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The Antigravity Jar

Okay, so this anti gravity jar is a is something that I came across when I was when I was a kid and I thought it was just a terrific project you need to have not very many materials here um a magnet this is a disc magnet if you have a neo demi um magnet that's usually more powerful that's that's great too you could get one that's in a square shape. What you want to make sure is that the profile of the magnet is, uh, thinner than the jar so that doesn't extend up past the jar because otherwise it will expose the trick what judge in this kind of had noticed and so you want a medal jar lid for this in a glass jar and then a piece of thread and a paper clip which I think we have some right here there's one right here. Okay. When in some room some scotch tape as well and so I owe you one of the thing just to help you push tape down it's just just get a yeah I'm like god, I cannot take this crap off the table you know stuck on there really well so you need a pencil or ah pen to help you kind...

of pressure piece of tape down there so what you want to do is first start off with a piece of thread lis let's use the green one in this case and get a piece of thread that's from the bottom of the jar up to the top goal go a couple of inches above two above the top of the jar and you can either break the thread or cut it with with scissors and then um you want to do is just high tie a knot around the uh around the paperclip like so I remember when you first made this I like almost believed it and then I asked you what you had to tie down the paper club what did I say? Because they're also would just flung tio ceo hot just hold it down okay? And then and I wanted it to do that I'm going tio this trim off the excess of this thread here but don't do too much because it means he's a little bit of radio ok, so now we have the paper clip attached and, uh here I'll hold out you see how close asked to be okay, okay, okay, so what? What we want to do now is get a loop of tape not that long said break an inch and a half for two inches long stagnant know to tape the threat to the bottom of the job so I get a little loop of tape like that and then put thie thread on the tape and have a little bit of a tail here extending up beyond the so that you can always make it is to help you adjust it the first time you try it use a jar that's not as tall and wide mouth that these air narrow mouth ones if you have a wide mouth mason jar it will work it'll be much easier but that's what they use what you have it at hand and you know we'll get it to work but a wide mouth char would be preferable because it's easier to work with you two strangers too long is still too long yeah no yeah no plate let's see how this see how this works um okay we've got we've got it dangling there it does seem a little bit too long in the poll and say it's tio yeah ok we're getting close and she knew paint the black because black you cannot see shadows on a swell so that's that's something will we'll talk about what you noticed this lid has been painted black as jane pointed out that makes it harder to teo little sound that's ok, we pull on this a little bit more how are you guys? You guys are probably way ahead of me I think we got it. How harnessed the force here magnets magnets how do they work? Yeah, exactly not really gripping at the right spot see, it touches okay to me work on this game here now I can do it since the strings closer now have smaller hands you want to get there with your fingers? Okay, yeah, it would be easier is pull carefully so that you don't get my hand's stuck thank god got it but I want to take this car you don't do it then and I'll do is I'll just pull it out okay? We're going to move this up a little bit, you know you have this works we may have tio use one of our students to demonstrate it just kind of seems to be the worst part you did it I think maybe just stick it on there because I can't do it real fast. Okay, this track no ugo go too short that could be a little lower still because you have to look also with a neo damien magnet it's so much stronger you can have this thing quite a bit lower and it will look yeah, I will be like in the middle of the jar looks more making because this, like you could not really see the top of the paper clip so you don't believe it as much but let's try a little bit farther trim some of this off so this one yeah just requires some finessing until you get it right for once it's right they will stay that way and don't have a super week magnet or else instead of the paperclip trying to go to the magnet the magnet might fly into the paper clip that's true no it'll stick to the jar but it might fall off the top of the jar someone shakes that or something and then land on the paper clipping killer okay so let's see how that's looking pretty good that's better that's better and you really can't see the magnet very well at all let's see how years to see how yours looks you guys you don't really see the thread either no it's okay to see the thread it's so thin that it will actually be pretty cool is like a little routine that goes with it that goes along with it so the way I showed it to james first was I said I had a little jar like this and I said hey jane my friend who were said nasa gave me some anti gravity liquid that you can't see but it's invisible and so we started out with just a jar like this and this like yeah so uh I said it was really expensive and I just poured it in I said it's invisible but we have to like keep it from leaking out so I'm like the letter so then I put the lid on like that and be more centered and then you said and we need to like shake it off way agitated a little bit and mix it up in there and I said see that paper clip that's attached to a thread inside this fluid it makes anything inside this field resistant to gravity and in fact it it goes in the opposite direction of the force of gravity so you can see that paperclip wants to just fly through the roof of the lid the only thing that's holding it down is that threat otherwise we just shoot up and hit the lid and then I asked him if there was a room full of it that I could go and then sticks to the ceiling and the fact that it wobbles like that is really like a fun effect because it really does look like it's floating and also okay but let's let's release the the anti gravity gas and see what happens so you just left the lead and of course then it just falls into a location on leaked down I'll say we have to be really careful because we don't have much of this anti gravity fluid left let's be careful and then I asked him why he had not put the lid on the anti gravity thing probably relieved that I'm going to try to just lower it a little bit more they've reading it that cool expect what's the source I did not think this really works I mean it's a great trick and people don't really believe that it's an anti gravity but they don't know how it is working it's like a magic trick like card like you know it's not really but you're still thinking how in the world that they did add let's see that one might be too that's not gonna that's not going hee hee hee but then it might show like it still doesn't work finally when you get a short enough it's too short yeah you did see this my way work just turn it over I just never really quit way no way have another magnet possibly have a third magnet here this is what hit well done isn't working well seas have a look at that one it's not exactly touching but it's like oh that's that's a really good one yeah we're at the limit looks cool let me just borrow your guys magnet for a second you get then at one point it will go really tall and then just be a let's try this really cool strike thirty one here yes now it does work but they're in the problem ok ok it's good kind of gentle right now there's three magnets instead of one and now when we screw the cap on looks like there's a big lump under the cat well that problem is not a problem if you use a near damia magnet which is my eyes kind of kind of magnus here we're just getting a book. It's a very that's. A great effect. It is. It looks really like its floating now because there's not as much magnetic pull on it. So this is great. And so this is what it would look like with me. You're dealing. You couldn't get it even lower. It really looks like it is just, like kind of floating in this gas. And it makes the magic trick effect work a lot better. So that's a fun one. I'm really happy with the way this one has turned out. Let's. Remember the little routine you say you have anti gravity juice from nasa or some other place and pouring a little bit of it in. And then you ah, you start by sound kits in here now that's this agitated and shake it up. Then you just slowly turn it over and but, uh, I love it, thie poisonous. You know, gravity, gas factors. Okay, now, let's, look at it. Anti gravity gas leak out. And then you remember that you forgot to put the lid on a small container. Exactly. So anyway, that that is, uh there is the anti gravity jar.

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