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Email Marketing for Crafters

Lesson 22 of 24

Build Your List & Keep It Lean

Abby Glassenberg

Email Marketing for Crafters

Abby Glassenberg

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22. Build Your List & Keep It Lean

Lesson Info

Build Your List & Keep It Lean

Let's, talk about building your list so first you probably already have some kind of network of supporters and you should start with them you if you think about it, you probably already have some people there, some business cards, some recent customers, some you know, people, you've worked with galleries, you've worked with somebody that you've already sort of if you start to really think about it, so begin with the people that already wanted be working with you and supporting you and send them an email saying I have an email newsletter now would you like to sign up? So because a lot of them will s o just serving the people you've already got that's the beginning for sure, and if you have rsst email, you can start with that group just import them in and get started with them. Um, so start with who you already have and we are always going to remember the top. The top priority here is that quality trump's quantity that's the top priority? We always want quality, so you should never pay f...

or an email list. There are a lot of people who sell email lists and you can pay and get a whole lot of cyber is all at once it's the same thing with like buying twitter followers on instagram followers and facebook like you khun by all of those things but there's not really a reason to and less that number is the most important thing, and with email, that number is not the most important thing, so you should not buy a list, and you should not auto add people to your list who have not given you a double upton permission, because you need quality s o and you're going to keep the open right in the quick right? Hi. Uh, okay, so take a look at the ten tips worksheet for building your email list because that's, what you're going to be, we're going to be looking at now, so the first thing you can do is convert your social media followers. So unless your business is very brand new, you probably have some social media set up in some way, maybe you you're starting on instagram, or maybe you have a blawg that you've sort of had often on or, you know, are working on. Maybe you have facebook, wherever you are on social media, the goal, the ultimate goal always is for all of those scans and followers give you their email address so that they will get on your list. That is always my number one goal is to get those email addresses so let's start with facebook, you can create a little called action button on facebook that when people click it it's you know, new sign up for the newsletter so that you can create that on facebook they have all this little button that you can make on facebook and one of them can be a call to action for your newsletter you can create also a post every now and then a photo photos got more interaction to a photo on bright something there like, did you know that I send out a newsletter every week and this week's had a coupon code or a free download or whatever it is featuring a sign up here or do a little social proof, you know, joined the two thousand five hundred people who are already signed up and get your free download? Um and you, khun sa try to convert those facebook followers and do it periodically, not just once. I mean, the thing with facebook is their only showing such a small percentage of your total followers your post that you could never post too often because so few people are seeing it so posted once a month, you know, and just anyone whose new who got on there who missed it last time, which is what most everyone bring them, bring them on, I bring them on and some people, if you do, send out a good news that I will write in a comment, yeah, her newsletter is awesome and that helps and be like you know so that back and forth helps that social proof there is good so that's for facebook for instagram similar situation so go in your photo editing software used pick monkey which is what I like and get it like get a nice photo maybe it's of you in the studio maybe it's of you right in the newsletter the computer or something else and make it square and overlays and text on it about your newsletter something really simple you know um you know like uh you know I have a newsletter that's a big enough doesn't have to be really small and then in the caption or just through the photo and don't put any text over light and just in the caption explain that you have this newsletter what's in it what's in it for them people always want to know what I'm going to get what's in it for me on dh then change your profile link twitter instagram only gives you one link one active live link and that is in your profile so change your profiling for that day to your newsletter sign up and you could say lincoln the profile so that people would just click that link they don't have to go to your web site or anywhere else they click that link they sign up for the newsletter that is incredibly effective the times that I have done it it's amazing a lot of people on instagram you assume that people know all about what you're doing, but they don't. They might follow you on instagram because some friend of theirs tagged you or whatever, and they just stumbled upon it. You know, instagram suggested they might like you, so they just hit you know that they want to follow you and they don't know that you have a newsletter and they might love it, so let them know you got it. If you don't tell them no one's going to tell them for you, you have to tell them so every, you know, a couple of months, get on there and be like, I've got a newsletter change your lincoln, the profile, change it for the whole day, let that stay up there for hours. Um, and you will get social proof in the comments there, too, which is even better where people are like, oh, I love your newsletter subscribe, and that is really, really effective. Yeah, for sure. Twitter I know twitter sort of last popular than facebook and instagram, but I love twitter so on twitter, you can pin opposed to the top of your feed, so you have your tweets going out, you know, all day long whenever you're sending them, you can make one tweet sticky and it stays at the top of all your tweet of all the tweets you've sent out so no matter how many more you said it's always there and you can make that post say each week us in a newsletter with the best and sewing blogging and small business sign up here and there's a link so that stays at the top that was when people are seeing your tweets that cook over your profile that like your shape they're looking your profile on that top tweet is the newsletter and people will re tweet it it's fascinating