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Write Back, Okay?

Lesson 19 from: Email Marketing for Crafters

Abby Glassenberg

Write Back, Okay?

Lesson 19 from: Email Marketing for Crafters

Abby Glassenberg

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19. Write Back, Okay?

Lesson Info

Write Back, Okay?

And I also think it's a good idea to encourage people to write back um people are very accustom to the do not reply at wherever wherever they're very accustomed that that's what they expect so explain you can explain it in the first auto responder the first welcome message they got you can write back to me and I am here you can even invite them to write back to that first one to start the habit and say you know what are you working on right now? What are you struggling with right now? What kind of you know, jewelry do where what you know what's your favorite knitting pattern? You know, whatever and just have, you know, make a suggestion tell me a great book you recently read or whatever nature why, but ask them to respond on get them in that habit you could hit reply and you can always talk to may yeah, what your turnaround time twenty four hours for you don't I write back because I have been black zero but people I mean, I do think if you're going in by people's right back that's a go...

od question that you have to then right back to them and say it doesn't have to be long, you know, I think we spent a lot of time thinking about writing back when we could just right back they just reply I always start by saying dear or high whatever in the person's name comma and then I say thank you for your message that gets us started and then you can write one or two sentence like that does sound like a great book I'm going to check it out thanks so much and I always right keep in touch and then my name and then I have an email signature that always put you know is there and that has all my social media and links there so you know, I do think saying keep in touch is nice because it does open the door for more um some people take advantage that and email too often but most people will email periodically which is nice and always start if you always know like thank you for your message that's a good way to get started but I do respond pretty fast not always twenty four hours if they e mailed me on a friday night, you're not going to probably hear back till monday yeah do you respond in blocks of time like he set aside a certain time of day that you respond or you just kind of as they come in I blocks is much better as they come in is is a recipe for disaster so I do try to sit down and just clear it yeah definitely sit down and just clear in blocks when a super important email though comes in like an email that about potential job or work or something like that I will skip in and just respond to that one and then leave the rest for later yeah so but responding to people back and forth one on one that's part of my business so I feel like it's really important I don't have any canned responses if you're writing back to me it's me you know but that's part of my brand like that's what I value and I want to teo and I enjoy doing it most of time so so yeah that's part of it so yeah and by people to write back um and sometimes in my little editorial I will you know ask a question like recently about the pop up and I will ask people to write back or I will comment on something that s e is doing and I will say like what do you think ah what do you think about this? You know, there was a recently a big article that I wrote that got tons of attention and as I was writing it I had questions about what people thought and I asked the newsletter subscriber base prior to publication of the piece you know you got like click on this link and look at the shop and tell me what do you think that this is ok like what is your gut reaction and I got a lot of interesting thoughts that people came in you know came in from that that I then incorporated into my own thinking about that topic so so hey, you know, invite response and I ask people to recommend things to you because sometimes you can use that later very male so um okay, we're going to a little ah a little hot seat we're going toe talk to men who has a business but no email newsletter yet, right? I was just sort of getting up and running on dh sort of see what she might be thinking about and planning for and help person through as a group what she might say said you wantto come on up and book yeah way we're gonna bring you a stool so you have a player so to get started with you just tell us a little bit about what you teo the kind of services you offer you can show the kind of note you've been taking eso I recently founded the visual scribe, which is a business that helps people use sketching into dealing in the workplace to help with learning to help with communication to help with dialogue and collaboration on dh this stemmed out of my own work when I was in research and trying to figure out very complex ideas and how to communicate it and somewhat upon doing as a way to do so um so a cz result of taking torrance class yesterday a now realize I have a total I had a total mismatch in terms of my product and my pricing so just from yesterday my new target market is not now more enterprise, so I'm just trying to understand like what wouldn't enterprise audience want to know from me? So explain what enterprise audience is that isn't sonya business billions more of a corporate audience? I had been more focused on other academics and other students and grad students, so now I'd like to bring it over to more of the corporate training and professional learning environment so again the idea of where he would you even begin on dh how would you even reach so two people in that new segment and say sign up for my newsletter that doesn't exist so what do you have online so far? And obviously it sounds like your focus is a little bit shifting for your