make them fit together well so I would recommend just buying the the cubes from a craft store and if anybody could make me you spox sci fi here's I mean that old was I when I made up that don't know there's the juice box and uh yeah you khun if you just do a screen grab of that you can probably figure out how to make one of those on your on your college colors every different colors are different but here are the colors we used right here the pieces so you can see and then you can like don't give that out so that's that's really it for the uh so mckee when I hope you have fun putting this one together and even more fun putting the pieces together in different configurations it's a great challenge on duh and I think you'll enjoy it has our cube dried you think is dry enough to start trying to put together a pretty dry jackie what if you made right fire? I have a really I just thought of a cool idea. So what if using the shapes you made a bigger version of one of the shapes you know what I mean? So you have so you have twenty seven full size soma cubes but then you use them to make a bigger size so much you great and then what if you glued it together and made out with all of them and then had this giant soma cube may out of smaller? So mckee is like a medicine oma cube you could just go and then you did that again. It could be like with that all directions I know hillary just clean up that kind of how to the bow down to the giants ok let's uh let's give this a try jane why don't you try to make me tell you what I think it's good enough for the painting will keep a ton yeah let's just let's just see how it looks with multi colors this uh we just clean up this orange is a little stick on here oh, you forgot to give me the blue piece oh, yeah, he doesn't matter to you uh uh that uh that one's really kind of wet oh, well, you know what? They're going to be super multi colored. Yeah, that's a good way to look at it. I'm an optimist. So how are years pretty dry can't yeah, they're not not too bad, it's just that they don't make a cuba, they will just keep at it all this time we go, doctor, do they should, like soma solvers should be, like an actual job to solve. Soma professional soma solver. I'm not professional. I can't even say so how you doing, jane? Can you remember how you did the cube? First time around, you know? So as you can see the colors, they're kind of getting he smeared up, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, but just if you're doing this at home and you want to keep the colors clean, then I will give it overnight before. But the thing is that's really long time to wait so you might as well just ruined them and have fun that's great philosophy too. But even worse have you have you guys been able to make a cube yet often wear definitely entertaining yourselves. That's good about keep on frustrated that one time, jean I know, but now I cannot get it again, see, like I just work can I help, you know, try so this is getting competitive now we're going to see oh should like race and go and then like ten people are trying to solve the sole mccue bh and then whoever does it first wins and then they take them all apart then whoever could make a turtle first ones I like turtles my favorite animal he showed us how to do the total now do you think I don't know whether that was just making the turtle is her fantasy night and you see a turtle wearing sunglasses well that's a specific you're going to need like five selma keeps make that well jenny view for make that turtle you have to put it in our galleries also put on your instagram put it in our galleries as well. So everybody's watching concede up yes, I should almost made it there's a lot of almost it's really easy to do and almost you yeah it's like you could do that whenever you want and then you could be like, hey, I almost did it but that's really easy just don't tell your friends that it's really easy to do in almost give and then you'll be awesome almost almost don't not know I don't know so much as a dutch word for almost keep on making it so that does blue pieces left but I need the red peas I mean what's wrong I'm sorry blue piece a progress over there you guys people that I'm just going to take a logical leap and say put those mirror pieces in opposite corners let's see what happens I don't know that's why you like there's certain pieces you want to like get rid of quickly and use because they're like you end up getting stuck with him in the head and then you have no clue just like the blue one who's becoming my least favorite color while doing this so were those giant someone keeps you know why were they made of spongy material of days? They looked like they were kind of hard kids they're actually not chat room now so if you're watching check that out it was r s noise I'm sorry who added those pictures and they had to them directing too chat room no they look like they're really solid that is a huge group of people trying to push them up into position who also that they're actually definitely very cool wait did give the cube done one so we know it's possible yes it's possible and over a million ways that I cannot do it's really interesting how people behind came up with these particular shapes and how it ended up being this kind of enduring puzzle has been looks like what does that look like? Something that looks like something yeah looks like I don't know where we can't keep it going, you cannot figure out how to do it smelled like victory. Okay, yeah, I guess you just put down, put together random shape and you can like, imagine it to be almost anything. Yeah, just like you don't need dolls, all you need is brandon block to be people. That's really cool. Wait, really? Almost another, almost cute little boy made almost a few, making it, making the turtle trying, it's not working. You get the turtle head, you just need todo, like people online are saying no, just looked exactly what's. The game they used had the pieces falling down. A member of the annual trip tetris. Yeah, it is kind of like a three d. Yeah, contemplated notre terre de castro, saying not a great turtle, but it's eternal.

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