people will go over and and and then it gets the social proof people retweeted and be like, you know, subscribe it's great you know, so um you can do that as well you can also and I just recently did this, which is kind of nifty you can set up a twitter card so this is through twitter's advertising program but you don't have to pay it's free you do have to input a credit card, but they don't charge it on dh then you go into twitter's ad that sort of add portion of that where you would set up an ad and you can set up a twitter card and it just makes that tweet have a photo on a little called action button which looks a little like more polish and still pinned right to the top of the twitter feed so that is great and again there's twitter followers they may not know you have a newsletter and no one's going to tell them unless you d'oh that is your job. You absolutely need to convert your social media followers teo newsletter subscribers are there any questions about how to do that or tips on why you would do that or things you've tried that work here? Contrast that good one yeah, I think for pinterest what I would do is write a block post personally the way that I would do is I would write a block post about for me it would be about why, you know, marking it works, but maybe I might even copy newsletter a recent one and put it up there as a bloc post and be like, did you know I have a newsletter here's what it was featured in the last one it's really cool andi sign up and people will pinned that cause pin press is all about paying that photo from the original source, so if you can create a nice thing, a nice photo there that that will get pins of pinterest then we'll link back to find out more about it I think that would be my best strategy for that you can pin instagram photos as well, so but then if the linkous changed from the profile that that's kind of moot so pinterest is ultra care yeah, linked in yeah, that would be a good medium, so I love lengthen, but a lot of people really don't like lincoln all and find it to be super useful of useless on don't and really don't think crafters need to be there. I like it and I as a a person who also functions as a journalist and does research on a lot of different people. I find lincoln to be incredibly useful resource for myself because that way I can find out more about a lot of people that I'm researching, so I think everyone should be on lengthen and even with a really bare bones presence, could you put your newsletter link there? Absolutely on I think, in your a situation where you are going to be having corporate clients are seeking out a corporate clients lincoln is a must absolutely I think for your particular business it is definitely a must if you're a knitwear designer, you know yet where designers tell me that they don't need it at all and I play them so I don't you know, I don't know I like it I wish everyone was there because it's helpful to me as a journalist but that's personally that's my selfish reason so okay, all right, so current burning your social media followers that's a good thing enhancing old block post so if you block or if you had a block and stopped either way. But you have those post their archives in some way, going to give the lana let x and look at what your top ten walk post of all time are. Sometimes they're random. One of my top law post is a bread recipe for making bread in your food processor, which literally has nothing to do. But, you know, twelve, thirteen, thirteen hundred blood posts. And so, you know, I back in two thousand seven, I was blogging about many random things, including making bread. I wouldn't block about that now, but I did then and so it's, very popular people want to make bread in a food processor. So that's, one of my popular most popular posts, and I should go make a list. Ok, these are the ones that get the most hits maybe they were linked to and some incredibly well trafficked site at some point, so they still get tons of hits. For some reason, it can be random, but whatever they are, go into them in your editor on your your block editor and enhance them, so enhance them to convert those people who are like one time visitors basically to your block there people who founded on contrasts or whatever and they just are going to come to your blogging at one time to get the food processor bread recipe and then they're out of there so at the bottom or the top or halfway through or more than once say you like this post you might like my newsletter you know and put put a button make like a button, a call to action button and make it real easy big link whatever staking click it and come over and subscribes because the the worst thing is when you have a post it goes like massively viral for some reason like it just for some reason I hit a nerve and everyone loves it they come, they see it, they get it and they're gone and then you never see those people again so you your gold there is to be ready so when that happens in it, if we could predict how to write viral content, we would all be millionaire so we wait we don't know when it's gonna happen, stuff happens and all the sudden you're thing went nuts it got shared somewhere who knows? You want to be prepared so that when that happens those people come and they don't just leave forever that there's something there for them to sign up for they're not going to take the time to cut and paste your u r l into their blah glove and feed and, you know, subscribe by are you know they're not going to take the time to sign up on feed lee and get your things and all this stuff or even click over from your little button to instagram and follow you there like it's a lot of work if they can just put in their email address, they'll hear from you and then later a lot of times they'll be like later, I'll decide if I like this person or not, but I'm just gonna put in my email address, then I'll get it and then later I'll figure it out so you need a place for them to do that so you don't lose out on that awesome traffic. Great worth. Yeah, that's the worst. I always feel so badly for people who, like, have something go viral and there was nothing there to capture. Uh, yeah. So take advantage of viral. All right, um, encourage crime subscribers to share, uh, that's a good one as well. You always in the bottom of your email newsletter you're gonna have, you know, for this to your friends know someone who likes this forward it to your friends for sure, um on twitter people you can quote the tweet so if somebody says this is a great email newsletter, you can quote it and say thank you so that everybody sees the original one that has the link you know you just want encourage people to get out there and share and they will if they like what you're standing that word of mouth marketing is the number one god most powerful type of marketing is the kind where