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Email Marketing for Crafters

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Case Study #3: Indiesew

Abby Glassenberg

Email Marketing for Crafters

Abby Glassenberg

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Lesson Info

23. Case Study #3: Indiesew

Lesson Info

Case Study #3: Indiesew

So the last case study here we go so this is ali olson and she is the owner and founder of andy so and she said that dress and so she's got a really nice email this that I love and here it is online she was really smart she's an mba so she came out of the gate with an email strategy from day one unlike me and many other people who maybe you as well, who already have a craft business and didn't come out of the gate with an email strategy. She did she started with it in the beginning and it's lovely. So she's got really strong branding this sort of peach color at the top and then black the sun sara font that they use on everything doesn't it look nice so you know, so need a functional sewing space. Check out our ten tips that's there that's what she's put into she's changing that little top thing every time um and then she has click to email and then a quick to go to their home page right up top here so you can email her, go to her home page and then these this is also like a navigation ...

bar so here's her logo and then you go to the shop creations and the block right from here, which is so nice like a little navigation so this is this email she told me god a lot this particular newsletter got lots of, uh, engagement she sends it weekly. This is ten tips for a more functional sewing space which is a post on her block and it's got a little subhead lacking organization or inspiration check out these solutions right? Sit here and learn more is the link and the little arrow to go over to the block and read more okay, then you go down here we have featured block post this is like a little ban are separating or click here to browse all applaud posts and we go down and you can see the future bloc post besides that first one how to sew a simple summer scarf look at this nice big box that's a great call to action box read mohr not subtle, lovely and here's another one top five workout sewing patterns for two thousand fifteen c our favorite picks read more and a model with them not those air images from that blood post so you'll see that same image on that block post this well things never know their little bars very consistent with the same with the other bar you know previously we got this peach repeating featured products visit the pattern or fabric shops for more great selling products and she's not linking out anywhere else just hindi so because she's assuming that you unlike her have not followed every move indy so has made that week right? She has but you can't assume other people have and so she's she's sort of feeding you here's what's up here's what's happening at my place come on over and see so she has a skirt pattern that you can twelve dollars she gives you the price here learn more you're not committing you can hit this button and learned but you're not going to buy all right it's okay like non committal you khun learn more and then if you want it six years one he had this silka sixteen dollars if you want to buy it and then this blousey gets just three do you think she has more than three things for sale? Absolutely but there's no need to put twenty five types of fabric here in twenty five types of skirts and everything else just these are the three that she wants to look out now maybe they're seasonally appropriate um and then at the bottom indy so we've got her tag land any so sewing for the modern woman right that's her? Why that's the tagline there and then instagram, pinterest and facebook and I love how they did this just with words that you don't have to do with a little button uh here's info on duty so if you want to email her website you've received this because you're a subscriber or of purchase from us and you can always unsubscribe from this list ok so and there's her email address right here she's got a p o box in boulder very very nice and clean and simple and she's not recommending anything here so the value really is in the content from the blawg and in just knowing what's going on and I think it just enhances the brand so much is so pretty it's once a week um so that's what hers looks like and here's what ali has said about it I think the most effective strategy at growing our list is having made our newsletter a sort of first access exclusive club so when she has new fabric for sale or a new pattern for sale or a new lines she did a really nice one and I think I was in the spring she did a whole collection a curated collection here's five patterns that will take you through this spring like a top bottom a shrug you know like a whole set ah she gives that to the news that our first their newsletter hears about it first and sees it offers so when you're on the list you get first access and first dibs and you feel like part of the club and that's been really effective for her that exclusivity if we're launching a collection we can see our sales increase four times, so that when I said about the spring collection that day, four times more sales than normal. But on average, sending a newsletter increases our sales by two times or two and a half times compared to a typical sales day, it says, doubling or more than doubling on the day she sends it, even though that's not linking out anywhere it's just linking to her side, it's just here's andy so here's what's happening in d so this week that day sales double channel your energy into growing that email us. It is the best sales tool, and my bet is that day that silk we saw in that skirt, those are the ones that sell because those are the ones people see and they're like, oh, that's, pretty they cook over, or at least within that same category, super effective ok, so that is cindy, says newsletter. She does son weekly, so if you're interested in thing, that fine up and try it, um and she does respond as well if you hit reply.

Class Description

A good email feels personal and creates a strong connection between you and your readers. Learn how to develop a compelling, personal, and effective email strategy in Email Marketing for Crafters with Abby Glassenberg

Abby is a sewing pattern designer, craft book author, teacher, and writer. In this class, she’ll share what she has learned about creating emails that facilitate genuine connection between you and your readers. You will:

  • Explore the best email software options 
  • Identify content that engages your subscribers
  • Decide how often to send your newsletter and how long it should be 
  • Learn the “give, give, take” approach and how it can work for you 
  • Develop tactics to get people to open your email and act on it 
  • Find out how to grow your list and keep it healthy 

Abby will also guide you through the nuts and bolts of setting up a branded email by teaching you how to customize a template with photos, banners, and graphics. 

Email Marketing for Crafters with Abby Glassenberg will teach you how to use this powerful medium to build relationships, drive sales, and grow your business in a sustainable and authentic way.

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Bundle Wade

Abby Glassengber's class is a great tool for beginners. Abby encourages us to focus on the goal of our newsletter, and to incorporate aspects of newsletters we enjoy into our own writing. A particularly useful section of the course was the description of different content types that work well for e-mail marketing. Those of us who dislike "salesy" content are given the revelation that our newsletters are a gift to our most dedicated fans. With this in mind, putting together newsletters becomes a more thoughtful and fun process.


What a fantastic course! Abby is informative, interesting and she explains both the bigger picture and the specifics to help you get started. I highly recommend this class.


A down to earth and honest voice. I found this quite relaxing and a really nice class to get rid of those fears of email marketing. I love how the audience can participate and questions have been asked.