target market is to those materials might shift in their messaging over the next couple of months but what can have online right now? I know I've been to your web site you have a a really nice sight there you have some video? Yes so I started making little tutorial videos or both sixty ninety seconds and she's playing with that s o that's what I have right now I used to have a blawg but I block so infrequently that it really didn't make sense to have it up there um and so that's pretty much that's all my content that I have right now and so the video that tutorial videos they show you sort of sketching like stop motion right? Yes so it's really just basics like how do you quickly draw emotions using very simple lines on dots and how do you shade um I think there's another one on drawing banners for instance if someone want to drop banners on you always see the agenda sheet and if they just want to add a bit of a little flair and put a banner you know how they could do that quickly four steps or something like that right? And you enjoy making those videos I guess a time consuming nor is it fun or both or I think it's fun definitely the what you mentioned there was a blocking time because I find that if you don't it just other things get you know pushed up or you just forget it, okay? Yeah because those I will say I can't focus on video something because I understood when you said and it's con visual you have visual recording or graphic record traffic recording so when I first heard that I was like I don't really understand what that is but when I saw I watched the video and shading and I was immediately like oh, I think this is what it would be s o I thought it was a really good way, tio understand it. So this is an example of me, wasn t your presentation and just drawing the content and and almost retaining it a lot more for myself to leave you, right? Right, right. Okay, so when we think about, um, man's email newsletter, what kind of content you're trying to reach a corporate audience? So you want to reach out tio sort of on the executive level, people who are going to be hiring trainers for their stuff? Yes, yes. Um, so one one thing that I thought about was bringing back my my research background and bringing the research of visual thinking from brain based learning perspective of why this works. So I thought, maybe like, a digest I think you mentioned a digest or links to research that have access tio from the university database and things like that. So I think that could be one one option to other things strike you guys, that would be good. Yeah, I think if you're targeting the hiring managers, people who were hiring trainers that maybe, you know, you could do a lot of tips how to you know how to jazz up boring meetings, um, they're different learning styles, so touching on that not everyone you know, some people like audio, so people like, you know, imagery so kind of showing them these are the different ways in which people learn. And this is why it's important to have something for each of those types of learners in your meetings in your training's, if you're interviewing someone for position, this question may not work, but maybe if you show them this image and said, how do you relate to this or what does this or show them a video? How did had? How would you solve that? Or how does that relate to, you know, kind of getting in that? Clearly I have h r but getting in the mind of how, you know, so just to sum it up, um, how twos and the importance of people having different learning styles except you, it could be could be really great. Yeah, you yeah, yeah, I just love tell, much visually clearer that isthe instead of my crappy notes, which I will never go back and look at. But I look at that, and I think, just like, would you like this outcome from a meeting or this and that you could actually, as a business, you could take a picture of that, send it out to people, and everybody has got a graphic image of what happened I mean, I think it would be awesome to just even having you could so minority no war and then that is the after that in itself is just gets compelling yeah, way place to start because they use a lot of that for their presentations or learning materials, right? So it's a matter of first finding those people to add to the list to join the list of reaching out to that so that they see that this is something that they could sign up to learn about first and then figuring out what content to give them that would be like, oh, right on I want to hire her to come and train us to do this yeah, and executives don't take notes so you want to also target admin or people that are taking notes as well because executives don't take their own notes that's true ever so it's avon's admin training, right? And then you need to find the hr people or whoever is going to be hiring trainers for the company that's the list building peace and then the content piece I think this is so visually compelling and beautiful that I could even see the whole email being hand drawn, you know that you have to be typed in any way there's one it's an email newsletter subscribe to its daily it's called wordless news and everyday she looks at the news. I don't know what newspaper she read in new york times or something like that on dh. Then at five a m r five thirty a m some ridiculously early hour, she draws a new illustration in response to sort of the top news story of that day and then send it to our subscribers. There are no words at all there's like a link to her site and this illustration and that's all there is, and she has now built a career like it's led to a career. I think part of this, too, is really doing it as though it were your job until it becomes your job. I mean, I don't think that she, the woman who does wordless news, started out being like I'm going to turn this into an illustration career she just wanted to do this is an exporter of a personal artistic experiment and just did