Attaching the Balloon Camera to the Rig


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Attaching the Balloon Camera to the Rig

So at this point what I what I recommend is that you have one person hold onto both ends of the paper clips so jane could you hold on to them for me the james holding onto these while I do the next step which is to take the video camera I'm gonna just snip this when I have here you have you you have your video camera and you have your zip tie if your video camera has a has a loop on it like that take that off and you can do that I recommend using a needle nose pliers so that you don't break your fingernails is that those players to help you and you can just kind of twist the thing off like this just open up that loop and just get it off you don't need it so you can just get rid of it and then once you have that off what you do what to do is take your zip tie threaded through the little hole at the end of your key fob camera you know here's something I should tell you if you've not used the's zip ties before the loose the free and goes through the flat part of the zip tie not the not en...

d with the projection of the little knob so it goes this way and once you push it through it won't it won't come off angling so wind it around the cross either angle it doesn't really matter and then pull it nice and tight and then trim off the free end yeah goes over the x thanks king I'm sorry it's okay yeah tight because you don't want it to wobble around I'm gonna walk around and show you guys what this looks like yeah you guys got it great and you guys got the peak of a correct let me see let me see something. You know what the only thing is you want these to be oriented like like this so they're all the same away this yeah like that and that one's there you go okay to take it off I would take take this loop off here too on then you see I have this zip tied around okay no problems it yeah, ok. And you guys see that did you come on our father but you could just keep it on okay, r o and you could just activate the buttons there. Okay, cool it works so just make sure you don't get these strings tangled up, okay? You guys we are getting close, we're getting really close. This is the string. This is the kite line that we're going to use to attach to the kite so what we want to do save about go I would say go about um what is that? Two and a half feet two and a half feet or so okay? And what we're going to do is we're going to make some little loops to fit your paper clips so what you do is you just take your take your string and make a loop and then tie it in a not so that was just a simple lot so that you have that loop sticking out like so you see how you have that loop? Yeah, about two and a half because we want to attach the other into the balloon yeah, and then slip not just this is just a simple slip knot and then go down I would say about, uh about six or eight inches or not maybe ten inches make another little loop. They don't need to be very big. These are your these air, your peak of a attachment points where you're gonna put your paperclips know that just as long as they have loops like that two loops you have one paperclip I'll just use his paper clip for an example, you're gonna hang one paper clip of the peak of a there you can hang the other paper clip from the other end of the peak of a there but let's attach so let's attach these to the balloons now okay let's attach these to the balloons and then we can attach the peak of a rig and activate the cameras so we're going to get the balloons yeah the first one's about two and a half feet you do a loop then you go eight to ten inches and make your brother luke and jean could you hold that end of the string? I will I'll show you what the desired result is you might need tio unfold the paper clips a little bit so that you can get them so they fit around the loop made another thing that I made another okay but are you finding out you okay so this is this is what we want and so then that way when the when the kite is at an angle like that the peak of a is still pointing downwards can you see that? Can you see this david that's how we want if he is a balloon that way you have the peak of a pointing downwards ok, so we've got one balloon here jane why don't you hold both ends like that? I'm going to attach a balloon way don't want to lose this one ok ok so this is something we've got to make sure that we don't lose a balloon can someone be an assistant and hold the balloon for me roland and depending if this if there's not enough lift here we might have to use two balloons so we might have to do a buddy system but we will see you have a good grip on it kate ok this we don't want to lose the balloon so I'm going to do my special triple grandee not nothing can escape that all right you can let go and see what happens okay ok then why don't you hang on to that and don't lose it okay now to activate the camera to activate the camera it's uh balloon messages she's strict jane could you also hold the string right here like that okay so to activate the camera there's the on button on the camera that should be marked by like a little on switch hold it down until you see a little led and amber led should light up that means is activated to start the recorder saved even versions I know but it's they function the same way to activate the video camera you press the other button and hold it for three seconds or so you'll see that little amber led flash three times and then everything goes blank that's a good sign that means it's actually recording a video so we'll hold it one two three I see a blink blink blink okay now what I want everyone to do be so we could tell who's balloon is what is the ttip the camera smile say hello and then we are going tio send this thing up and jean you can you can feed the string out slowly it's recording we've got a little bit of wind here just like go and once it gets something kind of stabilizes I didn't let go higher isn't there like a kite limited like five hundred feet maybe so I don't know if we'll get to it or not we'll onto that pretty well no way we've got some wind it's it's going to be allow more restrained okay it's pretty breezy so we're gonna have a little bit of uh shielding start I'm going to start to wind it in because I think the peak of a needs readjustment so go ahead and wind that string back in as I pull it in uh kings will take a while you know this is the great weather for the kite I think okay who else is ready way handsome okay so ok do you know how to do a sheep's been not uh thiss your fri end here yeah that's the period okay okay so did you guys turn on the recording press it press it so president till the amber light turns on good it's on did not press the record button the other button until it blinks three times and then turns off one two I saw one blink we don't have that one because it goes from on the right button that button right there yeah right did you hold on three okay okay let's let's make sure this is not tangle okay it looks good king cool now I'm not going to like this and say hi hollow the wind is a little nazi, you guys. It is a problem. Grand, undefeated, yeah, way. Yeah, I don't know.

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