people tell their friends you should you should subscribe to this you would like it a link to the archives I also think would be in a good way to get people to share and then you have their social media sharing buttons at the bottom of your email news, the newsletter as well so, um and encourage them to do that out of sign up linked to your bio so how many of you have, like ever written and guest posts and somebody else's blogged? I know I have a few block it all oftentimes you get invited to write a guest post somewhere else on dh you khun usually late to something you know where where can people find you online? Um make that link your sign up for your newsletter sign up try did you you know, that's that's possibility to get two links to want your website and once your newsletter so when you write your bio about who you are include the newsletter there because at your number one goal not web traffic web traffic is number two to the newsletter the newsletter is number one, so if you set that is your priority that's your number one linked to share if you can if you get something something to share uh okay create a lead magnet. What is that? So a lead magnet is an ethical bribe? Yeah, that's all you can think about it it is an ethical bribe to incentivize people to give you their email address. Um a lot of people need an incentive. Eso a lead magnet is something that you're going to stay in the little sign up, opt in box that says, you know, get your free whatever sign up for my list he's going to give them something that they're going to get for free and it could be all kinds of creative things you mentioned earlier on email that you love to get that has a principal paper object you can assemble and right. So if you're a paper designer and you make three d paper objects that people can assemble, it can be one of those it can be a checklist people can download a checklist it couldn't be a principle of all kinds different kinds of principles for example gift tags for christmas or gift tags present that's, right? If you're a designer, a graphic designer and you like to make that kind, that kind of things you download a sheet of gift tags, people can print them out, cut him up and used them on presence. It can be a free pattern, something you designed specifically for newsletter subscribers. Or maybe it's a free pattern you've already used on the block elsewhere that you're just formatting. So that it's a single pdf to make it easier for people. Um, it could be a worksheet. It can literally just be a worksheet that has four questions and blanks for people to fill in a calendar. Um, it can be desktop wallpaper. You know, people, if you say every month you're going to get desktop wallpaper, people love to get this top wallpaper. That's fun, if you like making them that's great, it can be a resource list. Um, you know, I thought recently about, like magazines, people want to see, submit projects and get them published in magazines. So what if you gave a list of, like, it's? Not that hard to find, but here is the publishers contact information and what kinds of things they're looking for and how to get in touch with them, you know, and you just gave them a resource list of that's valuable to people because you're pulling something together that they could find on their own but it just takes a lot of work and it's awfully nice to get it you know pulled together you can do a monthly contest and to the contest and I will draw a name from everybody who subscribes this month and give away something for free so that's what a lead magnet is I don't have one right now I'm told I need to get one more time let's do left but I've heard it's incredibly effective from everybody who's got one they're like whoa when I started with the lead magnet now I've got a million discover so I think it's worth doing it's worth trying at least um you spent a little time making us something and that something doesn't have to be is complicated as you're imagining it can be kind of simple and it can be something you've already made just in like a different format on that's just easy people don't go through your archives they don't know what's in there so just take something out and make it a little bit different and nice and pdf download and it's pretty and that's it and you know you can also hire somebody to help you make it if you aren't good at that kind of thing it's okay to let somebody make it for you you know who helps you with graphics and stuff like that so that's a lead magnate yeah doing a thing where I'm creating of pattern a simple pattern every month this year using this yarn uhm so you know it goes out to my email subscribers every month I send them a link and they can download the powder is only available for a month um but then if somebody knew came in could I tell them they could have like the less the ones that were over the end you can't do that so um you could create a library within male chimps so that people can go there all stored there and people can go back and find the beginning of the series for sure I think I was releasing a new pattern every month for a year I think first at the end of the year I would put them all together is twelve and I think I would fell it so I'm doing like one size and I thought, you know, for the end of the year I would out there just accessories likes smalls and largest is yeah and then published it is a book because one doesn't need buck and it's got that multiple sides is I think I would then sell that it's a product for sure and and the free ones mean but there's always a sort of back and forth between blawg content that can get pins and sending it exclusively to the email list it's where it doesn't get shared so I know separate stuff on the same topic on my block but the pattern you have to be a subscriber to any mail yeah, not greatly magnet right to get it you have to be a subscriber so that's a great and then once they're in there you've got them so you can do all kinds anything about him at least for you you got him at least for the year but they're in there and that's key yeah, so this will have a creative ways to do lead magnet no matter what your business is. Yeah, I have some questions about lead magnets. One question came in from sarah who said, do you think that you will have more un subscribers of people signed up for for the news that air just to get that freebie? And so therefore is there like a balance of how valuable to make the thing right? So in researching for today because I don't have a lead magnet myself and what people have said about lead magnets is that they feared that that would happen people would subscribe to get the free download and then they would unsubscribe, but that doesn't happen, and I don't know what that means that doesn't happen I don't know whether that means that they then just sort of stick it in a spam folder and just