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Decorating Your Friendstrument

The next thing that we want to do is create an enclosure for it so we have these enclosures were the one thing that I realize is that these enclosures won't called the circuit board as it as it is so you have a couple of options one is that you can get half size circuit board really easily and so they're on amazon there a few bucks ebay you could get a half size circuit board and just duplicate this circuit onto a smaller sick aboard that would fit easily into this box. The other option is to use a box at home that you have this larger that will fit this circuit easily theirs there's plenty of different craft boxes you can get that will fit the circuit another option is tio sauder the components together it's this is small enough and I've done this before you can actually take fees these components and sauder them together so that that you just have like a little cluster of components and then you can easily fit it into the craft box but then if you shake it around too much want the wi...

res collide I know that they're pretty stiff actually you don't have to worry about that too much let me let me show you the picture of it and see what it looks like let's see here instrument could we have paid ninety I'll show you a picture of what it uh looks like it's it's actually a pretty small cluster of components here, and you can also see here is the miniature bread board I think you can get these ahs low is a dollar too, and I have a tiny speaker as well. So at this point, what we can do is we can paint and decorate thes these boxes, and then and then I'll show you howto run the pennies through them and attach them to the the circuit board, but since they won't fit, we can't actually, like fit the whole thing in there, but we can just get an idea of what we can do with the next steps when we're working on this. So we've got we've got a couple of things, we have a bunch of magazine cutouts, and you can either paint the box with the acrylic paints, or you can use thes images and up and use this stuff called mod podge here, which is kind of like a deck, a pot of substance and you paint you could hear the mod podge even like, like make a collage around the piece, and it gives it has kind of a neat look so or you can combine the paint and the mod podge, so why don't we work on that for a little while? About ten minutes or so and then I'll show you how to connect that the pennies to the circuit and we will be done so jane this is where we can have fun putting this thing together and you you should have some materials in front of you you want to find some good images on dh there scissors to cut out things and so this mod podge it reminds me of a school glue but it's got its own it works that's kind of ah varnish and decca pas material and it could be a little messy so we'll distribute some wipes the weekend keep our hands clean while we do this like that oh that's cool think is literally poking oh that you know that was probably a brush that we use with glue yesterday so use a different brush I'm gonna cut out some stuff that's really cool I love that one what if we put this around that side all right, that sounds good that could be cool keep the three things that drive mark hodges like has been around forever and I'll bet some of people online have been mentioning their mod podge experiences has anybody said anything about this stuff? It's regular tour nothing communities they used they used that quite a bit put that on first yeah, yes it's and it comes in a wide variety of you know there's matt finishes glossy, ultra glossy all kinds its's versatile stuff and I've actually used it when I've done an acrylic painting as uh as a coding and it makes the painting really shiny it's cool yeah and it has much like a politician away. Yeah, there was one that a painting jane and I did that's that's hanging in our living room that we that we did in two thousand eight that I coded with mod podge and there's no yellowing or anything yeah, no one not you never have put my name on it right now but a quick question coming from red scorpio who was just asking does it matter about the penny would a new a penny work better than old pen you does it make no difference? What from I think it may be a newer penny would work unless as restaurant I think it would make too much difference of penny has enough conductivity that it doesn't matter of its older new rewards a little sandpaper very fine sandpaper that paper seems to be the answer to everything his yeah cool thing and uh yeah and red scorpio thank you for your rubber stamp idea yesterday of using that relief with that the pan in it that such a cool idea okay, so you were just having fun adding different materials on here, okay, go ahead and put that on there, jane we didn't do so that's what you will find something else they add to it you want to find something else yeah put this on okay that's cool you have to do that ok ok I won't do that how does the much parts work but it is a very quick drying was it something you need to leave from it sir it takes I would say like an hour to get dry enough that you can can feel good about it so we'll just that well this decorated for another ten minutes or so and then we'll finish up with showing howto attach the penny said the circuit tested yeah yeah I mean mod podge has been around forever I remember actually using it as a cub scout so that was probably forty years ago and uh thea yeah the designs got a seventies vibe to this day there are students here all painting it's called cruel yeah I like the black and the yellow that's gonna look very striking and I think you're going for here kevin you're going with the bright road brennan and black on black on top even better black has my hockey team colors just going by that message sounds good and caroline barber doing that they've got a box with a hinge and they're doing at the top in blue in the bottom in red that looks good with kind of ah a nada not a sharp transition between two kind of a gradation between them amusing this knife is are the scissors is kind of a a knife to cut that box top cool. Yeah. Ok, now we put this on the top okay? You want to paint it on? I've always liked the smell of my touch you either way it doesn't matter now roy is joining us actually from the netherlands today and he's saying that internationally much parties simply known as kids glue so it may have a different different names around the latest on dwight live it would it would work is a glue yeah, I'm sure it would absolutely way shall be a saying that they've used it for puzzles and when the puzzle is completed they've been used much parched blew the whole thing together and feel the top cool idea. Yeah, but we use some other special puzzle ceiling, but I'm sure this would be good. Ok, so jean and I basically used the mod podge as a glue teo attach the paper to the puzzle box but now what you do is you apply a coding of mod podge on top of the paper and it will look like you're ruining it. And so here all