it every day, and now, you know, it is a significant part of her life, so and it is her career. So I think, you know, you clearly are very skilled at this inn love doing, and I could totally see the newsletter itself just looking like that, right, like, if you guys got a newsletter. Where was like all hand drawn and like had no it was like notes and information but came to you that way and I don't know you would I guess you would scan it and then I know I'm not really sure, but I'm sure there's a way to figure that out do I do the on paper but also I'm now doing digital so on the ipad on just a graphic tablet perfect so you've already got that digital file, so that could totally be the content all the concept can be conveyed that way on bennett got and then it just a matter of reaching out to the subscriber the right subscribers to get on there. Yeah, so we have some love and things coming through from folks at home some ideas that they have is just curious. If you've thought about approach in k through twelve education on the concept of actually teaching kids how to know take in that way, we find what should be really cool if we could teach the teachers had to teach their kids to do that, especially for a lot of kids that you know, we all think differently and take notes differently and even college kids could benefit from this someone was saying as well, they're definitely people who would sign up for if you have a newsletter that was hand john, people are digging that idea and also wanted to just throw out there that we actually have a class here on creative life that is all about visual note taking as well. So for folks who are interested in checking that's go out to on dh I will say that like it might be worth networking to with other people who do are doing sort of graphic note taking and asked them sort of get on their list first of all see what they're doing on dh then sort of threw them how they how they build their list like what where they're reaching out to you and finding new subscribers yeah yes so that was a class with giselle chow for people who might be interested did we have he's going to say getting with trainers right away because and facilitators because that's what they do is they facilitate and they try to represent what's happening in a group and then if they like it they'll be presenting it to lots of other people who might get interested that way right by seeing it being done yeah yeah and it's a hard thing to imagine right away that it's students we all saw that I think all of us were like oh that's what it is like I totally get what it is and would be really just you know what? I would find it to be a gift to get one all that you know every week so, yeah, I think it's good fodder for an email newsletter, for sure. Yeah, and forgetting new work and new jobs. Yeah, and some pictures of you teaching it with a group facilitating a group, you know, get someone to take photos of you while you're doing it. Or you in short video stop motion video of you helping a group doing that, I think would be really compelling. Tio so we can imagine ourselves, you know, is sending in a workshop with that, you know, also, I think you could do graphics of different things and sell them as prince and artwork it's, gorgeous. I mean, I don't know whether it's san francisco pick a topic on, do a little graphic and and make prints out of it. I think people would love that, or yeah, or even embellishing other people's boring meeting notes began transform other people's things and to making them more visually interesting. Yeah, on a contract sort of way. Yeah, I think it would be really fun to do just like a regular typed newsletter and then present it visually like that. You know, like you could have those suits right about going back to the before and after idea, yeah, so it's, like tight out in sentences. And then it's drawn out below or something like that, and you can see them both or you have a typed out and people cook over and see the other side of whatever side by side because it was being great for instagram, tio side by side, but there's a lend itself well to visual marketing for sure, you know, marketing it. Yeah, so cool. Yeah, when you're looking at different groups, I would also reach out to organizational psychologist um, I owe psychologists look at all of those things what? How can we create a work environment that is healthy, not only from making sure that all of the office equipments economic, but also, you know, mentally, um, how kind of how things could be less stressful in the workplace, or so if you create a post for your newsletter, when you want include blanks or to say to support this here's an article from this or or here's a company that gets it is what they're doing to take him out here that's in line with what your goal is when you're why, um, they're really they're really good, and I no one connected to her on the break? Yeah, yeah, but but being able to connect with I got a conference or group where you're going to get a large group of people if you can. My guest on somebody else's, you know, newsletter he's got a heart, a large group of people who are already involved in corporate psychology or whatever. That's a great way to build audience. Yeah, well, we have a lot of great ideas coming in in the chat room for you. Tryto will try another, cut them and paste them so that we can get those to you as well. Then can you tell everyone where again they can find you on instagram? Well, you're here when it started. All right, on dh. You can find me at my website, which is visual ascribe dossier and instagram and my instagram it's, thea underscore visual scribe and my twitter handle, which you can tell that I just started is called freelance parents had not the visual scribe, but you can find me at three lines. Parents at the moment. We're really excited for you. Thank you so much for taking the rest.

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