because a lot of people just never go through the process of un subscribing theyjust the lead and they don't have inbox zero so they have no problem with having it sit there so they don't subscribe it is the leader they don't even open they just let it you know so I don't know what that means like you know they don't unsubscribe whether they're now un engaged or whether they stick around and love it right you know I don't know but I have heard from people have them that they don't do that they may may intend to but then they don't right and so do you just this is from sofia gogarty with some votes on it how do you deliver the lead magnet? Is that involved in an auto responder? Well, great question that is an email auto responder yes and you can upload a file into male champ you can also have it be a drop box you can have it as a download on your site. It could be a protected password protected page on your site where you're giving them the password and then can see the page so that a lot of different ways to do it but the easiest way to do it is through a naughty responder and you just upload the file to male champion send it to them they click the link and download the pdf in adobe reader and when you were doing the research, or have you seen people? Is a question from megan? Do you find that a coupon for, say, five percent off one of the products that you sell a good lead magnet, or and and if so, how long might you suggest keeping that offer? If there's an offered you put neck expiration date on? Yeah, that's a good question, it's, hard to manage. I don't like to give myself a lot to manage because I know I'll forget. And so I offer a coupon code to people who purchase a pattern. You get a ten percent coupon for the next purchase, two separate from email, but you just got a ten percent coupon, and I just that was ongoing just last forever. So if you buy another one, you still got another ten percent, just like, once you're in, you're in so that's how I do it, I just don't I don't wanna have to manage, like, start and stop the it's. Not kind of thinking can a coupon code work is the lead manager could. Yeah, one more question. And this anyone has any in here. You are talking about refreshing older blawg content. Yeah, can you clarify how you do that, like, is it ok to just re use it to have to make any changes to it so refreshing it what as a lead magnet or refreshing a meaning going back in editing it toe ad links to your newsletter sign up I think that ok I know you can go back in there at any time in your block you can do whatever you want I wouldn't republish it I mean sometimes people will say you should republish old blawg post without a date I think it's sleazy I don't do that I like them a record of you know this is what I was doing in may or two thousand eight you know I just like it to stay there but but you could always go back in there and just be like hey you like this post sign up for my newsletter because yeah it's a really popular post and like I said a lot of people coming there just from pinterest they're coming once and they're never going to come back so why not try to convert them all right so let's talk about content upgrades so this is sort of similar to what I think what you were talking about but content upgrade so it's like a lead magnet but for a blood post so it's ah away to sort of get an extra enhanced material that supplements that blood posts this is how subscribers could get extra so let's say they read a block post about you know uh how to build your email list high right apply post howto build dream ellis then as a zoo content upgrade. If you subscribe to my melon also send you a checklist of how to build dream ellis so it's just like an extra for that particular block post instead of being sort of overall, this is a really useful thing to do if your guest posting especially you can do it for individual block posts and of here that's very, very fact that you can on you can go back to old one and add content upgrades told black press, but if you are going to be guests posting in a really popular blawg, you know you're going to be guests first thing, right? The guest posts and say, if you want to get this extra piece, subscribe to my newsletter so you shared something for free unlike a massive blawg and you what you want most of all is for some of those people to subscribe to your list so they subscribe to get the extra and then they're yours. So sort of using content upgrades is a way to get to make the most of it a little something extra for that blonde post it's more work for, you know you write a black post, you also have to read it a checklist now or whatever, but, you know a lot of times for example if you write a tutorial like a pattern tutorial people wanted as a pdf right? They don't want to have to go back to that block posting read it step by step they want the whole thing as a pdf like a regular pattern would be so that could be a great content upgrade subscribed to the list you get this whole one as a pdf very convenient for you and it's free just to sign up for my list so it's in exchange for your email I haven't done it but people love it many things I haven't done but that's one to try all right at the action links your email signature so when I send a regular email to you like my to my kid's teacher about homework problem or whatever I write the email to the teacher and then a semi name and then there's a little signature the signature has linked tio my website and facebook and instagram into my email newsletter sign up you just never know you know that teacher could bit and now they want to be on your list so you just don't know where that email is going to go and who's going to be interested whose husband works in corporate marketing and would love to have you come in or whatever so just wherever it goes I always include that to the doctor to everybody yes this's my personal email yeah it's in there definitely do clients and customers but also just goes out to anyone people's, aunts and uncles all kinds of people are they never know yeah so what's excessive wto have I mean, I've got so many things at this point right that have a lot I really can't believe that I don't have money yeah so I would say number one has been email newsletter and then what successive beyond that if you feel worried you know pick your top three so my sight my blawg would be too and instagram would be three because most people aren't on twitter so we'll say instagram so pick your top three yeah newsletter yes use letters once oh that's no yeah newsletter is number one man and always yeah and it's a repetition of something much earlier in the day but I was unclear about the double opt in yeah, so what happened? One of the other. So what happens with that length? Right? So I send you into a personal email because you're my child's teacher and I'm sending