we'll paint someone talk and you think, oh, that looks bad look at all that white junk but then it dries it's completely transparent and it looks great when it dries and so we'll get started here and it will probably start drawing pretty quickly are we the only ones using? I think everyone else is using paint on theirs which is just fine everybody wants to everybody has their own style which is what makes us isis cool I love that everybody does something that's different see that briefly that looks great really good. I almost like war paint down side ok, so I've given this a nice coat you can see it just is like looks like a mess so but we will let it dry it's a beautiful mess we will let that dry yeah bob done sort of a really great sort of blur transition between the two colors that looks really good and then you got the great black and yellow here the chances doing also we've got a black bass in a yellow top that looks really good and then I think chances putting his initials on the top there which we'll see in a minute no, not your initials hockey team of course california golden bears nice it was like old planes land burbank waiting for the again that circuit still ok, so the next step is after your module paused dries and everything or your paint you would run your your penny wires through the holes that have been pre drilled in your box of course you would you would drill those yourself at home wherever you'd want those to be when they would be and then you would hot glue the pennies on top of the hole so you just have this box with penny sitting on them, they would rather be pennies. There could be other kinds of coins also or they could be washers or they could just be the wire sticking up to it doesn't really matter, you know, they could be anything that conducts medal. You mean electricity, you know? Yeah. Saying anything that context, electricity so let's, just attach the pennies to the circuit and see how they work. And so what I'm going to do is take these resisters the two freestanding resistors. And I told them over to a spot and let me see if I can find a good spot here. Why don't we put them into, uh, the one that is in column? I let's put it into I fifteen and then the one that is in column be well put into b fifteen. We just did the numbers again. Okay, so it's it's up one that's in column on the resister that was in column I v v open the end that's not in yet. Put that in tow fifteen and then the resister that was in column b put the free and in to be fifteen, and then when you're done with that you can take one of the pennies and put them into anywhere along road fifteen on one side of the rail and anywhere along road fifteen in the other side of the rail and then you'll have those two pennies and just imagine those being in your your craft box virgin run it to touch one of those ways have an idea you know touch the disease but I wonder if people will weigh both touched the table yeah, that does work actually pretty cool we talked to two pennies to each other you could touch it two pennies together too that's cool so let's try something you guys have one working let's s o so dan and chance you guys have years working jane let's come down let's see if we can form a human chain and have have that work so so chance you hold one penny bob you hold the other penny and then I go ahead and touched bob's hand here and and then I'll hold your hand jane stretch over dan's hand it goes all the way through all of us wow there's pretty good kevin it's finger two chances nose and to all of us I think this is a very successful project you guys cycle going do you feel any kind of tingling or anything there's nothing. You know absolutely nothing it's it's uh two tiny tio doing there's actually one of the cool thing out there that's called the maki maki it's a it's a circuit board that someone's made that uses the same principle of conductivity except it has a usb connector and you can plug it in and it acts as a keyboard so you can actually, like have bananas that that air banana skins are electrically conductive you could like attach alligator clips two bananas and you can either type touching different bananas and play music all sorts of cool things. Just check out making making on youtube and look at some of the videos and it kind of takes this idea of a touch sensitive electronics of the next level. It's really cool. So I hope you guys have enjoyed this one and and I think of really cool things to do with it and kind of take it beyond what you've seen here with the basic circuit and and how you might be able to employ it into your own projects. Now, mark hat we have either smaller board or bigger boxes after how would we have finished this project? What would be in the next day? Very simple. I mean, we're ninety nine percent of the way done. What you would do is you would just take these things pennies and poke them through the holes, okay? And then once those were in the hold, you have the circuit board and battery pack and speaker resting inside here. Ok? And then you were just attach the pennies back into the circuit board and then you would hot glue the penny's around hole so that they're just stuck onto the top. So you just have this with two pennies on it and you'd have your complete thing and you might want to drill some small holes into the craft box to get that for you for where you attach the speaker and you could hot glue the the rim of the speaker onto the project box either on the bottom of the top or somewhere. So the sound come out of was facing the bottom than what I would do is get some little rubber feet around the bottom of the scars box of the sound would come through the bottom, but you know that that's all just icing on the cake it's like where you want to take it? You've got this basic circuit now you get the pennies you learned how not do that you could put it anywhere you could you know, I have a go on this, please. Yeah, absolutely trying this out. Let's. Just see how this works. Yeah, sure, I think it's great fun, yeah, so you can just try touching both of those pennies really hold them up, that's crazy to get a different so we're depending on like, if you just do a light touch jane trying like a light touch compared to us, have you dependent, let me let me see if I go like you are going and going and instead pretty good thing. Really, yeah, it is this mine that is greatly hot, fantastic, and I think everyone was online is saying how easy this is to do as well. Yeah, it's easiest uses very few components, so this is something and as you can see what we got it done pretty quickly. Yeah, yeah, chance actually found something really interesting. It was conducted that's. Great. I love that. It makes different sounds, different tones. Yeah, yeah, really cool and there's. A lot of lie detector technology is based on this is called galvanic skin response and the ideas of you're not telling the truth. You perspire. If you perspire, the conductivity increases right. This this ass missile questions it's good.

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