something whatever it's not my name and has this little signature um and let's say my child's teachers loved so when it turns out she wants to subscribe to my newsletter so she clicks that button and it brings you up to a little page and it says joined the other seven thousand two hundred people who already enjoy this newsletter and then it says into your first name your last name in your email address and hits subscribe then a few minutes later she's going to get an email in her in box saying do you really want to be part of this? Okay it's yes and she's on so it's still that double got it good question ok, email your customers and invite them to join your list this is a little controversial, especially for people who have etc shops but I strongly believe after somebody makes a purchase from you they are most likely at that moment she would join your email list so what I do is any time somebody buy something for my etc shop I have a pre formatted email in my email drafts my regular personal email and I just in the subject line I write you know humpty dumpty pattern because that's what they just bought and then it has like a banner and says thank you office them a coupon code for the next purchase and it's a sign up for my leg would you like to sign up for my list? You can click here and I sent it to them and I always said it within the same day so I would never go back to old customers and, you know send them especially with that say it's against as terms of use to go back or to use their convo system don't use their converse ist um tio reach back told customers that's he doesn't like that on dh they can shut down your shop and do all that stuff so you know, but that same day that somebody bought something, I send them a single email givingem a coupon code and ask them if they would like to sign up for the list and then they conduct go through the double opt in process inside up on dh ideo and same thing on craftsy if you sell patterns on crafty crafty gives you or free pattern on cross cp three patterns on coffee cups that gives you the email list for everybody could download that free pattern you can email that all those people on just say, hey, you download this free pattern today would you like to be part of my list and asked them? But everyone who's a customer of yours right after they buy not six months later asked me if I would like to be part of your list for sure um okay you up, then you want to use strong, confident, specific language and your opt in that answer is what's in it for me, so that authority equals security, right? I'm giving you my email address I want to know that you know what you're doing that you know what you're going to do with it and I know what I'm going to get so instead of why not sign up for my list and got some updates say enter your email address and get started today okay? I gotcha I got your thing I'm going to send you something don't worry don't worry is a big part of this right? I don't want pottery barn teen I want to know you're going to take care of me okay so be specific you're going to get it once a week it's going to come on wednesday I got it I'm going to send you something you know confident and be specific alright little authority goes a long way okay right and remarkably good evening in my newsletter so that's the last one on the checklist but I really feel like if it's remarkably good people share remarkable things like that if we have a recipe for viral content online what it really is is whether or not it's remarkable when it's remarkable we want to share it you know when we have like a cat and a dog video and they're like scratching each other and it's totally door what's so remarkable that we want to share that like it's soon as you see something that's cute cat video it's remarkable you want to share it something crazy amazing somebody nick something gigantic or whatever it was that remarkable thing is the thing that we want to share, so if you write remarkably good newsletter, people will share it and that's how to best the best possible way to build your less this word of mouth advertising where people is like I auto tweeted, so it goes on twitter and people will be like, oh yeah, our newsletter is really great boom! You get a whole bunch of new subscribers so that social proof is the best you do a good job right there doing a good job consistently over time that works ok, um keeping it lean, so we're not we're going to add e mails to our list without express permission, which we've talked about on we need a small list with a high open rate is better than a bloated unengaged list, for sure, so you can clean your left and basically what you do is you look at your email list and male chimp or whatever software you're using will allow you to segment it ah, by people who haven't opened or clicked in a certain length of time and they have a great tutorial on their status how to do this so you can, I will say, if you haven't opened or clicked in three months and I send it every week, you probably don't really want it you know, so I take that segment so let's say I have seven thousand people and that's a thousand of them, they don't open and they haven't been ochlik last three months and then I write a special email just them and it says and male trump even gives you the language to use its very, very straightforward but basically you say, hey, I noticed that you haven't clicked are opened in a long time. I'd still love you to be part of my community, but you need tio renew your subscription just like a magazine renew and that's in the subject line like, please renew your subscription and renewing it just means they click a button if they click any button within that email any link within that email, they're automatically taken off of that segment of people who never opened and click right? Because now they've clicked, they opened and they collect, so if if they open and click on anything, they're off of that segment. So then you segment again a week later and it's a smaller segment so now instead of a thousand people, you're down to six hundred who didn't respond to the renewal, you send them a second, this has second notice like hello, do you really want to be on the list? Second notice, please, we knew and they have to click again and if they don't click, then the third notice comes out a week later and it said and you say you're going to be removed my list you're welcome to re subscribe it any time, but I'm going to remove you from my list because they don't think you want to get this anymore and then you literally take that whole segment and delete them and then they're gone on if painful, it is pay involved because you know, it takes a long time to build a less and every one of the subscribers you feel like it's important, but they were way better off because you it gives you a longer runway to get to that next tier of payment, you know how much you're going to have to pay, so if you're paying twenty five dollars a month now and you're getting close to having to pay thirty, why not make it longer that you khun hangout paying twenty five and what'll happen is next week you're open rate will like skyrocket and you'll be like, all right, this was worth that yeah, so keeping at lean is really good and I would do it once a quarter you could do it twice a year if you want tio instead of doing it once a quarter that seems like it's too much um but it's worth doing for sure, yeah I mean maybe we're going to a little q and a before we move on to our next case study so let us know if you have questions here in the studio audience and this is sort of ah maybe a rapid fire getting through some of these that have built up a cz well eso this one was I get most of my e mails from a craft show sign up form when I enter their email into male chimp lists should they get a welcome letter how do you navigate like physical people signing up for your email yeah so if you are at a craft show and you have a clipboard where you can also have male chimp as our like I'll app that you can use where people can enter although then you have an unintended ipad so you have to think about that but either way you're collecting e mails and enable addresses at this the craft show that you're doing or at a gallery if you're on just exhibiting at a gallery or doing a training and you're teaching teaching a workshop you've got twelve people right there who want to join you want to be part of a community they're going to put their email down and now you've got this list so when you got home you can input those people and in male triple say did you ask permission did they give you permission and you check the box? Yes. Because they did so in that case, you're skipping that double opt in because that I think somebody riding their email addresses a total upped and for sure, esso. And then once you subscribed on that person, once you hit subscribe, that person will get the auto responder right away. The welcome message. Yes, they will get it. Great. Yeah. All right. We have this question. Come in earlier with several votes from megan. Is it true that if you switch email service provider providers that you can lose subscribers? Because when you switch, you have to send your subscribers and email asking them to subscribe again, do not. My understanding is now. So, like let's say, I decided that I didn't like male chimp anymore, and I wanted, for some reason to switch to a weber like it was really excited about whoever my understanding is. You can get what csb file like a spreadsheet, basically, of all of your subscribers, you download it, you save it on your own computer, and then when you go to set up your, you know, mad mimi, you're a weber. Whatever your account at your new place, they say, do you want to import a list you say, yes, you and upload csu csb file, and it just upload that entire list so you don't need they don't need to take any action, you've just changed. They probably won't even notice they might notice a different looks likely, but that's it? Yeah, and then another question is, during the checkout process, do you recommend a check box that is automatically checked for them to sign up for your list and if they don't want to sign up, they unchecked the box? I never thought I would never sign up people with unchecked I don't like that. Personally, I think it's probably legal, I think people do it that's how it ended up on pottery barn, teen I didn't unchecked the box, right? But I don't I just don't think it's, you know, I don't think it's I think it's sleazy, like I just wouldn't act that way. I feel like it's, you're better off your blissful grow, but is that really the way you want it to grow? I mean, I would rather have that double up then where people really you can, um, eyes were commerce is my shopping cart on my wordpress site, and you can make it so there's a box that says, would you like to get the email on and you can check it, but I haven't auto unchecked, but there is an options auto check it I just put into it at the bottom of every block post this well, when you leave a comment has also sent up for the newsletter before you submit your comment, you can sign up, you know, same thing on wordpress you can have that there, but I don't auto check up. Yeah, I'm with you. Yeah, I think it's just the matter of, like how you feel about it, would you want that? I don't think anybody really would. So and one more question from never won. The question is which data analysis company do you find works? Well, are there some that are better than others? It can talk a little bit about the importance of so that data tracking we talked about it a little bit further on, but the importance of that now that we know a lot more and yeah, and I know it was you might you don't do a ton of it, and I'll honestly, I mostly used jet pack, which is the analytics tool that comes with the press. Michael ware pest plug in jet pack and that's how I analyze the photographs we showed you earlier, those air from jet pack they weren't from google analytics, google analytics is confusing I didn't take the I need take a class on how to use google analytics better eso you know that but that's like the industry standard and I think like if you're going to have a sponsorship program on your block and that sort of thing, people the sponsor is going to want the google analytics numbers that's where they always wanted from it's like industry standards so that's really where you're going toe poll numbers like that from and you can set up a lot of you know you could hook all these things up so that you can track all of that I don't I just look at the look at the jump and I'm just like that's good enough for me, but I know that that's not really good enough and one should look more, but I don't I'm just being honest not going to pretend otherwise and that is not my strong and that is ok. One more clarification for sarah when you were talking about the content upgrades is that a separate email list when you are people are kind of going up the chain no content upgrades that's something that you have a block post and you say you know, get additional content to supplement this blood post by signing up for my list that would be within the auto responder and if you can set up a separate no, I don't think so I think it would just be within the auto responder you'd get and we go out to everybody new. Whether they clicked over from that particular block post to get the constant upgrader to everybody, you could basically have a little library within male chimps so they can access that they can access other five other content upgrade. You have for five other posts. They can access all kinds of things, is from there and allows you to have a little library. Yeah, of things.

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A good email feels personal and creates a strong connection between you and your readers. Learn how to develop a compelling, personal, and effective email strategy in Email Marketing for Crafters with Abby Glassenberg

Abby is a sewing pattern designer, craft book author, teacher, and writer. In this class, she’ll share what she has learned about creating emails that facilitate genuine connection between you and your readers. You will:

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  • Identify content that engages your subscribers
  • Decide how often to send your newsletter and how long it should be 
  • Learn the “give, give, take” approach and how it can work for you 
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Abby will also guide you through the nuts and bolts of setting up a branded email by teaching you how to customize a template with photos, banners, and graphics. 

Email Marketing for Crafters with Abby Glassenberg will teach you how to use this powerful medium to build relationships, drive sales, and grow your business in a sustainable and authentic way.

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Abby Glassengber's class is a great tool for beginners. Abby encourages us to focus on the goal of our newsletter, and to incorporate aspects of newsletters we enjoy into our own writing. A particularly useful section of the course was the description of different content types that work well for e-mail marketing. Those of us who dislike "salesy" content are given the revelation that our newsletters are a gift to our most dedicated fans. With this in mind, putting together newsletters becomes a more thoughtful and fun process.


What a fantastic course! Abby is informative, interesting and she explains both the bigger picture and the specifics to help you get started. I highly recommend this class.


A down to earth and honest voice. I found this quite relaxing and a really nice class to get rid of those fears of email marketing. I love how the audience can participate and questions have been asked.